Customer Reviews: Don't Try This at Home - The Steve-O Video
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on October 16, 2002
the career ender doesn't really overwhelm me w/ proud ways to feel- that was the goal. thanx guys- very psyched to read your comments- all the best-
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on November 21, 2002
The Steve-O DVD was given to me as a joke by a friend when he found out that I was watching "Jackass" on MTV and I had commented that the 'naked guy' (that would be Steve-O, the true exhibitionist of the group; even more so than Chris Pontius' annoyingly unfunny Party Boy) was just a taaad disturbed. He said "If you think Jackass is bad, check this out." After dinner (my first mistake), I put the DVD in and almost immediately my jaw hit the floor and I never retrieved it back. The extent of my thoughtful running commentary was, "Oh my GOD", and "Holy s---!" and the ubiquitous "Eeewww!" My friend wasn't kidding when he warned me that it was worse than Jackass. There's one particularly disturbing video segment titled "Career Ender" that, literally and figuratively, is balls-to-the-wall outrageous and flat-out obscene. If you think Jackass if funny, you'll love this DVD. If you think Jackass of puerile and offensive, then obviously, don't bother watching this. One piece of advice I wish my friend had given me: don't eat anything before clicking on the "Cajun Cooking" segment.
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on April 15, 2016
I was extremely excited to watch this! I love jack*ss and I love Stevo. Unfortunately this just did not live up to its hype. Seller and condition were both awesome. No complaints with shipping, nor the dvd itself. The footage is just raunchy, sad and old. It was as though Stevo thought he needed his own show and decided to tape himself doing any and everything. I watched this in anxiety and embarrassment for him feeling like it was his rock bottom. I still love Stevo, and I'd still buy a movie he's in, but this was a dud. I'm glad he seems to have his stuff together (this is 2016 I am writing this review in) but I think this should have never left the "home video" section of Stevo's living room. A true fan will want this even though it sucked, and I knew I was going to watch it regardless. However if you aren't a die hard jack*ss or Stevo fan, I'd recommend a hard pass.
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on September 28, 2003
With the Jackass/ CKY phenomenon currently laying waste to the Western World, angering the self-righteous geezers who rant about the greater public good & old fashioned family values; the general public has the liberating opportunity to watch wannabes in search of their 15 minutes put their lives at risk & do everything in their power to offend the sensibilities of everybody, while simultaneously having them laugh till their guts rupture.
One such fellow is JACKASS's Steve-O. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME features Steve-O performing outrageous stunts which see him risking life & limb, & stripping him of his dignity. Each to his own.
Steve-O does all this crazy stuff because he hates school & work. Fair enough. And because he wants " be remembered forever, dude". Do I detect a hint of megalomania here?
Here is a quick run down of some of the many delightfully disgusting & depraved items you will find within the confines of this DVD:
* Snorting hot curry up his nose in a restaurant,then throwing up on his plate- the Indian owners congratulate Steve-o, exclaiming "We don't know how you did it!".
* Diving through a car windscreen & getting a deep gash in his tuckus for his trouble.
* Getting a friend to hock a loogie directly into his eye- never mind the risk of catching meningitis, this is all for entertainment.
* Setting fire to his hair- something I'd love to see Green MP Nandor Tanczhos do live in parliament. That'd inject some excitement into the lives of those old windbags in the Beehive.
* Human dart-board a la BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, hilarious stuff. Has to be seen to be believed- will anger the morals brigade because they'd consider this to be "degrading & dehumanising conduct". Steve-O's doing it of his own free will. Nobody is co-ercing him into doing these masochistic stunts. So if this offends you, then go outside & make a daisy chain or something.
* Eating BBQ roadkill rustled up by a true blue redneck good ol' boy. Menu includes squirrel, rat & possum. Steve-O barely chews a mouthfull until he ejects the contents of his stomach. What a wussy. He'd bum out on FEAR FACTOR. Whut? No hot sauce? Shee-oot! Uncle Jesse woulda had some!
* Having vodka injected into his legs through an IV drip. This stunt is really nothing new: I read somplace that Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx once injected whisky into his veins when he ran out of heroin. Yawn!
All this and more: wait till you see the showstopping urinal stunt. I'm amazed NZ's censors let it through, & God Bless them for doing so!
So if you are sick of all this left-wing political correctness; sick of watching the TV news every night & wondering how much of it has been censored by the conservative, money-grubbing, beaureaucratic leeches. If you are under the age of 30 & just enjoy watching something different & completely unlike anything you see in your normal, average daily existance, then STEVE-O is for you.
As a disclaimer, it would be interesting to see how "certain people" will try to link this DVD to copycat stunts. Personally I think that's nonsense, but I wouldn't be at all surprised. Check it out.
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on September 27, 2003
Steve-O had loads of footage that he coulden't show on Jackass or anywhere on television so he decided to make his on video. And it turned out to be, "Don't try this at home. The Steve-O Video." The dvd is great. It features the Steve-O Video, Commentary, Behind The Scenes, and the infamous bonus video The Career Ender. This movie proves that Steve-O is the craziest dude on Jackass. Tune in to see hilarious stunts such as, Human Dart Board, Human Urinal, The Fireball, Cujan cooking, jump out of an airplane and great skating by Ryan Simonetti and Steve-O. The movie is hilarious, sick and shocking. If your a die hard Jackass & CKY fan, then this is for you.
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on July 10, 2012
best of steve-o's videos. im a commentary person and thats the main reason, bc its the only video of his that has a commentary, but either way its a good movie besides that, good stunts, downside: a lot of repeat footage
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on January 18, 2008
I have bought all of the steve-o videos and this is the only one worth any thing. It is actually funny, the stunts are like the ones in jackass and there are some really funny parts. You don't really see that much of Johnny Knoxville or any of the other ones beside steve-o but you still see them. I really really had a good time watching this video and I am sure that you will like it as well if you liked jackass. There is some nudity in it, well a lot. Other then that it is a fun watch and the only good one. I would rent the other ones fist before buying this one.
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on December 4, 2002
This DVD is both brilliant and gross. It has only just been released over here (England) and when it was released you had to be 18+ to buy it. I was wondering why, until I bought it and saw what was in it. The first section of the DVD is OK but when I saw 'The Career Ender' I was almost sick. It is so gross and I would advise all viewers not to eat before watching it. It is 100% uncensored, stupid and disgusting, yet very hilarious. A must for die-hard Jackass fans, but don't see this if you think Jackass is a little sick- this is ten times worse.
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on February 29, 2004
This dvd is really good. It has a lot of great stunts on it but its different than jackass. these stunts are very very dangerous and he gets really really hurt during most of the skits. And remember we're talking about steve-o here which means he'll be throwing up. but if you really love jackass and cky then this is the dvd for you. it has a few guest appearances by johnny knoxville, chris pontius and preston lacy. it has a few skateboarding parts on it and it has a lot of great music.
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on April 25, 2003
If you liked Steve-O in the Jackass series you're gonna love Don't try this at home.
I was in tears of laughter, this guy does the most stupid skits, skating on thin ice, eating bbq'd rodent, jumping off a bridge out of a moving car, indoor fireworks, just one crazy stunt after another.
I liked this dvd better than the Jackass series.
Buy it before it gets banned for being too extreme.
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