Customer Reviews: You Don't Know Me (Deep Haven Book 6)
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on October 21, 2012
You Don't Know Me is the sixth Deep Haven novel, but the first I've read. I was able to follow along easily and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I've read many of Susan May Warren's previous books, and I don't think I've ever been disappointed with any of them!

I found it very interesting that the main character in this book (Annalise) is a member of the Witness Security Program and how she never told her husband that in all the years of their marriage.

I loved the characters! Annalise, Nathan, Frank, and Tucker were probably my favorites, but I liked almost all of the main characters.

There was one thing I didn't like in this book. On page 156, Pastor Dan says "I have a word from the Lord for you today, church. I don't know who this is directed to, but someone needs to hear it." He then goes on to say things like, "'I love you', says the Lord. 'I see things, and I know you, and I love you. Period. I know stuff about you that you don't even think I know, and yet I love you...'" - I don't like when books say that God said something that's not in the Bible. It's one of my pet-peeves.

You Don't Know Me's story was really good and I look forward to reading more Deep Haven books in the future! I recommend it if you enjoy books with a little suspense and some romance.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*
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Annalise Decker has a perfect life in a perfect little town called Deep Haven. She is a great mother and she is wonderful wife to her husband, Nathan Decker, a local real estate agent who is running for mayor.

The truth is that everyone is not perfect as we may seem to be because everyone has secrets. Annalise has one of the darkest secrets. Her real name is actually Deidre O'Reilly. Twenty years ago, she got into some trouble and became a witness to a crime. The Witness Security Program helped fake her death, relocated her to Deep Haven, and gave her a new name and a new life.

Shockingly, she learns that the criminal she helped put behind bars and is going to be paroled. Agent Frank Harrison has arrived to protect from the vengeful criminal.

I have read a few other books by Susan May Warren, but this is my first read in the Deep Haven series. The title "You Don't Know Me" sounds more like a made-for-TV movie than it does a book, so I was a little skeptical about reading this. The author has a way with words and I was instantly glued to plot of a woman that must deal with her haunting past that could tear away everything that she has worked for during the past twenty years. Overall, I enjoyed reading every chapter of "You Don't Know Me" as it is an emotional romantic thriller and I recommend it to others.

*Note - I received a free copy from Litfuse Publicity and Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.
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on October 14, 2012
What would you do, if the secrets you've kept for years - in order to protect yourself and your family - suddenly became your worst nightmare?

Annalise Decker has crafted a life - she's a model wife, mother, member of the PTA, ideal sports mom and more - and suddenly everything is going to change.

No one knows - except Annalise - that she was once Deidre O'Reilly, a troubled young woman whose testimony put a dangerous criminal behind bars.

Given a new life - and a new location - though the Witness Security Program - Annalise/Deidre meets and falls in love with Nathan Decker in Deep Haven.

Twenty years later, Annalise's past comes crashing into the present, when her assigned agent, Frank Harrison, comes to warn her that the man she once put in jail is out - and looking for revenge.

Suddenly, Annalise's past is putting her family's present in danger. Her choices - and the baggage she brings because of her past actions begin to chip away at the life she's carefully crafted.

In her newest novel, Susan May Warren begins with an idea - what would happen if someone entered the witness protection program. What choices would they make?

She also examines what a person might do if that life suddenly begin to crack - and the past that was carefully hidden, suddenly came to light.

Warren explores Annalise's life - and her ultimate struggle to keep her family safe. She also explores the things that families do to keep each other safe.

I'll be honest. This is a "hard" book to read. It's not a "light and fluffy" novel. It follows the trend in Warren's recent works - that seem to center around older characters, facing mid-life type quandaries.

The novel is good, but it's not necessarily a "beach book" read. It will make you think and may make you have a conversation or two about the dangers of secrets.

On the scale of one to five, I give it a solid three. If you are looking for a light read, check out Warren's PJ Sugar series. However, if you are looking for a solid read, then check out this offering, the latest in the Deep Haven series.

(I received a copy of this book for review - but it did not influence my opinion.)
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on March 27, 2013
Imagine you're sitting on a plane and the woman sitting next to you is visibly upset. You're naturally curious and compassionate, so you ask a question or two: How are you? and Why are you on this flight? The woman says she's on the way to see her daughter, who is going into a federal witness protection program. She's saying "good-bye." Forever.

That happened to author Susan May Warren, and she turned the experience into a book, You Don't Know Me, the sixth novel set in the fictional Minnesota town of Deep Haven.

In the close-knit town, Annalise Decker is a devoted wife, supportive mother and community activist. Her husband is running for mayor, and life, from the outside, looks perfect. Then a federal agent shows up with news that could wreck her world: the man she testified against 20 years ago is out of jail and seeking revenge. And Annalise's carefully guarded secret, that her real name is Deidre O'Reilly and she's in the Witness Security Program, is in danger of being made known. She has to decide if she'll give up the life she's built on a lie to protect her family or entrust herself to the grace and love of her family and the protection of God.

I picked this book up on sale for Kindle before Christmas last year. I've read one other Deep Haven book and a novella, both of which made me eager to pick up another one in the series. Though they all take place in Deep Haven, you don't have to read all of them or have read them in order. I'm not even sure which ones I've missed, but each time I've taken the trip to Deep Haven through Warren's novels, I've not been disappointed.

Warren blends suspense, humor, romance and inspiration like a perfectly seasoned soup. Her stories are warm, comforting, hearty and keep you coming back for more.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to say good-bye to your family forever, start a new life and then have that life threatened. Annalise's choices are not easy and Warren makes her struggle real to the rest of us, who probably will never have to face that kind of choice.

I appreciated, too, that this story was borne out of something that really happened to someone through an encounter the author had in real life. As a writer, that inspires me, because I see stories everywhere. Warren's tale is encouraging in so many ways. It's not fluff; it's tough.

And more often than not, I'm loving books that aren't afraid to go deep.
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on June 7, 2013
"You Don't Know Me" by Susan May Warren is a story of secrets and honesty and forgiveness and second chances and trusting God to help with it all. I really enjoyed reading this book! It's the sixth of the "Deep Haven Novels," though these books don't have to be read in order. (I still haven't gotten to books 1, 2, and 3, but plan to very soon, I hope!) Each of these books is set in the small tourist town of Deep Haven, Minnesota, and tells the story of some of the inhabitants there.

"You Don't Know Me" is the story of the Decker family. Nathan and Annalise appear to be the perfect couple with three nearly perfect kids. Middle child, Colleen is the only one Annalise worries about. Colleen's attraction to Tucker, the boy Annalise has branded bad news, is cause for great concern.

Greater concerns are coming, though. Agent Frank Harrison has news about the man Annalise testified against twenty years ago . . . when she was still Deidre O'Reilly . . . before she entered the witness security program and changed her whole identity, a little fact she neglected to mention to her family.

I won't tell you any more, except that Susan May Warren came up with the perfect solution to this tragic dilemma while weaving many essential truths about Christian living into the tale. (I was most touched by Helen's struggle and growth.) I'm happy to recommend this book which I obtained on my own just because I wanted to read it.
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on January 4, 2013
The followings are my honest opinions about this book.To anyone interested in it: why not give it a try and see if you like it?

I was very excited when I got this book and it was with great anticipation that I started reading it the very same day it arrived, as I was hoping to get a GREAT read. I really tried to enjoy it, I really did, but in the end, I found it to be...a good read.

The idea for the novel is very interesting. For her each of novels I've read so far, I thought that Warren's ideas were well-thought. The beginning of this book was full of nail-biting suspense but as I kept reading I found a good part of the story to be very repetitive and slow and I found the characters' development to be lacking.

I mean, maybe it was because she was hiding secrets and all, but I just couldn't bring myself to like Annalise... she seemed fake. Overall, I didn't feel like the characters were real people at times. Nathan, Frank, Helen, Colleen and the others just seem very distant, in my opinion as a reader. Everything they did -and even who they were- all of it seemed to stay on surface level.

YDKM is a good title because there are many characters with secrets. However, at times I thought the story seemed like a mix of characters' thoughts and actions, not an adventure I could dive into. Not a journey I could savor .
But my heart was moved because of poor Tucker! Oh, poor guy, always being misunderstood and all. And there were some things said that really gave me a pause, including an opinion on marriage that Helen's sister gave to her :

' I've learned that marriage isn't just for our joy, but to make us stronger, better people. To change us into the people God wants us to be....' (p. 169).

Then the real story behind the novel mentioned in the author's notes... Heartbreaking. (Oh, Lord have mercy...)

A good read.

Maybe not a page-turning one, in my opinion. More than halfway through, I skimmed and skipped some parts just to get to the end. And the plot did end up piquing my curiosity by the way, and I found the ending to be quite lovely.

I'm still very opened to the idea of giving another one of Warren's novels a try.
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on February 20, 2015
This was my FAVORITE Susan May Warren novel, My Foolish Heart runs a close second :-)
The hook for this novel was so unique and clever. Annalise Decker, a normal woman leading a happy life with her husband and children, finds her world crumbling when the agent that put her in the witness protection program reappears. Oh my. It made me wonder how many people in real life are hiding huge secrets.
We go on roller-coaster ride with Annalise for 350 pages and aren't disappointed!
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on March 25, 2015
Susan May Warren is so good at creating dynamic families. I love reading her books because she creates a town full of unique people with a story to tell.
This one is no exception. The characters are well-developed and unique. The plot is fast and has a few twists here and there.
Overall, a fantastic read.
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on September 27, 2012
I have read a lot of Susan May Warren's books. Not all because I only discovered her last year and I have a lot of catching up to do. I have truly loved each book of hers I read. This one was no exception and boy, did it bless me! This book has a theme running through it of how God's grace can take His children through any trial and tribulation they may experience in life. Well, I was going through such a trial, a very dark place of the soul and there were a couple sentences in this book, near the end that just spoke to my heart in such a powerful way that I felt God had allowed her to write them just because He knew what I'd be facing in September 2012.
"No, God would fix this. She'd have to let Him. Wasn't that what trusting in His grace---His love--every moment was all about? Following Him even in the dark places to lead them to the light?"
Wow. What a revelation to me because I'd been worrying myself sick, literally, about this problem I'd been facing. Susan May WArren has a great grasp of who God is and how He works in the lives of His children for their good. This was exactly what I needed to hear to help me understand that God didn't need me to be worrying over this situation. He needed me to hand it to Him and trust His grace to see me through.
Do not miss this book. It is one of her best. You've already read the synopsis. Just get this book.
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on October 17, 2012
Susan May Warren's latest novel, You Don't Know Me, takes readers back to Deep Haven, and it was every bit as good as I had anticipated. Warren introduces us to the Decker family, and Annalise is hiding some huge secrets. As the past comes into the present, Annalise's world begins to unravel and she's forced to consider the choices she's made and the secrets she's kept.

Wow! Just wow! I wasn't sure if I could totally buy into the premise of the book at first. Sure, it's probably a little far-fetched at times, but Warren did a phenomenal job of bringing me into the story and helping me understand the emotions and logic behind each decision made. Plus, Warren delivers a novel with a wonderful message about how secrets and deception affect every aspect of your life--and those you love.

You Don't Know Me is a fast-paced story with elements of suspense and romance woven throughout. I could hardly put it down! My fingers are crossed for another installment in the Deep Haven series! [5 stars]

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House and Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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