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on September 30, 2012
While browsing "Southern Romance" titles, I came across this book, read the preview, and decided I had to have it without looking at much else. Which, is probably how I missed that this is a faith based romance. I don't normally read Christian romance. Not because it goes against my ideas, but I just have a thing against mixing the two.

I'm weird like that.

With that said, I'm glad I didn't know this was a faith based book in the beginning. I'm glad I bought and read "Doug and Carlie", even if it was a late night buy that kept me up until three in the morning. Maybe it's because the book is like a piece of home to me and that the faith references were nothing more than I hear in everyday conversations and it wasn't in your face all the time. I'm not exactly sure. What I am sure of is that I really liked Carlie and Doug. Although there were some melodramatic parts to this story, they were "people" I could relate to. Actually, most of the on page cast were (I'm a small town West Tn girl, too. And I've spent my share of time working at the Dollar General).

I liked how these two came together and I loved Carlie's humor. Doug was a little sweeter than my usual taste, but there was something about his blatant honesty that I loved.
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on February 28, 2017
I got this book on my kindle a few years back and never got around to reading it. I had always found other things to read, but I know that God has a purpose for everything. There must be a reason why I didn't read this great book about Christian love and standards and waiting for that equally yoked God mate. And why I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. I'm so thankful I read this book, and it has already helped to start being positive again. It has renewed my hope that maybe God does have someone out there for a 37 years old, overweight high school biology teacher who will think that I too am worth the wait. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series and other books by Lisa Smartt.
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on April 5, 2015
When I saw the title I thought, "This I need to see, who writes about couples for more than one book, except Lucy Maud Montgomery?" This is a terrific, down-to-earth, it-could-happen-to-you story written a bit like a diary about how two Southerners from different states meet and fall in love...eventually. When you allow God to speak to your heart, you will be surprised what happens as you make choices based on faith rather than sight. Written for teens as well as adults, I quite enjoyed Doug's quiet humor, sense of himself and chivalry and Carlie's ridiculously honest assessment of her mistakes in college the first time around, her tall, "big-boned" body, as well as a frank, short discussion they have on the topic on every single's mind. Wonderful friendships, lots of plot twists and turns, and I wanted to eat lots of good, homemade, fried food at the end!
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on August 28, 2015
This was such a fun book! I loved how REAL it was. The characters had real problems like we all do. The characters were not perfect physically, but that did not stop them from living life. This was centered around a very small town with people who cared about each other. There was romance, sadness but most of all there was laughter. This was not just a little funny here and there, it was sometimes laugh out loud funny! I loved this book and I am so glad I took a chance on this author. Lisa Smartt has a gift!
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on January 12, 2014
I really enjoyed most parts of this book. Written like diary entries it made it easy to see who was talking and kept the points of view very separated. The only parts that irritated me was Carlie and her constant whining about being 37 pounds over her ideal weight and the accident-any full coverage car insurance will cover the medical bills in full of a person in the car that is injured unless they have other insurance, so Doug didn't need to pay that persons medical bills and put himself in the poor house. The story mirrored more of a real relationship where they participants didn't just fall in instant love the second they started talking it took a little while of talking and then meeting before they were in love.
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on January 7, 2014
There are so many unforgettable quotes in this book! It is knee-slapping hilarious; a real-life love story that most can relate to; and the author never abandons the core values of her characters. So refreshing to start the year off with this delightful, funny book! It's one you won't soon forget...and will be at the top of your "RECOMMEND LIST."

"I'm not a loser, just a late bloomer. It took me a while to come into my own, gain some confidence, learn who I am, make a plan." Carlie

"If this had been a movie, he would have knocked on my door after everyone went to sleep. When I opened the door, he would have kissed me passionately. He would have stopped kissing me only long enough to say, "Carlie, I want you, I need you." But I knew for absolute certain that Doug Jameson wasn't going to knock on my door.

"I finally parked my car in front of "Sammy's Emporium." I hoped Sammy didn't get mad. I could get a Reuben and chips for $4.99 and a winter coat for an additional $11.99. Gotta love a business that can multi-task. Small town livin' at its best."

"I fell in love with Doug Jameson on our 5th date. And I'd never even kissed him."

"That's what country people do a lot. When someone is comin out of church we say, "You better go home with us." Then they say something like, "No, I better get back to the house to feed the cows." Clearly, Sandra had forgotten about feeding the cows.

"Shannon's brother's been out of a job for eleven years now and no job in sight. Thank God his wife is a fourth grade school teacher or they'd be on the street."

"I was desperately in love and there was no going back. A part of my life was now in the hands of another. I had given him power. The power to bring me joy. And the power to bring me pain."
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UPDATE 04/19/2014 Second Review

Yesterday I purchased the third book in the Carlie and Doug series. Since it has been almost a year since I read books one and two I felt the need to reread them both before I started on book three. The enormity of this authors talent slapped me in the face full force. Lisa Smartt is an amazing author who weaves a tale like no other. Her humor is incomparable as I laughed out-loud throughout the whole book. Even in emotionally challenging situations she manages to give Doug and Carlie a sense of humor and it seems to bond them together.

Carlie Ann Davidson is 32 years old and will finally graduate college in a few months. Her love life in non-existent. She's 37 pounds over her ideal weight. She's honest and brilliant and has worked at the Dollar General Store for ten years. Her passion is writing. She is more than ready to find the love of her life but there are no prospects in sight.

Twenty-eight year old Doug Jameson is the single great-nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Rockford who are dear friends of Carlie's. When Mr. Davidson made a trip to the Dollar General Store for his beloved wife, he decides to give Carlie Doug's business card and encourages her to contact him. This is where it all begins. It is quite a lovely, yet sometimes sad and always humorous, story as we watch these two get to know each other.

I loved every single word and I highly recommend this book.


I'm moving down two books on my All Time Favorite Top 5 books to make room for the First and Second Books in the Doug and Carlie Series. That is saying something since I read more than 300 books a year. (I gotta wonder if that has anything to do with my messy house?)

I absolutely loved this book. I loved it so much that when I completed my read and got to the very back, I saw where there was a Part 2. Wrong thing for me to see as I finished Book 1 around 1-1:30am. Tried to sleep but was back up within 20 minutes digging out my Kindle. Stayed up and read all of Book 2 and finally took a nap at 6am. At my age it takes a while to bounce back from an all-nighter. But it was so worth it.

I love Lisa's writing. She is one funny lady and the story was a wonderful, sweet love story.

There have only been less than five books that have been good enough for me to reread. This is one of them.

I really can't express how much I love this book. There are no words to properly convey how much I loved it and how much I learned. It was uplifting.

Lisa you rock!!
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on August 11, 2013
I read on this book daily during my lunch break at work and I laughed and laughed and I even had tears well up in my eyes at one point. Being a native of West Tennessee I was already familiar to Lisa's writing style and humor from her weekly columns in the local newspaper. Though I now live in another state I still read her local column online! Straight forward and just downright funny! I love that trait in folks.
I love the character of Carlie. She is an independent, overweight woman working at a Dollar General but her passion is in words and writing. She is looking for relationship, real love, and when she finally finds it due to her assertiveness at 32 years old, she also gets an opportunity of a lifetime to pursue her dream of becoming a writer in NYC which she chooses to follow.
I loved the familiar setting of rural West Tennessee and surrounding areas in the story. This book is spot on with how community comes together when there is a need and you probably won't find a can of cream of mushroom soup on any shelves due to all the casseroles made when there is a funeral. I loved the Christian values woven into the story. I felt like I knew all of the characters and I think I may be related to a lot of them.
This book is real. I suggest reading it and getting to know these fine folks.
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on December 29, 2012
Doug and Carlie is a very sweet and heart warming little tale of two lonely people who find each other through a meddling old great uncle who insists on giving Carlie his great nephew's business card.

I'm not a big fan of Christian literature. It usually gets overly preachy and portrays the characters as these overly perfect goody-two-shoes types who aren't anything like real people. That being said, I found Doug and Carlie to be a refreshing change of pace from the other Christian books I've read.

While the book does reference both characters faith in God, it doesn't get long winded or preachy, or beat you over the head with Christian beliefs. Carlie and Doug are both Christian, so they make the occasional references to their beliefs but it doesn't come off as one of those books that's trying to convert it's readers or disguise a church sermon as a novel. Which I have to say, is rare for books with Christian themes. I admire the author for doing that and making this book palatable for a wide range of readers, not just the overly religious.

I also love that the author wrote the characters as real people, not overly perfect paragons of virtue. Carlie has a tendency to be a hot mess and self pitying and Doug can be more than a bit selfish at times. They have both made mistakes in the past and continue to make mistakes as the book goes on. This is a love story about two real people with real human flaws and is a story a lot of people can relate to, religious or not.

I also have to say that Carlie is funny as heck. There were points in the book when I was highlighting every other paragraph because it was just that funny. My only compliant about this book is that it drags very slowly in parts, which is why I can't really see giving it five stars but it always picked back up again and was, over all, a really enjoyable read.
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on September 23, 2012
The best $5.00 I've spent in a long time. Totally engrossed after the first paragraph. I had to lay it aside to laugh and then before
long I had to lay it aside to cry. I will read this one again and again. Amazon you've got a winner here. I would love to read another one of her books and have been trying to find one. What else is available by this author.
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