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on July 1, 2015
I bought this game 2 years ago only because my kid wanted me to. I had read so many bad reviews on here I was sure I would hate the game also but I am just starting Act 3 now and boy was I wrong! Here are some thoughts:

Story-- I will admit that the story is not quit as...gripping as Origins because the fate of the world is not riding on this story. In fact, for a while in Act 2 I was wondering what's the point anymore since all my characters family were gone now because of one reason or another. But then more quests showed up and that keeps me going. Now it appears it's up to my character to save Kirkwall from tyranny, which I suppose is noble enough.

Combat-- Very fun...and, IMO the button mashing aspect has come in handy when I needed a drinkor a snack. I can just hold the controller and push A over and over with one hand and use my other hand for whatever else!! LOL

Equipment-- This I do find frustrating. I find so many interesting things that I would love to share with my group but the game won't let me. Instead I have to hunt around in all the shops, or random quests, to find the armor upgrades for my companions. The only way to customize your companions is their jewelry and weapons (except Varric) and their character stats. BUT, I can say that because of this I have been able to save up a ton of money to buy the pricey things I really want.

Exploring-- Yes, I have to agree that the caves and underground areas do get old pretty quick since they only have maybe 4 different layouts?

Dialog- I LOVE the new dialog wheel with the symbols in the middle. It's particularly helpful when trying to romance someone to see that glowing heart pop up so you have a clearer idea of how to progress the romance. I do still feel that the dialog option shown should match what is actually said, but they still aren't doing that.

Romance-- This is still my first playthrough so I haven't completed it yet but I have to say that when I first met Anders I thought he was just the DA2 version of Alistair. But, as I've seen through experience now, Anders is waaaay more intelligent, mature, charming, and responsible. Alistair was SUCH a whiny baby I almost puked during his romance in DA:O because I had to pander to his whiny insecurities shamelessly! UGH! But I digress....then I met Fenris and decided he was the romance for me. That sexy bass voice was just made for the bedroom! He's being difficult due to his tortured past but I will persevere! LOL

Glitches-- Yes, as of yesterday 6/30/2015, there are still glitches in the game. The prompt that comes up when exiting an area that asks you if you want to "venture forth with your party" occasionally will pop up again during the loading screen. Then when I get to the new area it is still there so I have to push A again in order for it to disappear. It hasn't affected gameplay so far but I suppose it's possible. Also, when I first started the game a week ago when I first met Aveline and her hubby, it glitched in a way that made me have to redo the whole conversation a second time. Very odd.

Minor frustrations aside, I am thoroughly enjoying this game and am glad I gave it a try. It's definitely not as involved as DA:O so it's not taking as long. I may even play it a second time.
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on November 6, 2011
I am a big fan of Bioware and ADORED Dragon Age: Origins. This game is definitely worth playing and owning. The game itself had some major overhauls from the first, not all positive.

The combat system is more user friendly, and I enjoyed many of the changes. The healing change was a bit of a pain, the cool downs were crazy! The upside to that was most fights could be managed with no healer whatsoever.

The environment is different, not as open as the first. Most maps are reused and rehashed throughout the entire game. It's more linear than the first game for sure.

The length is also different. I had much more time invested in Origins. The replay in Origins is also a lot higher. This Dragon Age limits your character selection; you get to choose gender, class and looks to some extent. I believe they took a big step backwards in that respect.

The whole game had a rushed feel to it. I personally feel that they rushed to get this game out to the rabid fans, and in that aspect, lost much of what made Origins really epic.

On the whole, it's a great game for fans. I do wish it was better, but it won't deter my fan girl status.
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on February 26, 2012
Dragon Age One in many ways was the best overall RPG I've played that's non-PC. I do admit that there are some things that are better in this game than in the first one, for example the spells. In DA I, the spell upgrades are linear progressions and some progressions don't make a lot of sense. In this version, the spell system is more complicated, which is nice for customizing what you want to do. As with DA I, the conversations take way too long, so DA II is even with the first one on that issue. I'm only a few hours into the game but I can easily compare what's going on with DA I. There are two things with this new game that are significantly worse than with the first game. First, the writing in conversations, items, etc. is way too small to read clearly. I have no idea why they would do this. You really have to squint to see the writing. I have a 36 inch conventional TV (as in it's a big screen) and still can't read the writing in the game. Second, I always choose spellcasters in RPG's; DA I had fairly good spellcasting, and the standard spirit cast from the staff looked cool. The standard default spellcast in this new game is very boring and repetitive; they try to make it look cool by giving it an old-school staff twirl and ground tap it after 4 shots, but it gets old quick. Overall, it's certainly worth buying, if you don't mind squinting with all the writing and the somewhat boring battles.
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on March 26, 2015
People may down this game for not being like Origins or Inquisition, but I loved it. It gave great back story, there are some awesome DLCs that can be bought to enhance the game, the story line is linear and makes it clear as to what it is that you should do next in the main story line. It also makes it so you aren't wandering through areas trying to find things by pointing out where quests are available on maps and where turn in points are, even on the main map. I fully enjoyed this game as I was preparing to play Inquisition. Adding my info to the Dragon Age Keep made it very much worth the play through and owning.
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on August 31, 2016
I know DA2 is often considered the worst in the series, but I still enjoyed my several playthroughs of this game. I used to have this game on PC, which allowed me to mod it to how I wanted it, which definitely made it a better experience. But with the console version, I obviously do not have that option. Even without mods, I do still like this game for its compelling characters and interesting storylines. Yes, the repetitve dungeon maps and short playtime does bother me. Also all the interesting DLC that makes this game much better does rack up the overall price, which also bothers me. Yet, even with all of its truely majors flaws, I still very much enjoyed my playthroughs.
I would recommend this game to people who enjoy the role-playing elements more than actual combat, because just like DAO, the combat is still not the best.
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on May 30, 2013
DA:O was the masterpiece. lets place that game on the scale of 1-10 at a firm 10
DA:2 falls on the dragon age awesome scale at a weak 5
As much as I loved DA:O I was equally bummed at the complete LACK of DA:2
It was as if the writers and designers and crew got lazy. Repeated areas over and over, tight fighting spaces, washed out color pallet, and lack of great voice acting that was in DA:O
Even the companion/romance options were badly done IMO
In DA;O you got to woo your romance choice and I liked the camp setting where you could talk to your paramour and fellow companions whenever you returned to party camp. In this one, they are spread out all over the map in their own place and the interactions with them are timed specifically at 3 different intervals.

Overall verdict? Don't get DA:2 unless you are a HUGE DA series fan and just HAVE to see what the next chapter in the series brings. Then be prepared to be as disappointed as I was. If you are new to Dragon Age, Play Dragon Age Origins instead.
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on February 3, 2017
Story is great gameplay is fun. Only real downsides are that the graphics haven't aged well and the reused location looks. Otherwise well worth it. The negative reputation is very undeserved.
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on October 1, 2013
I *loved* the original Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O), and I really wanted to like Dragon Age 2 (DA2). I finished the original DA:O with 4 characters, and I bought every single DA:O DLC. I barely finished DA2. Compared to DA:O, DA2 is sub-par in every respect.

- Good (but not great) story.
- Interesting main-character progression over time.

- The art direction significantly changed from DA:O. I guess I got used to it, but it's quite shocking initially.
- There are only a few (4?) different levels that get re-used through the entire game. Every time you enter a dungeon, it's almost exactly the same as the last one, which is quite disappointing. It really ruins the immersion.
- They oversimplified much of the RPG elements that I loved in the first game.
- The gameplay is more 'action-oriented,' meaning that many of the strategic elements found in DA:O were lost.
- The dialog for your followers is more generic, so that you certainly won't feel as attached to them, as compared to the characters in DA:O.
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on April 28, 2016
First. Fenris. UGH <3
I heard so many bad things about this game, and I can understand why. There's a limited amount of locations you can go to, they recycle locations often, and the battle system isn't as good as in Inquisition. HOWEVER, the characters are so much better fleshed out, and the story deals with a much more realistic and gritty tone than in Origins and Inquisition. It deals with trauma, repressed anger, humanity, morals, and basic human rights. The story is so compelling because they dump you into these situations where both sides are wrong, and you have to decide based on your own moral code and living with the consequences. I absolutely enjoyed this game, especially romancing my companions (AKA just Fenris really), and I hope other people who are hesitant on buying this, try it out too!
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on May 29, 2014
This game is good, great even, but it does not live up to the legendary standard that DA:O set. I suspect that DA:I will be much better, considering it could make or break Bioware's future in the industry. The problem of the matter is simply this, DA:2 was rushed. And after playing DA:O you can tell, but without the comparison, it's a great game, still worth a play and the 14 dollars. Yes, it's very hard to get into at first, and the fighting is not as fun, but they have fixed many issues with DA:O. And DA:O had it's fair share of problems. Poisons now last for 30 minutes or so, instead of having to be reapplied after each hit, they also can be applied to mages, which does make for some interesting combinations. The champion's dog in not a part of the party, but rather, is listed as a sustained spell, he dies when the champion dies and last for 30 minutes. Comparing armor and, need I mention the lack of change in the companions attire, is definitely more difficult. But, if you overlook DA:O and simply look at DA:2's contents, it's definitely worth the price and first 15 minutes of bore.
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