Customer Reviews: Dr. Who - Doctor Who 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - Peter Capaldi - With Lights and Sounds
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on August 6, 2014
The long awaited 12th doctor's sonic is here! I've had a chance to check this out and there are certainly some pro's and con's to this.

- Releasing the claw feels so awesome.
- Sweet sounds (a total of 4) - Little known fact, if you press the button twice quickly and then a third time holding it, it makes one old school doctor sound. If you press the button three times quickly and then a fourth time holding it- it sounds like its broken or malfunctioning.
- Lights up, extends and retracts very well in times of emergency.
- One button! Compare to the 11th Doctor Sonic, when it is extended you would need to reach for a button on the bottom making it awkward to hold and point. This model works with a single button in the middle extended or retracting making it much easier to fight Dalek's.

- Gallifreyan technology is very sought after. Protecting it can prove to be quite difficult.
- Setting 15B seems to not be working.
- I have not been able to repair medical wounds...yet
- Does not have a Tardis Docking Station

Update: 8/12/2014
After much trial and error, I still can't open locked wooden doors.

Overall I am satisfied with this piece of work!
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on October 21, 2014
This... WAS AWESOME! This thing is so worth $27.95. Works perfectly! The extending claws look awesome, and they are awesome. Some people might say that you can "just get the Eleventh's for a better price." I would agree with that if you're the type of person who is going to buy it, remove the batteries, and put it on a shelf for 5 years.

This updated version of the Eleventh doctor's sonic screwdriver has a brighter emitter and does not have the annoying hinge on the bottom that looks so stupid and is useless. This sonic screwdriver is capable of activating the light and sound while being extended without opening that stupid hinge and holding it like the Tenth did, which the Eleventh (or Twelfth) never did.

Let's just say every problem that I had with the Eleventh's, they resolved in Peter Capaldi's sonic screwdriver.

I was going on a vacation to Oregon, and I had Amazon Prime, so I just paid the normal price.

Most reviews say: "I got 2 days shipping on standard shipping!" That usually just depends on how close you live to an Amazon warehouse, like if you live in LA, you can get same day shipping now.

Unfortunately, they have not made it look like shiny bronze or chrome. If you want that, then buy the $100 sonic screwdriver that is a programmable television remote ( However, there is the premium version with the touch controls, which at the time was out of stock and a lot more expensive. But the day after I got my normal one, the touch conTROLLS version was in stock.

Anyway, I think this is an amazing (Or should I say Amazon?) toy. Great features, and a great price.

-written by a very happy 9 year old customer
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on September 8, 2014
And so begins the current reign of the regenerated alien from Gallifrey, The Doctor now played by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi in the characters 12th incarnation (or he's the 13th Doctor depending on Whovians responses). Me being a fan of Capaldi since his 2009 film, In the Loop (which is also a spin-off of The Thick of It) and Doctor Who I was the most excited about seeing play the Doctor in a long time. And just now, the current series of Capaldi now into its third episode as I write this review, has been a solid start and a solid Doctor. So what better way than to revel in Capaldi's Doctor by having his sonic screwdriver.

As most other reviews have pointed out and in more illustrious detail, the most obvious thing sticks out about the product: it's the Eleventh's screwdriver in just about every way. The weight, handling, sounds/effects, etc. Even the earlier packaging photos months leading up to the release of the new sonic screwdriver sort of scared people because it looked like the product was simply being re-packaged again but with the Twelfth's name on it. To be fair, it is mostly the same case and I can see the confusion and disappointment with some people.

But now that we have seen Capaldi's screwdriver and see how it is the Eleventh's screwdriver again, you really cannot blame the product entirely. Capaldi could have made another screwdriver and maybe he might receive a new one in the future, but for now he still has the Eleventh's and for this toy product, at least some effort was put forth to improve it for fans. The biggest changes/improvements goes to the button usage. The Eleventh's had it where you must press a button for the claw to extend and press another button to activate the lights/sounds which made things a bit tedious. Still a great item, it just had a tiny snag or two. But this new version under the Twelfth's remedies that problem and now has a another button just underneath the release tab that activates the lights/sounds with or without the claw outward, as well as keeping the small claw release button from the Eleventh's but it feels a bit more sturdier to press. And the lights and sounds, to my knowledge, look/sound better than the Eleventh's screwdriver. So overall, it's a vast improvement over the Eleventh's screwdriver .

Although the Twelves sonic screwdriver happens to be identical to the Eleventh's because of the show, it's a bit of a bummer this new version of the screwdriver is greatly the same as the previous screwdriver. I do wish maybe a few extras features added would have made more of a difference and price, but the manufacturer did manage to improve on an already a solid product. So I will not give this a shining 5-star review because of those flaws, but I will be happily to give it a solid 4-star review. If you do not own the Eleventh's sonic screwdriver, this is a big upgrade. But if you do already own the Eleventh's, It is entirely up to you if you wish to pay for a strongly similar screwdriver or stick with what you already have.
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on February 23, 2015
I have read many reviews before buying this and all of the things that I have heard about it are true... the good ones at least. The spring is very powerful and it is SO FUN to flick it out and pop out the claw. It is not the color as advertised and instead looks like the photos I have added. The light is fairly bright and the sound is not too loud. Overall I think it is a great toy.

Sonic Screwdriver
Satisfying to flick out
Looks better than 9 and 10s
Does not have the annoying button that 11s has

Pretty big but I am young
Seems a bit fragile
made entirely of plastic and not like the display photo
Does not work on wood

Overall if you are a Whovian than you will love this much more than the 11s scredriver
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on August 8, 2014
Just like eleven's, but with a single button. That's the reason I bought it. Disappointing that eleven's model isn't like this one. It's an additional piece of plastic that allows you to push both buttons.

-this one seems louder
-would not be surprised if twelve gets his own sonic down the road
-brighter emitter
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on October 21, 2014
For what it is, It is an excellent toy. I'm afraid that it does NOT flick out, like on the show, and the claws aren't held in quite as tight. However, these issues can be fixed: By removing the spring at the bottom of the toy, and putting a magnet at the base of the toy and at the bottom of the green stalk, as I have done. Also, I have gotten rid of the release button, as the magnet keeps it in place. Now, to flick it out, I flick. Like a boss. It stays fully open when flicked, and (with additional modding) can be posed at any extension length. Now, it will only work in the fully-flicked-out position and the fully closed position.
I am not suggesting that you try this modification. I am not liable for any harm that may come to you, the toy, or anything else if you try to do this. If it does not work, I am not responsible. Most likely, you have done it wrong. I am merely showing how I modified the toy, explaining it to you as if you were making it. Do not try AT ALL unless there is adult supervision or you are of/over age.
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on January 27, 2015
Okay I'm not a HUGE doctor who fan or a Whovian as they may be called but I like the show enough to grab a nice replica prop if it pops up on amazon lightening deals like this one did I think it was like $16-18 at the time and at that price I feel like this is great deal. It fits the bill for both Matt Smith and Capaldis screwdrivers so far as I can tell, aside of the back button deally but appearance wise I would say it’s the same to an untrained eye.

Firstly it seems large/big I mean I’m 6’2” and it feels large in my hands, and judging by the show it’s totally got to be bigger than the original. Also it is NOT shiny like it is in the picture, it’s just matte plastic nothing is chromed or the brass version of that kind of process.
It has 2 sounds for the default button push, another if you double click and hold, and a third that sounds like it’s on the frits if you triple click and hold. The extra sounds are mentioned nowhere in the directions so it pays to play around.
The button and spring release for the head movement is definitely cool, you have to push it back in my hand though. I noticed that the teeth if you want to call that around the tip doesn't fit very tight to the tip of the screwdriver, which is kinda sad but relatively expected of a cheap “toy”.

-Looks “good”
-It’s a sonic Screwdriver
-Bonus sounds

-Big size?
-Not as pictured
-lesser quality upon close inspection
-doesn't work on wood

Overall a good buy just don’t expect it to be replica or prop quality, good to have sitting around, or use as a costume prop.
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on October 12, 2014
This would be my first non-book purchase on Amazon, and I picked a good one. I bought this to replace my Eleventh Doctor screwdriver (destroyed by an over-eager 2 year old). This is pretty much the same, but the ability to make the sounds with the top button pushes this from a 4 for the Eleventh Sonic to a 5. Shipping it with the batteries already inside is always appreciated.

Fun fact: I bought the first sonic at Forbidden Planet in NYC and brought it back home in my luggage, where I was held in customs for a few minutes because the customs officers had no idea what the heck this plastic buzzing thing is and wanted to check if it could electrocute people. At the least, they're doing their jobs properly, right?
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on November 24, 2015
A significant improvement from the 11th version. The bottom was either sealed to prevent access to the "third button" or they simply did away with it altogether. Now we have the improved two button version. One button pops the device open and the other, regardless of the claw's being in or out, activates the sound. No more three button craziness!
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on December 15, 2015
Ok, so if you are thinking about buying this you or someone you know is a geek or a closeted geek. If they are a whovian, they will absolutely love it. There is no reason not to, unless they are not a fan of these particular regenerations. I even used this in a job interview for a computer repair position. At the end the two interviewers asked if there was anything I wanted to add in order to showcase my ability to repair computers, I told them I had an ace in the hole that would fix any computer. I pulled it out of my briefcase and pushed the button. The sonic noise couldn't cover up the laughter. I did get the job BTW. A great toy, and extremely fun.
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