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on November 17, 2015
This seems to work okay, I had a lot of struggle with the stickyness of the tape that came with it. I even scrubbed that surface with the alcohol wipes and some alcohol I had on hand. I followed another reviewer's advice about adding a layer of the tape on the top even though it has the sticky strip already there and it still didn't stay very well at all. I would suspect it's the type of paint I stuck it to but it also came off a little on the side trim on my window. Some spots stuck like a champ and others didn't stick at all. I think it may do better if installed "perfectly" by actually covering the windows flat instead of trying to get inside of the sill like I did (I want to open my blinds!).

All in all I can't imagine that it's any worse than other comparable stuff out there. Honestly in the past I just taped up some think sheet plastic like a heathen. That stuff works pretty well and it's reusable... but then you're stuck looking like you're prepped to paint for the whole winter inside a windowless box that barely lets light in. That's just depressing, so I went with this stuff instead this year.

Back to what matters though! It's very clear, not foggy or anything. The parts that aren't wrinkled due to falling the first day after I put it up are pretty crystal clear. I added some clear packing tape and any spots that were struggling holding on are now good to go! So if all else fails just have some packing tape handy. Be cautious concentrating too long on a wrinkle with your dryer. Mine actually melted a small spot because I got too enthusiastic about being wrinkle free (oops!) I just took some of the extra plastic and taped it there and it was fine though.
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on November 2, 2016
I like the price of this, but it was hard to apply. The directions are optimistic, at best, in their belief that the top adhesive will hold all by itself, and the amount of finesse you need with a hair dryer rivals that of any Flock of Seagulls hair stylist.

Bottom line: use extra double stick tape at the top, and bring a partner to run the hair dryer or to roll the film. Don't try to do both yourself.
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on October 26, 2014
Wanted to give 5 stars but couldn't.
I read the reviews before I bought this. I blew off the reviews that said the top tape doesn't stick. The tape that comes in the box sticks very well, no problem. The ease of rolling this along is great. Makes it easier to install the plastic film. BUT the top tape alone does not stick more than a day or two. Those reviews are correct. I am assuming we are supposed to put the tape that comes in the box (not the one attached to the top of the roll), all the way around the window? I didn't. I used the roll with the tape on top as the top tape. Apparently it isn't to be used that way? I 'fixed' the film 2-3 days in a row before duct taping the top all the way across. That seems to be working.
If I had to do it over, I would have applied the tape that comes in the box, all the way around the frame then used the roll with the tape on top over that (which must be the way it is meant to be used?)
Up on first installation while using only the tape that was attached and it stuck for the first 24 hours, my spouse didn't know and couldn't tell I had applied the window film to the window! Then it started to sag, and I discovered the top tape wasn't sticking. I put it back up/on, hairdried it again, only to happen again...
Oh and yes I used alcohol all the way around.
I finally added two strips of duct tape all along the top, re hair dried it and now it is fine. The top duct tape is hidden so it doesn't matter.
Now I am happy with it.
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on November 27, 2013
I've used Frost King for many years but decided to give Duck a try due to the reviews on Amazon; big mistake. I first cleaned the area of debris where I was attaching the tape and let dry. Issue #1: Followed their instructions to the T but the adhesive applied to the sheet on the top would not stay adhered to my flat door frame. Finally got the top on the door frame and applied tape as per instructions. Issue #2: What is the backing of the tape made of? I have nails yet I struggled to peel the backing from the tape. Issue #3: It tore! Was using the hair dryer on the opposite corner from where it tore, it hadn't even been touched by heat yet! Attempted to apply a patch as I'd done in the past and it only made the matter worse. I've been applying these winterizing products for 10+ years and have never had any issues until now. I learned my lesson and paid more for a sub par product. It ended up in the trash and I ended up in Home Depot purchasing what I'd always used for half the price.
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on January 8, 2014
I have used plastic window and door film for more than a decade with no notable problems. I started using exclusively 3M products, and found them reliable but expensive. A few years ago, my local store was sold out of 3M so I tried the Duck Roll-On product. I was really pleased by the relative easy of installation and overall excellent performance. During the past few years I moved exclusively to Duck Brand and have been more than satisfied. However, this year I bought several different sizes of the Roll-On from Amazon and found that while installation remained easy, the adhesive (especially on the top where the "roll on" is most critical) did not hold for long. I have been having to add additional tape and make constant repairs to the film where it has failed to adhere. Since I did nothing different, I must assume that the company has either changed to an inferior adhesive tape or that I simply got a bad batch. Either way, I am really disappointed.
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on May 13, 2015
This product needs some improvement by the manufacturer before or if it will be successful. The top is not sticky enough, it kept falling off as I was trying to apply it. Then when I finally think I get the top to stick, and start working on the sides, I find that the film is cut crooked right out of the box. I just happened to find the same kit at a local store. So I thought I would try again. Same problems as with the first try. I did leave 4" border on each side, but after applying the double-sided tape to each side and bottom, I discover that the film that is attached to the "roll-on" at the top, is also very crooked! What a pain!
Buyer beware don't buy this!
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on February 27, 2014
I rent a home that has 3 old sliding glass doors in our bedroom suite. We live in Northern California so there is not really a need for this kind of product in our area, but since the windows were old and had drafts i wanted to get extra protections that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. the videos i found were helpful when installing, but since the frames were metal against stuco, i had a problem. the sticky parts and tape would not seal to the plastic. Now time for modifications!! we duck taped all the edges and that worked, it looks ugly though! The tape stayed on the surface but when we shrunk the plastic with the blow dryer it would pull the plastic off the adhesive. I would recommend a different double sided tape that can withstand the pulling of the plastic when it shrinks. Even when i tried it on the wood frame i had the same results. It was not winter yet when i applied the plastic, it was mid fall. And mid fall in California is still at the temperature that was recommended. I found that other products worked the same and not better or worse. After we modified the tape problem the seal was perfect and has lasted all winter. (Californian winter) It did make a difference and I will have to find other adhesives to use next year and be better prepared. I tried to seal the inside and outside, stuco and sheet rock didnt work without modifications. But, the plastic never tore and i live on a hill with the wind whipping around enough to destroy my outdoor canvas umbrella.
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on November 20, 2017
In theory the roll down thing would be great..had the roll down part NOT been facing the already applied tape. Had to rip two different pieces down and start over (and this is winter in New England, we survive with these things so I know how to apply. Maybe try making it an actual roll or at least fold the plastic opposite of the side your applying to Windows
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on February 28, 2018
I have plenty of experience winterizing windows with plastic so I figured this would make that job even easier with the roll-on adhesive top. It is good in theory; however, poor in practice. The tape was much too stiff that it didn't flex enough to provide a good seal, nor did it grip as well as the enclosed double-sided tape. While the other 3 sides would remain attached to my windows, the top tape often lost its grip and would then break the seal, defeating the purpose. I recommend sticking with the previous version (not roll-on).
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on October 20, 2015
I initially thought that the pre-taped top would be a help but it ended up being a hinderance for me. The tape wasn't sticky enough and didn't contour well to the moulding I had around the windows (pretty bog standard Home Depot mouldings) so I would have preferred just the normal two sided tape.

Other than that it worked as expected, the plastic was a bit thinner than I have seen normally but it does the job.
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