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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2005
Here's a great collection of classic Bollywood songs. Most have 1960s or 1970s production values, but they sound like nothing in the western hemisphere ("Bollywood strings" appear in abundance). With a mixture of traditional Indian rhythms, instrumentation, vocal styles, languages, and classic western rock (with some english phrases thrown in here and there) the songs take on a style all their own. Most of the melodies will stick fast and forever to even the most musically insensitve brains. Likewise, the infectious rhythms will inspire the indolent to flail spastically. This is nothing short of adventurous party music.

These songs come directly from Indian movies. So, in a way, they lack their original context. This explains some of the speaking and the - what may seem like - bizarre interludes. Some of the sense is lost without the context, but the music suffers not one iota. Plus, without knowledge of the languages sung, many won't miss a thing around the context. Nonetheless, hopefully the music will inspire the desire to see the original Indian movies.

This disc also contains "Jan Pahechan Ho" featured at the beginning of the movie "Ghost World" (that also included clips from the original Bollywood movie). Many have been introduced to Bollywood through this song and this movie. But this one song represents only a small peek into the immense and fascinating world of Indian popular music. Keep exploring.
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on February 26, 2011
I found a tape of this album in a thrift store many years ago, and it is my favorite compilation of funny and great old indian hits. Since I found this album, I have a big collection of old indian hit songs, and this is one of the best collections! It is true that the sound quality is really bad, but for me that adds to the charm. If you like kitschy old indian film songs, you should check this one out.
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on March 8, 2002
I admitt the sound quality is horrible, but I have honestly never laughed so hard in my life. I heard this at a friend's house, so I don't remember exactly which tracks were funny. All I can say is that if you find humor in the utterly bizarre and incomprehensible world of Indian pop culture, you must buy this CD.
Don't buy this if you are looking for serious stuff like Ravi Shankar or Trilok Gurtu. This is first and foremost a comedy album (at least from an American point of view). There are also, however, some amazing and beatiful songs on here hidden among the wierdness. I have heard many comedy cd's from Adam Sandler to Tenacious D. I guess that stuff is pretty funny, but, believe me, it is not even close to Doob doob o' rama . I don't think this is necessarily supposed to be funny, but all I can say is that I literally almost laughed myself into the emergency room. Trust me: if you pride yourself on having a good sense of humor, get this immediately
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on August 4, 2008
I bought this before checking out any reviews for the simple fact I love Indian film music so much. I have learned a very valuable lesson. This really is the pits. The sound quality is as bad (even more so) as the other reviewers state here. Tin can and bees come to my mind. I really feel insulted by the producers Stephen Abrey and Rudi Burr (name and shame!). They have stuck a two-fingers to my ears in a very ugly sounding way. I can't tell you how good or bad these track may or may not be, because I can hardly hear these tunes. If you've been to India you will know that in any street/temple festival, music is played so loud speakers blow within moments and then they will turn up the music even louder. This is that sound. Impossible to enjoy! Thanks for nothing guys.
P.S. It really is time Amazon dropped it's star rating policy of having to give a least one star. I give this NO STARS!
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on July 12, 2008
Despite the inclusion of a couple of highly amusing songs, most of the selections on this collection of Bollywood tunes are ill-chosen. Most importantly, this is the worst sounding collection I've ever bought (and I have LOTS of Indian pop music). Most of the Indian soundtracks on VINYL that I own sound better than this, and Indian vinyl, up until recently, is notoriously of poor quality. I don't mind mono, am not bothered by a little surface noise from vinyl transfers, and can even stand a little bit of distortion, but the scratching and hissing here is easily as loud as the music and the distortion due to a much-too-high record level is intolerable on a majority of these tracks. So, even if you collect Indian music as a specialty, avoid this one at all costs!
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on May 11, 2002
Musician? D.J.? Acid, Mixman, Reason user? This album is gold. Lots of sounds to chop up and use to further your creativity. Sound quality is pretty rough; something tells me the recording sesion featured a vcr, tv and a microphone. Will take some tweeking to kill the ear piercing highs. Other than that, buy today and sample away...
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on November 28, 2000
If you like screechy Indian pop music you'll love this. These are fun Indian movie theme songs, many in a James Bond/sixties/spy/thriller type of theme or fake westerns. It's lots of fun but the sound quality is HORRIBLE, which is especially evident when played loud.
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