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on November 23, 2005
Although this Beverly Wilshire DVD of "Dragon Fist" is uncut, it his HORBBILE! It has bad dubbing, and horrible video quality. It looks like it came straight from a banged-up VHS tape.

Not only that, but Beverly-Wilshire claims that this version is "widescreen," but what they didn't tell you is that they took a full-screen version of "Dragon Fist" and then cut off the tops and bottoms of the screen to make it look like it's a "widescreen" picture.

Here is what I would do. Buy the Columbia/Tristar version. Their version is cut by about 20 minutes from it's original version, but at least it has the original language and the movie in it's original 2:35:1 aspect ratio. That way, you can see the whole fight scenes without anything cut off on the sides of the screen. Then, to get the whole story, buy the Simitar version. Their version is full screen but also UNCUT, and it has good picture quality (even though it has no subtitles and you have to watch it in English). But stay away from this Beverly Wilshire DVD at all costs!
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on February 8, 2006
Dragon Fist has very well done choregraphy. This is one of his good films with Lo Wei. Jackie was in good physical shape at the time of this movie so there is some pretty sweet acrobatics. His amazing choreography ability shows in every fight scene.

This DVD (Columbia Tristar) has cut the film from its original 95 minutes to 75 minutes. But to make up for it, it does have the original widescreen aspect ratio (2:35:1) and the original Cantonese audio with English subtitles. Although sometimes fight scenes will happen without any explaination, and you don't really get the WHOLE plot. But for the most part, you know what's going on.

EDIT: THe best DVD of this film is that of Hong Kong Legends. It has the whole movie UNCUT with the original dialogue, English subtitles, and original aspect ratio. However, it's out of print, but it's still being sold.
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on February 12, 2015
Great action, great fight scenes, skillful actors. The plots tend to always be the same (avenging a murdered master, rescuing a kidnapped girl, challenging a drug lord, etc….). But I watch them for the great choreographed fight scenes and Jackie Chan is one of the best.
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on December 27, 2012
This is one of Jackie Chan's earlier films and he really does a lot more Kung Fu fighting than he does in his later films. I really enjoyed watching this one and would recommend this to any Jackie Chan fan to have in their collection.
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on May 10, 2014
what else I could say about Jackie....nothing more than I love his kung fu than any other kung fu that I've seen
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on August 1, 2016
This is another ancient Chinese, mediaval martial art fantasy film, with all the crazy costumes, including polka-dot pajamas, and, of course, non-stop excuses for Kung Fu fighting.

I'm docking this film one star for voice-over and lots of annoying sound effects, but it is an excellent film with lots of plot and sub-plot, and ethical dilemmas and shifting loyalties. And, even though this story is set in ancient China, Jackie is shown with a modern haircut, more like what we're used to seeing in his Hollywood films.

SPOILER ALERT! Jackie "the Dragon Fist" Chan's master and mistress die slow, painful deaths, despite his best efforts. No happy ending here!
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on March 21, 2008
During an awesome opening tournament scene with Hsu Hsia taking on all comers, he gets killed, and his student played by Jackie Chan goes to take revenge. He goes with his master's wife and daughter to find the killer. But when he gets there, we find out that this man is very sorry for what he did. There's a bit more to the story, but I don't want to give it away. It's not a great story, but darker than most kung fu movies. I didn't see Jackie smile once. He gives a great acting performance, and an even better fighting performance. This is the most hate I have ever seen from Jackie. No comedy, he just tears people up with his awesome kung fu.

Yen Shi Kwan, Eagle Han Ying, James Tien and Chui Fat also star, and they all give fine performances. This is the best I have ever seen James Tien look next to his performance in Bone Crushing Kid. Jackie worked him really hard on this movie.


The Columbia Tristar DVD has awesome picture quality, a good sounding Chinese dub, and the original oldschool English dub (not one of those crappy dubs you hear sometimes). This version is cut, so if you want to see it uncut you should get the PAL Hong Kong Legends version.
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on August 25, 2005
First of all, it is the last serious Jackie Chan movie, without any comedical element, and one of the best of this early period. A serious kung-fu movie which is worth to see.

But this Beverly Wilshire/Telefilms edition is not above critism. It has only one big advantage: it contains the ~90 minutes long version. Otherwise it's aspect ratio is only 4:3, which is far, far away from the original 2,35:1. The colour balance is okay, but the picture quality is not even up to the VHS standards. It's clearly worse.

So if I was you, I would buy the Columbia/Tristar Edition instead. I've never seen that, but I assume (knowing three other Jackie Chan DVDs from Columbia) that is really widescreen, and has much better quality, though contains only the ~75 minutes long version, with a little strange storyline. (People starts fighting without letting you know why. Thanks for cutting out the explanation...)

One last thing: NEVER buy Jackie Chan DVDs from Eastern Heroes Ltd. (They're available through the UK Amazon.) They advertise their Jackie Chan movies as 16:9 widescreen editions. But they just ZOOMED ON the 4:3 version, so they made a discgraceful butchery. Unbeleiveable. They've done it with Fearless Hyena, Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin, Dragon Fist, To Kill With Intrigue. I have all of this DVDs, so I know what I am saying. I only know one expection: New Fist of Fury, which is letterboxed widescreen, but otherwise, it's a terrible movie.
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on October 19, 2001
Dragon Fist is a classic tale of redemption and butt-kicking. Even if you've never seen a kungfu movie before, chances are, you'll be familiar with the storyline. I don't want to give the story away, but realize it's the same sort of plot used in many westerns, only instead of cowpokes and gunfights, we have martial artists and kungfu showdowns.
Dragon Fist is an early Jackie Chan drama. It's a film he made before he created the genre of comedy chop sokki, and it shows not only can he do comedy, but he can also do a competent job at playing serious parts.
My only real qualms about this flick are the dubbing (not bad, but not great, either) and the film quality. The video and sound quality is particularly bad in the beginning fight sequence. The kungfu masters all look about ten feet tall and four inches thick. It's pretty stretched out. In addition, the sound is very muffled, and I had to turn the volume up quite a way in order to understand what was being said.
That being said, I do have one other nit-pick: all the kungfu masters wear horrible, obvious wigs! I was waiting for the hair to fly off during one of the many excellent fight choreographies, but it just didn't happen. That stuff is glued down really tight....
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on June 4, 2000
the only reason you should get this is if you want every chan movie there is. Otherwise dont get it! Dragon fist is fake and boring and the only action is at the end which takes forever. Shaolin Wooden Men is also strange. When i first pushed play it showed a girl getting kidnapped. It turns out if you fast-foward to the very end of the tape you will see the beginning. It will get confusing from there.
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