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on February 10, 2014
I don't know how many people could be more stoked about this 50th Anniversary Special than me. But then, I'm betting every review makes the same claim. I'm not going to get too much into the story, since by now you already know what it is, or I'm going to spoil it for you. So I'll get to the pros at cons.

1. If you do not yet have a 3D player and 3D TV, this still comes with a 2D version. So if you ever upgrade, you don't have to buy this again. And for those that have the ability to see this in 3D at home, you will not be disappointed.

2. The two prequels are included

3. The making of special is also included, which was aired in the theatres. It's called "Behind the Lens", is voiced over by Colin Baker, and is roughly 15 mins long.

1. No commentary. SERIOUSLY?!? How could there NOT be one of these on this monumental achievement in Doctor Who history? I think that they are holding out on this, and will include it in a later release to get people to buy this again.

2. Extra excerpts that were in the theater were not included, such as the 10th and 11th Doctors explaining 3D, and Stark explaining theater etiquette. Again, possibly another hold out?

Personally, I really enjoyed the story. It has the sometimes over complicated Steven Moffatt bits and pieces, but that's to be expected. But if you have been a fan of the new series, this simply is a MUST HAVE.

I know this review is brief compared to my other Doctor Who reviews. And while I could have made this a huge read through by adding spoilers, highlighting the good and not so good parts, but again, I think most people already know the story.

2-19-14 UPDATE: Yup. Just as I expected, a Collector's Edition is scheduled to be released, date yet unknown. The 2 extra features there were in the theater will be included, and a deleted scene. I would not be surprised if a commentary is added as well.

I originally titled this review as a MUST HAVE, but now I say to wait, since a better version with more extras is on its way. I'm REALLY PISSED, and want my money back.
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on January 29, 2014
This story is amongst the top five of any Doctor Who story bar none. The absolute attention to detail alone and the way it tied in events that loosely or otherwise were connected was done so very well, even my wife who casually watches new Who with me from time to time (no pun) said how impressed she was with how they were able to have so much attention to detail.

For me it was great to finally see why the Zygon's home planet was lost - answer time war, nice way to fill in that gap after so many years. The Eighth Doctor's regeneration was finally shown in what I can only describe as such a treat in the Night of the Doctor and showed after 18 years how Paul McGann is still and always will be such a good Doctor and his only episode in 1996 was such a waste, but we got to finally see his end, so at least we now have a beginning and finale for him - closure of sorts finally. The idea of paintings in the background of the main feature was a good ploy to show how the Zygons and indeed Gallifrey survived to re-enter our world, like the idea of Galiferian art capturing one moment in time, ha moment! The interaction between David Tennant and Matt Smith were fabulous and the addition of the gravitas of John Hurt who also seamlessly jumps in as the War Doctor, adding an older voice to the typical multi-doctor bickering and self appreciation.

But what a treat at the end, Tom Baker as the mysterious curator and to see all the doctors up to Matt Smith in his dream sequence paying homage again to the past.

The production of the whole story here shows how grand it was in the eyes of those that made it, it felt like a feature rather than an episode but didn't lose it's British TV background, which the 1996 outing for Paul McGann I think did.

I watched this finally with my wife in late Jan 2014, so was very good in waiting all that time but could tell despite her really trying to absorb and understand some very fan related things she thoroughly enjoyed it too, which I think was the point, die hard fans like me loving it and non-fans also appreciating it too. Like the art it showcased, a masterpiece!

The extras are fabulous, not much - but great additions, the history of Doctor Who is fantastic (no pun on 9) and has some great interviews with new and old to look at the whole 50 years of the show and being narrated by Colin Baker makes it all the more special as he is sort of half-way in the history of it all. The making of the 50th shows how absolutely secret the whole operation had been, and it was appreciated so surprises could be had. The mini episodes - and referring to the Night of the Doctor specifically - are worth their weight in gold and to me are added to the list of full episodes and show what Paul could have been on TV if used right, thank you Steven Moffatt for that one at least, I was one happy fan when the internet showed this one, and finally seeing it fulfilled my Whology in ways I cannot tell you.

In short fans HAVE to have this one, and it also is a great escape to casual viewers for an hour and a half, do it!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 6, 2015
Although I have owned this Blu-ray for a few months, I only finally opened it up for the first time last night. I first re-watched Seasons 1 through 7 all over again in preparation for this, the TIME OF THE DOCTOR, and the complete Season 8. And it was well worth the wait and preparation...

Spectacular show that had me cheering and (yes, I know) even a little bit of tears. (What can I say, I get emotionally involved.) I especially appreciate the two extra shorts, one linking the 8th Doctor into the "Lore Stream". "Doctor Who Explained" is very well done, now one of my all time favorite documentaries spanning my 50 year collection - I can only wish there was audio commentary with all three doctors... that would have been the absolute best audio commentary ever made for a Doctor Who!

The Blue-Ray 3D really pops out on specific scenes, adding quite interesting visual depth while actually being a part of the story as opposed to mere eye-candy. Also includes the DVD edition on a separate disc. Definitely recommend the Blue-ray edition!
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on September 29, 2016
Sorry, I'm biased. I've enjoyed watching Dr Who since the early days, when I would watch the show on the CBC from Windsor, Ontario.
When Dr Who restarted with Christopher Eccleston; I enjoyed the show, but didn't really like it. I don't know at what point I thought Eccleston was a very good Dr, but in the end I felt his run as the Dr was too short.
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on January 28, 2014
This is for the mini-episode 102, The Night of The Doctor.

It's full of action, and as with many of the episodes of the new Doctor Who there are callbacks and even characters, groups and factions from Classic Doctor to give it a feeling of continuity regardless of the several years gap between Classic and New Doctor Who. My first Doctor was Tom Baker, so I go back a ways as a fan of the BBC programme.

This mini-episode was delightful if a bit strange for something truly miraculous that happened toward the beginning. The Sisters of Karn were almost forgotten since they only appeared in one episode that I can recall.

At the end of this episode, even thought I knew how it would end (sort of) with the appearance of a familiar face, I still felt a pang of sorrow at the fate of Cass. I find myself feeling that more and more as I grow older. I'm trying not to create spoilers. But so much had to be packed into a 7 minute episode that nearly everything is s spoiler.

How the Warrior came to be is enlightening. I would dearly love to see more of John Hurt as the doctor. Sure, the fame of the actor goes against the ethos of the producers who choose relative unknowns (Chris Ecclestone notwithstanding) for the Doctor and his companions. John Hurt as the Doctor would be a time of true delight for most DW fans. It is outstanding to see Paul McGann as the Doctor again after his one appearance as DW as Sylvester McCoy's Doctor changed into Mr. McGann. He's never even had one full episode as The Doctor. And it would be great to see more of him in the role.

Doctor Who didn't have to do what it did with Matt Smith. They could go back in time to fill out the doctor as Paul McGann and even build on John Hurt as the doctor (I'd do John Hurt first since he's not getting any younger). I can see several more seasons playing out as sidelines for those two doctors as we follow them into their lives from a brush with a current doctor.

This episode left me wanting so much more. I wanted to know the fate of Cass and perhaps even to see her as a companion. I think she would be brilliant as a companion even though the doctor's current companion is absolutely gorgeous (smart, fiesty, pretty, sexy, and lively). The two women would overshadow any man on screen. So, one would have to go. Either one of them would give any man a challenge to not be overshadowed by her on screen (or off).

I don't know if this mini-episode is a way to explain something unseen before now or may be a glimpse into the future of Doctor Who. Either way, I want more of it and the people playing those roles. This is simply smashing.
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I'm always skeptical about TV shows that bring back characters that have died or been written out permanently. Even though this epic special does start out with a few contrived moments to make the show open with a bit of excitement and humor (which I thought didn't really work), it quickly moves into a storyline that both works, makes sense, and really goes into the Doctor's emotional development throughout the series. As a big fan of John Hurt, I was bound to like his role in it, but he brought a depth and a humanity to the war doctor that I hadn't expected. As someone who doesn't like Billie Piper (don't flame me for that, it's a personal taste that you won't change my mind about), I was happy to see that her role was limited and she wasn't, strictly speaking, playing Rose. In some ways, I actually liked her performance - it was enigmatic and powerful, even though I would have rather not had her there since it did feel gimmicky to have the Doctor interacting with a person he had not yet met. So many questions that were started at the beginning of the series and nearly answered throughout, but never fully were, are answered and are made to feel like a real part of the Doctor's history, not like (as I had feared before seeing it) a gimmick to go overboard on Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations. And the special is very exciting, funny, and clever. They managed to work out a way that was not contrived or gimmicky to bring back all of the past and one of the future Doctors and it was an epic moment that I will always love. If you like Moffat's Doctor Who, this special is almost certainly perfect for you.
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on December 1, 2013
I thought the episode was great. I must say to those complaining about apparent shortcomings in the series plot line to this point and the episode itself: as far as the doctor going to 13 re generations and the so-called problems with that, as the doctor himself would say, pay attention! this problem has already been addressed and gotten over in both the reboot series and classic series. the master in the end of time episodes, somehow magically regenerated himself from sort of witches brew spell, and also in the classic series please watch the episode serial the keeper of the traken, the master also resolve the problem of going past the regeneration limit in that episode as well, so please stop complaining and picking apart the hows and whys of going past the limit of regenerations it's already been done more than once pay attention please. as far as the episode the day of the doctor mentioning redundant details, please remember that this was a special event shown in movie theaters, opening the series to a potential market of people who may have never seen the show before, therefore the possible need a redundant ex position for those people who may have never seen the show. finally, as for complaints about silly things dead plot parts like the doctor flying through space falling out of the TARDIS, remember that were just basically trying to have some fun! Isn't that what part of the series is about? in addition to that it also has a rather clever device which does what science fiction does best explore deep moral questions about what it means to be a sentient being, such as a human, for those of you who are out there for you may or may not qualify as sentient, the moment has a conscience, and it is a device to make the plot more meaningful by asking questions such as how do we as human beings deal with important moral questions that have impact on the lives of many people? so the episode is doing that, trying to make it fun, trying to appeal to a potential new base of fans, as well as being the only anniversary episode to ever try to write all of the regeneration of the doctor into the plot line. to try to get all that in a meaningful and entertaining way is quite a piece of work. so for those of you were complaining, if you really are fans do a bit of homework and think about the previous episodes that explain the problems that you think ar problems now, and just relax! remember at the end this is supposed to be something that is imaginative meaningful and most of all fun! don't spoil that fun by arguing about little points that aren't relevant anyway this episode was great!
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on January 12, 2015
Oh boy was I excited for this movie.

I'm a slight Whovian in that I've seen most of the show but am not quite caught up yet. I got my roommate into it and he came running into the house throwing me a coat and yelling about getting in the car. They showed this in theaters for one night only. We were lucky to have one about 45 minutes away that had it. How I wish I could watch it like that all the time. Just seeing the Doctors up on screen was so beautiful that it sent shivers up my spine.

I really don't want to spoil anything so I'll just state some stuff about the film. 3 Doctors meet under very strange circumstances. Doctors 10, 11, and the War Doctor. They are played by their actors, Tennant, Smith, and John Hurt. This movie was so much fun. Tennant and Smith are hilarious together and the sternness of Hurt just makes it more fun. There are serious times, of course, but overall, it feels like a very long episode. That's not a bad thing at all. It's brilliant.

There's a ton of little references that older Doctor Who fans will notice. I'm 24 but one guy in the theater explained some of them for me. For example, at least one previous Doctor makes an appearance. There's a scarf involved. There's also some nods to River Song (her shoes) and some others that I won't spoil.

If you're a Whovian, you really should own this. As long as you've met Matt Smith, it will make sense. Clara, his companion, was new to me because I'm not that far into the episodes but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Stop reading this and click 'Buy'. It's so good, I laughed, I cried (especially the ending), and I even shivered a bit (those eyebrows).
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on December 11, 2013
This was everything and more beyond what I could have hoped for. I purposely discarded any expectations and let Steven Moffat's brilliant story take me where it wanted me to go. No spoilers here, but I do feel compelled to note one important aspect. Despite any statements or insistence to the contrary, it is very clear that if Christopher Eccleston had agreed to participate that it would have been the Ninth Doctor at the heart of the story, and that there would not have been a "lost" Doctor, whom the others tried to forget or repress in their memories. The Ninth Doctor would be filling the role that the "War Doctor" now fills. Exactly how that would have played out isn't so very difficult to imagine. Eccleston's loss is our gain, because if he had participated, we would not have John Hurt's brilliant incarnation of the Doctor that we now have to treasure. So, to apologize to anyone who reads this review in advance, I'll then say that Eccleston's no show was no loss to us, but his own loss and his alone (Goodbye Christopher Eccleston, and thanks for all the fish), and I for one, didn't miss him here. Provision was still made as to how he (Eccleston) remains in the canon; his story begins where this story ends, and his, the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor will have no memory of what they had attempted to accomplish and whether they succeeded. This is both an incredible celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who and a launch into the next 50, made by people who love and cherish it every bit as much if not more than the fans. And Billie Piper comes on in, with a brilliant portrayal of someone "other" than Rose Tyler and almost steals the show. Briliant writing, brilliant acting, brilliant production all around, I could not have asked for more.
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on January 8, 2015
Super episode! To me, this is by far the best Doctor Who episode of all time. The exchange between Matt Smith and David Tennant (my favorite) is priceless, not to mention John Hurt's performance (phenomenal). The final scene with ✋ - spoilers - is probably the best moment on the show in 50 years. The only thing I wish was different is that Christopher Eccleston showed up for the regeneration scene-not because I like him so much (he's actually one of my least favorites), but that the connection between Hurt and Eccleston would make a little more sense to those who have been watching this show for only a little while. I know it's not the producer's fault, but still, Eccleston needs to realize he has been a part of something that he won't ever be rid of.
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