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on December 23, 2017
It arrived as scheduled. Packaging was excellent. I was using the 33 inch versions and had problems with not having enough light reflection for project photos. Of course, the 33 inch ones are great for smaller areas but a photographer needs options and solutions. While I purchased a secondary set of lighting kits with the white shoot-through umbrellas, I ordered the larger silver reflector umbrellas to brighten up other larger areas that I could use them in. Photography is not easy with the bare minimum when it comes to equipment. The price was hard to beat since I’ve tripled the size of my equipment kit. I don’t consider myself a pro but I’ve been doing this for 28 years. I photograph Interiors and architecture, people and landscaping. Know your equipment and get what you can as you grow. These umbrellas were what was missing... for now.
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on April 5, 2012
This is a good umbrella; however, the double layers are built into together. You cannot remove the outer layer. Although it makes sense for reflector umbrellas, I have also ordered LimoStudio 6500K DayLight 840W Photography Large Double Layered 40" Black & White Umbrella Reflector Lighting Kit, AGG284, and the layers are fixed on the black and white umbrellas as well. If you need umbrellas with removable layers, remember that these double layers are not removable.
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on May 8, 2012
Being a photo/video noob, I really didn't know what to expect, or whether to get silver or white. But I wanted to maximize my light in one direction and these umbrellas did the trick. Am using with the Alzo 45 watt, 5500K CFLs for occasional home videos. You can adjust the focal distance for diffused or more narrow lighting. Might not stand up to daily pro-on-the-go use, but they seem very well made and are more than sufficient for the photo/video hobbyist. Needless to say, the shafts are thin, so don't over-tighten the set-screw in your lamp/umbrella holder or you'll dent the shaft.

They didn't come with a travel case (not expected, at this price), but do have clear plastic sleeves for tidy storage, and should easily fit into a light-stand bag. The only thing else I could wish for is the white cloth that goes around the light and the umbrella, making a soft box, but that's easy to make, if needed.

At about $14 for 2, I'm very pleased!
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on February 10, 2014
When I received the package, I opened it to find two tightly wrapped umbrellas in bubble wrap. So far, so good

When I opened the umbrellas they actually felt very nice, and the first one I looked at was a silver/black reflector... Not double layer though. Silver inside, black outside... No layers, nothing to take off, no diffusers... Not sure what they meant by double layer... But it looked just like the picture and felt nice and thats all I really wanted!

The second one was thicker, and when I opened it I was surprised to see that it was gold! Not only was it gold... it had an internal white layer that was attached to the skeleton of the umbrella. The quality was good... But not the product they were advertising... I think?

Anyways, me and my buddy try to take off the gold layer so that it is just a diffuser... and the gold layer is kind of like an extra-skin on top of the white... it attaches at the end of the wings of the skeleton of the umbrella so you just pull them off and it comes off... except at the very middle (or tip if you have it closed) where it is fastened on like the white diffuser... So you can't actually take it off... Weird.

So effectively I got one great silver reflector... and one gold reflector with a built in white umbrella that won't come off and is actually blocking most of the gold color with a bland white... considering the price i'm not going to bother returning it... and i'm sure it was just a mistake or my fault (maybe it is in the description somewhere?)

If you get lucky and get two simple, silver reflectors you are golden (haha...). But beware... you may get something you didn't initially expect. This seems to be the price you pay when buying cheap or third-party equipment.
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on November 21, 2015
I really wanted these products to work, but they showed up with the silver part of the imbrella glued to itself. I had to pry the umbrellas open, and the silver came off in spots (glued to the other side of the umbrella). I have never seen an umbrella this cheaply made. LimoStudio really needs to send me an umbrella that is not glued to itself, this was a rip off!
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on November 1, 2015
Great for the price. not a whole lot to say about it. The cast from the silver is a bit cooler than plain white umbrellas, but not bad at all. They feel sturdy, and are nice and tight when opened.
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on March 19, 2017
These are well worth the inexpensive price and the size provides some nice diffusion.
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on December 3, 2015
Really surprised at the quality of these for the price. They operate smoothly--nothing at all I would fault them for.
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on July 21, 2015
They work well to cast a larger spectrum of light. Makes the LimoStudio umbrella lights a little more usable.
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on January 18, 2016
It is what it is. A decent, very cheap reflector umbrella. Will it last forever? No. The frame wire is pretty cheap, but at these prices, you can buy a replacement or two or have these as backups for your primary gear. Got exactly what I expected and am very pleased.
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