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I haven't worn Dr. Martens since I was in my twenties. It wasn't that I disliked them, or anything. It just never happened that I bought any, for one reason or another. Perhaps cost. I admittedly love getting a good deal. And I got a great deal on these boots to the tune of $60 + free two day shipping. Okay, okay I am done doing my "look what I found!" bragging. :-)

I had a number of pairs of Docs in my youth. Boots, oxfords and wingtips. They were heavy, they were sturdy, they took a smidge of effort to get perfectly comfy to my foot and then they were golden for hard wear for years upon years. I was a stompy-clompy teen and young person in these boots. I wore them to work in restaurants and on deliveries and stocking stores. They were tough and reliable.

These Triumph 1914 boots are a little different from the Docs of old, which relied on heavy-duty, utilitarian and classic features. Yes, Docs have catered more to fashion and less to function in some of their new shoes and these Triumphs are no different. However, after carefully inspecting and wearing these boots I have to say that I think Dr. Martens struck a good balance of form and function with the Triumph 1914.

The Function:
-The same classic sole is present. Comfy, expected, welded on and stitched up as usual. GOOD!
-The same metal lace eyes are there. GOOD!
-The stitching all looks even and well-placed. GOOD!
-The leather is of good quality and cut. Excepting the where the leather is stretched across the cap toe and the heel, which have structural supports, this leather *is* a lot softer than any Docs I have owned. It does not, however, feel cheap. PRETTY GOOD!

The Form:
-The lining-- I've never had lined Docs and this is a thin flannel. It is a pretty pastel pink/blue/green plaid that coordinates with the cool pink eyelets which show when you peel the boot shaft down to wear it in the shorty-cute style. It looks good so far, but if I was mean to these shoes it might tear or pull off from the leather as it is sewn only along the very edges of the boot shaft and the strip up the back. COULD BE BETTER!
-Ribbon laces! These look adorable! They offer a softness to the rough and tumble look of combat boots. I love them, but it's good the boot comes with plain old laces, too. Please note: I searched on amazon and found replacements when searching for "ribbon shoe laces". There are some supposedly made by Dr. Martens. (I may grab some in blue and pink just cause I am kinda in love with this ribbony look!) ADORABLE! (the ribbons, that is) and GOOD! (the standard boot laces)
-Fold-over style. I wasn't sure I would like this. I had a pair of mid-calf Converse that were the same way but for some reason I just never liked them down. These, however, look great folded. The plaid lining and the pink eyelets are a very cute and girly touch.

Fit can be tricky, especially with European sizing and with buying online. Although I cannot guarantee my suggestion will help you I can offer my experience as follows:

For reference I have a wide foot that can fit in a B-width if the cut is right. I have thinnish ankles and mediumish calves. I am not a skinny lady. Pretty "normal" wearing usually an 8-10 in clothes. I pretty consistently wear a 7.5, although sometimes I can get away with a 7 if the shoe is wide and boxy-toed. For the Triumph 1914 (and all my past Docs shoes) I chose 5 F (M) UK / 7 B (M) US shoe. Docs seem to run maaaaybe a 1/2 size big. So, since I usually wear a 7.5 US, I chose the 7 US from Docs, AKA 5 UK. The shoes may be snug, but that is a good thing. Stretch them and break them in (as I mention down below at the end of the review) and these shoes will perfectly conform to your feet!

So: I wear 7.5 US. I got 5 UK / 7 US boot from Dr. Marten.

Docs How-To make 'em comfy!:

-Before you wear them rub 'em down with saddle soap, leather conditioner or something to protect and soften the leather. I use Fiebing's Saddle Soap. It is cheap and it works. Apply using a sponge, cloth or brush. Then buff-buff-buff across the leather. Be sure to remove or avoid your laces- especially the pretty ribbony ones! "Work" the leather with your fingers, gently stretching and bending it as you rub in the conditioner. You will notice a marked difference in the suppleness and condition of the leather, which is apparent when you move from the finished first boot to the comparatively dry and stiff second boot. (Please note: You may need to buff extra across exposed stitching, or use a brush/fingernail to get out the extra goo that can cling to little grooves in the threads.)

-Now that your boots have a fresh layer of protection and softening - if the heels of the boots feel stiff and rub your heel or ankle, take the boot heel (with your foot removed! :P) and gently bend it into the foot bed area. Repeat from slightly different angles. Repeat on second boot. Check how it makes the boot feel and check to make sure the leather and heel cup are not being damaged by this "working". Again this is a gentle smooshing, not a thoughtless hulk-smashing. Repeat as needed.

-Wear the boots around the house before you go for a long trek. Wear socks - maybe two pairs! (I wore a long knee sock and a short running shoe sock which provided extra cushioning at my heel bone but no extra padding in the boot shaft.) Make lots of silly stretching motions. Point your toes! Flex your feet! Do running squats!

-Repeat the above as needed until your boots are soft and comfy! Then make sure you use saddle soap on a regular basis to keep your boots nice.

I hope you love your Docs and that my review helps! :D

Side note: Be sure to check out my attached photos which show what the amazon marketplace is currently calling "Black". I show the boot in the normal upright position and folded over. It's really cute folded! It is the blackish boot with the pastel plaid lining. Please note that some have said their boots arrived as a forest green. I was hoping for this but it didn't happen. My boots are pretty-darned black. It might depend on the production run. I wish there was a guarantee, but without buying in person it seems hard to say what you might get.
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on April 6, 2012
I hunted until I managed to get a pair in the Black Mirage, and a pair in the Black Savannah. I collect Dr. Martens boots, and these are by far my favorites.

Sizing: I normally wear a 6.5-7, so I usually buy UK 5 in Dr. Martens, and these in a 5 fit perfectly.

The Black Mirage (which Amazon has labeled as simply "Black") are super soft leather, almost like socks, with pink and gray plaid flannel inside. The leather has a weird optical effect that makes it appear dusty black in some lights, and muted gray or army green in some lights. Before buying new ones, I did a lot of shopping for used ones, and they don't seem to hold up well. Be aware that these will get dented and dinged up and lose their shape really quickly, the thin flannel lining will probably tear, and the buckles tarnish, but they still look great, like well-worn, punky, vintage boots when worn, even if they look sad and shapeless in your closet.

The Black Savannah (which Amazon labels as "Black Noir") are harder leather, but flexible and comfortable, with a coat of white wax that makes them appear gray. The wax is meant to rub and scratch off with wear to give them a vintage look and show the black underneath. They have a black, pink, and yellow floral fabric inside, that is like a stiff calico fabric. These are unlikely to lose their shape as fast as the soft Mirage leather boots.

Both pairs come with regular flat laces and gorgeous ribbon laces which are easily snagged and frayed, but could be easily replaced with ribbon from a craft store and some tape on the ends.

These boots look so cool when you put them on. They are stunning. I wish they offered the purple ones and the dark brown shearling in the US that are currently only offered in the UK.
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on July 3, 2015
This review is for the "Victorian Black" version which is black polished Wyoming leather with the large rose print fabric inside. I just received them yesterday so I can't comment on durability yet.

Sizing: I go back and forth between a women's size 9.5 and a size 10. Since I always go with men's size 8, I went with UK size 8 in these and they fit very well. To completely nitpick, the toe is slightly long and the part at the widest part of my foot is slightly tight (this is with average white athletic socks). I expect them to loosen up a tiny bit to conform to my feet but they are already comfortable. The arch hits my foot in the right spot. I was worried about the calves being too small as mine are chunky (about 18 inches around). Luckily, the size 10 calves are just big enough that they don't look like I've crammed myself into too-small boots. As a bonus, the way the top is cut diagonally minimizes calf size visually. They look way more flattering than other boots that are cut flat across the top. The ribbon laces don't have a lot of extra space left over to tie a bow but, whatever, they actually fit around my legs!

Material: The polished Wyoming leather is apparently stiffer than the Mirage leather but still comfortable. I expect it to get even better as they are worn over time. It's also a true black rather than being aged or vintage-looking. The fabric inside isn't soft but it's also not itchy or hot. I like how girly and vintage it looks. As a criticism, I will say that trying to fold these to wear as shorter boots was stupid hard. It felt like I was trying to do something they weren't designed for and they looked awkward because they wouldn't fold flat enough. I think that might be because this is the stiffer leather. It doesn't matter much to me because I like them better tall anyway. Also, trying to fold them didn't leave any marks afterward.

Conclusion: These are huge and stompy and I love them. Embrace the stomping! I've never owned Doc Martens before and was thinking I might end up returning them. However, they are amazing and I've got the cherry red version coming in the mail.
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on February 16, 2012
I just got these boots last night and they really do look better in person! I purchased the Black (not the Black Noir) so I can really only talk for this specific style that these 1914 boots come in.

The leather for this version is very soft and flexible, so I'm not expecting an issue with breaking them in. I really like the duo shoe laces you get with these: a silky ribbon lace and a sturdy flat lace. I'm planning on wearing these for casual, any day use, so I'm currently using the sturdy flat lace. The ribbon lace would be great to give an outfit a more girlish touch. These boots are pretty fierce looking, but the ribbon gives them a softer look.

Now, for my opinion on the sizing. I'm usually a solid 10.5 in women shoes. Which left me in a bit of a pickle since Dr Martens does not make half sizes in this boot. I did do a little researching and found that Dr Martens are almost always spot on with their sizing. On their website they state that an 8UK is 9.5-10US and that a 9UK is 10.5-11US. So, better safe than sorry, I ordered the 9UK. I do have extra room (because they are 10.5-11) but if I wear thick socks or wear two socks over one another they feel just great.
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on November 20, 2015
UPDATE: These catastrophically fell apart after wearing them for just under a year, though the tread on the bottom was completely gone for at least a few months before that (so badly that they were pretty much completely smooth on the bottom.) The sole on one split straight through, side to side, and in the time I was waiting for a different pair of boots (not Docs) to arrive the other boot did the same thing. I also found out that these are NOT re-solable, and did myself the favor of looking into what makes for a higher quality boot for future purchases. Unfortunately, that's not something you want to look to the Doctor Marten's brand for any longer.
I've since received another, nicer pair of boots from a different company and realized that the new ones were MUCH easier to break in. Better soles, better leather quality by far. These Docs on the other hand, were literally a bloody pain to break in initially.

(Initial review from here on down.)
My normal shoe size is 7.5 US. I purchased the size 5 UK/7 US in 'Black,' due to seeing many reviews suggesting that I go a half size down.
These were my first pair of leather boots bought new that I had to break in, and at first I was worried that they may be too small. After breaking them in though, they fit great. I would back the recommendation that you purchase a half size down.
I see a lot of reviews complaining about a green hue to their boots. Mine are a nice, solid black. The only time they start to get a dull greenish hue around the toes/bottom is because they need conditioner.
I've owned these boots for 3 months now and they have been my every day shoe wear. The insides are roomy without being loose, very comfortable. The leather is nice and soft, and the plaid cloth inside is comfy too. All the straps and buckles are still firmly held in place, as are the soles. I've ended up with a couple of tiny damaged spots so far, but as I said they're what I wear every day now and it's not anything unexpected for how much outside walking I've done in them (as a side note, the bottoms of these boots seem to somehow always remain super clean.) They generally still look like they are in great shape. I'm unsure of the quality of the ribbon laces as I switched them out for the regular ones right away.
Walking through slightly tall dewy grass for a couple of miles ended with my boots being waterlogged, but I guess water was able to make it past the tongue this way. If you're stepping through any puddles that don't go up past where the laces start, you're fine.
In short these look great, are comfortable, sturdy, and easy to take care of. I would definitely recommend these.
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on January 27, 2015
My regular shoe size is a 7.5; these are a US 7 / UK 5.

My feet are on the wide side of regular, and since these are sized for unisex, their width suits me perfectly. Lengthwise, they were initially a tiny bit snug, but not enough to cause me any discomfort. It has been hard to find boots that fit my skinny calves, but these are wonderful. I can lace them freely on the bottom, and then pull them tightly around my calves to keep warm. To my fellow stick-legged peoples: lace up boots are the solution, trust me.

I got these last spring, and shelved them for the summer since I live in an area where the air is made of hot soup during all months except winter. In the beginning, they pinched all around the ankles; a nasty heel rub came shortly after. The break-in period was painful (for me, about 10 days of 3-4 hours of light wear), but soon after, the interior surface of the leather become somewhat more forgiving. The left boot seems to have given me some kind of bony bruise that I am ignoring. I know from my previous pairs of Docs that the first 2-3 years of wear are dynamic - more changes are sure to come before the insides of these boots conform perfectly to my step, and then stay that way forever. I also purchased the Dr. Marten Wonder Balsam stuff and have applied it 3-5 times so far to ease the break-in process and help protect against the rain. Waxing them did darken the color down one shade, from the warm shade pictured here to a dark brown. (Currently, a fine coating of light dust from the fields has restored them to their previous shade but is probably not doing wonders for the longevity of the leather.)

This winter I began wearing them to the pastures. They keep my legs and feet warm very nicely, and dry on rainy days. Last week a 1600 pound horse stood on my toe for 30 seconds/an eternity, and I am very pleased to report that neither my foot nor these wonderful sh*tkickers were left with any visible or palpable evidence of the incident.

Lacing these jokers up is a major commitment, though. Like, just go ahead and add a good 8-9 minutes to your morning routine for the first few weeks, especially if you prefer the ribbons to the woven laces. With practice, I have accelerated the process to 5 minutes, but since I don't wear shoes inside my home, woe be unto me if I get them on and then need to go back in for something (which seems to happen way more often when I wear these because I have 5-8 minutes to sit on the floor with nothing else to do but put on shoes and remember stuff I forgot after getting one shoe on and laced up).

I'm not sure if I get so many compliments because they really are cute, or because people are afraid of me when I wear them. Fine by me - I am currently looking for a deal on burgundy Aimilies (they're shorter).
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on December 5, 2014
Got these a day late but thats all I can say I was upest about.
If anyone is confused with the sizing and price difference. Im a size 9 in US that converts to 7UK. I bought the 7UK for only 96 dollars. Im not sure why the price went up to 146!. They are the exact same boots. They fit perfectly. I have pretty big calves. Im 16 inches around where the boot comes up to and they fit me and lace all the way up. I can wear thick socks with them if i wasnt wearing any jeans and I can wear jeans with them if not any thick socks and they still lace up all the way.
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on July 12, 2016
So beautiful and perf wonderful sunshine angelcake shoes, I can't even with my feelings for these boots <3

Really though, I'd wanted a pair of docs since I was a teenager, so this review might be an ~eensy bit biased by hardcore wish fulfillment because I think they're the absolute bee's knees, and it's possible I took some moody glamour shots of them at the grand canyon. *coughs*

Serious business feedbacks: sturdy as all heck. They can sometimes hurt me after a while, but I've worn them for 2+ days STRAIGHT while driving+sleeping in car+ driving marathoning so my use patterns are a little odd. Not great for climbing, they can scar-scuff too easily if you slip, and the tread isn't ideal, but that's not really what they're for tbh. I also can't spend more than a few hours walking in them, but I get pain from any shoe, even tennis shoes, doing that, so YMMV.
I don't know what the finish is like for everyone, I kinda got the feeling it varies a little shoe by shoe, by mine have a nice sort of faintly green-almost-teal underhue to the black, rather than pure black, and they are super-super soft.
I've had them a couple years now - they make a HORRIBLE winter boot btw, tho, if you live in a severe climate, which I was not used to and discovered the nasty way. That big metal support thing conducts negative degrees all too well. They also probably shouldn't be allowed to get soaked, so. - and the arch bit seems to be less supportive than it used to, so I'm planning on getting insoles. Best shoes ever tho.
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on May 5, 2012
I am so glad I finally laid down the money and got these boots. When I first opened the box, I was intimidated. After a few days of breaking them in, they are a lot less intimidating. If you have mixed thoughts when you first open the box, just stick with them for a week or so.

You have to dress them down to prevent yourself from looking totally kinky (unless you want to, of course!). They look really sharp with jeans and a black t-shirt. A little too sharp, for me. Dress them down with some colors, and they look really nice. Super cute with a skirt. I've gotten nothing but compliments.

The plaid lining is actually pink, not red. It looked red to me in the picture. The metal holes for the laces are painted pink on the inside of the boot. Also, on the ribbon laces that come with these boots (mine came with regular laces as well), the tip of the lace has pink plastic around it. Gives the boots kind of a feminine touch. I'm not all that into pink myself.

No ankle problems for me breaking them in, as a previous reviewer said.

Grippy treads, great quality. Would purchase again. I'll be getting them in brown, too.
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on March 31, 2015
These are my favorite bots of all time. Yes, like all Docs, they have a break-in period. But once they soften up, they're heaven. I wore them to the beach in Seattle and got them soaking wet and only after standing in puddles for hours did my socks get wet. The white wax is a nice look, and hasn't worn off much more than my initial buffing. Also, great for larger calves because of the laces. I've been wearing them about once a week for over a year.
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