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on October 25, 2016
It brought back so many memories, reading this book. I grew up and came of age during Doc's playing days, and watching his games on television or at the Spectrum inspired me to go out and hit the court. He was/is and always will be my favorite player. Dr J led pro basketball to heights of popularity that it had never seen before, even during the Chamberlain and Russell era.
He had a great professional life and a tough-tragic at I times personal life; he rose up and persevered through humility, honesty and hard work. This book is another class act, as is the Doctor.
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on January 22, 2014
much love for Julius" Dr J" Erving.. love watching him play at Campbell Park. Roosevelt Rough Riders vs Hempstead Tigers both teams 8-0 one of his friends he played basketball with 5'9 Al Williams, for the Tigers picked Roosevelt apart and we won by 20 and then the following month we had to go to Roosevelt High a very close game, Julius I think score 25 we lost 77 to 70 to the best high school games I've ever witnessed so to me the book is worth having
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on December 7, 2013
This is not mere sports biography. This is art. Dr. J had an amazing life. He deserved a great book. The opening, immediately after the introduction, is told in a child's point of view, almost like Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," and take it from this sports biography connoisseur, Dr. J was an artist, and he at long last gets the piece of true novel-ish cinema he deserves.
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on January 29, 2014
I liked Dr. J's Autobiography because I admire Dr. J. I loved him in his hay day and now I know why. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his life and it was very interesting to put together what he was actually going through at different points where you can actually remember and be in awe at what was going on in his life or actually happening. (if that makes sense, smile) I liked his order about things and his desire to always do the right thing, I share that semblance w/him. The only thing, and I sincerely mean the only thing, I didn't like or agree w/him is how he let his wife, Turquoise, come between him and his mom & family. I mean they were always so cIose and there was love for each other. I was actually surprised that he would do that being how orderly & righteous he is. But I do understand his point of view, just surprised that's all.
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on March 3, 2014
I've read plenty of autobiography's, but never felt compelled to write a review until now. This was a really good read. Dr J's led a pretty amazing life. Lot's of historical significance relative to the 60's and 70's. Pretty cool. Dr J gives great accounts of his basketball ascendance from playing for the Salvation Army, his high school team, UMass, barnstorming all over NY, then to the ABA & NBA. His greatness and accomplishments are recognized with amazing humility. He's a class act on the court. Brutal honesty regarding his infidelities and his children. Very heart felt. Definitely recommend this book even if your not a Dr J fan.
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on January 29, 2014
I followed Dr. J when he became a member of the Philadelphia 76rs and watched the wars with Boston, Lakers and many others. His fearless dunks over those much taller than he were amazing. His autobiography was very heart warming and I deeply respected the truthfulness of it especially the fights he had with his former wife Turquoise. Dr. J succumb to what many star athletes do and that's women. These women literally throw themselves at these guys and for many, the temptation is too great so a lot of them wind up having children by different women and pay for it through child support for years to come and may never even see the child. Great book!
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on December 3, 2013
I picked this up after seeing Dr. J on The Colbert Report. I was so happily surprised - I know there's smart athletes out there and I've read material from others in the past, but still it's a nice experience to dive into a book and find it well written with a good voice that lets you feel the growth of a star athlete from his earliest years. Growing up, I knew of The Doctor, and I'm sure I watched him play countless times, but I didn't know a ton about him - so for me this was a great introduction to how he changed the sport, as well as his life off the court.

I'll be recommending this book to a lot of folks.
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on November 8, 2013
“I believe that while what I achieved is only possible in the United States, my faults are my own, singular and personal…”

“I am a husband, trying and not always succeeding to live up to vows of fidelity amid the seductions of celebrity and fame…”

“I am an American man whose journey has been blessed by the great gifts that America offers… wealth, fame, championships, awards… and also scoured by the tragedies that are a part of the human experience. I have lost too many loved ones.”

“I ask for no pity; I only want to relate what I have felt and seen.”

“I have hurt too many people.”

“For that I ask forgiveness.”

The above words are a partial excerpt from Julius Erving’s preface. These heartfelt and ego-free sentiments… will provide the reader with a notice that you’re about to read a sports autobiography that comes from a much different shelf… than the overflowing one filled with mindless… me… me… mantra… of countless athletes.

As the story begins in childhood… the reader at first will think that the writing has an “infantile” feel to it… then as it continues… you’ll slowly start to realize… that the telling of the story is as if you’re actually inside young “June” (Julius’s nickname with family members… short for Junior)… and you’re actually looking through his eyes… you even feel as if you’re his size… as he continues to jump… and jump.. and jump… trying to be able to look out the window in his home. The love between all members of the Erving family is both touching and nostalgic. The lessons that come along with the love from “The Doctor’s” Mother… reminds you of the way America used to be… and at least the way you wish it to be now. Along with an older sister… there’s a Father not in his daily life… and who dies young… there is also younger brother Marky… who is sickly… and idolizes Julius… and not only lives through his older brother’s accomplishments… but deluges June with questions on all subjects. Julius is Marky’s protector… and he loves him so deeply… that his short life of illness… is one of the tragedies that will never leave The Doctor’s soul for all eternity.

Order… Order… Order…

You’ll come to appreciate that Erving loves order in his life… everywhere! His pencils need to be in order… his clothes need to be in order… he loves sports because there is an order to it. Order… Order… Order! Regarding basketball… “What I have is powerful and easily observed love for the game.”

He is always jumping… rising up… jumping… rising up! His coaches become Father figures… whether in “sal” ball (Salvation Army)… high school… or college. Despite his playground machismo and artistry… he also likes the plays… the signals from the coach… the order. Growing up in the tumultuous sixties… The Doctor… refuses to hate… despite bigotry… despite continuous pressure from those around him. His evolving into a playground legend… is once again written as if you’re viewing it through his very eyes. The basketball accomplishments that probably every reader is aware of is definitely covered in this book… but it becomes secondary… to the man… the person… the gentleman… the American… the class act… that even during shortcomings… and moments of weakness… Julius Erving one way or another eventually paints with class. He doesn’t blame other people… he not only stands up… he rises… he rises… up!

The writing… really seems more than mere writing… in this book. I don’t know if a scholar would call it first person… second person… narrative… I just don’t know. What I do know… it’s like poetry… with its own flowing rhythm… and a view from the reader’s eyes… into Erving’s heart… and out through his eyes… for a panoramic absorption of The Doctor’s lifetime experiences… and emotions.

I am the same age as Julius… I was born in the same part of the country as Julius… basketball was as big a part of my life as his… and the individual basketball exploits shared… I was definitely looking forward to when I bought this book… I am especially pleased … that younger readers will get an education regarding one very important historical fact. Basketball didn’t start and end with Michael Jordan… before Jordan there was The Doctor… and before The Doctor… there was Elgin Baylor… and I’m ever so glad… that Julius makes it perfectly clear… that it was Elgin Baylor that inspired him to pattern his play after… jumping… jumping… rising up!

But… in the end… the power… and dignity… of this book… is not the basketball… it’s the man… Julius Erving!
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on January 21, 2014
I remember reading a library book about Dr.J when I was a kid and as an adult, I hoped he would write an autobiography. I enjoyed it and I'm glad I read it. it was great reliving his days on the court. it was also interesting reading about his life off the court. He certainly wrote a honest book even when being honest revealed bad decisions that he made in his personal life. he didn't hold back. His book is definitely worth the read and it takes you back in time to where he cemented himself as one of the greatest to ever play the game.
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on January 13, 2014
Dr. J, (Julius Irving) is such a highly regarded former professional basketball player, and it is not coincidental that he is a gifted writer. I was happy that he shared his personal life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Like many of us, he is a survivor. Well Done. I would recommend his book not only to sports fans, like myself, but to everyone, especially, young men, and all aspiring athletes, regardless of what sport they play. I gave my copy to my grandson for Christmas. He was delighted.
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