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on March 6, 2016
The first season of Dollhouse (four stars) is a great season of TV. It's entertaining, artfully written, and finely acted. It stands alone as a series of stories, but it really comes into its own when seen through the full perspective of season 2 (five stars). Therefore you really have to watch both seasons, or neither.

Dollhouse may have a trope or two you think you've seen before, but here it's done properly. The motivations for things make sense here. There's a huge movie franchise I could mention, the premise of which you might sense echoes of here. But in that franchise the motivation for the premise is infantile. Here, it's been thought out with true intelligence, maturity, and discernment. There are several storytelling elements in Season 2 that are truly delightful, and rarely seen. Whedon is a master of the art.
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on March 21, 2015
I almost gave it four stars, but considering they had to pack several seasons worth of story into a single season, Joss and Co. Did a fantastic job. It is a bittersweet watch; you're left with giant gaps in story lines and character arcs in the fast forward to the end. The progressions all make sense (except maybe Alpha) are are all hinted at or semi-explained convincingly, but not being able to experience the journeys left me feeling a little hollow about it all. That isn't Joss's fault though, it's not even Fox's fault. It's yours! (and mine). For watching sterile, unimaginative television like NCIS, or Criminal Minds, or American Idol. Great original storytelling on TV is not often rewarded, and even if our collective ignorance led to the tragic cancelation of one of the best and most unique stories on TV, at least we have 2 small seasons worth to go back and discover. Go and watch these 20-something episodes and appreciate what they were, and mourn a little for what they could have been.
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on December 25, 2013
This second season seemed to delve more into the corporation behind the Dollhouse, and the politics of it, than the actual adventures of the Dolls (or "Actives") that the first season did.
There were several surprises, and some sad moments as well; and overall it was a very satisfying ending, in my opinion.
People bash FOX for cancelling this show; but keep in mind that:

A) It renewed the series for a second season despite very low ratings.
and B) They let Joss know about the cancellation early enough that he was able to give the series a proper ending (Unlike with "Firefly")

Eliza Dushku, while not my pick for best actress, does a good job as "Echo" and the evolution that the character takes. She blends the various personalities very well.
Alan Tudyk, as always, is amazing in his role here as ****SPOILER WARNING**** Alpha. His ability to flow from hilarious to sinister is nothing short of amazing! ****END OF SPOILER****

One note, about the finale...I suggest that before you watch the finale, "Epitaphs II" you first read the graphic novel "Dollhouse Volume 1: Epitaphs" as this will fill in some blanks that were absent from the episode; particularly about Alpha. That graphic novel can be found here:
Dollhouse Volume Epitaphs Andrew Chambliss

While I wish the show could have gone the entire five years that Joss had planned out; I personally found this second season (and series finale) to be satisfying.
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on May 19, 2010
LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW, the second season was amazing, so many things you wanted to know is revealed and most loose ends are tied up. I bought the entire series on Itunes and my friends can tell you I have watched each episode around 10X and I still plan to buy the actual season two dvd for all the features like commentary and deleted scenes.
Honestly if you didn't watch the series on tv pick it up now, It's so worth the buy.
It has a great cast that is very talented, it has quirky joss humor and Eliza actually shines especially in the episodes her character isn't on an engagement.

Olivia Williams character shows an even more devious evil side and even deals with alcoholism and finds a way to come above it and become the leader in the fight against rossum.

Fran aka Topher plays the quirky science guy and this season he finds love has his heartbroken and he goes insane, can you ask for anything else to see in one season of a show I THINK NOT XD

Enver as victor really just blows you away when he plays topher a fellow cast member and does an amazing job even mimicking his voice and mannerism and plays the best serial killer psycho.

Dichen character Sierra gets her back story revealed and how an obsessive Doctor seen in season one makes her his personal doll and she gets her revenge and gets her personal power back

Alpha is awesome this season, he redeems himself after the omega episode and becomes funny yet devious and even reforms.

Eliza: Her acting in the second season is just amazing, she really shows her chops this season now that her character is self aware and becomes a real person outside of caroline. You even learn about caroline and she is a very likable character many were not sure from the first season because their was only minor tid bits.

The story moves fairly fast but it's a good pace and you get to see that amazing apocalyptic future from epitaph one and THE ATTIC IS REVEALED and it is as weird and creepy as I had hoped.
There is an entire episode that resides in the ominous attic and seems almost like a dark alice in wonderland.

Joss Whedon once again creates and amazing show that just is not advertised correctly. Fox made those commercials that told you nothing about this show so any didn't grasp what it was about so give it a chance You won't regret it.
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on June 16, 2015
So with this season not knowing it's fate at the end of season 1 I say the writers did a good job making the story flow seamlessly. The actors do a great job of making all of their characters interesting and this season takes you on just another fast paced adventure the first one did. The only problem is that Fox knew they wouldn't give this show a season 3 so the writers did what they could to tie up loose ends but dollhouse does not close with a perfect little bow. Like most shows that come to an end this one felt the need to kill off as many people as possible but that didn't work in making sure that there wouldn't be any more questions at the end. Still over all this face paced show lives up to the first.
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on December 12, 2010
I was skeptical at first about this series but after watching the first few eps i was hooked so i ended up buying the blu-rays season 1 and 2, i've only bought one other series i thought was worth it. Dollhouse and Firefly both on blu-ray.

Love the characters and the situations they're faced with as an 'active'. Living in their abode 'Dollhouse' and summoned or activated when needed, the dolls are faced with real life missions or preferred 'engagements'. Each doll has their flaws even when so called programming them with professions to be the perfect companion for clients which can sometimes land them in sticky situations.

Plot twists are mind guessing having you thinking about whats going to happen in the next episode and to whom.

The supporting cast all play their characters well particularly 'Echo's' faithful handler 'Boyd Langton played by Harry J. Lennix (season 1) and Olivia Williams as 'Adelle DeWitt', the 'don't mess with me' underground facilities manager.

Enjoyed the series overall and it was a nice fresh idea from all the over rated crime and medical series we're force fed. Dollhouse was sadly cut short of its time not allowing the series to grow to it's full potential.

Season 2 contains 3 disks which includes all 13 eps plus extras such as deleted scenes, out takes and a short doco with Joss Wheddon and the cast.

Its a nice transfer to blu-ray although not a perfect one, but clean never the less and is in 1.78:1 widescreen format and 6ch DTS-HD audio.
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on November 11, 2015
Finally watched the complete second season. I think I would stick with my thoughts on the first season about inconsistent acting and something of a far fetched story line. Nevertheless it was entertaining. Didn't care much for the way they wrapped it up in the epilogue episode. I suppose that's what you get when a program doesn't get renewed for a third season and you don't want to put a lot of effort into tying up loose ends. For what it's worth, Enver Gjokaj, who played the part of Victor should have received an Emmy nod for best supporting actor. What a range!
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on June 26, 2015
I love this show. Yuu can't tell how good it is from the first few episodes. It develops into something very different. I almost stopped watching it because I thought it was just another show about taking advantage of women, but it turned out to be pretty intelligent and even profound. Asking questions about what's ethical and more. Are people still exploited if they do something degrading willingly? Is there such a thing as a soul or something inherently individual deep in each of us even below the personality? It is the kind of Science Fiction I like. You can read the synopsis of the show in other people's reviews.
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on March 15, 2016
For this show to be cut sort the producers wrapped it up perfectly. Instead of leaving you wondering what happens they gave you a reasonable conclusion. Saying that I wish there was more and you can tell there was so much potential. Even with the what it could of been thought, this season/series is absolutely phenomenal. The twist and turns this season takes will leave you jaw dropped every episode. I can honestly say there is nothing like this now or previous series. Buckle in and enjoy this Whedon masterpiece.
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on July 11, 2017
One of the best shows ever made. Too bad it got cancelled. The good ones get cancelled and the bad ones end up with 9 season..
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