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Doo - Wops & Hooligans
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$5.94+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 6, 2010
Using a hook singer to push a single is nothing new in the hip hop genre, some time the results are successful, such as the classic Ghostface Killah & Carl Thomas song Never Be The Same of disastrous the Lloyd Banks & Musiq Soulchild track Addicted from Bank's second album . Last spring rising hip hop artist B.O.B. had a smash hit with the Bruno Mars assisted Nothing On You from B.O.B., Mars followed up that song with a equally successful single the Travie McCoy late summer hit Billionaire. On the heels of a possible jail sentence, we now have Bruno Mars debut album. Unlike hook singers Bruno decided to release his album while the iron was hot.
1. Grenade - This is a rock influenced song where Bruno's vocals seem to go with beat very naturally. Mr. Mars even sings some of the riffs similar to the late MJ. *** out of ****
2. Just The Way You Are - The lead single which is straight bubble gum pop. I'm a grown man so this song didn't really appeal to me but once again the vocals are good. *** out of ****
3. Our First Time - I was waiting for a slow jam from Mr. Mars and this is one of the few on the CD. The arrangement reminds me of something that Robin Thicke would do. **** out of ****.
4. Runaway Baby - As I soon as I heard the production on the song, I knew I wouldn't like it. Bruno gives one of his worst vocals on this track and it sounds like something Ricky Martin would have done back in 1999. * out of ****.
5. The Lazy Song - Listening to this track, I got the feeling Bruno just wanted to have a humorous song on his disc. Just as the title implies this is a lazy song. ** out of ****.
6. Marry You - I'm not really a rock fan but while listening to this song I did find myself tapping my feet and I could easily see this song being sung on an episode of Glee in a Will & Emma fantasy sequence. *** out of ****
7. Talking To The Moon - Finally we have a track on par with Our First Time. I could easily relate to the message in the song about being away from a loved one.
8. Liquor Store Blues (Feat. Damian Marley) - The production on this track was a little weak but the Damian Marley cameo saves it. *** out of ****.
9. Count On Me - Count Of Me is a folk inspired ballad similar to something Jason Marz might be. If he doesn't go to jail and with a great band backing him, this song will sound great live. ****
10. The Other Side (Feat Cee Lo Green & B.o.B) - The last song on the album gets some cool points since it's refreshing just to hear Cee Lo sing. *** out of ****

Overall this isn't a horrible debut album, it is a mediocre album. I thought for sure that Bruno would go for a straight R&B album with top notch production, instead he's given us a Jason Marz sounding album. Bruno has a naturally smooth falsetto voice and while he couldn't handle to other falsetto's singers like El Debarge or Ralph Tresvant, the weak production on this disc hurts Bruno more than it helps. Given that Bruno is a fan of doo-wop I have to wonder why he didn't enlist the production of Raphael Saadiq who had an amazing album with the Motown inspired The Way I See It . If Bruno wants to have a longer career in the music industry he'll need to come a little stronger next time or his career could end up like Nate Dogg's.
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on October 5, 2010
It was B.O.B's mega hit "Nothin on You" where I was first introduced to the incredibly gifted Bruno Mars. The hook he sung made a lasting impression... On Doo-Wops and Hooligans, Bruno shows the world not only his incredible vocal range but the strength of his song-writting and versatility as a muscian. He plays most of the instruments himself.

The result: Ten great songs with at least three sure fire hit singles. Those being the current r'n'b flavored hit "Just the Way you are", "Grenade" (his latest release) and "Count on Me." There are even two collaborations. One a reggae styled duet with Damien Marley and the other with Cee Lo and B.O.B

If you love Usher, Outkast, John Legend then pick this cd up. Bruno's voice and style is totally unique. You can't put it into any one box. Here's hoping that this is the first of many cds in a long and promising career...

The one regret: at 35 minutes, the album is far too short. Why not have included "Somewhere in Brookyn" or even a second remix of "Just the Way you are"?

UPDATE: Since my initial review Amazon now sells the SPECIAL EDITION CD which is called the Oz or Australian Tour version. It contains the same bonus tracks featured on the Japan-only release.
Here you have all 10 of the original tracks plus the following 6 bonus ones. These being:
1- Just the way you are (remix ft. Lupe Fiasco)
2- Somewhere in Brooklyn (previously only available as a digital download)
3- Talking to the moon (acoustic piano version)
4 - Just the way you are (Walmart Soundcheck version that was recorded in front of a select audience in Las Vegas)
5 - Grenade (Walmart Soundtrack version also from Las Vegas)
6 - The other side (Walmart Soundtrack version live from Las Vegas)

The live tracks illustrate just what a talented singer and band Bruno has and will bring a great smile to you upon listening to them. I know that the price is a bit steep but for you diehards this is the definitive version of Bruno's multi-platinum debut album!
I can hardly wait for his latest single "It will rain" that is slated to be on the Twillight's Breaking Dawn soundtrack slated for release this November.
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on January 18, 2011
I have not received this product yet. Tracking shows that it is still in transit, last scan on pkg was on Dec 24 in West Virginia showing that it was in transit. I do not know who to contact or how to contact anyone to get this resent. I also have already been charged for the product. This is the first time this has happened but it is a real inconvienience especially since it was ordered on Dec 17 and estimated delivery day was between Dec. 21-23 and it was a christmas present.
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on August 12, 2017
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on January 2, 2014
Bruno Mars was inescapable in 2010. I first heard of him on B.o.B's Nothin' On You. It was too sugary for me back then, but I've matured and found a new love for his music.

I was one of his most anticipated follower's circa 2012 when Unorthodox Jukebox was on the eve of dropping. I have to say he nailed it on both cds. I think this will be pretty close to a clean sweep.

If you are somehow new to Bruno Mars, I will point out his hits that are the best. He is known for his poppy singles and infectious singing. I think if he could start picking better singles he could outdo Michael Jackson.

1) Grenade- The second single. It's a huge hit, if a bit dramatic. People said he changed on his second cd. I can confirm that it's a singable song, so if you like to sing along, check this one out. 5 out of 5

2) Just the Way You Are- The first single. It's great when a debut single hits number 1. That was what happened, and the ladies swooned. It's good enough to bump anywhere. If you don't like sugary sweet, give it some time, the singing will infect you. 5 out of 5

3) Our First Time- Here is one of my favorite songs on the cd. Bruno Mars is a true artist, as he can make album cuts. I believe this could have been a single. It melts into your brain. Real hooky. 5 out of 5

4) Runaway Baby- A real short song, and out of character. So much for a perfect cd. It has a lot of energy, but it doesn't suit Bruno Mars. He is better as a smooth serenade. 2 out of 5

5) The Lazy Song- The third single. I have memories of this song. The farther I get away from 2011, the happier I'll be. You can do what the song says and laze around. Check this one out it's a sleeper. 5 out of 5

6) Marry You- The fourth single. Here it is. My favorite song on the cd. Bruno is untouchable on this song. It is singable and smooth. I REALLY hope Bruno Mars makes a dozen more of these songs on his third album. This is something you can get in your head easily. 5 out of 5

7) Talking to the Moon- At first I thought Bruno lost his pace. But it's as addictive as 5 of the first six songs. Kind of different, but we can't have the same kind of song all the time can we? His singing is really infectious. 5 out of 5

8) Liquor Store Blues- Kind of a reggae type track. Damian Marley is even featured. He tries to do a bit of everything, when r&b is what he should be doing. The hook is smooth. This is a suprising number. Everything falls into place. 5 out of 5

9) Count On Me- The fifth single. Here is Bruno Mars shining point. When he does smooth talking r&b. All of the singles have been huge, but Bruno can make good songs as well. Check this one out if you've only heard Bruno Mars on the radio. 5 out of 5

10) The Other Side- I think this is the only song I've never really listened to on the cd. I think it's electric. Cee Lo does exceptionally well on his verse. I think you'll like the hook. 5 out of 5

Bruno Mars is a monster. He does things to a tee. I'd have to say he is as big as Akon for r&b albums that I like. If you are new to r&b definitely check him out. He was the artist of 2013.

The only song that did not stick out to me was Runaway Baby. All the rest are 5 star.

Pros:Bruno Mars can songwrite and all the songs are hooky singalongs.

Cons:One song. Runaway Baby is out of Bruno's element.

Great Music to Play While: Getting ready to go out
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on February 15, 2013
The first time I heard the name Bruno Mars when at a summer pride festival when a local band in my area called The Blast Addicts did a version of his song "The Lazy Song". I'd seen this album around but paid it little attention. Over time I've had more exposure to his young hipster attitude and his inspired state show,I began to realize this might just be a talent worth exploring. It's been a very long time since I heard an artist whose songs were inspiring interpretation so early in the game. While references to him as "the new Michael Jackson" were a complete turn off at first,considering how few artists will ever likely live up to a vibrant talent on the level of MJ again, But what was this man going to have to say on his own terms?

The first two songs on this album "Grenade" and "Just The Way You Are" do in fact possess that epic production sound so common today,however the pop-soul song craft of the compositions themselves are really quite amazing. My personal favorite track here is the slinky funk/reggae of "Our First Time",with it's beautifully jazzy chord changes."Runaway Baby" is a high octane,guitar based funk rocker where "The Lazy Song" pulls pop,soul,funk and light hip-hop rhtyhms together for a song celebrating the sometimes slacker spirit of youth. The same impulse carries on into the sparse new wave style "Marry You",though this time seeking a commitment through naivety. "Talking To The Moon" is a moody,reflective piano based ballad.

Damian Marley shows up for the heavy reverbed reggae of "Liquor Store Blues",an ode to drowning sorrows where "Count On Me" is a sweet little acoustic based song with a strong Caribbean flavor. The ending finds Mars as a soul man supreme on the heavily Stax inspired "The Other Side" recorded,of course with Cee Lo Green. Brimming with youthful charm and innocence this singer/songwriter/musician also shows great potential for a significant,long term creative expansion as he grows artistically. He puts a great deal of thought into his writing and his musical ideas. And while it's clear he operates on many levels firmly within the contemporary musical idiom,his basic musical flavors come out of 60's and 70's sunshine pop melodies-through the filters of the soul,funk and reggae music he clearly loves. Probably the idea pop album for this particular time period.
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on February 10, 2012
I was surprised how much I like Bruno Mars. It's cute. Not exactly my thing when it comes to music, but something more than his incredible voice brings me back to it.
After 2 days of steady streaming his videos online I decided that the kid deserved my money. I was going to get the regular album, but saw this one for only $5 more (at the time) and this version has 6 bonus tracks, which is less than a buck a song. Plus, I love his voice live, which 3 of the bonus tracks are. I'm glad I spent a little more. If you don't care about the live stuff I'd stick to the regular album, unless you're a Bruno die hard...
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on March 6, 2014
Typically when I listen to a CD there are songs I will skip over because I don't like them. Not so with this one. Bruno Mars has put together a great compilation of songs. I enjoy every one!
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on September 5, 2017
This has his break out hits and is a fun listen.
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on August 17, 2014
I did not like it. Nothing like when he sang Valerie on the Music Awards. Broke my own rule of never buying something on how good one song was.
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