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on November 13, 2006
"I want to tell you a story as it was told to me." This is the thesis of this wonderful three hour film. A grandfather tells his grandson (who has forgotten how to be an Indian) the Native American legends. The grandfather is a dreamkeeper who orally keeps the legends, culture and history of his people alive through stories passed down. Shane is a modern day 17 year old on the Res (the actual Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota) who embraces the gansta lifestyle.

By the end of the story you'll discover like Shane has that each of us as to walk the road of life (Good Red Road). Shane story is parallel to perhaps an ancestor of his named Eagle Boy who lived a thousand years ago. They are both on a Vision Quest (unknowingly to Shane). One of the many wonderful things about this film is that it doesn't just focus on the Lakota Nation legends, but many others for a more fuller experience. I will focus on a few major legends below to give you insight on the film:

1. Legend of Bluebird Woman and High Horse (Lakota): This is truly a treasure and the first of the many legends told by grandpa to hopefully help Shane resolve his conflicts (internal and external). You learn that a man's worth is in the good deeds he does. A real woman wants to be won with honor and not simply given away.

2. Legend of She Crosses The Water And The Thunder Spirit (Mohawk): This is almost like a dream world in the sky. This is truly visually stunning and another legend about love. You'll learn that we must always honor and respect the power of nature.

3. Legend of Tehan, The Red-Haired, White Kiowa (Kiowa): This is based on an actual story of a white man who became a true Native American. You will realize that a man's heart and spirit are more important that what blood he comes from.

4. Legend of Dirty Belly And The Dun Pony (Pawnee): This legend is truly inspiration, because it teaches that you should never count anyone out, because the least can have the ability to be the greatest. This legend has a message of faith during hard times.

5. Legend of Quillwork Girl And Her Seven Star Brothers (Cheyenne): This has to be my favorite legend, because it's simply dreamy! This is a creation story about the Big Dipper, showing us how dreams can guide us. We all should follow our dreams to realize our true destiny in life!

6. Legend of Raven (Chinook): This is a story of unselfishness, which Grandpa obviously tells Shane to inspire him to stop being so selfish and to start thinking about others. One must always think of community first in times of hardship.

7. Legend of Ekuskini And The Ghost Hunter (Blackfoot): This is a story about letting go and leaving the ghost of our past behind so we can embrace our future. We must all let go of our parents, while keeping their love deep within our hearts.

Shane Chasing Horse is a dynamic character, because he is not the same person he was at the beginning. We can learn a lot from our elders, and Grandpa makes sure that he tells Shane the importance of the stories in the sacred oral tradition. This film is a cultural treasure and the production value is as good as any blockbuster. I learned a lot about Native Americans and it made me proud to experience part of my own culture. After seeing this film no one will look at Native Americans again as those guys only used as props for John Wayne to resolve his conflict and become the the hero. In this filmatic masterpiece you'll discover many Native American heroes who will inspire you to walk the Good Red Road!

The bonus soundtrack is a treat as well, and for the price this dvd is a bargain! You will be truly enlightened and entertained! To be honest, I watch this film at least five times each year and I never tire of it, because it always leaves me wanting to know more about the Native American legends that helped shape a great people. God is Love!
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on June 23, 2017
Love this movie!!! Fast shipping, i think i got it in like 3-4 days. Thank you for that. The storey that this movie has is very moving! I think all young adults/ adults should watch this movie. The stories you see just makes you want to be a better person to yourself and others around you. Where its friends, family or coworkers.

You dont have to be native to have horner, respect and loyalty to your people. So please dont take it as its only a native movie. Its a very powerful movie!
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on June 19, 2012
Dreamkeeper is a story about a Lakota Grandfather and his Grandson living present day on the pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The movie depicts many aspects of the level of poverty that exists modern day. The movie captures the challenges and difficluties that exist within the Native culture present day and shows the struggles within the family of passing on the cultural and family history to todays youth. Dreamkeeper is a well put together film that covers numerous aspects of the sacred connection of the Native plains people and their culture. The director made great effortstime in researching and talking with Native people to capture and depict many of the concepts and characters within the film. One cannot make a film of this caliber without the help from the Spirit world. For those that know the Lakota culture, you can appreciate the accurate details of the portrayal of the Thunder beings and the numerous traditional cultural stories passed along in this film. There are many sacred songs and details within this film, it's something you have to watch many times to fully take in everything and truly understand it. This is a great film for those who want accuracy about the culture and those who are familiar with the culture will not be disappointed. This is a very special film that many people can take something from. A must see...
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on February 6, 2011
Some have taken issue with the Amazon Reviewer---have never read a review by any reviewer---perhaps your comments show why.
Dreamkeeper is an excellent film! Of 88 speaking parts, 87 were Indian, about time.

The camera work in this film is outstanding. The stereo cameras provide an almost
perfect match to the workings of the human eye---these facts from the special portion of the DVD.

Perhaps the most meaningful thing to me, are the legends from the Old Ones of our tribes. Have Cherokee blood from both paternal and maternal sides of family and Creek from paternal bloodline as well.

Some of our relatives were taken to Oklahoma to reservations there. The herding of our people to these pens broke the spirits of many. This, in my opinion, led to the reservation conditions we see today.

The stories are listed in other reviews here and will not duplicate the excellent efforts put forth there. The fact that Indians are shown telling the legends of our people is very meaningful.

Thank you to Robert Halmi,Sr and Jr the Producers;
John Fusco, one adopted into the Nation, for his Script;
Director of Photography Jon Hoffin;
Music by Stephen Warbeck;
and the directing by Steve Barron.

This is and outstanding work by so many of the Real People. Recommend it highly.
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on October 1, 2010
I love this movie i can't think of one bad thing to say about it. Everything the acting,cinemotography,effects and story main story and side stories are amazing. Everything about the movie is very authentic and also is done very respectfully to this countries first nations people finally. Most importantly the side stories are filled with great morals and connect with the main story very well. Being a eight or sixteenth cherokee but full blood in my heart something no one can take from me i must say one of my favorite stories is the one about the kiowa who accepts the texan as their own. Because whats in ones heart is more important than the colour of ones skin in a sense. The way the colours are done are spectacular offset creating a beautifully enchanting otherly world. Watch for john trudells appearance as coyote it is spectacular. I also must mention that while great morals can be learned from the stories i find them very funny too as i have always found the humor of the first nations people to be. I must say the directing is execptional. So anyone looking for a movie that isn't one giant work of steryotyping or pity but instead want to learn some of their legends done with respect and authenticity should watch this.
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on April 16, 2010
If we feel our two-footedness, we are all natives on this planet. The richness of this perspective is uniquely spoken and palpably felt through these oral stories drawn from multiple Native American traditions.

One of the most convincing strengths for me was that 87 out of 88 actors/actresses were natives. Their consultation, as well as that of other native professionals throughout the film, was actively saught and heeded seriously. This diligence truly shows. Profoundly so. I was particularly intrigued when an elder and member of the acting team confirmed later (under added features) that the "white" film director consistently gave priority for their own way of expression rather than requiring scenes and lines be done to suit his preconceived vision.

I am not a "native" in the sense this term is used here. Still, even when I felt like a guest, I knew I had been given a privileged glimpse of an ancient people's treasures, interwoven skillfully with modern life. I felt transported between past and present native reality, but more importantly into their "other worlds" of spirit, dreaming and sacred myths. While permitted to travelling along with a grandfather and his troubled grandson on this red path, I gained more connectedness and reverence.

Although the visual effects were indeed fascinating, for me the power of these stories would not have necessarily required such cinematics. At times I was almost a little overwhelmed/distracted by them.

The myths speak for themselves. I can easily appreciate that native peoples might encounter even deeper significance in them than I have, as an outsider. I am glad if this is so. I am also deeply thankful for the opportunity to have witnessed them too through the DreamKeeper!
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on April 22, 2004
I was so happy to hear that a film was finally going to be made of the stories of the diverse Native tribes of North America, with actors native to those tribes, none the less! The story of a young man who has made bad decisions in life who is driving his grandfather to the First Nations pow wow, while hearing stories of heroism, danger, tragedy and love is beautifully done. The acting is strong, and it was great to see the beautiful, authentic costumes of the diverse cultures.
This film was a long time coming, and I really hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in Native film in the United States. For too long, indigenous people have been played by Whites with black wigs and ugly, unconvincing makeup. Also, the portrayal of natives in mainstream media is embarressing and offensive (yes, even in this day and age--things actually haven't changed that much since the days of John Wayne). We need to honor and remember the great contributions native people have made in their communities, and in their traditions that were alive long before other groups of people immigrated here. Not all people know that there are over 500 indigenous groups. Think of all the cultures within those groups, and all of the stories that must exist that haven't been told to a mainstream audience. I hope that Dreamkeeper becomes an inspiration for the new generations, and that they take the torch and run with it!
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on March 10, 2011
This is a great movie. It is about a grandson in trouble who agrees to drive his grandfather on one last roadtrip. On the way, the grandfather tells stories, stories that reflect on the life of his grandson and the values that he should realize in his own life. The stories are based on various Native American tales and interweave the mundane with the magical.

It has great special effects, but more than that is it is a story that should inspire and give a small glimpse into a different worldview.

Spider and Coyote are my favorites in this; two tricksters trying to out-trick each other and the only one who wins in the end is (spoiler alert) Spider's wife.

All of the stories interweave and center around the grandson learning his true heart, his true value, and where his true power comes from. Highly recommended for teens and for those who are asking themselves some of the same questions.

The only quibble is that this movie is very very long, but we just broke up watching it into two nights.
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on September 6, 2005
After having seen many low-budget films dealing with native american indians I was, at first, hesitant to watch this DVD. However, my curiosity got the better of me and I bought it and put it in he dvd-player, turned down the lights and began my three hour viewing adventure. I was immediately aware that this was actually a well made movie. The story centers around a native indian and his grandson. The grandson who is beginning to take the wrong road, but is fortunate enough to spend time with his grandfather to spare him that journey. The grandfather who is a story-teller takes his grandson on a day's journey and it is during this journey and during the stories that we see a plethora of tales of life as an indian, from 100 years ago to 400 years ago - tales of magic, triumph and good morals as well. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves native indian movies, is interested in their culture or is just into a good family movie. Lots of good family-value stuff in this film - I'd rate it two-thumbs-up.
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on October 13, 2013
I purchased this for a World Mythology course I teach, because there are a lot of Native American myths included that are well represented through dramatizations. It's very good, gave it 4 stars instead of 5 partly because there's one part of the movie in which there's a stereotype of a white "new age-esque" character who's an "Indian wannabe" as the grandson character calls him. This felt cliche and stereotypical, even though there's a parallel between that modern day character and an adopted red haired white man in a Native American tribe in the 1800s. Also, the scene in which a vehicle filled with gorgeous, young Native American girls stops on the side of the road to offer a ride to the stranded grandfather, grandson, the wannabe and a band of gang-bangers was reminiscent of a similar scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber - just doesn't seem plausible. Other than those sort of small cliche quirks, the movie, especially the telling of Native American myths, is very well done and the movie as a whole is enjoyable.
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