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on January 12, 2011
I have a 13 year old, 27 lb. Westie, named Scottie, who is also 27" long lying on his side with chin extended (not including his tail)!

I first found one of these beds at Petco about 5-6 years ago, and you could tell by the feel of the fabric and cushion that it was much better quality than all the other "average" $30-45 ones they had for sale. I had gotten a large (brown) size of this Dog Gone Smart Bed brand, and in the store it seemed a bit smaller than I thought Scottie deserved, but they said I could return it if too small. I didn't need to. Scottie fits in it just fine, and loves it. He either sleeps curled with head and body inside the donut, or lays his head on a side edge acting as a pillow to keep an eye out for squirrels in the back yard. After just washing it the 5th or 6th time, it looks as good as new. Westies hardly shed, so if your dog does, I would recommend a Khaki or Olive color

I wanted to quit replacing the second "average brand" I keep buying to save money for another room location. The latest casualty is a Woolrich brand oval bed with 6" sides, that looks horrible, with worn, bare spots after about a year. I finally remembered that "penny wise; pound foolish" addage, and am buying a second one after I finish this review.

I checked the inside label of the long lasting bed, to find it was this "DogGoneSmartBed" brand, and went to their website (add a dot com to their name) to see what was available. Their listing of the large size (like this Amaazon product listing) category says 35" & is supposedly for dogs up to 50 lbs--No Way!!! However, below their main size categories (on the same page), the manufacturer gives additional specific dimensions of inside/outside measurements which are not correlated with above categories. For example, the large is not 35" x 35" outside diameter. I'm sure this is why people are being misled about ordering the correct size. I don't believe that their large size is going to work for a dog much larger than mine.

Scottie (27 lb Westie) fits comfortably, but that is with him in curl--and not much room to spare if he was larger. I just measured my old large size and posted a photo I took at the top of this product photo listing. The bed ends up being more of a circle than an oval, and the outside diameter of my donut is 31", inside diameter 19-20", wall thickness about 6". The inside rectangular cushion insert is 25x19". There are cleaning instructions for the outside liner (which unzips to remove self-contained padding roll) & cushion insert. Basically, you wash on gentle with small amount of detergent, and tumble dry on high heat.

I am ordering another large size today, because the quality, durability, water resistance is really worth paying more starting out. It is well worth the money--based upon the wear so far, I am sure this will last 15-20 years. I would say get the medium if your dog is up to about 18 lbs. Large if 18-30 lbs. Extra Large if 30-55 lbs. I would expect larger than 55 lbs will be too large for this kind of bed. Maybe 60 lbs...but not sure.
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on March 25, 2013
Let me preface this review by stating I have a 90lb short haired dog and this is the 3rd Dog Gone Smart donut bed I've owned over the last couple of years - always acquired on sale and never at full price. It's a good bed because the pillow stuffing is easy to remove to wash the ring casing. Be careful when unzipping as the zippers aren't sewn in very well and repeated zipping and unzipping will tear the seams. The pad also holds up well to repeated washing - it's also padded enough so my 90lb dog doesn't feel the coldness of the hardwood floor.

The company states "Ecologically clean NanoSphere textile finish repels liquids, dirt, and coat oils naturally" The problem with this bed's nano-coating is that is does too good a job of repelling any dirt and liquids, so where does that stuff go? On the floor or elsewhere in your home! I'd actually prefer the bed to be more absorbent so when he comes in a bit wet or has some loose sand the bed will absorb it. It's not exactly Teflon but it does a good job repelling dog stuff elsewhere on the floor. As for coating oils naturally, I have not observed any difference :) Honestly, all my other dog beds with a tight weave did a good job of deflecting liquids and debris so I would not buy this bed based on their nanotechnology!

I emailed the company a couple of times asking how long the nano-coating lasts and if there is anything that can be done to preserve or rejuvenate it like with GoreTex clothing. Never got a response, so I wouldn't rely on customer service from this company.

The other two beds held up for about 6 months with cold water washings every 1-2 weeks. After that time they lost the "repellent" quality as well as the color fading. So yes I would buy the bed again if it were priced in the $50 range for the Large. I would NOT pay over $60 for this brand of bed if it were selling at regular price. My selection criteria is based on ease of washing and ability to withstand repeated washing and use. I don't expect any dog bed to last for more than a year without wear and tear which is why I find it hard to justify the price that this bed sells at regularly. Thank goodness Amazon frequently drops the price.
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on May 15, 2014
I bought this bed for my beagle and at first she loved it but she outgrew it so she stopped using it. I was going to donate it, but when I was about to, another of my doggies refused to sleep on her bed and took over this one. She's been using it for over a year and it truly is in good shape after so many washes and soo much abuse. The dog who sleeps on this bed is a 14 year old french poodle with a bad habit of licking her bed before sleeping. Even with all the licking, the bed doesn't smell and has kept its shape, has no stains after many mishaps and it's quite easy to put back together after washing. I am not thinking of replacing it after a year and a half and that's a record.
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on April 11, 2014
My 60 lb bulldog loves it because it is roomy yet if he lays in it a certain way it becomes snug around him. He likes having both options. We have it in our TV room so he really only uses it when we're in there. The olive color I think would go well with most decor; it's a handsome color.

My only complaint is that I thought the cover was removable on this size and it is not. He peed on it once when we first got it, but the liquid beaded up right away. I had to hose it off and hang to dry. Otherwise it's good.
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on June 11, 2014
I have a sibling pair of shih-tzu/yorkies (both about 13 pounds) and they love sleeping in the medium size together! They have enough room to stretch out if they want. I like the removable rectangular pillow in the bottom. If they track stuff into the bed it makes it easy to shake it out to clean it. I haven't put it in the laundry yet (haven't needed to), but it looks well made enough to hold up.
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on July 28, 2013
I have a dog who has had chronic allergies since I've had him. I've tried everything: steroid pills, injections, shampoos, changed his food, Benadryl, apple cider vinegar, you name it I've tried it. He previously had a bed that had some polyester material and a friend suggested that maybe that was what was causing his allergies. He also likes to burrow underneath blankets. So I bought this bed and used cotton towels for him to burrow and the allergies have completely gone away! I'm kinda shocked that the vets don't ask about this when they see him. I'm so happy to have found this hypoallergenic bed. It has saved my dog from his chronic painful allergies!!!
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on May 17, 2014
I bought this for my 35 pound mixed breed dog. It washes easily in my large capacity washing machine, with the filling intact. The inner bottom cushion comes out and leaves you with the donut shaped piece and they both fit in the washer. My dog is a destroyer-of-toys, the kind of dog that likes to pick all the stuffing out of a toy and chew off all the tags and eyes and noses that annoy him. There doesn't seem to be anything about this bed to annoy him and he's left it in one piece.
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on February 22, 2010
I bought this from a local pet store in Manhattan for $90 so I was happy to have to only pay $65 on Amazon for starters. I bought this for one of my cats as the local pet store didnt have the cat one. I later ordered the cat one but neither of my cats will get in the tiny cubby of a hole. They both fight over this dog bed. So I would agree with one of the other reviewers that this is ideal for cats. My other bed is dark brown and gets covered with hair, but I am just used to a life with everything covered in hair - I dont see why this should be any different. If it was I think I would start a line of very expensive house wares and clothes for pet owners. Anyway - all in all great bed. I would recommend.
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on November 7, 2012
I got the red one in a medium for my pug. I heard these ran small, but I don't think so. Its pretty big. He likes to dig in his bed and he's destroyed the ones I got at the pet store. This one seems very well made. He hasn't ripped it yet and just by feeling it I can tell he won't get through it any time soon. When it arrived in the packaging it had dirt on it, but it is easy clean material so it all wiped off with a damp sponge. I like it a lot and so does my pug! Also, I picked free shipping that had an estimate of 8 days and it got here in under 48 hours! Awesome!
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on October 29, 2011
I just ordered a 2nd bed -- for our 2nd dog. We have 2 60+lb Boxers. I bought the first bed at a pet store when our male was a puppy, which was 1.5 yrs ago. I love the fact that the main cover has a zipper, and the center is a separate cushion. I wash the cover and center cushion twice a month, it still holds its shape. They LOVE resting their heads on the "doughnut" part of the bed. Although the male paws or "boxes" the bed - while laying in it - there is not one snag, or tear in the fabric and it washes beautifully. We recently got another Boxer, full grown 60 lb and they BOTH want to sleep it THIS bed. Quite often in the morning when I get up I find both dogs sleeping in doughnut bed. I've gone through 2 $40 beds within 5 months. The local stores dont carry this brand of bed so I was very happy to find it on amazon. Now they will each have their own, and I wont have to buy another bed for years.
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