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DoorBox - Weatherproof Package Delivery Box, Secure Lock, Anti-Theft Alarm, Non-Removable Steel Cable, Receive Multiple Deliveries - US & Internationally Patented - Ultra-Premium, Large Blue

4.1 out of 5 stars 168 ratings

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  • [ MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SUCCESSFUL DELIVERIES IN THE WORLD WITH VIDEO PROOF ] - See Videos of Thousands Of Actual Packages Delivered Into Doorboxes Across USA In Youtube By Typing Doorbox. Large Top Opening Allows For Easy Delivery Of Large Packages Without Any Narrow Entry-Way Limitations. No Need To Bend Down For Any Codes. Assembly In About 2 Minutes. No Tools Or Skills Needed. Ready To Use Almost Immediately. Watch The 2 Videos Shown Here To Understand.
  • [ PREVENT PACKAGE THEFT IN SECONDS ] - Delivery Personnel Can Lock Doorbox In About 2 Seconds Just By Pushing The Autolock Lever. Doorbox Can Be Securely Connected And Disconnected To All Types Of Doorknobs, Guardrails, Posts And To Our Wallmount In About 4 Seconds. Included Cartridge Can Be Quickly Adjusted To 10 Different Positions To Securely Connect To Almost Anything. If Anyone Attempts To Tamper Doorbox, It Will Trigger A Loud Alarm. Multiple Loud Alarm Sticker Will Deter Thieves.
  • [ WEATHER PROOF & CARRIER-FRIENDLY ] - Doorbox Consists Of A Weatherproof Parcel Box With A Secure Combination Lock. Pushing The Lever Automatically Locks. No Code Is Needed To Lock. Code Needed Only To Open. Combination Code Can Be Saved In Your Amazon, UPS, Fedex And USPS Account Profiles Once And E-Tailer And Carrier Will Send Code To Delivery Personnel Every Time While Delivering. Doorbox With Wheels Enable Quick And Effortless Movement In And Out Of The House.
  • [ ANTI-THEFT ALARM & FAST ASSEMBLY ] - Proprietary Steel Cable With Integrated Electrical Wires That Can Withstand Over 800-Lbs Of Force And That Is Securely Connected To The Parcel Box With A Tamper-Proof, Secure Nut That Cannot Be Unscrewed Without Special Tools. Cable And Doorbox Comprises Of Wires Inside That Monitor Continuity, And Tampering Any Part Of Doorbox Will Trigger A 125-Decibel Alarm (Can Be Switched Off By Owner, If Necessary).
  • [ WIDE TOP OPENING AND 100% OF VOLUME FOR PACKAGES ] - Most other Boxes Can Store Only At The Bottom, And Only a Small % of Their Total Volume For Packages. However, almost 100% Of Doorbox Volume Can Be Used For Storing Packages. No Narrow Entry-way Limitations Like In Most Other Products. Doorbox Dimensions Are Approximately 24” Height X 18” Width X 15” Length. 11 Granted USA And International Utility Patents, And Many More Pending.
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Product Description

package delivery box

No More Stolen Packages Or Missed Deliveries

  • DoorBox is The Secure Package Delivery Box with Anti-Theft Alarm System and other Premium Security Features such as Combination Lock, Steel Cable & Doorknob Lock Assembly.
  • Our Outdoor Package Delivery box is weather-proof and suitable for all weather conditions. It is easy to assemble & set up, and it unlocks with a security code (customizable and easy to share with your delivery person), which helps you receive multiple deliveries on the same day.

Anti-Theft Alarm System

Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti-Theft Loud Alarm - If Anyone Attempts To Cut DoorBox Or Its Cables, An Audible Alarm Will Be Triggered.

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DoorBox - Weatherproof Package Delivery Box, Secure Lock, Anti-Theft Alarm, Non-Removable Steel Cable, Receive Multiple Deliveries - US & Internationally Patented - Ultra-Premium, Large Blue

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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5
168 global ratings

Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 27, 2020
Customer image
5.0 out of 5 stars Has worked perfectly. My packages are safely delivered while away at work.
By Rob on March 27, 2020
I have been a victim of package thieves. I was home waiting for the packages, took a shower, and then got a notification from my phone stating that the packages were delivered. Within a few minutes of delivery, I checked outside and the packages were gone. This package box is a brilliant idea. I have been looking for one that would work. Either they were too pricey or they had no lock mechanism that people can just open it and steal packages or even take the whole box itself.

Since getting this product, Amazon, USPS, and even Fed Ex have followed the instructions flawlessly. The box has instructions and I also placed a sign by my doorbell to place all packages inside this package box. I also placed a set instruction with my set code on Amazon and would do the same with USPS, and it worked perfectly as they are really following instructions (to my big surprise). This has never been the case as my previous instructions were to either place the packages under the door mat or place the packages at the side of the house and both of these always failed. However, with an official-looking box like this, they all seem to follow instructions well and they do put the packages inside. So I have a lot more peace of mind knowing my packages are safe now.
My only criticism about the box was the saw dusts inside. I contacted the seller about this as I was originally not happy and the founder and CEO was very nice, apologetic, sincere, and professional in explaining the reason for this. The following was his reply with regards to the saw dusts:

“Greetings. Hope you are doing well. I am profoundly grateful to you for purchasing Doorbox, and trusting our product to bring you peace of mind. Thanks for your email and thanks for giving me an opportunity to explain. Appreciate that.

All Doorboxes are new. However, since this is a brand new patented invention, I did not want to "outsource" the entire manufacturing of complete Doorbox units to any overseas supplier in fear of someone in other country (you know which country is known for knockoffs) copying and stealing the whole idea, and also figuring out where all parts come from so that they don't put this together themselves, and sell to others in an unauthorized fashion. So, fortunately or unfortunately, each and every Doorbox is assembled in the USA with expensive US labor costs. Since we had to drill and put the combination lock holders, and the latch plate ourselves in the US, at the very end (instead of beginning) we had to drill through plywoods, and so you will find some of the plywood saw dust inside. Because this is a brand new invention, our staff is also new in putting these together. Basically, your observation to a great extent reflects this assembly in the USA. Infact, assembling in USA elevated our manufacturing cost also.

Ideally, if we drill and install the combination lock holder, and drill and install the latch plate, vacuum the saw dust, and THEN put the fabric at the end, it would have definitely appeared cleaner. We may do this in the future once we find a 'trust-worthy' and 'reliable' overseas supplier. To minimize and avoid risks, the first set of few hundred Doorboxes are made in the USA with USA labor. So, kindly forgive us for this appearance. You are getting the "Assembled in USA' product which is part of the first batch of Doorboxes. I can promise that all the Doorboxes are brand new. If you are not satisfied, we apologize to you, and kindly return them to Amazon. I am the founder, and I have painstakingly worked very hard on this since April 2014 for close to 6 years, and have heard so many stories about other countries making counterfeit products of US ingenuity very quickly, and I did not want to fall victim of that practice. That is why you see what you see.

So, in an essence, your purchase, in one significant way, supports a USA invention of Doorbox, and supports USA Laborers. As we pick up some momentum, things would be a bit more streamlined. However, I am hopeful that the Doorbox that you have will do a fine job of receiving your packages securely and will hopefully give you good peace of mind. I want to be candid and extra-ordinarily honest with you, and I have shared the facts.”

In closing, if you are worried about your packages being stolen while at work or away from home, this product is perfect. Together with my Ring doodbell and cameras at the front door with this Doorbox, all my deliveries have been safely placed in the box so far. I would recommend this to family and friends.
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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 9, 2022
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 11, 2021
Customer image
5.0 out of 5 stars The DoorBox is a Great Peace of Mind for those who had had or have not had packages stolen.
By Jennifer Jones on April 11, 2021
I will like to start off by saying that DOORBOX is one of the best investments I have made because it gives me peace of mind. This is the number one reason I am giving this product 5 – stars.
It has been a long time since I have written a review for any product. I am usually too busy to write a review or didn’t find a product worth my time to write a review.
I found this product worth my time. I wanted to write this review in February but became seriously ill to where it was difficult for me to work, drive, or just walk outside to get my mail (especially if the sun was out). I had to wait for my son to get off work to bring in my mail, packages, and groceries.
I did not have to worry about my packages or groceries while on bed rest. It was a relief to feel that my orders were safe and secured in the DoorBox. Now that I am feeling better, working from home, and have been using DoorBox for a little over two months (since January 11, 2021), I feel comfortable working, leave my house for an appointment, or just relax and pick up my packages at the end of the day. I know my packages will be safe and protected from the package trolls who love to visit my neighborhood to take our packages. The DoorBox even made my children feel so secure, they started to send their packages to my house to use the DoorBox.

I love this product for the following reasons:
1. I finally have peace of mind knowing that my packages are safe and protected.
2. It is easy to assemble (it took me less than ten minutes)
3. Most of my deliveries are place nicely in my DoorBox and locked by the delivery drivers to protect my purchases from package trolls.
4. The security cable attached to the box will sound a loud alarm if anyone attempts to cut, remove, or tamper with the box.
5. The box has instructions in pictures and in writing for the delivery drivers on how to open and relock the container (this keeps it simple. I put my code in my written instructions on how to deliver the package and hopefully they will follow.
6. The cable can be attached to the door handle, wall, or pillar on your porch.
7. The DoorBox is Weatherproof and materials he used in the design of the box, security cable and lock for the box, and the alarm system is top-notch (it is excellent). The combination code is easy to set
8. The quality of the box is worth the price (I feel I have the better end of the deal). Although Amazon replaced order that was stolen, other companies will not.
9. The DoorBox can be easily moved on the cable because it has wheels.
10. ***The inventor of this program has many videos to help you assembles and use the box
I will like to thank whoever designed this box. Thank you for the peace of mind and for helping me find a solution to my problem. I would like to ask one thing.
Please design a bigger box. I am going to encourage my children to purchase their own box, but that of course falls on deaf ears. I know other family and friends are planning to order their own.
I promise to be first in line when you do. I am very pleased with your product

The Con:
I can't wait for the box to be bigger. It fits all of my orders, but my family decided to use my box. I may need to purchase one for their birthday... that is an idea (or make them purchase one of their own).
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Customer imageCustomer image
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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 14, 2022