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on July 16, 2016
If I could rate a negative star I would! We saved our money for two years to get new flooring. We had 30+ year old carpet in our home and it had to go for obvious reasons! I looked online at lumber liquidators and fell in love with the look of these floors st. James 12mm. We got it to cover our hall, living room, and dining room (the bulk of our home), my husband installed himself. It didn't take but a week for these bubbles to start showing up all over the place! My husband even took some of the floors back up to replace them bc we thought it was a fluke. Here we are a month later and it wasn't a fluke, it bubbles even when nothing wet is there, they scratch easy, they're a pain to maintain, and they didn't go together very easily, the list goes on! The only upside is they are pretty but when they start bubbling all over, you could care less about the look. These floors are HORRIBLE! We worked so hard to get the floors, just for them to be complete garbage. I got a cheaper floor for my kids rooms and they have spills all the time and theirs hasn't bubbled at all. I'm so upset and disappointed. I want a refund! I'd love to go dump these on lumber liquidators parking lot. With ALL the NEGATIVE reviews why are they still selling this to people?????
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on September 22, 2015
To my building friends and DIYers. I recently attempted to install a floating laminate floor using this product. After three hours of frustrating installation, I had to stop and pull up the half installed room. The boards do not lay even remotely flat, the tabs break extremely easily and the tongue and groove locking system is a joke. I could actually see the seams unlocking as I started my next run.
My clients (who are great) wanted inexpensive materials, but will now have a delayed project.
This is a terrible product/company. Had I read the reviews beforehand, I would have insisted on something else. Read reviews and spend the extra buck. Learn from my mistake.
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on May 9, 2016
We recently purchased a home that has this laminate already installed. It is in the living room and dining room. While I don't love it, or really even like it, I can say it's held up very well 5 years after installation. The previous owners had a large dog and a small child. There isn't a scratch or gouge on it. I can see a few spots where it has swelled, but it's VERY minimal especially considering it's right off the pool area. It's not even something the casual observer would notice. My issues are first and foremost, it's a laminate and I just don't care for it. It's very slippery, my poor dogs can't get traction on it. The dark color shows all the dust and dog hair. Shortly all the flooring will be ripped out and replaced with tile, but for the time being, it will do. As to the formaldehyde issue, I hadn't heard of it before reading these reviews so cannot comment.
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on March 16, 2014
UPDATE: 60 Minutes exposed Lumber Liquidators on 3/1/15. If made in China, it likely has very high levels of formaldehyde (cancer causing) in it from the glue they used to adhere the laminate levels.The stock was halted this AM and just now started trading about 25% down. According to my leftover boxes, this is manufactured in China

After only 3 months, several of the boards throghout the house have raised edges along the surface, there is practically no water resistance. Beautiful in the stores - but a complete waste of money.

When I called lumber liquidators about the 30 year warranty they advertised, they told me that warranty doesn't cover the SURFACE of the FLOOR...well, what the heck else is it supposed to cover??? They also actively "sold" me this floor. I asked questions - told them this would be on my entire main level, including the kitchen. Told them I had 3 dogs and two cats, asked them about durability. Based on that I NOW know, it was beyond ridiculous for the "professionals" at Lumber Liquidators to recommend laminate (laminate that they knew would go in the kitchen, a high moisture area) with a high-gloss, piano finish that would be sure to show every paw print. Ugh.

I was also a naïve idiot when I checked the glowing reviews on the lumber liquidators website. Duh! They control these reviews. Of course, they are not going to allow anything deeply negative about them or the flooring they sell.

You'll see from other reviews that keeping this floor clean is a nightmare. I feel like I've tried everything, including Lumber Liquidators "special" soy-based laminate cleaner...I even bought a floor scrubber (not the ones that use water). It's not great, but the best solution that I have found, is cleaning the floor with pure water mixed with a squirt of lemon juice - but there's some tricks to it.

First, if the floor has that greasy film right now, you'll need to get on your hands and knees with an entire 6 pack of paper towels (use the cheap brand) and a spray bottle of water. use the wax on/wax off method, you'll see and feel when the greasy film is gone. Once you've done this, you can maintain the floor fairly well using the water/lemon and a good laminate/spray microfiber misting type mop. I also tried several of these and found that I liked the rubbermaid reveal mop. The mist is very fine, the mop head covers a large area and it's comfortable to use.

Another key to making this work is to use fresh clean mop pads each time. The Rubbermaid mop has velcro to attach the pads to, I bought several extra pads so that I can throw them in the laundry basket and still have a fresh one available. The extra pads I bought were a different brand, but they're the same shape and fit almost perfectly. When you buy the microfiber mop pads, look for one that is completely soft --some of them have "scrubbing" ridges, this doesn't really work because it prevents the full contact that essentially ends up wiping and drying the floor clean. I do this almost daily and can keep the floor looking pretty decent for a good stretch before having to get on my hands and knees again.
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on November 23, 2014
This floor looks spectacular despite being hard to keep clean. This beautiful look will last about 2 months.
The joints are very poorly done and the quality of the under board that the laminate is glued to is absolutely a disaster. I have chips and pealing everywhere. I spent $6,000 to do my entire house. Selected a 12mm products that had 3 reviews (all good) and all from the seller- Lumber Liquidators. The 25 year warranty is a joke. I have had this floor for 2 months and its falling apart.
I thought I did my homework with getting a 12mm product and since it had 3 good reviews, I should have Amazon's reviews. A nightmare!
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on February 28, 2016
We have had these floors for a couple of years now and we also bought ours from Lumber Liquidators. These floors have a beautiful look to them and are very thick. They have endured all of our weekend get togetherness, two Boston Terriers, and 3 children in and out with very little signs of wear.
Now for the negatives-
This floor is AWFUL when it comes to moisture. My parents have had Pergo laminate for over a decade that has a much, MUCH better moisture resistance. This floor bulks up very quickly when exposed to water so that's something to take into consideration.
This floor is a TOTAL pain in rear to keep clean. The high gloss makes it a nightmare especially with animals and kids. I can sweep and mop and in ten minutes there will be 10,000 paw prints and feet prints.

If I could do it all over again, I would not buy this flooring.
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on May 22, 2015
Fell in love with this floor when we remodeled our house. This was the flooring we choose for the entire house except the bathrooms. Looked gorgeous after it was installed. After two years of living with it here's what we've learned. High gloss= hard to stay clean. We have a 90 golden retriever and a toddler. You see every water spot, every ding, every Mark. Scuffs easily. Drop something and the finish comes right off. The seams click together in a little "v" shape...which means there is a tiny space between each board...dust magnet! Knowing what I know now I would not purchase again.
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on July 30, 2016
Not happy with this product at all. Self installed the flooring in our kitchen, dining room and living room. The guy at lumber liquidators said it doesn't scratch easily. If you drop a pillo on this floor it would make a mark. Some of the pieces the edging was not finished and looks horrible. When installing some of the edging chipped. This floor is not durable amd after only using it for a couple of months there are several imperfections that stand out. My parents installed Armstrong engineered hardwood and have not had any of the issues we have had. Next time I will do more research before making a flooring purchase.
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on November 26, 2013
When I first saw this floor i was amazed. But after about 6 months my amazement turned into nightmare. It can never look clean. i have experimented with all kinds of water and vinegar ideas you can't imagine. For pets, Just forget buying this floor. The main reason, I didn't like this floor wasn't the poor cleaning look it gave. But rather I felt their was a design flaw in the sealer used to bind the laminate to the substrate. I later realized that because after a few months of perfection in my cleaning, swollen gaps began to appear. But the swells were not in the seams, but rather under the laminate edges. This floor was not sealed properly at the factory, thus I will consider legal action against the maker. I have even followed all the recommended cleaning processes and my own. The edges should never swell at all. I hope others had noticed this problem, unless mine is a isolated case. Was the worse decision I made for a floor!
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on March 10, 2015
We put this floor in our living room, dining room, hallway, and all bedrooms in 2012. The only nice thing I can say about it is that it is pretty, the parts that aren't damaged. This floor has absolutely zero tolerance to any moisture, i.e. if you come out of the bathroom and 1/2 tsp water drips onto one of the cracks and you don't get it wiped up, you will have a permanent bubble in your floor. If you drop something with any weight to it, you will have a chip out of your floor. They are impossible to keep clean.The moment a foot or paw touches your clean floor, you will be able to see it in the light. I attributed this to our mistake of picking a dark floor with a shine to it, but I've read several online reviews where others believe their is a flaw in the finish. Finally I just discovered that this is one of the floors included in the formaldehyde controversy and worry about our health. Super disappointed. It took us years to save the money to put these floors in. BTW, I submitted the same review to LL website and it was not posted, strange....
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