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on April 5, 2015
Great book, but someone is clueless about editing and allowed the entire text of the book to be written in ALL CAPS...I FELT LIKE I WAS BEING YELLED AT THE ENTIRE TIME.
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on June 18, 2003
Every winter I gain weight as many others I know who live in Upstate NY. I mean, who wants to go outside with all that snow? Ick!
Once spring comes around, I usually start my low fat/high carb diet and starve myself until I lose the 20 - 30 pounds I gained in the winter. Usually by the end of the summer and when the leaves start falling, I can finally fit into my summer clothes. Great, but a bit untimely.
I excersise 5 days a week and constantly think about food and when I am allowed to eat my daily pittance that most low fat diets require.
Yes, it is bleak, but I really look good after a few months.
This year, I just could not do that again after hearing about Atkins from a friend. I had not seen this friend since my last high school reunion in which he now weighed over 350 pounds. Watching him move 5 feet just looked painful. He was always heavy in high school but it looked like it obesity would be his death sentence.
A couple years later we bumped into each other and I didn't even recognize him. Fortunately we were real close friends growing up, so it wasn't rude to say "Man, you used to be SOO fat! What happened?".
He told me about Atkins. Enough said.
I tried this diet and for the first 3-4 days was a little sluggish and got an occasional headache. After that short and uncomfortable induction, I woke up full of energy, my workouts were much better as I had more stamina and I felt healthier than I ever have.
I found that I ate more natural foods on Atkins than I ever have before. Meat, and low carb veggies and a lot of water is my entire diet. No more processed food, no sugars. Getting rid of bread and milk was hard at first, but now I just eat them once a week on my cheat day.
I have already lost all my winter weight and can actually fit into my summer clothes and it is actually summer!
No more heartburn, bloating, and hunger.
Get this! My girlfriend who is an EMT has been taking my blood pressure for almost three years now as it has really been high for along time. The other day she took it, 130/70, I could not believe it. In all the years that I have worked out, this has never happened.
Today I just bought two more copies of this book, one for my dad who is in the 300+ range who my mother has been trying to get him to lose weight by pumping him full of carbs. The other is for a dear friend of mine who is also 300+ pounds.
For those naysayers that you read in these reviews, please understand that the ones that have actually DONE the diet, always say they quit during induction. That is the problem. They will quit any diet regardless. All diets are hard the first week, most diets are hard for life. Not Atkins. I am a changed man!
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on May 6, 2017
Just what was needed for my goals! Look forward to working this diet to complete my health goals for 2017.
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on December 30, 1999
I've had a weight problem for most of my adult life. 20 years ago, I read Dr. Atkins' first book, and tried his diet. It worked like a charm--everything he said was true. I experienced no hunger, lost weight quickly, and felt good. But, I was very young, and got scared off by the prevailing 'nutrition authorities.' I forgot about Dr. Atkins' diet for 20 years, all the while battling my weight unsuccessfully with first one diet, then another. When I learned Dr. Atkins had revised his book, I bought a copy. Three weeks later, I'm more than 15 pounds lighter, and have been eating fabulous meals. I used to suffer headaches, joint pains, and depression, but as Dr. Atkins predicts in his book, those symptoms disappeared once I gave up carbohydrates. I feel better and have more energy than I have in years.
Dr. Atkins presents a number of case histories, covers his reasearch, discusses nutritional supplements, and provides a nice section of recipes in this book.
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HALL OF FAMEon December 23, 2001
I got on this diet as a result of my personal doctor telling me it was the only thing that would help me from not becoming a diabetic. So far, I'm not sure I have succeeded, but I certainly have lost some 12 pounds (lowest weight I've had in several years) and going (I've been on it for approx. 2 months). There are several things you should bear in mind about it:
* This is NOT an easy fix for nutritional disorders. It works, but it takes TIME.
* This is NOT a balanced diet, because by repressing carbs (or maintaining them under 20 g per day in the begginning) it's aimed at getting your body in a state called ketosis. In such a state the body starts to use its stored fat as a source of energy, as opposed to expecting it from carbs. There are very diverse points of view about ketosis: being such a delicate topic, I invite you to make your own mind about it, but based on what I've read about it, it seems to not be tied to the heart or kidney-related problems that are attibuted to it.
* It's not a static diet either, because your menu evolves as your weight does: as you begin to get to your ideal weight, the amount of carbs you're allowed increases as well.
* This diet requires vitamin supplements and exercise along with it, in order to work well.
* Most important of ALL, please check with your doctor before you begin this diet.
Long story short, read this book and decice for yourself. So far, I'm with it, but not too fond of the total lack of fruits that it has during its early stages. I'm combining its concepts with those of the "Omega Diet."
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on March 31, 2016
The food guide in the front of the book is just great for identifying low carb foods that I like.
Glad to have the help from this book.
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on January 18, 2017
Working and easy lots of fantastic food and way more energy.
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on August 21, 2015
Gave me a better understanding of my diabetes type 2. What my options are. What foods are good, which ones are bad. Not interested in loosing weight. Just want to have some food plan I can follow
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on May 21, 2014
I went back on Dr Atkins this year.
The new book has all the scientific evidence to back all his research.
I have been on the program for 2 month.
I have lost 12 lbs and 2.5 inches.
My doctor and his nurse cannot believe that I am
loosing my belly and pant size.
Remember you must re-education yourself and correct
all the nay-sayers about the carbs.
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on June 16, 2000
I am simply astounded by the number of people who blatantly mis-state and/or completely ignore the concepts and methods presented in this book. My advice: After purchasing the book, the intention is that you actually READ it rather than using it for a doorstop.
I just read a statement that Dr. Atkins claims vegetables and fruit are bad for your health. That is simply not true, and this is only one example of someone who either has very poor reading comprehension or has blamed the author for their own failure to follow the diet.
It's working extremely well for me. In 18 years of attempts, I have never been successful on a low-fat diet unless I starved myself. This invariably lead to a complete obsession with food. I remember weeks of consuming 1,000 calories a day of only carbs and protein and working out strenuously two to three hours a day, every day. My reward at the end of every week was the loss of maybe one-half a pound, if I was lucky. And we all know that one-half a pound is so little that it could easily consist entirely of water. There was no way I could maintain that kind of lifestyle, and I'd gain back the little I had lost with interest.
With the Atkins diet, I am never, ever hungry and I no longer even think about eating. Now that I know what takes place in my body when I consume carbs, especially refined sugar, I am so turned off that I don't even want to see a donut, let alone eat one. I'm losing fat and I feel fantastic. My carb cravings are completely gone.
Read the book, make a commitment to follow the diet exactly, then read the book again. It is not a prison; it can be customized once you reach your goal. Like any weight loss program, you just don't get something for nothing. ...
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