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on July 20, 2013
This is the sequal to the first attempt to put this comic character ( I believe he may be mostly popular in Australia and possibly England though there is also a following in the US) on the silver screen The first was ""Judge Dredd" starring Sylvester Stallone, a totally dreadful Movie( no pun intended, but the move was a terrible adaption of the Dredd character). This movie removes much of the over the top costuming of the 1st movie, even if at times the silli costuming was more consistent with the comic book, in favor of still pretty odd but more functional gear. You never actually see Dredd's face, which is just one of several subtle political message overtones that I chose to ignor in favor of simply enjoying the ride of this intense non- stop action movie.
As in the comic, it takes place in a post- apocalyptic world (don't they all?) where most of the viable living space has been destroyed and remaining mankind are forced to live in extremely congested and squalid high rise ghetto-like structures located in massive urban cities crowded with millions of inhabitants. Gangs and criminality are everywhere and the remaining powers that be have resorted to the use of highly specialized forces that act as judge, jury and, if need be, on the spot executioner. The movie takes place with judge Dredd and a female rookie who is a mutant with enhanced ESP powers and on her test run to become a judge.
As any comic transfer, this would sound like a silly premise but in fact the CGI is very good, the movie really proved to be unique in many aspects and the acting pretty good. Not surprisingly, if violence and Sci Fi is not your thing, then this is not for you. But this has genuine suspense, leaves you rooting for a hero in spite of his human flaws and ended leaving me eager for a sequal.
Believe me when I say this is NOT an Asylum made for tv cheesy SviFi movie. There are no giant bizarro creatures, aliens nor Zombies who win just when you think the movie is over and the day was saved. All the characters are human and the plot easily connects to current events. However it is no " Citizen Zane' so don't expect award nominations.
So, why the 5 stars? Simply because both my wife and I just plain enjoyed it. We never felt we were watching something geared for adolescents, we could enjoy and have a good time without delving into any deeper political messages, though one is free to do so if they please, and we found the gadgets, story-line and special effects and costuming all engaging. We liked it enough to purchase the 3D version. Absolutely, you do NOT need the 3D version to enjoy this flick, but I want to say the 3d translation, while not quite as good as it could have been (true of so many 3D movies) still capable of adding a huge and enjoyable dimension. We became aware of events that completely passed by our awareness in the 2D version.
Finally, I understand some of the lower ratings. Movies are a very personal thing, just like wine, food and the opposite sex. I am simply writing as a fan of SciFi who is weary of all the zombie, giant creatures and vampire/ werewolfs, and horribl CGI that pass for entertainment lately.
As for me, I am no kid. I am a " mature" citizen who still happens to like many of the same things I did in my youth. If you watch this movie, I truly hope you enjoy it!
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I enjoyed the movie immensely. From the characters to the location, I really felt like the showed the spirit of the comic in this movie. I only wish we could get a follow up.

Karl Urban's Judge Dredd is so much more accurate than the previous movie. I liked that this was just another day in Dredd's life. Dealing out justice in Mega-City One and training the rookie.
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on September 1, 2013
I did not have high hopes for this film when I first heard about. Due to this initial reaction to the film I decided to skip the theater release and wait for the rental. Being a fan of the original 2000AD comic and having been let down by the pervious Dredd film it seemed to me that this film was going to be just another 3D remake with no thought to the source material.

Long story short, I was wrong on every count. This film gets it all right in relation to the Dredd mythology and the 3D even works. Honestly this is one of the best uses of 3D I have ever seen, and it relates to the story instead of just being a tacked on effect.

I also want to give special nod credit to Karl Urban who plays Judge Dredd who, like the comic character does not ever take his helmet off.

If your on the fence about this film and your a fan of Scifi give this film a chance.
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on December 8, 2016
The movie is extra loud. I had some issues with some blurring issues with my plasma in the corners of the film for the first 8 minutes, then it went away. Never happened on any other movie. The 3D is great for the city scene's and the Slo-mo action scenes, but not as great as some people make it out to being in the best 10 3D movies out there. The only problem is the the 3D and 5.1 surround sound. Who ever mixed this movie down did a crap job of it. They made all the bullets come from the back speakers instead of a mix of in the back and in front of you. The volume overload on the bullets rivals Saving Private Ryan in terms of loudness. The movie was only at 22% volume and my neighbor came a knocking about how loud the movie was.
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on February 20, 2015
This movie kicked major was better than what I expected considering the last Dredd movie. The plot was a bit simple and thin, but it was definitely a good action flick. Lot's of CGI and gory violence. I'd like to have seen it in 3D. Kind of weird that Urban never takes off his helmet, but who cares right? He's got bullets flying at him all the time. I think this needs a sequel for sure. The movie was a bit of a ripoff from The Raid.
If you want to see a heck of an action flick, see The Raid 1 & 2.
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on March 20, 2013
I don't usually buy hard copies of films but when I heard the DVD sales of Dredd will determine if the movie gets a sequel or not, I felt like I had to chip in. It doesn't hurt that this is a great movie and is worth owning anyways.

You'll love the colors, the sound design, the slow motion effects, the simple plot, the setting, and the characters.

You'll hate the slow motion effects, the simple plot, the low budget, and the feeling of wanting more.

For some the slow motion will disrupt the pace of the film but for others it will enhance the 3D experience and visual one as well. The fact the movie takes place all in one building block, might put off some viewers due to lack of variety in setting but some might think of it as a neat storytelling tool; It makes it feel like the story is taking place in real-time. The low budget means that there are moments that feel like there could have been more or done better if the budget were higher; for example, the movie might have taken place in more than one building block or had a more climactic ending. Speaking of the ending, it is more or less lacking. I feel that this is a fault due to the script as much as it is because of the budget. The whole movie feels like a demo for potential Dredd sequels.

Regardless of all this, I really enjoyed watching Dredd and I am curious to see more of him, Anderson and Mega City 1. Urban IS Dredd, his performance had me smiling the whole time. Thrilby as Anderson gave me another celebrity crush. And Mega City 1 is a setting with SO much possibilities for future stories (can't say much without spoiling some plot points).

Buy it, love it, and pray for a sequel with as much vigor as this one.

9/10 would judge again.
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on October 24, 2016
This is one of my all-time favorite comic book movie adaptations. Stellar acting on all parts, amazing cinematography, and very accurate depiction of what the comic book authors intended. Definitely under-rated in my humble opinion. Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby are perfect together on screen. One of my favorite movies from both actors.

The violence doesn't ever seem excessive given the scenarios the characters are in. It is a bit gruesome, but I feel like that's what was lacking in modern comic based movies. An "R" rated movie for mature audiences for sure, but a must-see for those that enjoy a more gritty and dark style of film.

Let's give this movie the love and respect it deserves!
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on February 14, 2015
I've been a long time fan of the Dredd comics, and I have to say, the level of respect the director and Karl Urban approached this project with is a beautiful thing. Stalone's Judge Dredd has ruined Dredd for so many people because it was a Stalone film. He had to show his face, he had to be relatable and likeable, there had to be comedic relief and there had to be a hero. Dredd will not provide a whole lot of that for you AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT,THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE. Dredd in the comics is not likeable. He's not funny. He's not a hero, not really. He doesn't show his face and never has in the comics. Dredd is the law. The law is faceless, it doesn't care if you like it, and its sure not funny. He is a cold man that enforces the law to the letter of the word-black and white absent any grey in between. Our world is a dying place infested with crime, poverty, and the corrupt. Only 5% of all calls can be answered by the judges and that number is going down by the day. Bleak, hopeless,but powerful imagery thats a setup for a great action movie with a great action "hero". The violence never feels forced or fake as it does in so many movies. The plot isnt a crazy one. Just another day bringing what small amount of justice a certified badass can bring to the grim futuristic Mega City One. Great great movie, watch it.
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on May 24, 2014
Everyone associates Judge Dredd to that campy movie with Sylvester Stallone. That movie was mildly entertaining, but was not the exemplification of the comic series. It was silly in parts and comic relief from Rob Schneider was tired and boring

Karl Urban makes a MUCH better Judge Dredd than Stallone. His character was cold and calculating, just as in the comics. He never raised his voice for inflection, as someone in complete control of any situation. Just another day at the office.

The visuals are absolutely stunning, especially the slow motion in the film. Such as the skin rippling on a heavy dude when a round strikes his gut and we see the penetration in slow motion. I saw the 2d version first on Netflix and just KNEW it was a 3d film because of the effects. I was right, because this was filmed in 3d, not a conversion. I absolutely LOVE this movie.

I have the Sharp Aquos 4 color HD TV and the colors pop on the screen. You have never seen yellow on TV until you've watched a 4 color Aquos.

Lots of blood and gore though, but I love that detail!
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on November 1, 2016
If you're expecting this to be a tepid remake of the 1995 1-star piece of flop starring Sylvester Stallone you will be very pleasantly surprised. This movie is gritty, gory, and absolutely spectacular. There is no way to gauge Urban's performance, other than it is robotic and bears comparisons to Peter Weller's old Robocop character .. but robotic seems to be the way most "judges" are wired. The real knockout performance is delivered by Lena Headey as Ma-Ma, the vicious arch-villain and drug kingpin . She is superb.

This movie is worth watching just to see things blown apart with huge, belt-fed machine guns. It's a can't-miss action/adventure flick you won't regret purchasing.
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