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on September 21, 2012
Not having read all 260+ customer reviews of DA2 on Amazon, I'll start by saying forgive me for repeating what others may have said already, and I'll try to be brief.

Very quickly into the game you start to realize how oppressively small and local the world is compared to most RPG's. I kept thinking, "I hope this isn't all there is." But that's not the worst of it. You'll probably be quite upset if you paid full price for this game when you see that you have discovered almost every map within the first 5-10 hours of game play, and after that you just keep going back to the same maps to fight different enemies... over and over again. This seems like incredibly rushed and limited creativity.

Next thing you'll notice (if you played it) is that there is *easily* 10 times more content in Dragon Age: Origins than in this game. In fact, I would go so far as to say that DA2 does not have as much content as one or two trips to the Deep Roads in DAO, and there are nowhere near as many NPC's, nor as many quests or story lines.

Which leads me to the worst offense of DA2 - several quests have been totally plagiarized from DAO. The developers must have had very serious time and budget constraints to pull some crap like this. Either that or they were incredibly lazy. I guess for people who did not play DAO this is a non-issue, but for my wife and I this is a huge disappointment.

There are some minor improvements over DAO, such as the keyboard shortcut R for very fast selection and retrieval of loot, and selecting the nearest enemy for attack. Also, the player character's voice is now fully scripted and acted by real people, versus a hero who never speaks in Origins. I'd also give DA2 a slight edge in the environmental graphics category.

The acting of all characters is very well done, and there is some witty and humorous dialog. Still, each of these good points pale in comparison to Origins. Alistair sticking up for your pet mubari in his baby-talk voice is the perfect example: "Ee's naught mainjee!" My wife and I both loao. :D

Overall it's a good game, but I'm glad to see it's come down in price to around $8 (on Amazon Prime), which is what it should have cost to begin with.
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on January 14, 2017
I was so excited to get this game! However, when I tried to enter the product key, it was too short!! Should have read the other comments before purchasing...I know this, but didn't this time...lesson reinforced. EA support told me that the code was for an expansion pack. I needed to return it, there was nothing they could do for me.
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on March 19, 2011
Dragon Age 2 is a decent and playable game, but it is a big disappointment compared to Origins and considering Bioware's RPG pedigree.

The story follows your character, Hawke, who in the beginning flees the blight in Ferelden to Kirkwall, an independent city state in which Hawke rises gradually to prominence and power. Without going in to detail, the story is reasonably compelling and interesting but lacks the sort of epicness that is usually found in RPG stories. You aren't striving to save the world like in Mass Effect or DA:O, you're just some guy who happens to be in a role of importance when dramatic events unfold.
Greatly improved skill/progression system. There are multiple ways to skill up each class, which provides great replayability
Faster paced combat - an improvement over DA:O's combat, which could be quite slow paced, especially in the beginning.
As expected, prettier graphics and visuals.
As usual with Bioware games, performance is good and there are very few bugs.

Rampant re-use of environments. You'll go through the same city environments three times, and the same outdoor environments multiple times. I'm talking the exact same caves, only populated with different enemies. Either this was due to developmental budget cuts or just plain laziness. These aren't big open areas, either - DA2 has on the rails, tunnel style environments.
You can't change your companions' armor, only weapons and trinkets. What a brain burningly stupid design decision this was. This means you'll be looting a ton of armor but selling the vast majority of it, since 2/3 will be useless to you depending on your class.
Enemies spawn in waves, right out of the ground like zombies rising from the grave. Kind of ruins immersion.

Verdict: Even with all the corner cutting in level design, it still took me much less time to finish DA2 than it did to finish DA:O. Expect to finish DA2 in 15-25 hours, depending on how many side quests you do. DA2 is still a decent game, but definitely a let down from Bioware this time around. I recommend waiting to buy it until you can get it for $30 or less. The end of DA2 sets up a sequel, which I'll probably eventually buy, but I'll be skipping the DLC in the meantime.
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on April 5, 2011
In all honesty, it was too short of a game.
I beat the game in roughly two weeks (and i had a busy schedule too)..

Now you could argue that there is replay to it, but overall the story is nearly the exact same i'm sure of it.

(spoiler alert)
Basically, you do the missions, get more, do them, get more do them, etc.
Somewhere along the line make some friends/enemies, choose whether or not to fall in love with one of the other characters
and then the story basically just ends after the final battles..

THATS BASICALLY IT - as you can see, very simple, not really that much "freedom" i had expected.
The game in parts sometimes was relatively fun, but nothing i would stick on my shelf and play through again at another time.
If you want replay value, get a multiplayer game, if you want single person rpg, my favorite was the elder scrolls series - skyrim is coming out later this year btw.

If you want to get this game, sure get it, but i think you will agree -
the desire to re-play it, just isn't there.

That's my 2 cents.
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on November 16, 2013
I don't care for this game. I've tried several times to get into it, but I find the controls are very awkward and the gameplay is moderate at best. I finally gave up on trying to stay interested.
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on April 25, 2017
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on March 25, 2011
How do you take one of the best PC games and instead of improving upon it take two GIANT steps backwards to every other average console like game. How disappointing. Dragon Age I was unique and addictive. Dragon Age II is a pale, sad relic of what could have been. It feels as if the game is playing you instead of the other way around, the story line in entirely linear and there is a total lack of what made the first one so good. Very little character development. Sigh.
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on January 29, 2015
This is one of the best games EVER! Plan on wasting many many hours and then going back and doing it all over again. Sadly the DLC costs extra but some of it is actually worth the cost.
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on March 15, 2011
This was a hard one to review. Just finished the game and Im a little disappointed and very suprised... here we go:
Fast loading times.
Smooth, clean graphics.
Solid, immersive BioWare storytelling (hawk goes through some really rough stuff)
Your 1st 3 years in Kirkwall
The new organized look of the questing system

*Consolized travel system:
What happened to the real map, where you could see your progress to your destination and be possibly ambushed?

*Companion relationships: Now you have to track them down in their own houses all over town.
Too much running around. The dark camp with lit fire was such a better setting / environment. Granted, they arent on the run in DA2, but you could have at least had them all in the mansion starting in act 2.

*Dialog: This one has been beaten to death about its comparison to ME. It's not the wheel so much, its the fact that reading is no longer neccessary: Just click top option all the time for safe convo... Is reading taking too much time to do now too?

*All the side/secondary quests were standard 'FedEx' fetch and reward style.
Quests: Are broken down into 2 categories:
1- You do it willingly
2- You do it unwillingly.
Why give the option to refuse?

*Combat: Combat in DA1 was awesome, it wasnt slow, it was realistic. It gave you time to think out your next round, etc.
BUT: You have Grey Wardens, super natural abilities, fighting at this pace.
DA2: Normal humans, backflipping, highjumping, twirling, tomahawking... looks great but...seems reversed.
(how consoler's handled combat towards the end, I have no idea.)

Dungeon Maps: Deja Vu doesnt even begin to explain the repetition you'll experience once you leave town. Srsly, I think there are 4 dungeon maps, recreated across 17 different side quests. You dont even search for the quest objective, you just run the through the dungeon the same way you did the LAST time you were on this map and BAM, you're bound to find what ever they were tryuing to hide.

*Story: Kirkwall and 1 large outside area...That's it? a couple of random locations that go away right after the mission is done. What happened to travelling from city to city...lemme guess, DLC? Seeing the world map in DA:O was like 'whoa, thats a lot of ground to cover'...I kept waiting for the world map to be more than just kirkwall and WC...never happened. I would be lying if I said I was gripped by it nonetheless, but to focus the entire game on this one town? The sweeping, epic that was DA:O was lost in 2. AND SHORT - Dont even get me started on the ending. Lackluster, to be gracious.

*Crafting: Crafting sucks in any game, but if you were up to the task, it was rewarding to put in all that legwork to find mats. Now you find it (a crafting resopurce) one time and it's in your imaginary resource store where you can pull out as many items as you want so long as you have the gold to cover.

Plain and Simple: You cant make DA:0 then follow it up with this...its just unacceptable.
DA:0 truly streamlined the PC RPG experience while delivering a movie-like story and managed to flesh out an entire world of lore that even interested me! ( I never read all that lore crap in other games).
Im not afraid of change, when it's a change for the better. But if it aint broke (DA:O) WHY THE !@#$ FIX IT?

This...unfortunately looks like a sign of things to come. If you cant trust BioWare to delivery nothing but an AAA game, who else is there? (Bethesda?...u must be crazy)
Im not mad at how DA2 turned out but I am very disappointed with BioWare. I think EA has finally corrupted the last of the good RPG storytellers in the industry.


Ok, nerdrage aside, after finishing it a few times: This game plays alot like LOTR-2, the one where they focus on that horsetown (or whatever).
Its like BioWare said, 'ya The Blight is still a world-isse, but the Grey Wardens are on's the problem in Kirkwall..." It's like they put a magnifying glass on the town and it's outlying regions...while the story itself is short and the ending is very lukewarm...
I would be lying if I said if on the whole it wasnt entertaining. But then again, this town had about as much detail to it as, say Redfall, or Orzammar from DA:0
It's the little things (that BioWare has spoiled us on) that I really miss:
No summary at the endgame. This was awesome to see at the end of DAO
No 'quest within quests' like when you go do a main mission and there are side mission items inside, or subquest plot twists within a dungeon.
No save feature: This speaks volumes about DA3.
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on March 17, 2011
I'm not sure if anyone else shares this opinion, but I just feel that Bioware RPGs are becoming less and less RPGish with time. I still think that NVWN and KOTOR are some of the best RPGs ever made. DAO and Mass Effect are also great games. But it seems that the games are progressively becoming worse with every new installment. Their games are just turning into carbon copies of eachother, simplest example is to look at the characters between ME2 and DAOII. Is there really a difference between Tali and Merril? Its almost same exact storylines but the names are different... to me that just shows laziness.

As far as this game goes, the few things that really bothered me:
1. Why cant it have been set in the same place immediately after the blight? It would have been very interesting to play a game where some sort of power struggle among the survivors to be a central issue, and involving the Wardens... how they could make a DA game without wardens is beyond me.

2. Dont think that there is a map to travel in, or different cities to visit, its ONE city with different quarters that are more or less the same. I felt that I played the same maps OVER AND OVER AND OVER, dungeons are mostly identical and very repetitive down to the foes you face and the location you face them in. I can count on one hand the different types of enemies... 90% of what you kill is spiders, one or two kind of deamons and skeletons, and maybe some humans who ALL dress the same out in the city nights. The game made me feel very clausterphobic, I felt cooped up inside the walls of this one city, with very little variation in scenery. There is no travel or a camp where all your companions can be located. I had to constantly jump from one companion home to another to interact with.

3. Loot was the worst, your companions wear their own armor so that means if you were a warrior, you will vendor 80% of the armor you find and you will never know what it looks like because your companions dont wear it! There was really no quests in the game for any sort of special armor or weapon, I changed my armor a grand total of 3 times during the 38 hours of gametime, it went like this: Dragon armor (same one you get in the first one) to Stone-something or other set then to Champion armor... I vendored everything else that I found. There is no smith in the game, (or none that I found) which is amazing to me that a city that HUGE has no damn shops in it, everything you buy from stalls. So there is absolutely no custom crafting in the game.

4. Characters: They used the same formula of character interaction as the expansion, you cant really interact with your characters other than when you are ALLOWED to interact with them. Most of the time I didn't want to interact because I honestly hated every follower. Their personalities were thin, predictable and uninteresting. There is no Leliana to sing you a sweet song, no Morrigan to break your heart, no Allistair to annoy you, yes, I actually missed Allistair (and I would have had him killed if I had an option in the first game). They also effectively killed the romance aspect of the game, which is a shame but no big loss if they compensated for it with some interesting interactions, in which they did not.

5. The combat was stupidly simplified... I literally activated 4-5 things during combat and had 2 sustained abilities on... THATS IT. Answer this for me please... why cant a warrior duel wield?

6. The ending was completely unmemorable... the Sopranos has a more meaningful ending than this game. Unlike DAO, there was no list of consequences to your actions, so whatever decisions you made in the game, you will just have to guess as to the outcome.

There are many other things that was wrong with this game, Im sure someone here mentioned some of them.

I have no interest in buying any DLC for this game, because no matter how much glitter you put on a piece of crap, its still crap. I don't feel that any DLC will add anything of value to it.

I am so disappointed that its actually upsetting and I wont make the mistake of buying Bioware games on release dates (like I usually do) from now on.
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