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Doom 3 - BFG Edition
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$13.47+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 28, 2017
i finally got the game after nearly a month of waiting! and i was pleasently surprised to find that not only did i get DOOM 3 but DOOM 1, 2, and 3! with the bonus of a poster. this was an excellent buy. now i can play all the doom games (except DOOM 4) from the comfort of my own chair on my xbox 360. and a nice DOOM 1 poster in need of framing. i strongly suggest this to any one who is a fan of the DOOM series.
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on October 17, 2012
Doom 3: BFG Edition is a HD update of Doom 3, but also includes Resurrection of Evil, The Lost Mission, the original Doom and Doom 2. You get plenty of content for your money.

I'll briefly summarize the story: You play a marine sent to Mars for security and to find a missing scientist; unfortunately for you, a gateway to Hell is broken and the facility is overrunned by demons. It has cutscenes, and some chilling audio logs which are very well done and worth listening to.

First, the game still holds up. The graphics are even better than some modern games; obviously they can't compete with the best of this generation, but it can compete with some. The gameplay and framerate are mostly smooth, although the framerate drops briefly after an autosave or load screen. The gameplay is old-school and fun but it may not be for everyone. (I.e. No cover system, no regenerative health, no aiming down your sights) It wasn't a problem for me. Load screens are a little lengthy, by the way. The technical transition of Doom 3 was great, overall.

Doom 3 is a scary game. The intro when all hell breaks loose (literally) is amazing as you hear the chilling calls for help. Plenty of jump-out scares, as well. Even with the new mounted light, the game is still scary since the battery quickly depletes and doesn't completely light up the area. Since the monsters/demons spawn so quickly and randomly, you always have to look over your shoulder which adds to the tension. Conversely, since the monsters spawn so randomly and often, you're often involved in a lot of shooting which kills the atmosphere and tension at certain times.

Overall, I've really enjoyed Doom 3: BFG Edition; this is for the fans of story driven games with amazing atmosphere. If you haven't played Doom 3 yet, if you're a big fan of Doom, or if your just looking for something scary for the season, then I highly recommend this game. If you've been spoiled by modern shooters and just can't go back, then I'd recommend waiting for a price drop or sale.

Update 11/4/12:
I've completed the original Doom 3 campaign, the Resurrection of Evil campaign, and the Lost Mission. I did not find any significant technical issues, the campaigns are 100% playable. As for the multiplayer, the online community is not active (i.e. dead); I couldn't find any online games or players, so if you wanted to play online, this game is not for you.

Approximate Playtimes (based on saves before final boss fights) -
Doom 3: 9hrs
Resurrection of Evil: 3hrs 30 min
The Lost Mission: 2hrs
TOTAL: 14 hours and 30 minutes
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on December 28, 2016
Taking an old game and bringing it in a new direction, this DOOM update is not a game for the run and gun fan. This is survival horror at its finest. Still maintaining a spectacular armory, this game will have you thinking fast and playing it safe. Play it alone and in the dark for full effect.
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on October 1, 2014
I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS SUCH AN OVERHAUL! I knew the graphics were cranked up a notch, what I didn't know was everything else has been as well. More NPCs, more ammo, more spooky sounds and noises as you walk around, the guns sound better, more demons to kill, even the level designs are different from time to time. All improved. Every change they've made makes since. Like the flash light mounted on your left shoulder this time much like marines from "Aliens." So no more switching back and forth between flash light and gun every time you need a little light. Every complaint someone could have about the original Doom 3 seems to have been taken care of by Bethesda. But what will really blow away Doom fans is the upgrades to almost every level. It almost feels like a different game. Every change I've encountered makes sense and helped a great game become an even greater game still. And man is the frame rate smooth. It's at least 60 fps! Bravo Bethesda! Bravo!
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on June 23, 2015
Doom 3 was one of the best games I'd played when it came out, good story well told with the audio journals (common trick now, not so common then), lots of horror mood setting, and fun gameplay. There's plenty written about it already so I'll leave it at that.

Also, if you're serious about gaming and have never played through the original Doom this is a great way to experience a key piece of gaming history. Including all of Doom I and II adds a lot of gaming time and value to an already great game. (Gameplay of the original Doom is so well done that it remains fun today despite decades old graphics, like Tetris, Mario, or Space Invaders this sets the standard for reply value.)

I liked it so much for the X Box that when I saw I could get it for the 360 with some graphics boosts and the expansion pack I bought it again.
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on July 22, 2015
A great port of doom with included doom 1 and 2 as well to play I your 360. With the new doom announced this was the right time to play these again and refresh my memory. It's also nice to be able to use the flashlight with any weapon any time you want in this game. The battery runs down quickly but recharges about as fast so if you use it sparingly it should always be available. This looks as good or better than when I played the original pc version as well as running at a higher resolution than my computer at the time as capable of. If you are a console only gamer now, this is the best version of doom 3 for you to play.
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on July 24, 2015
I remember playing the very first dos doom on pc. lots of great childhood memories there. played this title on my wifes' pc while ago and absolutely loved it. they of course remastered it, but only the controls, not the gameplay, least nothing that I am disappointed on. its stayed true to the original and even has both doom1&2 plus the resurrection as well as bonus mission. pretty good deal. and i must say on my vizio tv with optimal res set on my 360 at 1360x768 it looks amazing! will definitely be playing this for quite some time.
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on February 20, 2013
This is the ultimate end-all be-all collection for Doom fans.

Doom (aka Doom '95)
-This is the one that started it all, the graphics, music, and sound effects are JUST how I remember them, 2-4 player co-op is a great addition for current-gen consoles and the controls are very well done for the layout of the Xbox controller.

Doom II
-Much of the same as Doom as far as the graphics, sound, and music, another flawless port just like I remember it.

Doom 3
-This is why I really bought this game. When Doom 3 came out originally in the Summer of 2004, I didn't have a PC powerful enough to run it at the level the developers intended, I still played it anyways though. This looks like a whole new game, the shadows are crisp, the lighting has been completely revamped, and some of the clear models (glasses, windows...) look to be updated as well. I should also mention that this game runs at a consistent 60 FPS thanks to the id Tech 6 Engine (also used to develop Rage). The controls have been remapped for the Xbox controller, and the flashlight can also be left on while you have a gun drawn (something that was absent in the original release). It's difficult to break the habit of pressing the left trigger to aim down the sights, as this game never had that. The game play is classic id-FPS, fast, fluid, and intense.

Overall this game is hard to pass up for the price. I would have easily paid $40 for just Doom 3, but the fact that you also get amazing ports of Doom & Doom II make this a deal to anyone who enjoys a good FPS.
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on June 4, 2013
Sure, time has not been kind to this shooter since it was released in...2004 or 05? While it's visually fine (surprisingly inconsistent with it's visual updates) it's a lot of fun to see how far we have come and what we expect from our shooters these days. Poor enemy AI, a voiceless player character who never gets tired and seems to be walking on glass, and a goofy story and characters that wouldn't fly today are highlights of what was once a technological masterpiece. For the life of me I'm not sure why this wasn't released digitally, as the copies of Doom and Doom 2 only launch on the arcade anyway. Recent full shooters like Crysis and FarCry 3 on the arcade marketplace makes this make less sense as a full retail purchase, especially since the extras are few and far between. But for all the criticism laid on it (now and then) the "monster closet" issue didn't seem as predominant as I remembered and the tension and tenacity of the game is still very much present. Plus, it's a long game on it's own before they give you both the expansions along with it, making it very long and almost worth the money based on the length alone.
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on April 12, 2018
I bought this for my Xbox One (thanks to backwards compatibility) and it works like a charm. This is not a used copy (still had the seal and wrapping on the case) so thats always a plus.This versions also comes with the original Doom & Doom 2, with achievements enabled. I will say that although all the three games installed to my HDD as soon as I inserted the disc, you have to have the disc in at all times in order to play them.
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