Customer Reviews: Dr. John Chung's SAT II Math Level 2: SAT II Subject Test - Math 2 (Dr. John Chung's Math Book Series)
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on August 9, 2011
I've been tutoring kids for the SAT-II Math-II test (among other things) and have used the College Board's book for Math-II (only 2 tests), Princeton Review's book (easy - only 2 tests) Barron's Math-I (harder and good prep with review but only 3 tests), Barron's Math-II (even harder but good review and 7 tests), and Dr. Chung's here. Dr. Chung's book is almost all tests (12 tests). There is almost nothing in the way of review of the material and the questions are the hardest of all. Some are so hard that it is difficult to believe anything like them will come up on the real Math-II test which is why I took off 1 star. On the other hand, if you can do all these questions you absolutely, positively know your stuff and can expect a very high score on the real test. You can miss 5-6 questions on the real test and still get 800 which is probably why 11% of the test takers get an 800.

If you teach pre-calc or algebra 2 there are some great problems here for extra credit on tests.

In prepping students I start with Princeton Review as a kind of light intro, and then the Barron's SAT-I Math-I book since the problems are actually about the difficulty of the real Math-II tests, then the Barron's Math-II book which is harder then the real thing but better to be over-prepared than under. I finish with the real tests. Finally, if they have time and like a challenge we tackle Dr. Chung's book. I like the problems here but some I tell the kids to skip because they won't come up on the test.
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on June 21, 2013
This workbook is all you need to get a perfect score on the SAT math 2, given that you have completed Trig PreCalc or another similar course. I personally achieved an 800, with the help of all the useful tips and the practice tests. In the end, I completed all but one of the practice tests (11!). This is the best book to get a perfect without a doubt. After completing this book you will have gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to score extremely highly on the real SAT 2 Math level 2.
Also, the author of the book, is very helpful. I have sent him numerous emails about tips that were difficult for me to understand, and Dr. John Chung emailed me back quickly and even attached a pdf file with a detailed explanation. He is very understanding and really wants to help clarify any questions or concerns. I really cannot thank him enough.
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on November 9, 2013
I cannot comment on this book as I haven't been able to read it. Can you imagine a math book that includes algebra and precalculus in which the english text is OK but every math symbol has been replaced with a little square. You don't have to take my word for it - the same stuff appears when you choose to "look inside". Just go the first page that contains some math and you'l see what I mean.

It's exactly as though the book was scanned using a cheap OCR that didn't know how to handle tha mathematic symbols.
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on October 27, 2015
I took the October SAT II for Math II (the most recent one) so this review reflects the most recent SAT material. As mentioned in many reviews, the tests in here are HARD. I was only able to complete 4/5 tests out of 12, and each time I averaged in the high 500s and low 600s. As an Asian high school student who took AP Calculus her jr year and aced the AP calc exam, these results made me cry. Actual tears.

Pay attention to this review if you haven't mastered Precalculus well. Because it's been two years since I've touched Precalculus, I needed a serious overhaul. If I had taken this fresh out of sophomore year I probably would have gotten an 800, just because I wouldn't have forgotten all of the basics.

If you're a sophomore or a jr, you're in great hands. Any book will suffice. I would choose this book if I were you because Barron's will re-teach everything you should already know. This book takes it to the next level, while still accurately reflecting the actual test. it gives you the shortcuts that you ABSOLUTELY need. The actual test was much easier, but the wording of the problems and the type of problems are very similar.

If you're a senior (like I am), and it's been a while since you've taken Precalc, buy a supplement to this book (like Barron's) to review basic concepts as you simultaneously bulldoze through Dr.Chung's 57 tips. I didn't purchase another book so I struggled (hence the 500-600 scores). These tests are gold. Please try to take as many of them as possible. One of my major regrets while studying for the SAT II was not taking practice tests earlier. I spent a month going through the perfect tips thinking that building a foundation would be more valuable, but actually, taking the tests will help you much more because you can learn through your mistakes. As a senior, you don't have that precious time to waste.

Lastly, if anyone is reading this, please don't lose faith. You guys will do great. TLDR; Whether you're prepared or not, buy this books and focus your energy on taking the practice tests, no matter how much they hurt. Supplement with a textbook or Barron's to review the foundations that you might have forgotten. If you take most of these tests, you should do just fine. Keep your eye on the goal and don't get discouraged for too long at a time. Take your mistakes and use them to fortify yourself. Understand why you made the mistakes, write them down on a notebook, and review them just before taking any practice test (or actual test) to refresh yourself on your common mistakes and how to fix them.

Practice tests in this book, average 550. Actual SAT - 200 point difference.

You can do it as long as you work hard! Don't just depend on the book for a 200 pt boost just because everyone else has! Expect a much better actual score but use your low scores to fuel you. Good luck.
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on October 22, 2014
As a test prep tutor, I've been looking for a good Math Level 2 practice book for a long time. With 12 complete tests and more targeted practice problems, this is a rich source of math level 2-style problems. In other books I have tried, not only were there too few practice tests, but the tests were not similar to the real thing. Sometimes the first test was good, but then the subsequent practice tests deteriorated rapidly. So far I have taken tests 1 and 8. Test 8 required me to apply the Law of Cosines 3 times, which was a bit excessive. Otherwise it was still quite good. I will recommend this for all of my Math Level 2 students.

Update: When I read some of the other reviews, I was puzzled by the mention of multiple errors since I hadn't encountered any. I have since attempted to take the 12th test in the book. In test 12, many of the mathematical symbols have been replaced with a square. In most cases I was able to fill in what should be in the squares, but in a few cases I was not. In any event, deciphering the questions slowed me down considerably. Test 12 can be mined for questions, but is not useful as a practice test. This still leaves you with 11 tests which is more than most books offer. As others have pointed out, these tests are more difficult than the actual SAT II Math 2 test I took in March 2013. I consider that to be a good thing. And unlike Barron's, which has questions that are more difficult by means of adding tedious algebra steps, the questions in this book are the same "flavor" as the questions you will find on the real test; they just get more difficult more quickly.
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on August 8, 2015
I bought this book as prep for the Subjects since I haven't taken them yet. It is a really good book, but it does lack some explaining on a few problems. This wasn't too bad for me because I'm used to having to figure out math problems on my own, but it definitely would have been nice to have a little more explanation on some problems.

Like the cover says, this book has tips and complete practice tests. That means there are NO short review lessons and NO practice question sections. The way the book is set up is:
Part 1: Tips
Each tip takes up about one page; and goes by the format TIP, 3 practice questions, VERY short explanations, and answers all on one line.
Part 2: Practice Tests
The tests are full length and like the tips, do not go into great detail on explaining the answers.

There was a previous review that said that one needs background knowledge on precalc, algebra 2, and other covered subjects. That couldn't be more true. The knowledge also has to be fresh in your head if you want to be able to understand this book fully. I just finished AP Calc BC so I thought I wouldn't struggle at all with this because I do have prior experience with precalc and alg 2. But, this book really goes into equations that need to be memorized and approaches to questions that I would have been very good at when I was taking precalc and alg 2. However, I don't often need to figure out an equation of a parabola based on two points, so I did struggle with my background knowledge.

All in all, this book is a great review book because it's very challenging. But like I said in the title, do NOT buy this book alone. You definitely need an accompaniment to help refresh topics and go through practice sections instead of diving straight into neat TIPS on how to approach certain topics faster. I'm going to buy another review book to go with this because I also want to get a better understanding of what the test will be like since everyone is saying this book is much harder than the real test.
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on October 11, 2014
I just took the SAT Math 2 (October 2014). I have to say, this book is EXCELLENT. Sure there are a couple of typos in the tips section, but I bought this book for the 12 practice tests. The score you get on Chung's is usually lower than your actual SAT score (at least that's what other people are saying...). I can't divulge any info about the SAT Math 2, but I can say that this book is excellent preparation for it. Make sure to buy it early and do ALL of the 12 practice tests.
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on March 30, 2013
This book is absolutely wonderful: It has 50 great tips about how to get an 800 on the SATs. Although it is very challenging, it properly prepares you by over-preparing you for the actual subject test. Get this book! It is very helpful and a must-buy!
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on June 28, 2014
This book includes a large amount of fairly challenging practice tests that I feel prepared me really well for the SAT Math 2 Exam. The tips are also quite useful, but the tests are definitely what makes this book stand out as an excellent SAT prep book. I scored an 800 on the SAT Math Level 2 Exam, which I felt was about the same level of difficulty as the tests in this book, perhaps a little easier. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants an 800 (perfect score) on the SAT Math 2 Exam!
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on February 21, 2015
Compared with other sat2 books,this one is really the only thing you need to get a perfect score.Although the coverage of this book is far beyond that of real test,if you can missed like 1-3 on this book,i swear you can ace the real thing with 100% correctness.I am not boasting.If you try barron sat math2 or some else(Mcgraw hill,peterson,sparknote idk even easier than regular sat),you will find that only barrons and this one kind prepares you;however,barrons itself misses alot of tips in its review and put everything on its formula sheet.
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