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on June 18, 2011
Here's the thing: A lot of people have bad things to say about the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. And they're valid complaints. BUT, I think it's over-all a great product.

About the seller:
AWESOME. The product came with no problems or complications, and it arrived two days before the estimated arrival date.

About the Screwdriver itself:
-It IS kind of lame that when the claws are extended you have to push the button at the bottom to activate the light and sounds.
-It IS kind of lame that the main button on the side doesn't quite line up sometimes, so when the claw is not deployed, and you're supposed to be able to use the primary button, about half the time it doesn't work.
-A lot of customers say that installing the batteries is overly complicated and difficult.

-Releasing the claws and the spring action is SO satisfying and makes you feel like you're gonna take on the whole Dalek empire singlehandedly.
-I didn't have any trouble at all installing the batteries. It was simple and quick.
-Sure, it's disappointing that the main button is finicky. But it requires you to adjust the top of the screwdriver or hold it in a specific way. It takes a delicate touch and I've gotten pretty good at it while my friends still can't get it. And that makes me feel even more like the Doctor. It's totally an oversight on the part of the manufacturer, but it's fitting that you have to fumble about and make the screwdriver work sometimes just like The Doctor often does with his technology.

Overall, it's an awesome toy. It's not perfect, but who cares? It's 20 bucks and you get to run around annoying your friends, pretending to be the doctor, and sonic-ing everything in sight.
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on January 7, 2017
I bought this for my sister due to the fact we're both huge Doctor Who fans. And it's a great build, obviously not a spot on replica, as it's just a toy, but good to have for a casual cosplay, or to play with. The claws are hollow, which isn't a huge problem for a casual Doctor who fan. The only two real downsides to this product; 1. The green part in the middle is clear. Now this would not be nearly as much of a problem if you did not see the obvious wires leading to the emitter tip. 2. When extended you can't use the regular button. Now, they have compensated for this, by adding a red button hidden by a latch at the bottom of the screwdriver, but after a while this becomes very loose and opens quite a lot on its own.
All in all:

Great as a toy
Very Durable
Lights and Sound Effects (with a few hidden sounds)
Easy-to-replace batteries

See through center-piece, exposing the wires
Unable to press the main button while extended
Flimsy latch at the bottom
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on September 10, 2015
This was almost exactly what I expected and works like it should. Extends with a push button instead of flicking it out like I hoped but that's okay it's not a big deal the only minor issue I have with it is that once you've extended it you have to use a completely different button on the bottom of the handle to light it up or you have to try and get to a tiny spot with your finger. I was hoping that the one button would work whether it was extended or not but instead there's a button on the bottom to make it work whether its extended or not but I would have preferred it to be able to work with one button instead of having two.
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on September 21, 2013
I'll start this off by saying that I purchased this as part of a Halloween costume, and since it's one of the only extendable 11th doctor sonic screwdriver models out there, I'll be grudgingly keeping it.
They seriously could not have chosen a flimsier plastic or construction method for this toy. It feels decidedly thin and hollow, and I'm always afraid that the slightest tap or drop will shatter it. It made me deeply uneasy putting the batteries in as it felt like the whole thing was going to crack and fall apart in my hands. Every time I deploy the prongs I flinch a little in fear that the top half is just going to fly across the room.

The sound effects and light are nice, but the fact that only the button on the base of the screwdriver works while the prongs are deployed really ruins it. Don't plan on running around a party deploying the prongs and sonicing everything; it can't be done without two hands. It's basically essential to an 11th doctor costume, but it is deeply disappointing and I wouldn't expect it to remain functioning for more than a few hours of playtime. I definitely do not recommend this for children.
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on February 12, 2014
Okay their are only three issue. Two of them are not terrible or anything so do not let them detour you from buying if you are considering. First is the Plastic. Its not cheep plastic or terrible its durable but I think it could have been a bit better. More so in the handle as it feels a bit hollow. Next is the spring action it has a bit of a kick to it. Makes me a little concern about it breaking. This I feel needs to be address in this product. The handle dose feel a bit hollow so if a good hard drop where to happen it might crack or break. As far as the pricing goes 30+ dollars was a bit high and I think its well worth 20 at least. I like it but I expected a little bit more from the amount that I paid. It is how ever a great cos-play piece as its pretty darn cool complaints aside but for anything else. I recommend this. Go get a metal one.
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on September 6, 2017
AWESOME!!! I've been waiting a while to splurge on this item! Definitely worth the wait! It's very well made and the details are spot on! I love the sounds it makes and that it lights up. Feels like it could almost be the real screwdriver ;) Even my son likes playing with it pretending he's the Doctor Hehe Top opens just like the real one and the sounds are very realistic. Bigger than I thought it would be. Very happy Whovian right here :)
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VINE VOICEon February 9, 2017
My 3 year old loves Dr. Who. He was so happy to get his very own Sonic Screwdriver. He absolutely loves it. It lights up. It makes noises. It opens. Now, my issues are this. One of the buttons never works when it is closed. It should, but the parts don't quite line up correctly. It also comes apart. It is designed to, so it goes back together easily. But it comes apart too easily. It should be harder to do than it is. It is harder to put back together than it is to get apart.
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on August 25, 2014
This is an excellent toy prop for Whovians of all ages. I'd still consider this a toy because it is all plastic and maybe not the most durable, but it's still a prop because its size and moving parts make it excellent for costumes/cosplay.

One thing I didn't note in the video that I just learned is the different sounds it can make. In the video, I say it goes between two sounds, but there are more. If you triple tap either button, you get a new sound. It sounds a bit like the sonic is struggling and the light changes between two different levels of brightness.
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on February 14, 2012
This was my #1 Christmas present. I had previously done extensive research to make sure I got the one I wanted. For some reason, there seemed to be two versions of this; a $25 one and a $30-35 one. Turns out, they are both the same; so save your money and buy the cheapest one!

Anyways, as far as overall *design* goes, it's by far the most accurate sonic screwdriver replica I have ever seen. It's size is perfect, and feels good in the hand; and the noise is so fun to hear.
However, when the claws are extended, you need to press a red button at the base to activate the sonic. It isn't "flick"-extended, it's spring-loaded, so it loses a bit of accuracy; and the button isn't silver, nor is it at the base of the handle like it is in the show; and the claws are hollowed-out. But those are only trifling matters,

As far as *quality* goes, I give it a 4/5. It is very durable; I've dropped it numerous times, and it has functioned perfectly.
The only real complaint is the state of the claws; they do not hug the emitter very well at all, and begin to jiggle back and forth in their mountings after a while, although this should be easily fixable if you are a bit savvy with modifications.

All-in-all, if you are a true Whovian, you probably WON'T regret having this on-hand to scan for electrical fluctuations or declaring your friend's new computer "rubbish". :)
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on September 20, 2012
Epic. Well designed. Well built. But still doesn't do wood. Goodness, I'll have to invent a setting for that, it's embarrassing!
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