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on January 8, 2015
I'm 5'6" 152 with a 38" chest so I decided to purchase a US small.

The fit is form fitting, so it should not be too loose on you. It should be "gun hugging". The most important part of the shirt for me was the length which ends at the hip for me.

As for the color - it looks like the photos they have up are overly saturated so the color has more bounce. I ordered gray.
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on May 10, 2015
This shirt is very much as advertised in terms of design, colour, etc. And it is nice!

I am just over 5'10 and 150lbs. I wear a 31x32 jeans and am narrow across the shoulders. I typically wear a US medium shirt (and this is what I ordered).

Sizing: Upon trying it on, I found the length of the sleeves and shirt in general a bit long. Likewise, the width across the shoulders was a bit too wide (though this can be a problem for me as I am more narrow - judge for yourself based on the pics provided for reference). It is likely the length will shrink slightly as the shirt is 65% cotton according to the tag. Likewise, most people will roll their sleeves up, so that won't be much of an issue.

Design/ construction: Not surprisingly, based on the price - this is not a premium quality shirt- however it does not appear to be cheaply constructed either. Seams and sewing appears good, and the material is reasonably soft and has a nice stretch thanks to the 5% spandex composition.

Overall, this is a nice shirt. Of note: If you look closely at the shirt images you will see that there is a small piece of fabric behind the 3rd button down. This appears to be so that the shirt doesn't open too wide. This will preclude you from opening the shirt wide or leaving all the buttons undone (if that matters to you).

Enjoy your shirts!
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on November 11, 2015
6'0 155lbs lean build. Typically wear small or mediums depending on the company. Typically small is a better fit but too short on me. I ordered the US M for this shirt and it fit great. Neck opening went a little lower than I expected but it's as far down as the picture so I can't fault them. Length is perfect for me. Still fits same after initial wash and medium heat drying.
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on March 23, 2017
INITIAL REACTION: I ordered an XXL in the color Brown. I was a bit surprised to see how light the brown was; it looked nothing like the picture, indicating that the pictures are probably overly saturated or otherwise doctored. Luckily, I am quite fond of the color it turned out to be, so no issue for me there. I was also surprised to find this little flap of fabric behind the buttons (starting at the 3rd one down). Upon seeing this, I immediately remembered reading a review where someone mentioned a purposeless flap of fabric, but for whatever reason I couldn't conceptualise what they were talking about at the time I was reading it and somehow I never actually noticed it in any of the pictures (however, now I can't look at one of the images and not notice it- funny how that works). I'll attach a picture to show what I'm talking about, since this is really the biggest issue I have with this shirt. It really seems to serve no purpose and it eliminates the option of unbuttoning the shirt any lower than 3 buttons (if you do, the result is something I see as a rather feminine looking addition to the shirt). A bit disappointed, as I'd hoped to be able to wear this around the house with a few more than 3 buttons undone and the shirt a bit more open.

SIZE/FIT: I had done a good deal of research to help decide what would be the best size for me and I still felt as if I had to make an educated guess and hope for the best. The following size/fit comments are both before wash and after a single wash in cold water and hang-dry (didn't seem to shrink noticeably). I'm 6'2" 160-165lbs, athletic, skinny build. Broader shoulders, muscular arms (I keep up with frequent pushups, pull-ups, and other calisthenics), skinny midsection (ribs partially visible, pointy hipbones, the whole nine...). I usually struggle with getting long enough shirts with long enough sleeves and sometimes have to compromise for a looser fit in the waist region. I ordered the XXL (US XL) and am generally very satisfied with the fit. The sleeves are perfect length and the overall length of the shirt is satisfactory: a good 7-7.5in below the bottom of my belly button.) As expected due to some reviews I read before purchasing, the forearms were noticeably tighter than any other region of the shirt, but not uncomfortably so (I rather like it, as this was kind of the fit I was hoping for when I ordered the shirt). The overall fitting of the sleeves and shoulder region is good for the toned upper body, offering a comfortable, slimmer fit that shows off enough without being overly tight or hanging too loose anywhere. As for the midsection, there is a bit of extra room- when standing, if I pull on it, it reveals that it hangs a bit looser around the middle, more than what you might expect to see in a shirt that's tailored to the contours of a broad shouldered and skinny (32" waist) body type. This lack of true slimness in that portion, however, isn't excessive and actually gives the shirt a nice look in the comfortable way it sits on the body. It seems to flow rather naturally, at least on my particular body type. So though it is a bit looser than what a skinny guy might hope for in a slim fit, it isn't really a visible issue, due the the appealing way the shirt hangs (as long as you've got a reasonable bit of mass in the upper portion of your torso for it to cling to- i.e. if i never did any pushups, the XXL might hang more like a tent)

QUALITY/COMFORTABILITY: I am pleased with the feel of the fabric; it's soft to the touch (but not overly so), feels comfortable and rather durable (especially considering the fair price). Also adequately stretchy (offers some resistance and stretches well with a higher quality, fabric feeling- not an overly elastic, under-armor feeling) which is important in the forearm area, where the fit is tighter. This allows for the sleeves to easily be pushed up a bit, which is a very nice look for this shirt. The different material of the accent (the collar and down the middle with the buttons) feels durable, though my only complaint is it came with a couple loose threads which I had to cut off.

LOOK: The shirt hangs very well, resulting from it's sort of unique fit (which I am quite pleased with). The accent (darker, different fabric along collar and buttons) looks really good in my opinion; though you may have to be stronger willed to wear this in a place where it's not really the common fashion, as it is certainly a unique look in such an environment- though I'd bet you wouldn't be considering this shirt if you werent going for such a look. I personally have no problem being that guy, and I am really very pleased with how this shirt looks. It is comfortable and brings me joy.

OVERALL: I consider this a very successful purchase in the risky business of ordering clothes online from Asia, and looking for a particular fit and style in doing so. Just be sure to research adequately to find your size before you order. It's a new favourite shirt as of right now, and I'm very pleased with nearly everything about it (the flap behind the buttons, being the only real displeasure).
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on August 8, 2016
I'll preface this by saying that I bought one of these shirts over a year ago and it quickly became one of my favorite shirts. It was high quality and fit well. I recently purchased several more and it appears the quality has gone down significantly. The fabric is thinner and the quality of the stitching and button placement is inferior. In addition to the decrease in general quality and workmanship I received one shirt that is clearly marked the wrong size. As you can see from the pictures, though they are the same size one of the shirts is significantly bigger than the other. I contacted the company regarding this and included the pictures and received no response.
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on January 12, 2015
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on August 19, 2015
let's start with size because this is an odd one. I'm a 42 blazer, 16.5/34-35 dress shirt, 31 waist, 6'1" 185. I got the US LARGE. Typically for a shirt to fit me like this, I have been getting Medium.. I think I used to be a large, but as American's get bigger, I think clothing manufacturers are shifting what it means to be "large"...

The fit: absolutely perfect! Shoulder seam is right on the corner of my shoulder, sleeve is just to the break of the wrist. Shirt is tighter through shoulders & just a tad forgiving around the waist... being a 42 regular suit (that i have to taylor to a more athletic cut) and having a 31 waist (of which, suits come with about a 35-36 waist at that shoulder size) it's hard to find shirts that aren't lousy around the waist.. this one does the trick.. but just don't eat the foods that bloat you, it'll show.

If you want a shirt to show off your quality build, this is the shirt.. if you look like a slouch & have a spare tire around your waist.. .don't even think of buying this shirt.. you will look like you are silly & need to get introduced to the gym!
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on January 5, 2017
Love these. Form fitting without being too tight or uncomfortable (and i have pretty muscular physique and im about 205 lbs and i order it in a US lg). The material is super comfortable to wear. Always appropriate to wear because its fits so well and is easy to dress down or dress up with a sport jacket or chinos. I just buy a bunch. I wear them so much, my girlfriend refers to them as "my uniform".
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on April 10, 2017
I absolutely love these shirts. This is the sixth of a different color that I have bought. For those considering this shirt, PLEASE read on regarding size.

I am 6'1" and have a slender build (32 waist). I buy the Medium and these shirts fit like they are custom made for me. Arm length, torso length, and fit around my frame are perfect. If this is the first Doublju shirt you've bought and you have my frame, you will love this.

If you have not bought this specific style of shirt but you have purchased other Doublju shirts that fit, do NOT buy a Medium. Their medium t-shirts, both long and short sleeve, barely even fit over my torso. For whatever reason, only the Medium of this exact style fits me. I've purchased their Large polo shirts and they fit great.

Bottom line - their sizing is really inconsistent between styles. If you are more muscular up top or wider around the waist, better start with Large at a minimum.
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on May 7, 2015
Great shirt; I actually feel the fabric's quality is pretty fair for the price. I am 5'11", 177 lbs (athletic), and a 33" waist. I am normally a small/medium (brand dependent), but I went with the overwhelming majority's vote to order at least a size up ( got an Asia XL/U.S. L). I somewhat regret this because although it still fits and looks pretty damn good, I should have stuck with what the manufacturer recommended (Asia L/U.S. M), as it is just a little bit too big, and a tad long, whereas it should be pretty much form fitting. I even tried to rectify my mistake and shrink it, but to no avail: there was nearly no change. My fault though. I want to order another in a Medium charcoal color, but unfortunately, neither the long sleeve, nor short sleeve cuts are available in that size/color right now, so hopefully they will restock soon. Overall, if you like this look, it is a completely worthy purchase in my eyes. Just make sure you pick your right size (and if you don't know how to properly get your size, have someone help you. This IS true to U.S. size in my experience). My only regret is that there's so much uncertainty in sizing when ordering from companies like this, but it's still a great shirt.
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