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on June 16, 2016
Amazing little gadget! Where have you been all my life? I originally bought this with the purpose of reviewing school records for my son, and rather than paying the $1/page the district demanded for copies, I scanned them on the spot. I also decided, I could use this to scan HUNDREDS of old photos. It is self feeding, huge plus. It is compact, major plus. It is lightweight, major plus. It operates on batteries, major plus. It scans to an SD card, major plus. The picture quality on scans is GREAT! I will never use a flatbed scanner again for pictures. I'm a photographer. I am SUPER picky about this. The only thing I don't like, is that it scans documents to jpg, rather than pdf...or, I just haven't figured that out yet. I opened the box a few hours ago. It is easy enough to add a picture to a word document and convert to pdf. You cannot go wrong with this one, especially for pictures. 2 Polaroids from his NICU nurse were the only pictures I had of my oldest son in the hospital when he was born. You know those are funky to begin with, so, forget trying to scan them on a flat bed scanner. I posted that scanned picture in this review LOVE IT!
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2012
When I started practicing law in the 1970s, I would lug what is still called a brief or trial bag to depositions and hearings. In it would be a huge mass of paper and a bunch of legal pads. At the end of the deposition, I would pack it all back up along with newly added exhibits and tote it back to the office where someone would ultimately file it away. Sometimes the dead weight would exceed twenty five pounds.

Three years ago, I started carrying a portable scanner and a laptop to depositions. The scanner, a ScanSnap S300M Clr 600DPI USB 10PG Adf Mobile Scanner still performs well. By using the scanner and electronic copies of my file stored on my laptop, I reduced the weight of what I would take to depositions and court to about twelve pounds.

So why did I buy this new scanner? There is a one word answer-iPad.

As technology grew lighter, my scanner stayed the same weight-over 3 pounds.. In fact it was heavier, because I needed to take a laptop instead of my iPad to depositions.

By contrast the Doxie one weights in at two pounds, but since it works on AAA batteries, I don't need to carry power adapters with me either. By scanning the exhibits, I do not need to bring them back to the office-a savings of some weight and a lot of clutter.

Best of all the Doxie One saves to an SD card which can be read by an iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (MC531ZM/A), an inexpensive device I already own.

Now I can go to a deposition carrying maybe three pounds of equipment. It only copies on one side, unlike the ScanSnap which has dual side scanning. It is a small price to pay for the benefits.
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on June 21, 2015
I love this little scanner. I am now able to preserve and share old photographs on my computer.
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on March 19, 2014
So the quality of the scans isn't bad, when they work. The thing is nice and compact and seems sturdy. The software you install on your computer won't win any design awards, but isn't terrible either. You can "staple" your scan pages together, and save them as a multi-page PDF pretty easily, which is what I need to do most of the time. So far, sounds fine for the price.

But the big flaw in this thing is the paper feeder. It does not deal well at all with any creases or other imperfections in your paper. If you have a perfectly flat, like-new sheet of paper, it feeds no problem. Any creases, dog-eared corners, etc and it either fails to feed or will catch on one side and start going through at an angle, ruining the scan and eventually causing more creases. This can be incredibly frustrating. It reminds me of trying to get a rumpled dollar bill to work in some vending machines. You try 20 times, and on the 21st time it miraculously goes through.

At this point, I sort of hate my doxie, but for this one reason only. Because paper is rarely in perfect shape.
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on August 3, 2016
Honestly, this is hands down one of the most consumer friendly scanners I have bought. After having countless troubles with not only one, but two of EPSON's DS-30s models. I switched to the Doxie One. It comes with very user-friendly software that allows for inline editing of pictures to make adjustments before the software saves them to your computer (read: You don't need to open Photoshop or another external image editor in order to make adjustments afterwards), "staple" pictures together (which allows them to be saved as a single file via pdf, or in a separate folder for other formats), and send them to various cloud based services. You can also scan images without the need of a computer, immediately, thanks to its included 4GB SD Card. This allows you to scan as many pictures as you'd like (i.e. within the 4GB limitation) and then import them at your leisure.

My only issues with the device is that it does not allow for manual adjustment of the DPI (read: quality of the scan) or allowing images to be saved in .TIF format.

Anyone reading this who is a first time user of devices like this take note that the set up is a breeze.

As of writing this review I have owned the device for approximately 3 weeks, and have scanned over 4500 images.
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on February 6, 2014
This is one of the best scanners you can but at this price point right now. It just arrived today and right our of the box I put this thing through the tests. 250- 300 photos non-stop. This thing performed beautifully. I have just have a couple of complaints. Pros and Cons. Cons first.

Con 1. The free software that comes with it is not the best. 3.5/5.0 Plus the editing software also had trouble decoding some of the pictures, because it could not translate it fully It just put a huge pink X where the picture was supposed to be. The editing software such as the cropping, saturation and stuff is okay. But hey, it's free.

Con 2. The Doxie did fail once out of the 250-300 photos I put through it. The scanner just stopped. Froze up. Easy fix though I restarted it, and went on my way. But I put very little fault on the product. I ran this thing much harder than it was supposed to go at one time.

3. This unit CANNOT scan directly to a computer. You have to take out the SD card then put it in your computer. I have a Mac. Late 2009 model. I do not have a SD card slot. Luckly this unit comes with a transfer cable just in case of this situation. But you HAVE to have a SD card. Again, This unit only scans to the SD card.


1. This unit is flat out awesome. It scanned 250-300 photos non-stop with only 1 fault.

2. This unit comes with a 2 GB card. 2 GB can give you about 400 photos.

3. Comes with really cool accessories. Very cool photo protector as it goes through. If you have a very delicate/fragile piece of paper it keeps it from coming apart or being damaged while it's scanning. It has a cleaning tool made out of plastic and a micro fiber cloth. and 4 different wall outlets just incase you go to different countries.

4. Super easy to setup. Very easy to read manual.

5. Simple Unit, not all these fancy buttons and gizmos. A 7 year old child could operate this machine.

6. It runs on a wall charger, plus rechargeable batteries (Not included) if you are not near wall.

7. Automatic shut off when not used.

8. Extremely quiet. No dying whale sounds coming from this unit.

9. If you are worried about the 300 DPI on photos, don't be. These photos look great at 300 Dpi. Left nothing to be desired.

10. For the money you pay. You definitely get your return on investment.

Very happy buy with this.

Will post updates if anything occurs with this product.

Thank You.
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on April 28, 2016
I use this all the time! We've gone totally paperless with the exception of passports, birth certificates, car title and marriage license. Every other paper thing you can imagine (including photos) was scanned and trashed. Combined with Evernote, our home 'filing' system is perfectly organized and takes up no space at all!
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on March 30, 2016
As a happy owner of the Doxie Flip, I wanted something just a simple for document scanning. I love that Doxie products can be used without a computer and use common sized AAA batteries. I can then pop the SD card in the side reader of my MacBook Pro. Very convenient!

But when I received the Doxie One, and set out to scan a 10- page report, which should've been very fast, took me almost a half hour. Sometimes pages would scan fine, sometimes the unit would freeze after a page, and I would have to unseat the battery cover to power it down, then turning it back on and redoing that scan which never got done. Sometimes the unit would freeze mid scan, leaving you to wiggle the stuck paper out, then go through unseating the battery cover and powering it on again.

EDIT: Apparent contacted me and wrote a letter on how the unit requires rechargeable batteries and they sent me a new unit along with a pair of Eneloop batteries. Unprompted! Both times I've dealt with their customer service, it has been nothing short of exemplary. Refreshing to see!
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on October 19, 2015
I ordered this in January and it's now October. No problems. It works well and does what I need. I'm using this mostly for receipts and some full page scanning. There are a few who have mentioned it's hard to feed straight. There is an issue with that. The wheels can pull the paper in crookedly, so one has to be sensitive to how they are pulling. However, I find after the first one or two receipts, I've got the pattern back down and it becomes a simple rhythm to feed them in properly.

Someone mentioned that the power cord on the Doxie side is loose. That's true for mine as well. It does not hold in well. However, I don't find that to be a big problem as I'm generally sitting in one place using it. If I'm not, I have batteries in it.

The scan quality is good. I've got receipts of varying lengths. Some are close to 12 inches long, possibly longer. They feed well (again with the occasional slip to one side or another [see above]) and even when they don't, I can clearly see the image. My receipts are wrinkled, wadded, and altogether not very flat. This hasn't been a problem for me. I open them up, smooth them out and make sure the leading edge is as flat as I can get to start. As long as that edge catches, it's good to go. Even on wrinkled receipts, the print can be read. The image looks wrinkled as well, but everything is legible, it's not a problem.

I'm happy with this purchase. I needed something portable, dependable, and clear for my record keeping. I did not get this to scan pictures, so I can't say as to any details on that. But what I have scanned looks good. The software is easy to use and I found it quick and easy to combine scans, and save it to my files.
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on February 22, 2016
I was super-excited to receive my Doxie One with the goal of going (mostly) paperless in a household full of stacks of paper.

Out of the box, it is pretty easy to get started. Plug it in. Calibrate it (all you do is feed the included calibrating card into the scanner). Scan away!

- Virtually no set up time to get up and running. No annoying setup CD or pages of instructions to read before you get started. You install the software direct from their website.
- Compact size by far, makes it superior to larger scanning options like all-in-ones.
- Quick and quiet scanning. I'm a pretty impatient person, but I'm happy with the speed of this.
- Comes with memory card so you don't even have to have it plugged into the computer to scan. Also nice if you're in a situation where you just want to share the card with someone else or save to cards instead of your hard drive/cloud.
- Option for battery operation is nice to reduce cord clutter or for portable on-the-go scanning.
- Easy to operate. I admit my daughter (almost 5 years) LOVES putting papers through here. I hand her a stack of papers and she scans them for me.
- Most of all, I'm really happy with how straightforward and user-friendly the software is. Several quick and easy options for saving, including a "staple" function for merging multi-page documents into a single PDF file and option to save as JPG. I hate reading lengthy instructions. This product has a simple set up, simple software, but all the functions I needed to dive into my paperless quest.

- Sometimes feeder can be very fickle. I've struggled every now and then with papers that are not perfectly flat. The slightest bend in a corner has made it so that the document would not feed through. In those instances, I scanned the document upside-down. The good news is since the software is easy to use, rotating documents is quick and easy.
- AC adapter plug on the unit is ill-fitting, in my opinion. It doesn't really snap into place and loosens fairly easily.

I love the small size of it and it just sits on our bar counter, where mail and bills and important papers usually pile up. Instead, the Doxie sits there and is ready to scan papers immediately before being disposed of. I originally used a large all-in-one during my first quest to go paperless. The advantage there was that it had the option to stick a stack of papers in and allow them to auto-feed, but I'd often get jams and the software that came with it (A Brother all-in-one) was annoyingly difficult to navigate.

If you're using the Doxie as a means of going paperless, it's a bit of a time investment to get caught up if you've got stacks of paper. Once you reach the point of maintaining, it's the perfect tool. Versatile, simple, and easy. Overall, I'd give the Doxie One 4.5 stars.

Edit: A rep from Doxie contacted me regarding my statement in my review regarding the plug coming unplugged easily. She said it was a defect in some units and had me a new unit shipped right away. I sent back the old unit using prepaid postage from them, and the newer unit has a more secure plug. They have AMAZING customer service. The fact that they even spend time reading all reviews, even ones that are overall positive, and then addressing any issues speaks volumes about the company. They really want their customers to be completely satisfied.

My Doxie is still getting regular use and I'm still really happy with it.
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