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on March 17, 2012
I got this cable so I could charge 2 things at once without having to cart 2 cables around in my laptop bag. The overall length is good, and I'm able to charge my HTC EVO 3D phone and Kindle Fire at the same time. (Some people complained it wouldn't charge both of their devices so I'm pointing this out) The problem I have is that the cable splits more towards the end than I would like, leaving about 3 inches at the end for each separate micro-usb connector. That is not nearly enough. Why didn't they split it further down? (Yes, I should have paid more attention to the picture) Now I have to pile the kindle and phone on top of each other while charging. I can't really use either device while charging. I gave it 4 stars because I'm not going to lower my score because I missed this detail, but I thought I'd let you know in case you didn't either. Oh well, I'm off to find a micro-usb extender...
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on February 22, 2015
Purchased two of these "Dual Micro USB Splitter Charge Cable" for use with larger mAh power bank for charging my smartphone or other small devices on the go and when power was not easily available.

Received both cables and opened one of them to find the wire not properly seated into one of the micro-B USB plugs on the splitter the other micro-B seemed fine. Attempted to try the first cable and it would not provide power at all. After the issue with the first one I opened, I figured I should check the second cable. It appeared fine with no issues, tested the cable and it worked so packed it into backpack and left for a trip.

After using the cable twice (once to test it, and once to actually charge my smartphone) it now will intermittently provide power from the power bank, home charger plug, car usb power port. Seems it also suffers from the problem of the first cable, in that the cable is not properly seated into the standard-A plug.

I definitely do not recommend purchasing this product!
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on March 3, 2014
It solves the problem of having only a single charger, and needing to charge 2 devices. It supplies power well enough from a single 5 volt fast charger to charge both my ASUS ME400C 10.1" Windows tablet and my Galaxy S III Mini smartphone simultaneously with both in use.

The only downside, and the reason for the 4 star rating, is that the ends that plug into the devices split at a point where it leaves only about 4 inches of cable leading from the split to the devices. That means you have to put the two devices right next to each other. This would be a real problem if you were trying to charge 2 tablets instead of a smartphone and a tablet, and it is really tight even with the setup that I am working with. It would have been better if they had split the 3 foot long cable at a point where it allowed 9 inches from the split to the devices. That one design flaw will not matter to many, but to some it will be a big deal. There is definitely not a sufficient amount of length to plug into one, even 7", tablet, and then plug into another tablet with the tablets on tablet stands placed side by side unless the two tablets just happened to have their charging ports on opposite sides and could be oriented with their charging ports facing one another.

The cable itself is high quality, and the ends are molded onto the cable securely. It is a good rugged design, that should provide extended use with just a minimum of care taken to avoid teaking the cable ends. All in all, it is a useful cable, and not an extremely expensive alternative to the problem of charging a phone and a tablet at the same time.
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on July 30, 2011
All I can say is, it works great. I have a bunch of cable for each device I tack around with me every time we (family) go to our other place. I use it in the car but there are times that I needed to charge my smartphone beside my Bluetooth speaker or with my wife cellphone, thanks for having this around. But then this is for using Micro USB, then my family need one for iPod, the Mini-USB and LG charger, all these wires. Caramba! What's going on they can't agree to make one standard. I guess they have to sell these to my money and drive us crazy.
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on June 11, 2012
This is a great idea, the pigtails could be a little longer if one were to connect a phone and Kindle, but the issue really is that the connector heads or internal wiring see to be of poor quality. I bought two of these cords. One had a bad head with the mini-USB connector moving like a "loose tooth" and wouldn't make connection with my droid phone.

The other had a weird issue, in the manufacturer's defence, may or not be associated with the cable. If I plug in the Kindle first and then the phone, it would both charge; but if I plugged the phone first, the Kindle would not charge. Not sure if this was the power supply or something with the cord.

I like the concept, but wish their product quality was better. They are cheap and I would pay more for a quality cord. I am returing the cords for an Amazon refund, but may buy again and hope that it was a fluke because it was nice in clearing some clutter.


Ok...older and "smarter" on these things. Basically most USB power chargers are only 500mA, being the case trying to plug in a iPad and a Galaxy S in the same port with a splitter probably won't work well. It might charge two small phones, but to split a tablet and a high end smartphone probably won't work well with a split cable.
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on December 13, 2014
For our purposes this could NOT be better! I was sick and tired of all those cord sticking out of the wall socket. When I saw this I was elated! For us all those other reviewers who picked about lower voltage etc are just picky picky picky! Heck .. we just plug in our various items overnight and in the morning we are 100% charged and good to go! Not only am I delighted but even my husband who doesn't get too excited about techy things likes it! Going to order 2 more for our other home in fact .. AND a couple for travel .. cheap and great item!
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on July 12, 2012
I bought two of these and on one of them, only one of the connectors worked. However, the vendor was easy to work with on the exchange. I'm not sure if that's a symptom of the overall quality and if the replacements I ordered will fail with general usage. The quality of the cables/connectors seems to be on the wimpy side.

* works well
* only vendor I could find with this type of product
* relatively inexpensive
* keeps me from dragging around two cables and two USB A/C adapters

* Construction Quality is mediocre at best
* The split in the "Y" is way to short. Only about 3 inches from the end. It's very difficult to charge a tablet and a phone with those really short leads. Would have preferred 6" to 9" of cable after the split. This is *very* annoying.
* 3-foot cable is weak. Should have been 6 feet long ... or 5-feet with longer leads
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on December 25, 2011
This cord does what it promises. I charge my Droid X phone and Bluetooth headset simultaneously with this cord. It fits into each device snug enough and works. I bought another cord before this which was deceptively advertised and did not work as promised. Go with this one - no troubles. The cord brand is XTG which I know nothing about, but the bag it came in says "2 year warranty" on it.
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on May 17, 2012
I have to say, I read all the reviews and should have listened. This cable does indeed charge your device when plugged in and it dies transfer data (even through a Micro-USB converter to 30-pin to iPhone 4S). BUT the y-junction is short and you almost have to stack your devices to plug them in together. I have successfully gotten 2 devices to charge maybe twice since purchasing this product. Most of the time I have to choose one device to charge at a time. Even trying the order of the devices being added.

-The USB port (USB 1.0 or 2.0) is providing enough juice to charge both devices at the same time. This might be fixed by using the newer USB 3.0 ports in new computers.
-I will try to plug this into a 2 Amp wall charger base and see if there is a difference.

Save the hassle and pick up a 2 Amp charger here on Amazon for quicker charges.
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on May 1, 2012
This is a great charging cable. It charges both my phone and headset from the same port and I dont have to worry about one or the other being dead in the morning or having multiple cables to get tangled up. My only gripe is that it is just a little short for me. I would prefer one about 6 feet long and this one is about 4. Read the description carefully, this is not a data cable and I knew it when I bought it, but it would be nice if this would act as a data cable for at least one of the leads. Maybe make it like a two port USB hub. That would be great.

Edit: After using this cable for a few weeks, it stops working in the phone and after about 6 months it stopped working in the headset. Its like the pins just wont mate up any more. It requires jiggling and then being held in a specific orientation to make work. Other cables dont have this problem.
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