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on December 22, 2013
I bought this as a compact for travel. I was thinking of getting an ultra light like the tent pole design from tamrac (can't remember the name) I have a fairly large or maybe medium sized Bogen that is kind of a hassle to lug around.

It really is 3.5 lbs but it is heavier than I thought somehow. It is very sturdy and I like the weight hook.. There are 3 positions on the leg angles. The ball head is smooth and sturdy for my Nikon 5100 with kit lenses. I think it would have no trouble with my 55-300 zoom.

I bought it for a Nikon p7700 and travel but it works for my SLR rig great... I would trust it with a hassleblad on top. I might just use a monopod for my 7700.

Couple of notes, the center post is notched so its lined up on the legs the way Dolica decided. You can't line up your lens on the leg pointing at your subject.

The mounting plate situation is the only thing I don't love. It's just a long slot with a set screw. There is no locking mechanism. The screw is very stiff. It works fine, its just weird and doesn't fit with the craftsmanship of the rest of the tripod. It's what took a star.

My level bubbles are all correct and everything else works well. The bag it comes with is nice too. I really like this tripod a lot. I am already using it more than my previous tripod because it is so easy and sturdy. I've never seen anything else like it for under $250.
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on September 1, 2012
Tis tripod is sturdy and well-made, but relatively compact when folded and relatively light. the twist-type section locks on the legs work smoothly and securely and are compact when the tripod is folded. The removable head is well-made, sturdy and provides more tilt adjustment than most heads in the horizontal position.
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on September 20, 2016
I am a long-time photography enthusiast, and I live next to a National Park. I am 60 years old now and no longer want to shlep around 30 lbs of equipment. My wife and I also travel a lot to other Parks and natural places. My shots are mostly landscape work. I turned in all my SLR stuff for a Lumix FZ200; it's a good travel camera with a fast long zoom, and I no longer carry 2 bodies and 3-4 lenses with me.

When I bought the Dolica setup, I was looking for LIGHT WEIGHT...something I can EASILY carry over my shoulder with my camera attached. I was also drawn to the TWIST GRIP leg locks; IMHO they're a bit quicker to set up, and they're a lot easier on my 60 yr old hands than the cam levers. I like the B300 ball head because it has one BIG knob to release the ball and move it in any direction. It operates very smoothly. I did have some trouble with the pan adjustment moving a tiny bit even after tightened down; I called customer service and an amazing person there talked me through a little "fine tuning" to fix the issue. So kudos to customer service!

The Dolica is a very good balance of stability and portability. I took it on a 10k mile trip to the NW National Parks this summer and it served me very well. In windy situations I hung a rock bag from the hook underneath. I did a lot of walking to get a lot of shote and not once did I feel like I was carrying a burden.
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on June 23, 2015
For years, I'd heard the hype about the wonders of carbon-fiber tripods, so I figured to give this one a shot, since it only set me back $150.

The first thing I noticed was that it was light. The second thing was that it is spindly as can be when fully extended, even with the center column down. Definitely not for long telephoto or other heavy lens-body combinations in this configuration. For using them, it's a kneel-down affair, with the legs only partially extended. It is nice and light, though.

The ball head is cute and probably works just fine with light lens-body combinations, but I wouldn't trust it with anything that would cost a lot to repair or replace and will be using the legs with my other gimbal and pan heads, close to the ground.

All-in-all, I can't complain. I didn't expect much from the head, and the legs are quite solid if one doesn't extend them beyond two or two and one-half sections total length, including the static uppermost section. If I want to stand up (more comfortable for an old man), I'll use my Bogen-Manfrotto aluminum legs. But, if I'm gonna be hiking, I'll take the Dolica and kneel down to use it.

You can't really go wrong for the price. You're getting an inexpensive set of carbon fiber legs with a ball head thrown in. Did I mention that it's nice and light?
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on November 10, 2014
This is a very solidly built tripod that won't disappoint, especially at this price.

True, for a carbon fiber product one might have hoped for a little less weight. But you won't tire carrying this nice (and very handsome) piece of equipment, even for extended outdoor photo shoots.

The fine Gitzo-style ballhead is extraordinarily smooth for video shooting, and pans perfectly without the slightest shakiness. Software editing of video shots to remove undesired camera motion becomes a thing of the past, saving time as you edit and upload.

Every part of the tripod (especially the legs), extends, retracts, turns, swivels, etc, with complete ease, and yet locks firmly in place when you want it to - with minimal effort.

Ignore comments about this 60" model being too short for some users. They'll be few and far between, I suspect. Likewise for a complaint or two I saw about the quick release head. Mine went on my Canon T3i (600D) with ease, and easily holds up a wide array of lenses, including the Sigma 10-22 (a rather beefy ultra wide angle lens).

I would have awarded 4.5 stars for the Dolica ZX600B300, deducting a half point only because of weight. But again, it's not a deal breaker.

A convenient vinyl pouch with carrying strap is included in the package, which arrived well protected and in perfect condition from Amazon.

I highly recommend this tripod.
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on April 25, 2014
My original review:
I would like to give this a 3.5 stars instead of 3, because it is better than "OK", but there are some things that keep me from really "liking" it. Also, I have held off on writing this review for about 5 months since I always want to use an item quite a bit before I review its function.

The things I like:
1. This is a good tripod that can be had for a little over a hundred dollars depending on the time of sale.
2. The ball head on this one is a lot better than the head on the ZX600B103 - its my favorite part of this tripod.
3. Overall, the tripod is pretty sturdy with the carbon fiber legs and is not all that heavy when hiking around with it.
4. I use the carrying case all the time, so that is a great plus as well.
5. I love being able to loosen all the legs at once, and feel that the smoother profile of the twist locks is more my style than the lever locks.
6. the counter weight hook is very useful for windy or precarious scenarios (just be sure to have the weighted object sit on the ground; do not let it hang in the wind or it will sway the tripod with it!)
7. Good "bang for buck"

The quirks:
1. The tightening knob on the quick release was very stiff and was very close to the bottom of my camera, making it hard to secure using my fingers. That said, I pulled it apart and yanked out the springs in it (that are surprisingly stiff!) and put it back together with no springs and it worked much better to secure it. More recently, I replaced them with some much softer springs from a clicky-pen which is perfect now.
2. The plate that secures the quick release would catch a little with tightening it, so I added a little bit of grease to that, and with the softer springs it works amazing.
3. The tension on the screws holding the legs in place need constant adjusting. I think I might put a little thread lock on them to keep them in place once I find a sweet spot for tension
4. After setting the ball head at an angle, it tends to sag quite a bit warranting adjustment. This is expected for a ball head in this price range, so is far from a deal breaker.

The things I don't like (note that all of them surround the center column):
1. The images online show a short column, which this does not have. I almost returned it just for that alone, since I was banking on the short center column. I don't really see the point of having the legs go parallel to the ground if the center column is so long that it cant be lowered all the way. This prevents the tripod from going down to ground level. I am bummed because the image on Amazon is not true to the function of the tripod (shows a short column option).
2. The center column is made such that the twist lock needs to be extremely tight to prevent the center column from having a lot of rotational slop to it (it holds vertically just fine). The reason for this is that the center column uses a tongue and groove mechanism with the groove is on the center column and the tongue is on the tripod base. The problem is that the tongue is much narrower than the width of the groove leaving a lot of rotational slop. I figured I could get around this by just tightening the twist locker on the center column, but even with the twist lock extremely tight, I can still rotate the whole center column with relative ease. This means that If I want to keep the image fixed on one point, I have to be very careful not to bump the camera so that the center column does not rotate inside the base of the tripod. Its hard to explain, and is a lot more of a pain than I imagined it would be... Could be a problem with just my copy though.

Update - up to 4 stars
I contacted Amazon regarding the lack of short center column and they offered me a $20 rebate since it did not come with one (yet was advertised in the pics). I will be buying a new center column from Dolica and shorten it so that I can have a short center column as well. This customer service has been

Update 2 (6/1/2014) - down to 3 stars
One of the legs has fallen off. Looks like the glue that holds the ring-lock fastener to the carbon fiber portion has failed. I would have dropped the rating down to 2 stars, but Dolica was prompt with their shipment of a new leg to replace it. That said, I am quite disappointed that the leg has failed so soon. I really wanted to like this tripod given the great price. However, even at a low price it cannot work for me if one of the legs is broken. Looks like I will be selling this tripod and taking a loss. I just want something a bit more reliable for those times that I need my tripod to work for me. For those weekend warriors with light gear, this would be a valuable tool, I am sure!
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on May 25, 2013
I have an Induro CX-113 and Smith Vector BH-5 ball head, and the combo is kind of heavy and not compact for me to carry around. I had been looking quite a while for a good lighter tripod take with me instead of the Induro, then finally I found this Dolica. At first I was a bit skeptical with its inexpensive price for a carbon fiber tripod, anyway I gave it a try and ordered one.
When it came, I was totally amazed at the quality and how beautiful it was with its top notch fit and finish. The assembly is good with 3 legs expand with same friction, legs sections when slide in and out smoothly; head panning is damping smooth and the ball head with positively lock, even when I put on my Pentax K-20D together with 80-320 lens it only sagging down a tiny bit, that I can understand there are too many connections between ground and the camera, especially right at the QR plate and the camera; the center column can be positively locked at any height without even a slight move and with removing the center weight hook, it can be reversed to have the camera close to the ground. The only thing I notice was not perfect was the stopping screw of the QR plate locking button was a bit long, when I noticed the screw was lose, I was afraid it might came out and dropped lost in the field so I tightened it. But after tightened, the screw protruded to the other side of the button and caused it to lock; so I took the screw out and filed it to shorten it to flat to the button bottom surface then everything was perfect.
Of course this tripod can not match with other few hundreds dollars tripods, but it is sturdy enough and light, compact for people to carry around frequently. With its price, it is really a bargain with nothing to complain about.
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on February 6, 2014
I bought this tripod to go with a new camera. A big plus is that it is made of carbon fiber so it is at least half as heavy as my "old" tripod. I imagine I will use it a lot more than I did the previous one. It only weighs a little over 3 1/2 pounds. The legs and adjusments are really super. It adjusts height-wise in just a minute and is very easy to adjust the legs. It has nearly an infinate number of ways that it can be arranged to accomadate any use. It's especially useful for taking pictures of children or other moving objects- like my Westie who usually looks like a blur of fur. I will use it to take pictures of flowers if the snow ever disappears.One of it's best attributes is that it can be arranged in so many different heights and by spreading the legs out it can be close to the ground with especially reliable positions. It is really a very well made and professional grade tripod. I would highly recommend it to any serious photographer. Even for those who are just learning, I think it is the first accessory to purchase.
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on January 12, 2015
I bought this for a northern lights excursion in Iceland and it delivered! It's rather lightweight due to being constructed with carbon fiber. The twisting locking leg system works easily and very well. The mounting hardware to attach your camera/ camcorder works well also. I do suggest that before you take this out and use it that you practice attaching and detaching your camera at home in broad daylight. Once you have done this several times you're ready to go. One of the reasons I bought this was not only for photography but for video recording as well. It worked amazingly well with no spring back (where camcorder moves back slightly in the direction you had been coming from) when you pan with a video recorder. This is a very important point when it comes to producing a quality video recording. It's a durable quality piece of equipment at a fair price. I highly recommend this product!
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on January 4, 2015
After reading over and over again that professional and serious photography enthusiasts invest in quality tripods, I began to get embarrassed when forced to setup my cheapie $30 tripod big-box-special. Even so, I really didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a better version of something that I already had. Upon coming across this carbon fiber tripod with a ball head, it seemed like too good of a value not to buy.

After owning the tripod for a couple of years (I really procrastinate when it comes to writing reviews), I remain as satisfied with the purchase as ever. It is a solid performer. All of the adjustments are easy to make and it is very versatile. The carrying bag is a nice bonus. While I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I look and feel like one when setting up and using this high quality tripod. I’d definitely buy again.
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