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on November 6, 2013
Very good for the price. I have a many tablets, because I write apps and like to test them out on different platforms. First thing I noticed is that the price is very reasonable. Its the first good tablet under $100 that I have found. Second it runs on Android 4.1, which means there are many apps available for it. The nice thing about this tablet versus other tablets of comparable price is that you have access to google play. Other tablets under $100 will not allow you onto google play and "force" you to use there apps which are few and expensive. This tablet is nice you do have access to google play and hence to lots of apps. The dual core gives it good speed. If I had to compare the performace of this tablet with a more expensive one it would be comparable to ipad two.
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on July 3, 2014
Purchased this Dragon tablet 6 months ago as a belated Christmas. I would have gotten more use out of a lump of coal. Tablet shuts itself off in the middle of applications. After attempting to turn it back on from an abrupt shut down, it became completely unresponsive. There is a 90 day warranty. After that you are out of luck unless you spend $30 for them to fix it. There is a reason why there is only a 90 day warranty on this product. It is funny how I started to experience problems shortly after the warranty expired. It is not worth it to me to spend more money on this product... lesson learned! When I contacted Tablet Express customer service, no none ever answered. I left voice mails and no one ever returned my call. I finally received a response after sending an email in which I was informed that I should try and download a patch to help my Dragon work better... HELLO... how can I download a patch to a tablet that won't turn on?!?. A complete waste of my time and perceived apathy for the customer on their part.
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on March 18, 2014
Not sure if I just had bad luck or not, but I was looking forward to this tablet. Sure it has mixed reviews and people complain about the price vs quality. I wasn't too worried because I mainly just wanted something I can listen to audiobooks on, read pdf books, and play games - no biggie! And for the price, why not? Cheaper than an ipod.

Whenever I received it, the first thing I did was read the instructions on the clear protective covering. It warned to charge before use so that's what I intended to do. However, the adaptor would not go into the port. I pushed quite hard, but didn't want to ruin it further by jamming it in. Needless to say I was unable to charge it. I then inspected it further and noticed a bunch of air bubbles. You know whenever you put one of those thin, clear screen protectors on your phone and if you don't put it on properly or swipe your fingers over it then you'll get these air bubble type things? That is what it looked like, however it was made into it - meaning it wasn't under the part of that you could peel off. Even if the charger worked properly I would have returned it. I did not like all those bubbles all over the screen, I probaby wouldn't have been able to read it.

I might try purchasing another one to see if I just got a bad product or if it's the product in a whole (Amazon promptly gave me a refund - they have AMAZING customer service!)
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on March 16, 2015
It came very nicely wrapped.But its a bit slow and sometimes when u turn it on it wont connect to the WiFi so u have to restart the tablet :/ . Other then that its very nice for a 50 dallor tablet its mostly for a child maybe or a person who has never used a tablet before and wants to get used to before getting into the expensive ones.It really nice to play games on it but some games if you r texting somebody the key board is very glitchy but after a while of using it it doesnt do it anymore. My kid was more then happy when i got it for him! When u get its gonna have alot of scratches and smudges but dont worry its just the screen protecter it scared me the first time i got lol. You can just peel if the thing off and it looks brand knew:).
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on January 1, 2014
I brought this for my daughter on her eigth birthday and I thought that she didn't need a high end tablet. I got the package early and began setting it up. First thing I noticed was the viewing angles are terrible. Just tilting the tablet a little made the screen go dark. However if you hold it the right way and at a good angle it look ok. I download Netflix and watch part of a movie and it was very choppy at first then smoothed out.

I then decided to try out the camera, MISTAKE. The camera is horrible to say the least. You need to have studio lights on to take a half decent picture. Remember how Isaid the viewing angles were bad, well taking pictures with this is almost impossible. If you can get the right lighting and you hold the tablet at the right angle to see the screen you will get a picture that looks like it was taken with a camera phone from pre 9/11.

All in all this is not something that I recommend but if you are looking to get someone a CHEAP tablet that they could watch YouTube or Netflix on then it isn't completely terrible. Some gaming might be ok, like Candy Crush or Angry Birds but I wouldn't try any high end games. It might have a melt down LOL.
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on January 30, 2014
I purchased two of these for Christmas and both have quit powering on already. In less than a month. The screen isn't real clear and the memory doesn't allow you to put too much on it. Especially any movies.

I'd recommend paying a little more for a Nexus or tablet with a little bit more of a "brand name".
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on January 16, 2015
Numerous issues with these tablets. That being said, they still do work surprisingly. (except the broken one but I chalk that up to kid error)

First issue, daughter was using the tablet, it got hot. Hot enough a kid would say something about it (she was 12 at the time) ended up getting very hot then shutting down. (we were trying to shut it down but it would not do it, was hot enough I put it in a different room in case the battery popped) Tablet didnt work for 3 days. That was the first night we had it. It stayed hot for about 40 minutes.

Few days later her tablet works again for no reason at all. Continues to work for about a week without much issue. Than it randomly shuts down on her, doesnt turn on all the time and overall it was bad enough she quit using it. She would try to use it here and there for facebook and online chatting when it did work right. Ended up taking it to school and the screen got cracked. (figured someone must of sat on her binder but she doesnt know how it happen) sent in four square warranty and they refunded us. We did not purchase this as a replacement.

Other daughter had one, hers charged up fine and worked as it was supposed to for a few weeks. It too than started to randomly freeze and shutdown and take hours or days to start working again. (although much less than her sisters tablet) That tablet is still working, random freezing happens pretty often but the tablet is still usable for a kid. Random shutting down happens only about twice a month now. (with every day use)

There didnt seem to be a fix to getting the tablets to turn on when they didnt want to. We tried turning it on, charging again, turning on while charging and nothing worked. It just would randomly work again. You could spend 20 minutes trying the same thing and then it would suddenly work.

Overall I would not buy these. They are a cheaper price but thats reflected in their quality. We may of just gotten a bad batch but considering all the other reviews I think its more, you are lucky to get one put together correctly and the rest are the bad batch.
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on December 19, 2013
i can charge it all day and every so often it would turn on i was wondering why..... love it when i could use it great tablet just wont turn on all the time mabey my battery or power button was already bad.. please let me know what to do can i replace and get a new one i had it for 3 days?
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on February 7, 2016
Bought two of these. Worthless save your money. Pure crap worked a few weeks and battery died. We charged again and it wouldn't come on. Days later after charging it we got it to reset, came on and worked again for a few hours. We forgot about it after getting Kindles. When we went to use it again it wouldn't come on and couldn't even reset. Sadly because we wasted the money on these two and could have bought something else that would have lasted more than a month. Of course by then it was two late to return.
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on March 12, 2017
Lasted 4 days and stopped working. Was able to get it turned back on after fiddling with it for a bit but the battery didn't last long, it was slow, and struggled with random shut offs and black screens for the next few weeks until the following month after purchase it never turned back on again. I gave it 2 stars because it did connect and I was able to download & use apps, and because of the price, but honestly, it's a poorly made tablet. I don't recommend it. We ended up getting iPad mini's. Wasted money on 2 generic tablets and regret it.
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