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on March 9, 2017
I've rented this game before, so I don't even need the game to arrive before I say how much I love it.

I rented this through Game Fly years ago, because, like Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, the marriage system interested me. I don't know what it is about games with player families that always catches my eye (It's just unique, I guess. So few games do it.), but I gave this game a shot.

I absolutely loved it. I've since played Dragon Quest IV and a little bit of Dragon Quest VII (I think it was 7, I actually can't remember), but neither had the impact 5 did. It's such an incredible story and I love how much it focused on the entirety of the hero's (your) life. It's filled with tragedy and the combat system is anything but terrible. You can tell they really found what worked in the series and kept it. If you haven't played Dragon Quest before, you might not understand some of the spells, but it's not hard to figure out and I believe localization has made some spells much easier to understand (like Zoom, which I believe had a totally different name, but I may be wrong... anyway, it's a teleport spell, basically).

This game is actually a remake of the SNES game Dragon Quest V. It adds a new bride (which for some reason I have picked TWICE now, despite her being kind of a-) and possibly more content that I have not memorized. The game is a lot of fun and I am always so pleased when a story hooks me as deeply as this game has. No offense to the other Dragon Quest games, but not one has gained my interest the way 5 has and I doubt they ever will.

That being said, 4 was pretty engaging and 7 wasn't a slouch, either. I guess it's just hard for me to look forward (or back) after having such an incredible experience with this game.

User mileage varies, but I hope anyone who is interested in the game gives it a shot. It may be from a last-generation handheld, but I passed up buying another 3DS game this month because I loved it so much. That should give you an idea of how good it is.
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on September 18, 2016
The game is awesome. I especially like how you can recruit monsters to be on your team and you'll end up having them with you for most of the time. A very good story (as far as Dragon Quest games go) where it follows the hero on a path from a little kid to an adult, to getting married and being a dad himself. Most Dragon Quest fans rate part 5 at or near the top of their favorite DQ games, including me.
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on July 8, 2013
I haven't played many of the Dragon Quest games. I purchased this game wanting some more RPGs for my Nintendo DS. I am definitely glad I bought this.

-Story that starts out as a child and progresses with the player (the player doesn't age over time, but at certain times during the story he gets older).
-Monster recruitment! Monsters can be recruited into the party, bringing their strengths (and weaknesses) to the party.
-Lots of different equipment, items, and skills to utilize and learn.
-Linear storyline where the player will travel in sequence from one place to the next.
-Turn based combat, monsters are visual on the bottom screen and the player is on the top. The visuals are good, but nothing revolutionary. It is a classic 16 bit style (ala Super Nintendo era).
-A good throwback, Japanese style RPG.

Overall, I'd rate this game a 4/5 for combat, story and fun. Anyone looking for a good or classic RPG should pick this one up.
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on October 1, 2012
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is a remake from an old SNES game that was never released for Americans. It is worth the wait if you like the older structure that RPG's used to have.
The graphics are gorgeous, with an awesome mix of 2D and 3D. the sprites are adorable, and the towns are intracate in their design. No real complaints about the graphics.
The Sound is a mix of both old and new. The music is quite new sounding, with a full orchestra playing many of the more grand tunes. The tunes aren't particularly memorable, but they are quite nice to listen to. The sound effects are a lot more old school, sounding almost 8 bit at points. However, this enhances the nostalgic presentation of the game, rather than detract from its quality.
The story is, basically, a typical old school RPG. You are the main hero, chosen by destiny (well, in this case, you aren't. You're searching for the hero.) to defeat an evil demon lord person. However, this game starts out in the character's childhood. You meet many friends and people as you travel with your father Pankraz. The personal element makes the story much more enjoyable than it ought to be.
The gameplay holds very little surprises. Random encounters, exploring towns and dungeons, grinding for gold, leveling up and more await you. If you hate this kind of RPG, the game will do nothing to change your mind. But if you love it, this game is right up your alley. A random luck based monster catching system helps to add some customization to the otherwise linear character/ party progression. Addiitonally, there are some side tasks, like finding Mini Medals for great rewards, gambling at some casinos, playing a life size board game and more!
The game is quite enjoyable as long as you like the older presentation style. I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon. Thanks for reading!
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on June 7, 2017
It's a good game, really consistent with the other DQ ds games. It flows well, but it would be fun to see an alternate story path if you beat a boss that you are supposed to lose to.
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on January 26, 2018
In all Dragon Quest series, I like Dragon Quest V most.

The DS version is so impressive, I played for years, walkthrough the stories again and again.

Although now the Dragon Quest XI comes out, I think the Dragon Quest V is still the best.
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on June 9, 2017
It's a bit linear at first but gets interesting the more you go. It's a nice game for the DS, and it keeps you busy. I like the fact you can take monsters with you as party members.
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on June 6, 2016
This is a Japanese legendary RPG. My first experience of DQ5 was in SNES. But DS is much better than SNES in graphics, musics and game systems.
Especially, its great musics composed by Koichi Sugiyama have given me special impressions.
I love it very much! So you must enjoy it in Nintendo DS.
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on April 14, 2010
Dragon Quest V hand of the heavenly bride shows that video games can have excellent stories. I'll admit that i never played the original version so i'm not quite qualified to tell you how good of a remake this is.
However this is really top notch in almost every area. the graphics are among the best i've ever seen for a 2d game. the music almost always is excellent. i do have some minor gripes though.

You can't buy more then 9 of an item at a time(only 1 of an item at the casino). Way too many battles(holy water is almost useless). Also it takes a little too long to be able to recuit a monster,and your wife while she can useful in battle you are barely given acess to her(about 10-20% of the game) but still this a good game inspite of those minor complaints.
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on October 19, 2011
The appeal of Dragon Quest games, as compared to other JRPGs like Final Fantasy, lies in their nostalgia and ease of play. If you've played any of them, you can pick up any of the others, with little to no learning curve. As the series progresses, the storylines become more complex, and more options are added, but at the core, they are a turn-based classic style, with a difficulty suitable for beginners but still capable of engaging the most devoted fan.

DQV is notable as the volume of the series that introduced the popular monster taming aspect of the game. The timeline, which progresses in three stages, is richer than most other DQ games, and the DS remake includes extra options not offered in previous iterations of the title, including a third potential bride candidate and different choices for the appearance of the hero's children. (The third bride, Debora, has a very different personality from her rivals and specializes in physical combat, making her a very appealing choice for a veteran gamer like me.)

I have racked up over fifty hours since I purchased the title, micromanaging and grinding my little heart out, but those things are optional, not strictly necessary, and DQV can be as long or as short as the player needs it to be. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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