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on April 27, 2014
Well, let's start with the good news first. A lost episode from the very poorly represented Troughton years is uncovered.
I remember watching episode 1 on the "Lost In Time" box set and being both intrigued and upset I was left hanging at
the end of the episode. It's a very strong story involving the Yeti/the Great Intellegence, all taking place in the abandoned London Underground, which is enough creepy in itself. Of the 6 episodes that make up this story, all but episode 3 has
been found & restored. The picture & sound quality are in line with past remasters. IMHO the London Underground sets
are only amplified by the black & white footage-not sure it would be as intiguing in color. There's a great use of shadows
and making the dark work for you.

On this particular disc, the BBC has opted not to use the past services of the animation team that has filled in the gaps
of past missing episodes. Honestly, I have to say I prefer this way. Since 5 of the 6 episodes exist, they were able to cull
enough stills to make it work.

The bad news is that we (I) have been accustomed to lots of DVD extras (actor interviews & the making of..., etc.) There
is nothing here. You get the story only-not that that's a bad thing. I just thought they could have waited a bit longer to
interview former Doctor companions Frazier & Deborah (Jamie & Victoria) and put together a "making of" segment.

Outside of that, I am very happy with the purchase and look forward to more missing episode discoveries poping up from
the basements & storage rooms of remote libraries & churches around the globe. Never give up the quest!
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on December 31, 2015
+5 stars for The Web of Fear. It is a classic story. Not only one of the best from the Patrick Troughton era, but one of the all time greats of Doctor Who.

+5 stars for the restoration. It is fantastic. +5 stars for the wonderful DVD release. The picture quality is much better on the DVD than what I saw on iTunes.

It has been reported by Phil Morris that episode 3 was found with the other episodes of The Web of Fear in Nigeria. Somebody apparently took episode 3 before the prints could be shipped back to the UK, depriving millions of Doctor Who fans from seeing this story in its entirety.

In 2012, when I heard all the missing episodes of The Web of Fear were finally discovered in Nigeria, I was overjoyed. I believed that I would finally be able to watch this complete story with my father after a forty year wait. But that was too much to hope for since somebody in Jos, Nigeria apparently has no honor or integrity. To steal the only remaining copy of episode 3 and depriving millions of fans who have waited decades to see this entire story is disgraceful.
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on April 22, 2014
The Web of Fear, mostly complete and restored. What could be better? The Enemy of the World I say, but that's next month.

To make a quick comment on the DVD itself, it arrived a little bit ago. The quality is what to expect from these well restored and VidFIREd Classic Who releases. And unlike the Moonbase R1 DVD this one is running at the correct speed and is completely interlaced for that lovely video look, ;)

A word of warning though, the main menu is not, xD As in when the disc finally reaches the menu don't let your heart sink like mine did when I heard dialogue rendered a pitch too low and no video look to be seen. The menus were probably a quick conversion.

But rest assured as -the main feature is VidFIREd and running at the right speed-!
Just ignore the menu on this disc like I will do from now on, xD
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on April 30, 2014
Outstanding to have this release. I believe it has been digitally re-mastered the images are sharper than I would have believed possible. and the sound is amazing. As usual I will skip the plotline as I am sure you have read it.

What you get on this release is one disc containing 6 episodes and no special features. Though there are subtitles if you need them.

This is a reconstructed episode. It is still missing episode three. However using an audio recording and still pictures they convey the story very well. I am sincerely glad they used the still pics over the animation they used in other re-constructions. It is less distracting from the story and while the stills don't always match the dialogue it is still a good release.

Onto the bad. There are no special features as I mentioned. I hope this is headed for a release as a special edition. The finding of the missing episodes and the re-construction is a story I would love to see.

I have seen it mentioned that they should have held the production up until special features could be added. I disagree. For the lousy 20 bucks or so I paid for this I am not only happy to have it in hand I will be more than glad to shell out more of my hard earned cash when they do release the Special Edition.
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on June 5, 2014
The Web of Fear is a wonderfully atmospheric Troughton era base-under-siege story, set in the London Underground and piled with soldiers and scientists. We see the return of old friends and enemies (Professor Travers and the Great Intelligence with its Robot Yeti servants, respectively) and meet the man who would go forward to become one of the Doctor's best friends and most frequent allies, military man Brigadier (still Colonel, here) Lethbridge-Stewart. It's at once a sequel to the tragically still-missing The Abominable Snowmen, a prequel to the U.N.I.T. era, and a great representation of the then-present Troughton era.

Nobody is above suspicion within the story as paranoia looms around every corner. Old friends may have hidden agendas, new allies are met with wary, and the Doctor and his companions are suspected of being up to no good themselves. The setting is claustrophobic and ominous, and the danger is never far away. A great mix of action and character focus take us through the six-parter, testing the team's resolve from all sides. It's fun and freaky, true Doctor Who.

The most recently discovered (that we know of) of the missing episodes is with us (along with other found companion Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World, but that's a separate matter), released to DVD to be appreciated again after 45 years. Tragically, episode 3 is still lost, but is here represented by the original surviving audio paired with relatively comprehensive telesnaps to keep the story together using as much of the original material as possible. It's a fair compromise to have the other five episodes (four of which had been lost) back in the public, and with their own DVD release.

The only thing that leaves me rating this four stars instead of five is the puzzling lack of bonus materials that tend to ooze from every pore of Classic Who DVD releases. In the several months between the immediate release of the missing episodes on iTunes and their final DVD release, one would think they could have tossed something else on there. With the episodes available digitally, I think fans would have been fine waiting a little longer for a DVD with more features, but what we got is essentially financial double-dipping, the same stuff as the digital release but on a disc (and with slightly more restoration). The "production note subtitles" that are on nearly all Classic Doctor Who DVDs are absent here. The starring companions are alive and well, but it seems no one thought to ask them to do a commentary, or even a quick interview where they could share their thoughts about seeing this work of theirs back after so long, particularly Deborah Watling, who previously had but one complete serial surviving. A short look at the history of the Robot Yeti and the Great Intelligence? A tribute to Nick Courtney as it's his first story as the character he was famous for? Something about how the episodes were found, tracked down on the other side of the globe? The answer is no. None of these seem to have been produced, and they certainly weren't included on the DVD. Perhaps a Special Edition release will come some day, loaded with features and yet another opportunity for the BBC to squeeze money out of something they thought they'd tossed out.
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on September 22, 2017
great story! all around, this story was actually very compelling and the characters were great! it's a shame that one episode was lost, but at least they gave us video stills to make up for it
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on May 20, 2014
This story was often called one of the very best of DW but we only had part 1 to watch for years. A part 1 that made you wish you could see the rest so badly. Well almost all of the rest was found and now we have an excellent story but not perfect. It's a six parter so you get the padding and running to and fro. The climax is a bit anti-climatic. A supporting player annoys. But we get great, atmospheric sets of the London Underground, the intro of Lethbridge-Stewart & the seed of the later UNIT stories and the return of the Yeti looking more menacing. Part 3 is recreated with still photos and the audio track. A must have for Who fans.
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on February 14, 2016
Bought this when I heard they found some missing episodes. A great story! It still stands up to a modern audience. I liked that the set pieces did look so convincing, even to today's standards. At the time this was broadcast, the London Underground sent a nasty letter to the BBC to complain that the BBC must have filmed on their property without permission. But it was all filmed in a studio, with a few street scenes and warehouse scenes typical of the time. The Yeti make their second appearance, after 'The Abominable Snowmen' and get a slight redesign. In 'The Abominable Snowmen' the Yeti are a bit cuddly. In 'Web of Fear' the Yeti now look more menacing.
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on February 19, 2016
The Web of Fear is a true classic Patrick Troughton story. Rediscovered in 2013, The Web of Fear follows the Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Jamie (Frazer Hines), and Victoria (Deborah Watling) in the London Underground battling the Yeti, controlled by The Great Intelligence. The effects are quite nice for the day, and the acting is superb. Unfortunately, Episode 3 three does not exist in the BBC Archives, to make up for this Episode 3 is reconstructed using audio and photos. This story takes place 40 years after The Abominable Snowmen, a story earlier this season. Amazing story!

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on May 31, 2014
I loved this 6 episode story. It had been lost for many years and only recently recovered. Because of the excitement to get it on the market this has no special features section like interviews or "making of" etc., but you don't miss it. Seeing it, I felt as though I had seen it before in a British childhood I never actually had. I do wish the episode where Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) made his first appearance in Doctor Who had survived intact as the rest of the episodes had, (that one episode has only the audio track and stills). It was great seeing the second story featuring the Great Intelligence we saw in a more recent episode as well as the legendary Doctor Who Yeti in full mechanical motion. The episode was cowritten by the great screenwriter and author Henry Lincoln and displays his talent for storycraft.
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