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on February 12, 2013
This book opens with a bang (wink, wink) and doesn't stop. If you are someone who reads the weekly celebrity gossip magazines, blogs, etc. this is a dream come true. Brandi Glanville does in this book what fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are use to, she opens up her unfiltered mouth and doesn't close it until its all out there, warts and all.(almost literally;) Brandi is rare, especially by celebrity standards. She doesn't just dish other's dirt, she is more than willing to disclose her own short-comings, mistakes, criminal mischief, sexual exploits and...well...pretty much anything else that comes to her pretty little mind. It is a hilarious read that had me laughing out loud. And while Brandi as much as admits herself that she doubts anyone reading is looking for real life advice, she does give some really good information in her reflections, if you are willing to accept it. I would very much recommend this book. But it is not for the uptight, as she rarely sensors herself and at times has you asking, "Where is this chick's publicist?" There are many amazing one-liner's that will, no doubt, go viral. I say more power to you Ms. Glanville!! Any book that has me reading through the night because I just can't put it down, is a best seller and money well spent. Bravo Brandi!
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on December 19, 2013
I'm not a fan of gossip magazines, LeAnn Rimes, nor reality tv shows, but curiosity got the better of me after reading a sample of this book.

I'd heard LeAnn's "Spitfire" album and found it raw, complex, and very human, and largely inspired by her legendary bad behavior. Bad behavior that inspired this book.

This book casts a light on the hardest times in one woman's life, and despite being quite sad, Brandi manages to be entertaining, even funny, and occasionally insightful too. Parts of the narrative feel a little disjointed, or perhaps convey 2 truths at once "LeAnn was the one woman he couldn't let go" "He only left me because I ended it."

Provided information isn't filtered by a NDA (and really, good job LeAnn and Eddie on that move, because Brandi would've spilled those beans for sure) Brandi doesn't censor herself. The only bit she did censor was a nasty comment Eddie made about her lady bits, which was probably too humiliating, considering how the time of her life covered in this book was downright gut wrenching, embarrassing, and difficult. Detailed in this book are Propecia, Eddie's sexual performance, LeAnn's addiction to false eyelashes and platforms, and making out with her friends to fulfill a fantasy for Eddie because a trophy wife has got to #KeepItSexy. #ThatWorkedOutGreat.

Brandi comes across as a woman who's gone with life, doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on who she really is, what she's doing, or sometimes where she's going. I find it an interesting study of perspective, identity, having a sense of humor, coming through the fire, and just being real. It's a breezy read, certainly, but it's also very human underneath the hashtags, racy bits, and swear words. She's amusing, she's fragile, she cares a lot about her relationships, she has self doubts, she wants desperately to be loved and desired. So basically, on some level she's easy to relate to because she's totally human, even if her lifestyle is quite different and the players semi-famous.

People have many opinions about the players in this scandal, as infidelity, particularly where children are involved, is naturally a hot-button issue. And Brandi's divorce seemed particularly crummy. I am sure there's a reason she's not allowed to call Eddie directly, or the house, or whatever (maybe she calls them drunk in the middle of the night to scream PIGS at the top of her lungs), but as Brandi has conveyed herself in this book as someone who never even established credit, never had a chance to get a good lawyer in her divorce, indeed, never had a chance to be an equal adversary (or partner) to her soon to be ex, it seems excessive.

If anything, this book is a warning to all people who want to settle for being a trophy in their marriage to a Ken doll. It doesn't matter how good your life looks, it doesn't matter how hot the romance is, you need to know what's going on. You can't sleep through your marriage and fall for your own pretty princess (or prince) dreams. Reality will start knocking at your door louder and louder until you wake the heck up.

Try the sample. If you like it, as I did, the remainder of the book will not disappoint.
Hastags may look stupid on FB, but they amuse even me here. It works well.
Swear words may bother some, but seriously. I don't even watch her show, but if I did I'm pretty sure I would be aware who's telling the story here.
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on January 7, 2017
I loved this book! I was never a big Brandi fan when I watched RHOBH, but I decided to give this book a try, hoping to get a little Hollywood dirt. I'm so glad I did: I fpund that i actually really like Brandi! She is very real and very funny! I found myself literally laughing out loud several times while reading. I plan to get her second book now, and I would actually love it if she did a autobiography from childhood to present day. This book is definitely an entertaining read!
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on February 17, 2013
Received the book & started it late one evening, woke up early the next day & finished it before noon for it's that good!! Love the way it's written, Brandi is spicy, unfiltered, honest, refreshing & list is endless.... Not to mention with a heart of gold... This book is filled with goodies' from stages of her early age life to present & she fills in all the blanks with details as only Brandi' can do, UNfiltered........ Have to be honest, from her 'edited' appearance on the show I wasn't sure how much she'd put out there, however, her book doesn't leave out any ingredent whatsoever & is absolutely delightful, the real deal done with Brandi's comments along with that humor & witt that I so enjoy........

Always have been a Brandi' fan from the moment she appeared on 'RHOBH' & look forward to seeing her weekly. Her book is absolutely enjoyable with brutal honesty & tons of witt..... Again, GREAT READ!!!! Thank you Brandi & would LOVE for another to be forthcoming......... LOVED IT!!!!

Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders
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on January 13, 2014
I read this at the pool one Sunday afternoon. It's funny. satirical. and just a light read. Really made me hate LeAnn Rimes more than I already did, and it also is sort of inspiring. lol. I'm looking forward to her next one. which, come to think of it, is probably already out..
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on May 15, 2014
I like Brandi so was excited to get a glimpse into her private life, not just the silly, mouthy, drunken antics on the tv show that make her character interesting.
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on February 18, 2013
Brandi was raw and uncut. In the first season of RHOBH I really didn't care for her. When she appeared again on the following season you got to know her better and where she is coming from. I was originally going to pass on the book because you know everything from the t.v. show and tabloids. After seeing it on the top 25 list I bought it on a whim.

I coulnd't put this book down! It was hilarious, and sad. She talks about everything from Leann Rimes, plastic surgery, and how she ended up where she is now.
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on March 25, 2014
Brandi's take on things is very entertaining. The book read quickly and has a strange appeal. This book was worth the reading.
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on May 23, 2015
One of my favorite books at the moment . I love BrandiGlanville. I think she is funny and the way she articulates this book is truthful and hilarious at the same time. I like how she holds nothing back speaks her mind and still doesn't care. However she's not like that dumb blonde you expect her to be. And I love her no holds bar attitude and the way she says things without thinking and is on apologetic .
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on March 9, 2013
Hilarious. You know she wrote it because she writes like she talks. A real and exposed memoir of a painful and oftentimes funny situation that either you have been through or know someone who has. Just in the public eye.
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