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on February 19, 2017
Horrible interface that took me like 14 hrs to even get it even 1/2 way figured out. Also it loses saves at random. I saved the game at least 3 times but all 3 were lost upon dying. Game is terribly dated now of course. Only redeeming feature is that it makes you want to play more but you just get tired of all the hoops you have to go through to get the interface figured out. Also the game crashes about 1 in 4 times.
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on March 18, 2014
I enjoyed the game a lot, it didn't immerse me quite enough to warrant 5 stars but it still a good game. The combat system isn't one I really love, but it's more than enough to keep things lively and entertaining. The story choices the game offers are all excellent as they don't force you to decide on one specific morality and you're character is allowed to make good and bad decisions which actually affect what other party members think of you. Early on the story didn't grasp me as much, but later on I found the narrative became much more interesting. Graphics aren't amazing, but they aren't expected to be considering this is a 2009 title plus they're more than adequate. The only thing this game didn't have that would have been nice is an option dodge/roll in order to avoid attacks, but it's not the type of combat system to use that so I can respect the decision to keep it out of the game. If you're a person who enjoys flashy, fast-paced combat this probably isn't a game for you, but if you enjoy tactical combat I'd recommend you this game every time.
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on March 5, 2012
I got this game a few months ago and I have played through it (i'm almost finished with it). This game is actually one of my favorites. The game is basically a cross between D&D, Final Fantasy and Fallout. You can choose from between a bunch of different races including Human, Elf or Dwarf as well as from different classes including soldier, mage, assassin ect, each race/class bestowing defferent bonuses and abilities. I started as an Elf Mage, but I have also played as a human soldier and I must say that the Mage is the most fun and the most complicated class to play as.

The graphics for the game are ok, they are nothing brilliant like FF13 or something like that, i'd say they are mediocre, and the music is definately pretty sucky. For veteran RPG players you should definately crank the difficulty becuase the same is overly easy, so for a challenge a veteren RPGer will definatly need to play on hard or nightmare mode. The storyline to the game is not bad, at least for the mage and the soldier. While the game definately does have its short comings I definately find it highly addictive and truthfully, I really have alot of trouble putting it down, which is why I gave it 5 stars. The game is alot of fun and it definately keeps you busy. If you are only looking to do the main quests you will probably be done in less that 10 hours, but if you are going to do all or as many of the side quests possible, it will definatly take you a much longer time. Also it should be noted that in easy mode, powers such as storm that cast a lightning based attack over a massive part of the battle field do not harm your team with friendly fire, bu tin hard mode it will, and man do these spells to massive amounts of damage. Also it should be noted that most of the enemies are not overly difficult, and can be beaten quickly with teh right srategy, the only exception to this is when you are forced to fight an evil versionof your own team (that is not fun) or when you have to fight dragons (they will destroy your team really fast, but their skin makes awesome flame resistant armor so its worth batteling them)

One of the other things I enjoy about this game is the quasi-morality system incorporated. You get certain dialogue choices to choose from and much like Skyrim and Fallout your team and your surroundings will act accordingly. I definatly liked this touch to the game, and I like that some of your actions can alienate your own team and make them all abandon you, which i svery bad for you if it happens at the wrong time. Additionally, you can use your skills to make traps and potions as well as use different types of powers (my favorite is the Blood mage).

I really enjoy using the mage as you get a huge range of powers and abilities. You can use your mage to cast spells to harden your team, or to soften the enemy. Additionally you have a ton of powers to chose from including lightning based, fire, ice or spiritual offensive powers. As a mage you can also develop as a shapeshifter in which you can change into different animals or an evil blood mage in which you sap the health of your team but at the same time your powers and abilities increase 10 fold. In the spirit of any great RPG you have a ton of weapons to choose from, from swords, maces, axes, bows and arrows ect, however each type requires different strengths or abilities. As a mage you can also arm with differnt staffs to increase your powers as well as to increase your resistance to enemie's abilities.

If you are looking for a brilliant cinimatic experiance like FF or Skyrim, I would have to say you wont find it with this game, but if you are looking for a fun addictive 3rd person RPG you will have plenty of fun with this one. If you play as a soldier the game gets old and repetitive very quickly, but if you play as a mage, you have tons of spells and abilities to learn and that keeps you wanting more.

I recommend this game, as I enjoy it alot, but I caution it is not for everyone.
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on January 4, 2013
I've played this game, and most of the DLC which goes with it, and I really enjoy being able to choose my character, class, etc. I've played every origin story, but I've only played the full game once for each character type - rogue, warrior, and mage. I picked my favorite setups to play through to the end, which allowed me to enjoy the different endings, based on my choices throughout the game.

If you enjoy RPGs you will like this game. Now for the critique:

Pros: Graphics, story, character leveling, and cinematics are all well done. Background dialog between companions can be very funny, especially if you chose to pair up with 2 that are not likely to get along. Try Alistair and Morrigan, especially if you are a female character and developing a relationship with Alistair.

Cons: The battle engine is a bit tedious, and was definately improved with DA2. The dialog choices with companions are somewhat lacking. Basically, it's all about getting the companions back story - or not. You really only need to do this with your favorite companions.
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on September 30, 2010
This review is for the PS3 version. I have never played KOTOR or Baldur's Gate or whatever other game this was compared to by other reviewers so I am looking at it at a fresh perspective. I am an RPG fan, any style RPG as long as it's good. FF series, Fallout, Demon Souls, Oblivion, Diablo... etc etc.

If you are looking for the short version of this review then I say I like this game a lot. Got me hooked the first time I played it and cannot stop ever since. Really satisfied my craving for RPG.

1. Good graphics. I know some people tend to disagree, but I think the characters models, environment level of detail, lighting, effects, color, texture all blends well. It could have been made more crisp but it's already good as it is.

2. Battle system. Both Pro and Con. See Con in the bottom. You have max party of 4 where you can control 1 member of the party while others will be controlled by the CPU. You can easily switch from one character to the next. You can also "program" how the CPU will behave for each party member. What talent/spell to cast provided certain condition like surrounded by 2 or more enemies. In my case I find the default setting already works well, but it's fun to tweak it a bit.

3. Deep story. It's your typical save the world kind of thing but what game isn't? Deep because developers cooked up deep history of what's happening. Story is presented in 2 forms, one through what the player experiences throughout the game and another through "codex" where you are provided additional text for optional reading.

4. Playable characters have amusing personalities. Your party will talk among themselves from time to time and it's fun to hear them annoy each other. There is also a lot of background story for each character which you can optionally explore.

5. Character romance option. Gives the game another dimension and additional entertainment.

6. Character customization. Has a variety of skill/talent/magic trees to specialize on providing replay value. You can customize your main character's face which is well executed, they provided just enough customization option which makes it easy not to end up with a stupid looking face.

7. PC Style saving. can be done anytime as long as you are not in an conversation or a fight and allows you to save multiple files. The game also auto saves from time to time which is great when you forget and have to do over something.

8. Sound. Music and sound effects are great, draws you in the game. Voice acting is good most of the time. Almost all NPCs talk.

9. Free Downloadable content. Got this game not knowing there is free downloadable content. The code for the free content was expired so it's probably why it was not advertised anymore but tried it out and it still works. And it's well worth it, an additional character and a piece of armor.

1. Stealing can be a pain. When you get an item, it does not say what you get, you have to open your inventory and look for the item. Newly picked up items will be highlighted yellow but even with that it's hard to find.

2. Limited Inventory is a little painful to manage. So many stuff can be picked up, most of them you can't use yet, so hard to decide whether to sell. Tip: (Spoiler alert) the very first merchant which sell backpacks to increase inventory, spend all your money on that. It's less than 1 gold and it can be bought several times. Later merchants will sell it for 7x the money. (End of spoiler)

3. Sometimes the game puts you in a position which does not make sense. An example is your party is all of a sudden surrounded by traps, traps which are literally 1 step away from each party member. Very poorly executed

4. Video/Sound tends to skip from time to time which can get annoying. Like listening to a broken CD where it jump tracks.

5. Battle System. You are able to program how you CPU controlled party acts in battle which is good. Bad part it is you are limited to how many actions you are allowed to program, 3 in the beginning I think. The question is why? what's the rationale behind this? Yes you get additional slots at certain levels or you could spend skill points for it but again why? Basically your characters will have more talents/magic than what you can assign. It simply does not make sense. You are forced to manually control the character and issue commands.

6. Projectiles tend to pass through walls. Also they follow the target even if target tries to evade. Melee attacks still connects even if you move away from attacker. It just feels odd since all characters are mobile, i don't think it was intentionally done this way because there are times where projectiles are blocked by environment so I think it's just poor programming.

In the end, it's still a very good and playable rpg despite the issues. Can't stop playing it. I do not regret buying this game. May not be for everyone so if you are unsure, rent first.
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If you're a fan of involved RPGs which let you control multiple characters in your party, Dragon Age: Origins will provide hundreds of hours of absorbing fun. If you find this type of character development and management tedious, there won't be a quick end in sight for you.

As with most RPGs, you begin by creating your character. You get to choose between female and male. Dwarf, Elf, or Human. Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. The only combination which isn't available is the dwarf mage. For dwarfs and elves, you can also set yourself as a poor or noble. There are different backgrounds for each of these combinations with a back-story to get you started, and occasional later storyline differences are based on "who you are".

For example, if you're a noble dwarf, your man-servant / buddy becomes a merchant in the big city and he'll recognize you and give you a great discount. Others do not get this benefit.

The core of the game is that, through whatever starting means, you join the Grey Wardens - a special world defense group who fights evil. There is a giant group of demons rising to flood through the world, and it's the Grey Wardens who stand against it. You have to unite the humans, dwarfs, elves, and mages to fight the enemy. Numerous side missions get you along the quest.

The game is dialogue heavy, with all of it spoken (although you can read subtitles if you wish). You are often provided with responses which range from gently kind to humorous to nasty. Depending on your method of interacting with others, you can bring about ten companions along in your party. Each companion will respond well to a different personality. That being said, there are many times that the multiple dialogue options seem to be "shades of gray" and give the same results.

Die-hard fans will want to play through the entire game multiple times to see how it rolls out for a poor female elf, vs a noble dwarf warrior, and so on. Each loop through could easily exceed 50 hours or more.

You have about 30 save spots, so there are plenty of locations to keep track of different characters and different paths.

Actions have long term consequences. Something you do early in the game can have an affect 20 hours later in gameplay, so it's not a matter of saving and then just trying "path A" or "path B".

There are downloadable extra missions you can purchase, if their massive amount of content still isn't enough for you.

There are a couple of bugs in the game, which are fairly exploitable, but since this isn't a multiplayer game it only affects how you play vs other friends you might be in competition with.

The graphics are high quality and quite comparable to other games on modern systems. The sound is well done and the dialogue brings life to the characters. Sometimes the conversations were laugh out loud funny. That being said, you have to have an open sense of humor to appreciate some of the scenes. They do borrow from Monty Python and current movies for some of their lines.

The game is generally easy to pick up and play for any gamer who has played these style of games before. They did a good job with combat controls, camera controls and general character leveling.

The one caveat I have is that there is a fair amount of mature content in here - both violent and sexual. You can set your characters up for homosexual or heterosexual relationships, and simulated (clothed) sex is shown. This is NOT a game for young teens.

Well recommended for mature gamers.
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Fantastic. This is a story worth experiencing. I picked up this game years after it came out so it was looking pretty old by the standards of gaming and graphics. A wonderful story line, in depth character interactions, and a variety of choices make this game a great play, not matter how old it is.
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on October 11, 2010
I started gaming when I retired from the Air Force and later became disabled and had more time on my hands that I knew what to do with. What better way than to discover what my kids were up-to. Ah, ha! the first game for me was fallout 3. Then I started buying them by the droves. After play a game similar to Origins. I decided to give Dragon Age Origins a try. I purchase the collectors editions because you get some extra goodies. I fell deeply in love with this game from the start. The story line is awesome and kept me on the edge of my behind all the time. I have played this game with each of the three types allowed. Warrior, rogue, mage and with each type of race, Dwarf, Human, and Elf. Mages come from the circle of Mages being only human or Elf races allowed. This game is like a playing movie and you get to chose the outcome of so many choices you are allowed to make. There is a patch out that allows the adult in the family to disable the adult stuff. There is no real cussing of any kind except for the dwarf and he does not use our curse words. Nothing close to what we hear. There is blood I guess but nothing up close and personal like the shoot-m-up games. I recommend this game for any adult who wishes to be taken on a journey back in time of imagination and fun. For the person who only plays a couple of hours a day it will take you at least 94 hours to complete the game. Do the math. This is one fun game folks and you won't be let down. Enjoy!!!! P.S. You will discover that the game will be better played if you own the guide book.
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on December 24, 2009
As the title of the review states, Dragon Age is my favorite RPG to date.

I'll provide a summary of my thoughts. If you want a game overview, there are some great ones already written here on Amazon.

I'm playing on a PS3, am an occasional video game player (Fable 1 & 2, Ratchet & Clank, Ultimate Alliance), a 43yr old male, and am playing on a 52" Samsung 1080p 240hz LCD TV.

* LOTS of content (it took me about 60 hrs to finish the first time)
* 3rd person play (1st person gives me a headache)
* Free roaming characters (you get to explore your environment)
* Many character development choices (looks, type, morality, sexuality)
* Very good graphics
* Like the voice talent (perhaps hire Jim Ward next time - loved him in Ratchet & Clank)
* Sound effects are nice
* A lot of well thought out details (ex. blood covered characters after a battle, snarky NPC background dialogs - LOVE Morigan's and Alistar's dry whit)
* Weapons & armor - you have to make definite trade off's on weight, special characteristics etc.
* You have to make a lot of trade off's, like in real life. There are consequences to your actions. Some games give you clear choices, this one not so much. You do have some constants with the story lines but how you get there is a bit up to you. I now like that you can't tell, by a bar, how good/evil your character is.
* My game included the Shale & Blood Armor codes
* Good story lines (I particularly like that the "introductory getting to know how to use your character stage" is part of the story and not a series of hokey training exercises)
* I like that treasure is highlighted so it's easier to find
* Powerful opponents have yellow highlighted names. I also like that there is a health bar with each opponent

Areas for improvement:
* Substandard game instructions (I like to be spoon fed a little when learning a game)
* Doesn't quantify damage from spells, poisons, upgrading talents etc.
* Graphics aren't blu-ray quality (but as someone said, this game was in development before blu-ray was the standard 1080p format)
* A few audio & video glitches (I keep the subtitles on so no biggie for missed audio)
* Would like some more D&D style character choices (limited to mage, warrior, or rogue - main types)
* Bad underwear (OK, maybe it's a little pervy but seriously, why create characters who can make the sweet love but keep them clothed? Blood covered OK, Nudity not OK?)
* Game environment a little shy of Fable 2's (movement smoothness, character interaction with the game world)
* Weapons & armor - could use a few more elite choices & more special runes
* Having to go to a sub-menu to switch weapons (ex. switching from bow to sword. Maybe I just haven't discovered how to set up a hot key???)
* Would like to be able to set it up so that loose treasure (like on dead monsters) could be automatically picked up instead of having to search each corpse

Summary, there is a lot to like about this RPG and those likes FAR out weigh any dislikes. If you're looking for an RPG with a lot of content and good action, then I highly recommend Dragon Age. If Bioware makes some improvements based on the common feedback of players, I might give the next release 5-Stars.

OK here's my dig at Xbox. The only reason I bought an Xbox & Xbox 360 was because of Fable & Fable 2. LOVED those games. However, after the ABYSMAL customer service that I received form Xbox/Microsoft trying to get my Xbox 360 & Fable 2 game replaced (scratched rings in my game disc the weekend I bought the system) I won't buy another Xbox system. Yep, the scratching is a documented Xbox 360 problem but of course they said it's not their fault. So, unless Lionhead Studios makes Fable 3 for Play Station, I'll be counting on Dragon Age to give me my RPG fix.
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on September 24, 2010
I would say this is the best EA (Electronic Arts) game I've ever played, but sorry, that's faint praise. This game had everything I could have wanted, almost. There's fighting, but not just fighting. You need strategy, you make choices, you develop relationships, you hone your skills. It's freakin' awesome, or else I wouldn't have spent literally hundreds of hours playing though 3 of the 6 possible character builds. What makes this game accessible for most everyone is that you can choose different difficulty levels, and on the fly, too. Having trouble killing a boss in regular? Drop it down to casual gamer for a little bit. I wasn't stuck for days like when I had to defeat those giant blue swiping/slashing/pounding hands in Zelda Ocarina. And you can save just before an event or conversation and if you don't like the way it turned out, you can reload that save and make better choices this time. I know hard core gamers may think it's wussing out, but really, should my gaming hobby always be like having a really hard job? DA:O is fun, challenging, entertaining, diverting. What would make it perfect is to have it fully-voiced. I realize that's too much for this vast a game, with this many choices, but I've also played their DLC (downloadable content) add-on mini games--all of them--and one of them was fully voiced, including your character, and it made the game even more enjoyable. If I'm gaming, why should I have to read? I love this game and I hope Bioware, the developer, gives us a sequel worthy of this first installment.
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