Customer Reviews: Dropps HE Laundry Detergent Pacs, Scent + Dye Free, 20 Counts (Pack of 3)
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Scent Name: Scent/Dye Free|Size: 20 Count (Pack of 3)|Change
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on November 1, 2011
Pacs are extremely convenient and long lasting, and were a product I felt comfortable using to wash my son's clothes even when he was very young. Be warned though! If it gets too warm where you are storing them they will melt together, and if you try to pull them apart (because no load is big enough for four of these) you will only end up with laundry detergent all over the place.
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on October 25, 2011
We'd read about this product but we were reluctant to try it until UPS dropped a LARGE BOTTLE of detergent in our hallway (and broke it). So, we figured it was time to rethink our buying habits. We ordered Dropps in 'fresh scent' instead. As we pulled the package (80 loads) out of the box we were shocked at how light it was! No more lugging heavy bottles of detergent around. No more pouring the detergent and cleaning up the dispenser in the washer. Unlike some of the other reviewers we actually like the scent directly from the washer (we don't use fabric softener) and we're a tough customer because we have hard water. But, what's even more impressive is that this detergent cleans our dog's beds and blankets extremely well. Even though our dog is in denial about it.....his bedding DOES get pretty stinky and Dropps cleans it remarkably well.
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VINE VOICEon April 26, 2012
Scent Name: Scent/Dye Free|Size: 80 Count|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
How easy is this. You just take one of the little capsules out of the bag and toss it in the washer. No schlepping with the heavy bottles or boxes, no spilling, no waste. Dropps are as good as any detergent I've ever used, these are scent and dye free, which is nice for sensitive skin, nice for the environment. And they claim they are environmentally friendly because water is not wasted in the manufacture of Dropps and these lightweight little doohickeys don't cost a fortune to transport. Okay. I buy that. And I will buy these. The price is higher than Tide et all, but you get 80 washes. And you're not dragging that two ton "economy size" jug home either.

I remember when my mom did laundry, it was a major effort. She jammed the laundry bags into one of those little shopping carts that she'd trundle five or six blocks to The Washeteria (Brooklym for Laundromat). I quiver with rage because I have to walk about 30 feet down to the laundryroom. Laundry is a thankless task. Let's face it, nobody runs up to you on the street and says, My goodness that white shirt is certainly white and Holy Toledo, those underpants are blinding." And if they do, a) you have made a serious wardrobe faux pax and b) the person is nuts. No husband ever sends flowers because "Gee, this pillowcase is not just clean, honey, it's REALLY clean." Kids don't behave better when you get the stains out of their t-shirts and teenagers don't become human again because their jeans are clean. Anything that makes laundry easier is good. Your time and effort are much better spent on stuff like baking, which is not that tough but people fall all over themselves when you give them home-made chocolate cake. Stick with the big payoff stuff when it comes to effort. And stick with Dropps if you can get them. Really good little things.
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on January 9, 2011
I HAVE to save money wherever I can. I sat and figured out that this product costs about fours cents more than the Tide I had purchased per load, BUT does it really? I do not believe anyone actually gets 32 loads plus from a bottle. Most people feel more is better. If you do a full capful, do you get the actual 32 loads from that bottle? If you buy three bottles of Tide and pay $18.00 for the three bottles and you get 96 loads rather than the 80 loads you get with the Dropps pod, then you have saved, but I believe this product is more economical, enviromentally friendly and lighter to haul and easier to store. I am thrilled with this product and it works, I am happy. I believe this product works well and your clothes do not get any residue from soap left behind. I have NO idea what the other person was talking about as far as the smell. The pods leave a clean smell and nothing like perfume, but a CLEAN scent, which is fine. I will continue to purchase this item through subscribe and save and REALLY save!
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on December 4, 2008
Have been using these for about 6 months now. Starting because I was looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for laundry. Plus I was hoping to take them at their word, no need for fabric softeners etc. I am happy so far.

Have used them at home in my HE washing machine (HE machines require low sudsing HE type detergents). Have also taken them traveling. The laundry is clean with one pouch (it says use 2 for largest/dirtiest loads - I haven't yet and I'd say I push the load limit sometimes)

I have stopped using fabric softener and the clothes are still soft, although as we head into winter now (dryer/colder here in New England) I do notice more static cling than before. Not enough to add softener, but it is there.

I am very happy and will continue to use this product. The only caveats are that...
1 - I do take them at their word to put the Dropps packet in the washer drum first, then the clothes on top of it. (Not in the detergent cup but in the drum) I have never had a packet NOT dissolve yet - home or away)
2 - When traveling it is a good idea to put the packets you are taking in a hard sided container - like a small food storage container.
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on May 7, 2013
Dropps caused an allergic reaction. After washing my clothes and sheets with Dropps I immediately became itchy and irritated. Although they are dye and scent free - they are not hypoallergenic.

I caution those with allergies or skin sensitivities to avoid this product.
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2008
When I bought these, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. A teeny little plastic bag of goo isn't exactly the kind of thing to make me turn cartwheels, and I wasn't even expecting great laundry results. Boy was I ever surprised when I took my laundry out of the washer! Everything was sparkling clean, including my daughter's laundry (brought home from college), greasy dish towels, and a shirt with blood on it. I don't bother to pretreat anything, and used two pouches for a large load, as recommended on the bag.

I have a front loader, which does a pretty good job to begin with, but these pouches brought the laundry to a whole other level. Perfectly clean with stains gone, no cheap perfume smells, and great packaging that keeps my hands clean. I don't wreck my back carrying a huge jug of liquid, and I don't add enzymes or colorizers to the water system. I may have bought this stuff because it was cheap, but I'll keep using it as long as it's available, because it works so very well.

Update: It is now six months since I started buying Dropps, and I haven't even considered anything else. I used two pouches for the first few filthy loads, then decided to try one pouch, just to see how it worked in my front loader. I was thrilled to find that my laundry was even cleaner with one pouch than it had been with two! Why? Because two pouches had been oversudsing my laundry and overwhelming my washer, so items weren't getting as clean as they should. Also, items that aren't rinsed really well are slightly sticky and pick up dirt. Now I use one pouch (never more), and have noticed that my clothes are even cleaner than before! I have a subscription for my Dropps, so I never run out, and I never have the asthma and allergy triggers that happens every time I go into a detergent aisle in the market.
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I've been in the laundry pac zone for long before Tide or the popular brand names ever gave it a thought. I've used this for years and have been completely satisfied. The value is great compared to competitors, it cleans just as well, and if there is one drawback, there is less scent here than with others. For some that might actually be a benefit.

I've never had any issues with incomplete dissolving or any issues of any kind. Completely pleased and recommended.
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on March 18, 2014
I used basically a whole bag of these things before I realized what they were doing to my clothes. THEY DON'T DISSOLVE WELL in the washer. In fact, the casing doesn't dissolve and then it hardens on clothes in the dryer, so you are left with clothes that have crazy hard parts on them that are stuck together and impossible to get out. I couldn't figure out for the longest time what was going on... but now I realized that this is the culprit. I HATE these things, actually, hate is an understatement.
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on June 27, 2013
My clothes just didn't get clean. I should have known that there's a reason why liquid detergents use enzymes - because they remove dirt and stains. This product has removed the dirt fighting ingredient. All you're getting is some perfume mixed with water. Your clothes might smell nice but they're not getting clean. After a while the underarms in your shirts start to have a yellow stain to them. Nice idea but not well executed.
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