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on July 16, 2010
Okay, I admit I am too old (64) to be playing these things - but seldom have I started a title that amazed me as much as this one - To be blunt, DRAGON QUEST IX may well define the potential of the Nintendo DS - The graphics, gameplay, story structure, and sound are totally amazing - I own a PSP and a Nintendo, and this title is going to seriously create problems for the Sony - I can almost insure you that once you start this game - you won't be able to put it down......I have only gotten less than ten percent into the story and I can't wait to stop writing this review and continue the adventure -

Try this one people!!!! You won't be sorry!!!!!!!!
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on September 5, 2015
This was a fun game overall but nothing memorable. I say that because the battle sequences were fun to play but the story-line was pretty dull. There weren't any major plot twists, the characters in the party had no unique character development, and there wasn't much cohesion between the several different quests within the game. For the first two-thirds of the game, I didn't really have a sense of where the story was heading; it seemed as if I were merely travelling from town to town fighting generic, cookie-cutter RPG monsters. Based on all the positive feedback, I thought that DQ IX would have a thoughtful and engaging storyline, which is the main reason I even play RPGs to begin with, but I ended up very disappointed in that regard. If you have nothing better to do and want to breeze through a game in a week or two, I would recommend it. It's definitely not a high-caliber game though like Dragon Quest VII, the Cursed King.
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on March 27, 2017
I would give this game 5 stars except that all of the DLC and online services are no longer available, making a good portion of the accolades un-achievable.
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on March 19, 2017
Fun co-op, boring solo.
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on June 10, 2014
I enjoyed the storyline and the extra storyline after beating the 'end boss'. I am still playing the game for all of the additional quests.
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on June 25, 2014
This is a must have RPG for the DS (or your 3DS) but your mileage will depend on your tastes.

If you were bred on old school NES RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior I/II/III, then you will definitely love this game. The battle system combines the tension mechanic from Dragon Quest 8, with the job system from previous games (III, VI, VII). You get to customize your own characters like in III, but get modern options in terms of appearance and gender like many MMORPGs. For the main story, you really don't have to grind much, but post game you definitely will need to in order to defeat the bosses whom are much more powerful than those in the main line. The biggest plus is that the post game is definitely 4 to 5 times the length of the main game, I think I spent around 50 to 60 hours in the main game but have clocked in close to 200+ hours and still have much to do. However, do note that if you purchase this game now you will be unable to download ~60 plus DLC quests because the Nintendo WIFI service disconnected in May 2014. Still, there is enough post game quests that will last you at least 150 hours total.

One valid complaint that many reviewers have is that there is no character development between your characters or the other characters you create, which is emphasized in games like Persona 4 Golden or even Dragon Quest 8. My opinion is this design is intentional since the game is suppose to mimic an MMO, your characters are more like avatars and thus there is greater development in the world storyline. Again, this harkens back to plot design from the old school RPGs and didn't really bother me that much, but Im sure alot of new school RPGers might knock off a star because of it.

Despite that one fault, this is still definitely one of the best RPGs on the DS and should definitely be in your collection if you are a fan of the RPG genre.
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on July 19, 2010
The Dragon Quest series (formerly known as Dragon Warrior in the US) has been one of my favorite video game series for over 20 years. Previous games in the series had trouble attracting a mainstream audience due to their emphasis on level-grinding, but with Dragon Quest IX, the developers decided to focus more on accessibility in an attempt to introduce the series to an expanded audience.

DQ9 is less difficult than previous DQ games, and requires very little level-grinding. After playing for a couple of hours, you'll be presented with an almost overwhelming number of choices. Should you focus on the main quest of restoring your status as a celestial guardian? Or is your characters' persona growth through class and skill advancement more important? Heck, you can ignore both of those paths and simply collect rare items so you can alchemize items that will make your party look stylish (nearly every item in the game has a unique look when equipped to a character). Whichever path you choose, you will find a lengthy and satisfying game.

Long-time fans of Dragon Quest need not fret; the lowered difficulty level does not make this feel any less like a proper entry in the series. The sense of satisfaction that you get after finishing a tough quest or creating a rare piece of equipment is much greater than one would have after simply grinding out another level of progress. The game is constantly throwing out new things for you to do - so many that it's easy to forget that there is a multiplayer component included. You can invite a friend's Hero into your game for help, and they can stick around for as long as you want. Unfortunately, you can only team up with someone nearby, as there is no online multiplayer.

Nintendo has poured a ton of money into marketing this game to a new audience, and it would be a shame if it ends up ignored by the masses like so many Dragon Quest games have been in the past. It's a game that deserves support, and it's a bold new direction for a series that is known for being strictly traditional.
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on February 14, 2014
This is the first game I've played from the Dragon Quest series and I am in love. I can't believe I hadn't heard about this sooner! The combat is typical of a handheld JRPG- walk around, approach enemies, combat screen appears, fight them with your party. Win. Yay. But it's so much more than that. The game is reasonably difficult, and requires the grinding I have become so fond of from JRPGs. I even find myself following along with the plot! Imagine that. This game is highly impressive. I bought it on sale but would easily pay full price if necessary. Dragon Quest is definitely a series worth looking at.
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on March 6, 2014
I adore this cutesy game. You have the power to fully customize your character up to the clothing, job/class, and skills and spells you could learn. I've contributed 200+ hours upon this monster and still have a ways to go. You can harvest, kill monsters, and play with the Krock Pot. I recommend this game for those who like turn-based games and animated cut scenes. The Amazon services were also pretty good, considering it had to go to Alaska. Thanks!
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on November 9, 2013
This is my favorite game of all time. I won't even mince words. I never posted a product review before, and I have to say, this game is simply worth it.

First off, it is a big nod to all the things I loved about RPG games ever since the good old Super Nintendo games. However, I found the main character to be a really interesting choice - without spoiling anything (as you find out literally with the opening of the game), it is an angel/celestial type being.

Fans of Dragon Quest will not be disappointed. Disenfranchised Final Fantasy fans that may be tired of the dog and pony show of what FF has become will find themselves enjoying this as well.

The game involves running and completing numerous quests, some of which are main storyline quests, others of which are side quests and additional quests. The storyline is interesting and whimsical, and does not become plodding or overly complicated. Some games nowadays will have plodding walls of text you scroll through as it unravels insanely intricate plot lines. That is not so with DQ9. Your game advances at a natural pace, and there aren't any lengthy, text-filled breaks in the gameplay.

Obviously, the game has the look of an early Playstation RPG, so those looking for games with all the bells and whistles of fancy, movie-like graphics might not like it. I was charmed by it, however, and preferred the game play experience tenfold over my game play experience with Final Fantasy 13.
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