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on April 26, 2016
WARNING!!! This peddler gets EXTREMELY HOT after using!!! I had no idea and I bent down to adjust the tension and rested my arm on it. I have an instant blister. I don't know what I would have done if my 18 month old had touched it!!
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on October 17, 2016
It works for about 5 minutes at a time, at which point you have to readjust the tension bolt. You could continue for maybe 5 more minutes, but then it needs like an hour of cooldown so it stops overheating. I just used it for 25 minutes so I could watch some Youtube videos and around 16 minutes in, the heat had traveled down the bar and through the plastic pedals. It began squeaking at around 15 minutes in from being so overheated.

I expect this to last maybe a week of light use - definitely no more than 30 minutes a day. But if you're fine with those restrictions, then by all means, purchase this product for home use.

Might want to keep away from dogs and children, though, due to the heat generated.


UPDATES - Machine was used for 30-60 minutes a day with reasonable intensity (115 to 125 bpm), spaced out during the day. Here were the results:

Day 3 - Adjusting the tension after 10 minutes, put arm down to tun the knob and got a small burn. Not the blister you see in the other photos of this product, just an immediate red mark. Machine works fine, just continues to overheat. Again, you MUST space out your use of this machine or you WILL get burnt. Dog has already been successfully trained to stay away from it.

Day 5 - Some random metal pieces fell off from who knows where, and machine now permanently squeaks. Turn your volume up to drown it out.

Day 6 - Foot strap fell off during the night when I wasn't around. I found the plastic pieces on the ground, looks like they were strained and fell out over night (since the pedal rests downwards, the plastic supports the strap when it isn't in use). Still usable, but now annoying. One of the stabilizing feet fell off the bottom as well, but I just popped it back on; it wasn't a big deal.

Day 9 - Tension screw has to be screwed exceptionally tight or else it doesn't add any resistance at all. Exceptionally tight requires a can opener gripper and two hands. It remains screwed in for longer now, though, so that's technically a good thing.
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I had to return the product, it was not only not very effective, but it turned out to be a burn hazard. As another reviewer, and possibly other reviewers, have mentioned, this thing can get extremely hot. Namely in the center area, the housing of the tension knob, around the arms of the pedals and the middle of the main frame. This may not bother some, especially if you're mindful and avoid touching the areas that get hot, however if you're a parent of a toddler like I am, that just is not acceptable.

On top of that, it's just not very effective. I wasn't expecting this to handle rigorous cycling, but even with moderate peddling the tension would loosen every few minutes. So, I had to constantly reach down to tighten it. Also, because of how lightweight it is, it's constantly moving out of place, no matter where I sat to use it. Between having to adjust the tension and also the placement constantly, it just was not very good exercise. You get what you pay for, would definitely not recommend.
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on April 16, 2016
I got this as an alternative to a bulky bike machine or rack. I needed it to help with my knee mobility and keep my quads from atrophying after I tore my ACL. This thing worked well for about a solid month and a half (which is basically what $25 pays for) before the resistance knob/crank stopped working. You get what you pay for, so it's not a great machine to work with. It slides on everything but carpet and even then the balance is all off because the base isn't heavy enough to anchor it to the ground while you push against it. The range of motion is also really small. It gives off a weird, smell of heated metal probably due to the fact it does get really, really hot if you pedal for longer than 20 minutes.

However, freshly injured, this pedal machine was good for just getting the knee moving and my quads engaged. This is NOT for working out. No relatively mobile human adult could use this for effective cardio. The resistance doesn't last long enough for you to train or build up endurance. If you have an injured knee or shoulder, using this pedal machine will help get your joints moving. It won't help you burn calories.
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I bought this product for my Grandmother who is just over 80 years old. She has put on a little weight over the years so it's harder for her to get around now. She needs to keep exercising but being on her feet means carrying around the extra weight which makes her tire quickly. This product does have adjustable resistance which is great. I didn't really test out the feature to much considering it wasn't going to be used for heavy resistance.

I had this shipped to my house so I could put it together and test it out before I handed it over to her. She keeps in her kitchen which is linoleum so she can sit on a kitchen chair and pedal away. She has some water retaining issues with her one ankle and this helping to keep the swelling down a bit. She says she sits down in the kitchen and uses this at least every other day.

The resistance is enough to give someone like her a workout without having it take a toll on the joints. She really seems to be enjoying working out.

I would recommend this to anyone who has an elder person or a person who just needs to get some motion workout in.

If you are looking to get a real workout then this is not the product for you. This product is not ment for heavy use and long cycling.
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on August 31, 2016
This is by far the worst item I ever purchased from this site. The manufacturer used materials that give off a foul odor and really stink up every place this item is placed. Save your money and buy something else. I had to write five reviews before this one was accepted, simply because of the harsh truth I tried to share. Simply put, don't waste your money or time on this one!!
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on June 12, 2015
This type stationary peddler was recommended by my husband's therapist. Low price with same basic results as a full stationary bike. Small enough to sit by his chair so he can easily get to it. My husband was stricken with Gulillum Barre Syndrome which paralyzes you beginning at your feet. He had to learn to walk again. This product was not as sturdy as the therapist used but I am sure theirs was 10 times more expensive. This is an affordable option and not heavy and small. My husband did need to remove his shoes and use only socks because the peddles are small. Glad she told us about it and I was able to get in 2 days due to being a prime item.
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on April 20, 2017
This will not stay still on the floor. As you peddle it will move no mater how you position it on carpet or wood. It wobbles, not sturdy at all. My husband had double knee replacements, got this for his rehab but its not worth anything. Hate it! WAIST OF YOUR MONEY! If I could give zero stars I would. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!
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on January 12, 2018
This exercise cycle is lightweight, easy to assemble, works great and is easy to use.

The price was right compared to others that I researched.

The only issue that I work around is the two main handles that tighten the ‘pedals frame’ to the stand doesn’t tighten down all the way. It loosens as I cycle, but not enough to interfere with my work out.

I keep this exercise cycle beside my desk as under the desk is not an option. My desk is not high enough and even if it was, my legs are too long.I use this exercise cycle for 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 minutes in the evening. The exercise with this equipment get my heart rate up doesn’t seem to stress my knee joints at all.

I recommend this exercise unit for those who want to exercise from their office chair or favorite comfy chair anywhere in the house.

I bought this because I sit a lot at my desk and want to get moving and get my heart rate up. If you cycle for 20 minutes at a steady pace, you can work up a sweat.

If you have really huge feet or have great strength in your legs, you might want purchase a more expensive floor cycle. If you just want to get healthier, shred a few pounds and get active, this one is perfect.

Since using this, I have more mental and physical energy.

Drive Medical Exercise Peddler with Attractive Silver Vein Finish (Requires Simple Assembly)
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on April 7, 2018
I had high hopes for this. I’m home with my baby a lot and was hoping to break my sedentary lifestyle whilst alone with him. Total fail.

This thing slides everywhere. Carpet, area rug, wood floors. I couldn’t keep it still.

It does get HOT as other reviewers have noted. Like you can absolutely burn yourself touching the metal after using it for more than 10 minutes. With a toddler and curious cat, not an option.

Spend an extra 20 bucks and get something more sturdy and durable. This thing is garbage.
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