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on January 9, 2010
I come at this album from a different place than most, I know. When it came out I was in the midst of first love for punk and new wave, and Yoko's tracks appealed to me much more than John's. Now I can appreciate the dialogue between them, and love the album as a whole. Here's what the tracks mean to me:

1. Starting Over -- bouyant, bouncy, slightly old-fashioned confession of love

2. Kiss Kiss Kiss -- crazed new wave disco, a celebration of the joys of sex; the layered vocals, the steady beat and the rock guitar all point towards a future that dance music took years to catch up to

3. Cleanup time -- the Lennon version of funky, a 70s homage to blue-eyed rhythm and blues

4. Give Me Something -- every relationship has its bumps and difficulties; this is a confession of doubt and frustration even within a loving partnership. the imagery is stark, simplistic, raw, almost childish. Yoko's good at channeling her Id, but then both she and John sought benefits from primal scream and other therapies of the era

5. I'm Losing You -- great production and pacing on this one, John's side of the story of a relationship in peril; the tragedy of both sides knowing something's gone wrong with no clue how to fix it; hypnotic bass line ...

6. I'm Moving On -- ... which segues into Yoko's nightmare worst case scenario, what if it all just ended? What if she just got fed up and walked away? Is she making a threat, a promise, or just wondering if she could ever be strong enough to do it?

7. Beautiful Boy -- but there's a reason to stick around, and that's a lovely child they both share

8. Watching the Wheels -- was this the biggest single? Big chorus, masterful pop, and a self-deprecating admission from the once-rock-star, now father, now house-husband, and loving it

9. Yes, I'm Your Angel -- I take it they made up; a silly faux-retro curio

10. Woman -- And John remembered all the reasons he's loved her for so long, mysteries and all. To me this is his most contemporary and personal moment on the album, simply a beautifully constructed pop song. It's his "silly love song," delivered with sincerity and wit.

11. Beautiful Boys -- Yoko's variation on the earlier title looks beyond her own child as he was then, and towards his future development, and his own experience as determined by his gender and the world he'll live in. The song is eerie (rather than comforting as John's was), but it's still about a parent imparting wisdom.

12. Dear Yoko -- from the general to the specific, this is like a valentine's card or mash letter made public; the California pop production nearly saves it, but it's a throwaway

10. Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him -- the other big epic (to the Walking on Thin Ice single of the same era, which can be found on the remastered release and is simply one of the best dance records ever released), a grand statement on the power of fate and eternal love; Yoko's turn to be hypnotic and mesmerizing, in her case with the repetitive beat and the innovative keyboard melody

11. Hard Times Are Over -- the former sixties activists can't end the album without a big union rally song, and of course for such a lasting testament of love it's a fittingly hopeful anthem
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on December 1, 2014
I bought this for the songs called Woman & Beautiful Boy, which I like far better than his music while with the Beatles even during their more interesting rock sound later on. To hear samples, just select Search: Digital Music, then type in Double Fantasy John Lennon in the space bar provided above, click Go then scroll down to see the songs on the album & click the arrow pointing to the right to hear samples of the songs on the album, click the arrow again to turn the sound off. Also, this music may be bought on MP3 as a Digital Purchase with your Credit or Gift Card, then Download it to play on your computer and/or Burn it to CD-r disk to play it on a music compact disc player.
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on April 6, 2017
Bought for a friend, he loves it.
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on April 29, 2013
John's cuts are great. Beatiful Boy, Cleanup Time, Watching the Wheels, and Woman are terrific songs worthy of any Beatle album. Yoko's cuts are great deal less than great. Wish I could buy "Single Fantasy," or wish one side had been Yoko's and the other John's. No such luck as they alternate after each song. I will tape the ones I like.............
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on August 7, 2016
I love some of the Lennon but there is quite a bit of yoko so beware.I must for my collection though.Came out at such a sad time.
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on September 22, 2007
Se denomina obra postuma a aquello que sale a la luz despues de la muerte del autor. Por lo tanto Double Fantasy es muy mal llamado la obra postuma de John Lennon. Lennon fue asesinado a tres semanas de publicado este album, en plenos correteos de publicidad. Incluso el mismo dia de su muerte poso para la revista Rolling Stone, en una de sus portadas mas elogiadas, en la cual aparece el beatle desnudo en posicion fetal al lado de su amada, Yoko Ono. Y horas antes del asesinato, los esposos Lennon dieron una entrevista radial, en la que hablaban del proceso de creacion del Double Fantasy.

Double Fantasy es el ultimo album de Lennon, o mejor dicho, el ultimo medio album, ya que la otra mitad es interpretada y compuesta por Yoko Ono. El album se inicia con Starting Over (Empezando de nuevo), con una interpretacion en una parte de la cancion a lo Elvis Presley, una cancion optimista de reencuentro con sus fans y agradecimiento de tener una oportunidad de reiniciar su carrera musical, un borron y cuenta nueva (Cleanup Time), un intento de renacer que quedo frustrado por las 5 balas del miserable, al que no se le debe nombrar, porque se merece el desprecio y el olvido.

Este es un disco que no es viceral ni es una cartarsis como lo fue el primero, Plastic Ono Band, para 1980 Lennon no tenia demonios que exorcisar ni rabia que descargar. Double Fantasy muestra un Lennon padre de familia reconciliado con la vida, agradecido con ella por tener un hijo, un hijo dificil de concebir con Yoko por tantos años. Le dedica Beautiful Boy, la mejor cancion que un padre le pueda dedicar a un hijo, un hijo deseado por supuesto, sino habria que preguntarle al pobre Julian.

En Watching The Wheels, John le explica a sus seguidores el por que de sus 5 años de retiro, y que no desea mas volver a estar en medio de la beatlemania. Woman, es una perfecta cancion de amor, es la Girl del Rubber Soul que se hizo mujer, es su version de Girl en 1980. Dear Yoko una vez mas, Lennon nos dice que Yoko fue la mujer que el escogio pese a quien le pese.

Double Fantasy es un buen disco, pero es muy triste. Me imagino el sentimiento de frustracion para los fanaticos de los beatles en aquel año. El ex-heroe de clase obrera, convertido en un heroe de la alta sociedad lleno de millones en el banco, regresaba a la musica, y era asesinado de manera tan absurda. Rompio sueños, se moria un beatle, una epoca terminaba de manera traumatica. Diciembre de 1980 fue un mes tragico para la musica, Lennon muere, y con el los Beatles, y los Led Zeppelin anuncian su separacion tras la muerte de su baterista, John Bonham "Bonzo", el 25 de setiembre, otra muerte absurda.

Al terminar de escuchar este disco, me quedo con una frase, "la vida es aquello que te sucede, mientras tu estas ocupado haciendo otros planes". Y la vida fue aquello que se le paso a Lennon, mientras estaba ocupado con los Beatles y con una ingenua lucha pacifista, pero felizmente, se dio 5 años para el y su familia.
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on December 26, 2013
The album is warped, skips often, more wobbly than the 78's in my Wurlitzer jukebox from the 40's, there's popping sounds everywhere, and plus it was incredibly dusty when I first got it! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!
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on October 15, 2014
I ordered this album on CD used. I had this record when it first came out and was stolen while in storage. the CD is of excellent quality and i would recommend this last album John Lennon made. I have listened enough to get some enjoyment to his wife singing solo on some of the songs alone. Buying this CD used the jewel case was broken but the CD is in excellent condition. I'm pleased with my purchase overall.
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on February 3, 2014
Sure, it was fine up until maybe the middle of Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, where is skipped horrible. The third track was just terrible, skipping all the way through, could barely listen to it. I guess some of the tracks are somewhat salvageable on playability, but i definitely will not be buying again from these guys when i was promised 'Very Good' quality.
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on February 21, 2014
I would recommend this album to anyone who is a "John Lennon" fan and wants to have something to remember him by. there are A-LOT of excellent songs performed by "John Lennon" on this CD!!!.
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