Customer Reviews: Drive Angry
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on August 24, 2011
People and their nasty reviews...shame on you! I loved this movie, it had action, humor, and awesomeness all rolled in together. I mean yes a lot of people died, but the humor and the chase was amazing, i just cannot get around people not liking it! I am especially in love with the "accountants" performance, he cracked my funny bones to pieces! People these days need to get a sense of humor with a dash of let it ride...without bashing the serious into it! I give it a high five! :)
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on March 1, 2011
If you have any morals, this movie is not for you. Thankfully, I do not. Drive Angry is sure to offend some(the ones who shouldn't see it in the first place), for others, it will be an extremely satisfying affair. Packed full of F bombs, shot off limbs, and naked trailer trash, Drive Angry goes full throttle for all of its 104 minutes. As a huge Nicolas Cage fan(minus The Wicker Man and 8MM), he doesn't disappoint, but he wasn't the scene stealer. This honor would go to William Fichtner(the Accountant) for his hilarious portrayal of Satan's bounty hunter(in a way). Amber Heard also quite impresses as a strong female co-star who can hold her own in a fight.

While the plot is not incredibly complex(man escapes hell to rescue his granddaughter from a cult that plans to sacrifice her), it is enjoyable. Packed full of all the guilty pleasures and soon to be classic one liners, Drive Angry will not disappoint the sinner inside you.
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on February 25, 2011
Drive Angry has trashy B movie goodness all over it. You have your excessive gore, nudity, foul language and one laughable plot, but it all adds up to a pretty enjoyable flick. The story is beyond simplistic. A guy breaks out of hell and has to evade capture while searching for someone very important to him.

Nicolas Cage sure has had way more misses than hits in recent years (Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass being the standouts), but I liked his mellow approach to this character. You would think of all movies, this would be the one he would go overboard, but he wisely tones it down a few notches. Amber Heard plays the sidekick role, which she tries to inject with toughness. It didn't always work, but she adds a dose of energy and is quite the babe. Did I say she is hot? The standout by far is William Fichtner as hell's accountant. Basically he is the dude Satan sends out when someone manages to escape. You can tell he is having a great time and like Cage, he doesn't stray into the overacting category.

The 3-D was okay, but for a film that claims to be "Shot in 3-D" I wasn't that impressed. The CGI ranged from good to average, but for a movie like this, I didn't expect it to be polished.

If you liked Planet Terror, Death Proof or Piranha 3-D, you should have a blast with this one. It's cinemas equivalent to greasy fast food among the current Oscar nominated fillet minions.
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on February 25, 2011
Writer Todd Farmer and director Patrick Lussier really seemed to make the most of their partnership once they started working together. On their own, they brought us films like Jason X, Dracula 2000 and its sequels, and White Noise 2. Other than Jason X getting a pass from loyal horror and Friday the 13th fans, you don't really hear much about those other films. Drive Angry is technically only the second time Farmer and Lussier have collaborated with one another, but their first outing together was My Bloody Valentine which was actually a hell of a lot of fun. Not to mention the two horror buffs are currently attached to two projects that seem to have been in the works for ages; Halloween III and the Hellraiser reboot. So how would Drive Angry measure up to My Bloody Valentine? Would it be just as fun and would the 3D be utilized properly? How terrible would Nicolas Cage be? Turns out that if you're a fan of the previous work Farmer and Lussier have become associated with, you have nothing to worry about with Drive Angry.

How is it that every character in the main cast is a total badass? It's because of that that it's hard to dislike anyone in the film including Nicolas Cage. Cage seems a little dull at first. When he mutters the line, "Tell him...I'm comin'!" it sounds a bit stiff and it isn't clear what type of performance Cage is going to give. Milton is actually Cage's most entertaining role since Big Daddy. He makes it seem so natural to be so angry while also being this unstoppable vigilante that just broke out of hell. Amber Heard's Piper comes off like she has a bigger pair of balls than any man she comes in contact with. She isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with anyone and she usually comes out on top. William Fichtner may be the most entertaining part of the cast. He's been sent by the big man downstairs to retrieve Milton and bring him back to hell. His quick wit combined with the tricks he pulls off with that coin he carries around and his practically endless arsenal of superhuman abilities cause all eyes to be glued to him whenever he walks on screen. Then there's Billy Burke whose Jonah King character is a satanic cult leader convinced that he can't be harmed by anything from this earth. Jonah is such a despicable character that you're practically rooting for his character to bite it by the time his wicked plan is about to come to fruition.

In addition to the film's cast, the writing is fairly entertaining as well. If you're familiar with anything Farmer or Lussier have done, you can pretty much expect events in the film to get a little outrageous or extremely outlandish at times. To tell the truth, that's half the charm of their films and what makes them so much fun. Does anyone else remember how people were saying that films like Crank or The Expendables were just kind of fun action films that you didn't have to think hard about? While that statement failed to register with me about those two films since I disliked both immensely, it fits extremely well with films by Farmer and Lussier except their films have a little more of a horror twist to them. The dialogue stood out at times, as well. There's a line Jonah spits out to Piper that went something like, "I could shoot you in the throat right now and watch you gurgle while I eat my morning grapefruit..." Some may consider that terrible, but the way Burke says it and the context it resides in really hit home with me. Cage also delivers a rather standout speech about how he had to watch his daughter suffer in hell while staring into a barrel of fire that is pretty memorable.

The humor in the film slides into the storyline fairly smoothly. Everything from sarcastic one-liners to a rather obese man taking a picture of a naked woman lying on the sidewalk with his cell phone will be sure to get a fair amount of laughs. The coffee scene with Nicolas Cage is just really hilarious. All of that over black coffee and sugar. Todd Farmer's Frank may get the most laughs and audience reaction though, especially once Fichtner's The Accountant shows up. Drive Angry is just able to effectively blend action, comedy, and horror into this exceptionally entertaining film that engrosses your attention from beginning to end.

Drive Angry is just ridiculous fun. It has an incredibly solid cast, an excessive amount of explosions and high octane car chases, and there's enough blood and T&A to satisfy the most deprived R-rated film enthusiasts. The 3D deserves to be mentioned, as well. Having shotgun shells, severed limbs, various amounts of debris, and a countless amount of bullets practically fall into your lap should be a good enough reason to see this film in theaters. Drive Angry actually being an extremely satisfying and extraordinary action film is just a bonus.
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on August 21, 2011
This is a fun film where the morals are very highly delineated, and the sense of purpose is very clear. As one amazing morality play, it fits perfectly in a corrupt world, and in a world where film makers are made to adhere to an arbitrary code, Lussier and Cage, collaborate to make a film of mythic proportions. For those stuck on issues about the F bomb, please note that Milton never swears once during the entire film. He has a pure sense of purpose with a not so pure method ( now where in real life have we heard those points before ???? :-)... mmm, well, just about every war in at least the last 20 years). The film is made to entertain however, the modern films are the worlds mythology. This realm is where in one scene Milton promises to drink out of Frank's skull, and achieves that in the end scenes. The sense of dramatic come-uppance that the bad guys get is very tangible, as is the surreal way it is delivered. After all, this is not reality, this is escapism. Watch this film without some preconceptions, and you might see the massive mythic component, and one has to do with the sacrifice of the baby ... check out what satan's minions ( Milton and the accountant) have to say about the Cult's viewpoint. But as Lussier says in the commentary, you make up your mind. And also check out the images I dropped into the shared image area about the coin, and the God-killer, I would love to see what you have to say in your review, but please watch the film ( it is a fun film to watch , and I do have morals) before writing your review. Also, listen to the commentary.
And to Emphasize the fun side: the title of this film comes from the Bill Murray film GROUND HOG DAY , where Bill tells Phil not to Drive Angry before he goes off the cliff.
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on August 11, 2011
I have found anything that Nicholas Cage is in is never never boring. He really plays this one to the core. I have watched this one three times and still find it very interesting. Don't care a lot of the sex parts of the movie. It's a get down bad and dirty movie. No child should ever watch this one.This is close to the version Ghost Rider. And I loved that movie even more. Good verses evil.
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on July 5, 2011
If you want to make a pretentious person frustrated, tell them that your favorite actor is Nic Cage. It is very hard for people who care about what others think of them to enjoy a Nicoloas Cage movie mainly because Cage clearly is the opposite of them; it is obvious that the Oscar-winner really doesn't give a flying-flip what you or any other critic thinks.

"Drive Angry" is the best movie I've seen so far in 2011 (I'm seeing "Tree of Life" tomorrow, maybe that will change). On that point, it is the most entertained I've been at a theater since late 2007 when I watched "No Country for Old Men". Now, if you're a moron that can only think in binary terms, you are probably thinking, "How can this guy compare those two?!" or, "How is this guy who enjoyed this piece of junk going to enjoy 'Tree of Life'". Well, let me explain: my tastes are not defined by my pathetic need to be seen as "cultured" or "intelligent" by others.

"Drive Angry" has everything good action movies should have. Lots of explosions, car chases, terribly graphic violence, naked chicks, guns, guns, guns, and a satanic cult. NO, I'm not comparing it to "Terminator 2", but alot of the leather-clad butt-rockiness of this movie gave off the same aura as that classic. Also, the story is incredibly original, unless you can tell me about another movie where a dude escapes from hell to rescue his granddaughter from a satanic cult whilst dodging Satan's reconnaissance agent. Cage is awesome just for being Cage, but I also enjoyed William Fichtner's role as The Accountant.

Briefly, I also want to say how grateful I am that this movie is rated R. Too many movies today are rated PG-13, thereby leaving out the bullets to heads, f-bombs, and gratuitous nudity that keep annoying families out of theaters.

What I really don't understand is how so many people will drool all over Tarantino flick's that seek to emulate trashy cinema and then not enjoy the real deal. Accept no substitue, "Drive Angry" is the real modern grindhouse flick. It is a movie too busy being awesome to think, and it really doesn't care what your film school boyfriend thinks.

Actually, I do understand why somebody would like a Tarantino rip off of trashy cinema but not like this; because this movie doesn't have Tarantino's name on it. And people are so dumb that somebodies name being on something will immediately make them rate it higher than it really should be. Did people actually enjoy "Inglorious Basterds"? They wouldn't if it hadn't of had Tarantino's name on it.

Drive Angry 4Lyfe!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 24, 2011
I'll start off by saying that this movie is not for everyone. First, you need to have a tolerence for Nicholas Cage -- I don't mind the guy, but I know a lot of people can't stand him. If you're in this group, don't even bother with the movie.
This is also not a movie that you expect a reasonable plot from -- you need to be "OK" (and preferably enjoy) over the top movies that don't make sense at times.

If you're okay with that, you'll probably like Drive Angry.

My issue with the film itself is that it seemed to be going for a modern over-the-top exploitation/grindhouse type film (something like Planet Terror, the Crazy 88's scene in Kill Bill, or Machine Girl), but it just never reaches that level. Reading the editorial review on the product page, it sounds like this is one of the most over-the-top films out there, filled with insane explosions, sex and violence throughout. There are parts in it that just fall flat or could have been so much better. Overall I'd give it about a 3.5/5 for the movie. If you're going to make a movie like that, you've gotta go "all out" as the storyline alone isn't going to win any awards. Would a "toned down" Planet Terror be as entertaining?

The 2-disc Blu-Ray 3D combo contains a 3D Blu-Ray (3D-only) with no extras and a Blu-Ray 2D with commentary, deleted scenes and more. Somewhat plain for a newer release, and I would have liked to see some more behind the scenes stuff than what's on it.

Both discs are in 1080p, 1.78:1 and have DTS-HD Master Audio which sounds great!

The 3D in this movie works well -- it was filmed natively in 3D (meaning it wasn't shot in 2D and converted) so it looks much more natural and shows more depth. I didn't find any ghosting in it, but I'm using a newer 3DTV (Panasonic DT30). Most of the movie uses depth - different layers seeming to go deep into the TV, but there are quite a few "pop out" scenes (including the usual gimmicks you're used to, like flipping a coin up towards the camera so it flies towards you). I thought these made the 3D presentation even more enjoyable, and it was nice to see them use a number of these throughout (opposed to just depth, and 1 or 2 popouts in the movie). The 2D presentation also looks very good, but if possible you'll want to watch it in 3D.
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on July 24, 2011
I have watched this movie in 2-d and really loved the movie. Has a great story line and plot. But in 3-D it really came alive and the price was great. Most 3-D Movies in the store are $35.00 and up plus tax. I paid far less even with the shipping.
Thanks again AMAZON YOU ROCK !!!!!Drive Angry 3D BD [Blu-ray]
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 5, 2011
Thank goodness Nicolas Cage has gotten his la-de-dah ADAPTATION / LEAVING LAS VEGAS phase out of the way, because now he can really focus on firming up his acting legacy by way of starring in as many cheesy action movies as humanly possible. Look out, Michael Dudikoff.

Except that DRIVE ANGRY's outlandish premise is sure-fire bait for cats like me. Nicolas Cage plays "John Milton" - and how many of you caught that bit of literature? - an undead fugitive what broke out of Hell to avenge his daughter's murder and to save his captive baby grand-child from a Satanic cult. Milton tears thru mythical places such as Laughter, Colorado and Still Water Marsh, Louisiana and, uh, Oklahoma, as he relentlessly tracks the demented cult leader Jonah King (Billy Burke). Along the way Milton gains the help of the lovely, two-fisted waitress Piper (Amber Heard), and there they go, tearing off in Piper's wicked 1969 Dodge Charger 440, hellbent for justice, B-movie grindhouse style. But Milton and Piper are racing against the clock. Once the full moon hovers high, Milton's grand-child will be sacrificed in a demonic ritual intended to bring about - and this can only be said in caps - THE END OF THE WORLD (world world world...).

Meantime, the demonic Accountant (William Fichtner, all unflappable), the Devil's top repo agent, has been deployed to retrieve Milton, drag the taciturn sucker back to Tartarus, preferably kicking and screaming. The Accountant, with his quirks and that insouciant gleam in his eye, is instantly my favorite character in this film. Nicolas Cage would've done well to have generated a like gleam in his eye. He settles for a bullet hole in the eyeball. Not the same.

Thru all the over-the-top splatterfest and the gratuitous nudity and the rampant f-bombs you can almost feel director Patrick Lussier blatantly not apologizing. He set out to make a riproaring, wildly violent grindhouse flick and damnation if he didn't get away with it. Somewhere, Quentin Tarantino just stained his pants. DRIVE ANGRY is essentially one long chase scene which occasionally detours into Shootemupville and Boobytown. Amber Heard instantly makes an impression, with her hot bod and take-no-guff-from-anyone attitude. Nicolas Cage plays it cool but detached which is de rigueur for Cage when starring in most of his action flicks. But a Nick Cage who's sold out is still pretty watchable. No one else can quite be as indifferently cool. DRIVE ANGRY wrests four stars out of five from me, based some on Cage's effort, some on Fichtner's attention grabbing performance, and on Amber Heard's fight, and on the film's excesses and nutty attitude and sheer chutzpah. This is a fun movie. But, then again, I'm the kinda guy who'd rather watch DRIVE ANGRY over LEAVING LAS VEGAS any day, any time. DRIVE ANGRY doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is: a slice of awesome supernatural action-packed B-movie shlock with nice bits of nudity.

The DVD's bonus stuff: Audio Commentary by director/co-writer Patrick Lussier and co-writer Todd Farmer; "How to: DRIVE ANGRY" - the Making Of the Film (00:18:16 minutes long); "Milton's Mayhem" - as we revisit scenes featuring Milton inflicting bodily damage on various scumbags, a score board appears onscreen which grades his acts of violence (there may also be style points alloted) (00:09:27 minutes); and 2 Deleted Scenes (totaling 00:01:33 minutes).
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