Customer Reviews: DuckTales - Remastered 360 - Xbox 360
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Format: Video Game|Change
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While I can't remember too much of the original release I still had enough fondness of the game to get the digital copy of this game from XBL and am glad to have done so. The graphics have been redone incredibly and the gameplay feels a lot better then before though again hard to say if it's easier for me to play now or just how they redid it.

Also while I can't remember if the original version hard voice audio clips this new version does from most of the original cast of the series though there are a few you can tell they used different voice actors for the roles and cameos.

The gameplay is pretty simplistic to today's games as you have the basic jump and cane jump attack/swing for Scrooge McDuck to use and some of the puzzles will feel a little more easier then what we deal with today's games but still the nostalgic memories I get from playing this game more then make up for any small faults.

It'll be up to you which way to go with the purchase of the game,you can get the physical copy but I decided to go online and download it instead at a lesser price. Still a iconic and entertaining game awaits any who are willing to get it.
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on March 29, 2014
I'll start off by saying that I loved the original DuckTales game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fact: some of Capcom's best video games were based on licensed Disney content (DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers to name a few).

When I found out that DuckTales was getting a remastered makeover - I was thrilled! Until it's release I had vivid day dreams of old Scrooge McDuck bouncing around the screen on his pogo cane in beautiful crystal clear HD. I nearly crapped my pants when I found out that Way Forward (the company responsible for making the game) got all the original DuckTales cartoon voice actors to revive their roles just for this game! They even got Alan Young (the voice for Scrooge McDuck) to return to voice acting at the age of 94 years old!

This game is freaking amazing. It doesn't try to outshine the original (as it shouldn't - the original NES game was fantastic) but more that it builds upon it to make the game feel more complete. Fans will be treated to cut scenes involving all the characters from the original cartoon as well as a toe-tapping soundtrack - specifically the Transylvania stage. That music makes my spine tingle.

I could not be any happier with the quality of this game. Way Forward did a tremendous job. I sincerely hope they remake Darkwing Duck next!

Even if you never watched the cartoon or read the comics - this game is still an incredibly addictive 2D platformer game.

So do yourself a favor and pick this up ASAP.
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on July 22, 2015
I grew up in the 1980's when there was cartoons on at various times in a 24 hour period (There were No Cartoon Network or Disney Channel)
Disney did a very bold move at the time they dumped money into doing 30 minute cartoons that were HQ Style Disney Feature Films
I'm pretty sure the first was Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Which I never understood and got into) It's crazy Disney got away with using the name Gummi Bears since there was and still to this day Gummy Bear Candy i guess cause they switched out the "y" with a "i" they were Safe!
Very strange
The next cartoon Disney would craft and sink money into would be the one and Only DuckTales
Which would lead to Disney having a massive come back due to the Disney Afternoon Block they Created which aired throughout the country in syndication....
The Disney Afternoon was epic and even though it did wear out it's welcome by the mid to late '90's
It Changed children tv (What Disney did was never replicated again which i find strange since tv executives are lazy unoriginal thief's in 2015)
I've heard that Disney is Gonna re-Boot DuckTales (Terrible idea I doubt it'll work) They should just go into the original episodes remaster them in HD update the sound... Call me crazy but, that would be brilliant then make a Limited Edition Blu Ray Box Set of the Complete Duck Tales Collection (Hell they can do this with the Hippie Dippy 1960 version of Batman why Not DuckTales (Fans would buy this mark my words)
enough of this palaver Let's get to this Review
I loved the Original NES 8-bit Duck Tales game it's without a doubt in the top 25 NES Games ever!
I rented this game all the time it's in many ways better then both the first Super Mario Bros, & Super Mario Brothers 3
It's also a great example how strong and fearless Capcom used to be!
in 2015 Capcom is just another Japanese Developer that lives in this very old world of thinking (They have a Massive list of IP's) But, do very little do nothing with most everything that could make them lots of money

DuckTales remastered is very much a mixed bag It's awesome and brought back lots of old memories but, it also has so small issues
Capcom didn't include the original 8-bit NES Version with this game even on the disc version they could've done this just as a cool extra!
Some of the Levels have been edited (Game is more streamlined) very little to no open exploring
You can't skip the cut scenes!

What makes it a must have This is a real honest to God remastering something we are told we get all the times (half the titles that have been ported over from last Gen. to the Current Gen. (PS4 & XBOne) are Nothing more then Ports that are just upconverted to 1080p
This is leaps and bounds a Real Remastered title it looks amazing it's beautiful it's like playing a old episode of DuckTales
they were also able to get some of the original voice cast to come back and do new v/o which was very cool
Odd Side Note: Alan Young who did the voice of Scrooge McDuck played Wilbur on Mister Ed (which i only found out recently) Something about that is cool watch Mister Ed you can hear Scrooge McDuck in the late 1950's
June Foray returns to do the voice of Magica De Spell
Terence McGovern returns to voice Launchpad McQuack
Both Alan & June are getting up there in age it's very cool that WayForward had enough Love and Respect for these two to ask them if they would like to come back and do this....
On Behalf of all DuckTales Fans Thank You Alan, June & Terence for taking the time to come back to do voice over work for a silly cartoon

The Controls are a bit off mostly (during the use of the cane) can't really explain it but, when you use the cane as a Pogo stick it just feels off to me...
It's also kind of Difficult and I grew up on some hard titles
The Music sounds amazing the new version of the Moon Stage is really cool
Then you get a piano version of the moon during the end credits (If you look around the internet you can find this same Piano theme as a mp3
Despite the small problems this is a must have game to add to your collection get the Physical Disc version (just in case Capcom loses the DuckTales license the game will disappear of your HD) I've had a handful of games go bye bye already on my 360
Overall even with the Nostalgia Factor it's a solid 9/10
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on July 8, 2015
I have fond memories of sitting in my bean bag chair playing Duck Tales on my fancy new NES. I can still hear the distinct sound of Scrooge’s cane and he bounces in the air and the theme music of the “Moon”. Oh, nostalgia. ……these were just memories since every NES I bought would just crap out on me in a few weeks. ….UNTIL Capcom hired a genius who said “Dude, let’s remake the Duck Tales game”. You, random Capcom employee, are a God.

The remastered version is true to form. The sounds of the original NES are there…just less grainy and “midi” sounding. The game play is seamless and clearly less “wonky” than the NES version (although, no one minded that). There’s definitely some great additions, but you can find those out when you buy this game and play do that now.
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on August 18, 2015
Takes me back to my NES days. If you remember playing this gem back in the day, it will put a smile on your face again. Plus if you are looking to get your kids into a game you played as a kid, this is a good game to do that with. It is just as I remember it from my childhood, only with better graphics.
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on February 10, 2014
Being an 80's/90's kid, the 8 and 16-bit era is one I remember rather fondly, but coming from a lower income home, we weren't able to buy too many video games, much less new ones. It was only through visiting a relative that I first played the original Ducktales video game on the NES. It played rather similarly to the Mario-style platformers that were popular in that time but offered just enough to set it apart from the crowd, chiefly the Ducktales crew from the animated show and Scrooge's Pogo jump, where pressing down while in the air would let him use his cane like a pogo stick (just like in real life!) One thing that it did differently in a world of strictly linear games was that you could visit the levels in any order you chose, although repeating a level you had already cleared was pointless, as return trips would be stripped bare of valuables, regardless of whether you collected them previously or not. It offered a couple of endings, a standard ending for completing the game and a better ending for collecting everything, but this was before the age of memory storage. As such, going through and fastidiously collecting every gem and committing its location to memory was like making an ice sculpture, and completing the game was like throwing that ice sculpture into a raging volcano. All that work was lost the moment the game was done or the power button went off. Nonetheless it was a gem in the eyes of many gamers in the 8-bit era.

Fast forward about two decades and WayForward Games decides that they want to remake the game. But this wouldn't just be another cynical HD remake where a fresh layer of paint is thrown on and off the game goes to be sold, no. Instead, they rebuilt the game from the ground up, filling in the previously empty backgrounds, adding in a simple story that fits in quite well with the TV series and dialogue to match. Just as McDuck proclaims in the game, Alan Young's "still got it!" and the same can be said for the rest of the crew. Even the new actors who voiced Mrs. Beakley, Gyro, Glumgold and Fenton/Gizmoduck sound 100% authentic. I actually had to look up who was still alive to play their parts, the new people did so well. Even though the overall plot isn't any deeper, nor the villians' motivations any more sinister or complex than what they ever were in the old shows, this isn't necessary, either. I love Bioshock, but I want the complex subtlety of Bioshock to stay in Bioshock. For Ducktales: Remastered, I want a light-hearted, comedic adventure, and that's what we get here.

The graphics/animations also make it look like a 90's cartoon, from the way Scrooge wiggles his tail feathers as he prepares to do his patented golf swing, to the way the spiders dangle from the ceiling in anticipation of Scrooge coming close enough to attack, to the irritated way Magica Despell looks when you give her a good Pogojump on the head, it's all there. Every level was rebuilt with care and every secret area you remember from the old game is also filled with treasure. The very few changes only enhance the experience. For example, you don't need to pay that statue in the Amazon level to proceed this time, no instead, just give it a few golf club swings and it'll GIVE YOU the money it wanted to take from you before. The section where Launchpad gives you a hand is from left to right instead of right to left, which is another good thing. Let's see - what el- OH YEAH! You don't need to go to Transylvania again to access the African Mines level! Two very, very, very big thumbs up on this change. (Your next game should be Duckhunt 2: Shooting The Dog, WayForward!)

The music has also been given the 21st century treatment. The melody of the original is the basic template and the composers add in many more instruments to give it a richer sound. Don't worry though, purists, you can still unlock the 8-bit music in the money bin (explained in a moment) and completing the game gives you the option of always playing the 8-bit version. Personally I'm not sure why you'd want the original as the remixes sound so much better, but the option is there if you like it and I'm always in favor of more options.

Controls are as straight forward as they get - left, right,, CROUCH and jump, with the Pogojump kicking in if you press and hold X or B (continuing to press A is not necessary.) For the absolute purist of purists, there is an option to enable the classic Pogojump by needing to hold down on the controller as well, but this is as intuitive a decision as sewing a sixth finger on a glove then filling it with a roll of dimes and refusing to take the glove off.

In addition to the five original maps, there are also two new ones. The game starts with Scrooge's Money Bin under attack and it's up to him to break the siege. After clearing it and the original five levels, the game's last one is Mount Vesuvius. Both the new levels have their own unique looks and music, and in keeping with the "Blast from the past" vibe, the sound team even gave both the new levels their own 8-bit tracks. After the Money Bin level, the vault is the basic hub and from there, Scrooge can select a new level, Pogojump around in his office (you know you will at least once!) dive into his money bin (again, at least once) or unlock the unlockables, such as concept art, the aforementioned music or even stills from the original series. No longer is your progress lost to time when you finish playing - you keep any money earned from cleared levels and all unlocked bonus content even if you restart the game from scratch. There is an "Extreme" mode which does require going through in one sitting (with the classic Pogo controls forced "on") without autosaving, but can only be earned by beating it on "Hard" mode at least once and is optional even then. Completing the game gets the original theme song, complete with vocals as opposed to the instrumental version at the start of the game.

One major criticism I have is the final stretch after the last boss, as it took many tries to finally complete and failure means restarting the last level from the beginning, which caused more than one session to end from frustration. Thanks to the power of Youtube, I no longer have any issues with this last section, but be aware that it will test your nerves if you don't know exactly how to traverse this last part of the game. Replayability is also limited, especially after all the art is unlocked.

For fans of the show, 8-bit gamers and platformer fans in general, this is a no-brainer. For $15 you get a small but satisfying game which shows today's industry how a remake should actually be done. It fixes what was broken in the original without doing anything to sacrifice what made the original a gem in the first place. It has a few flaws but they are more than outweighed by its successes. It does justice to the source material, bringing it into the 21st century without showing the slightest bit of disrespect to it. If anyone wants to make a game studio that specializes in updating old classics, you now have the template on how to go about doing just that - Ducktales: Remastered is it.
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on April 14, 2014
Great rendition of a classic game.

Developers did a great job of incorporating new elements that enhanced an already great game. It sticks pretty closely to the original, and it adds a few challenges and elements that take advantage of the new technology.

One of my favorite things about this game was the music on the NES. This new version does a great job of keeping the same beats and music quality in a more modern sounding track.
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on February 23, 2016
Love this game! It is a kids game but, my husband and two girls(3 and 5) are able to enjoy it together. There are lots of fun challenges and it is perfect for my girls beginning to learn to use a video game controller!
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on August 9, 2016
Love this game it is a guessing game and it does keep your mind going and it is a lot of fun to play I love it and I'm a kid at heart but I'm an adult but love these games to play and I play it every day
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on January 30, 2016
I purchased this for my nephew for Christmas. He loves games and so do I. Our taste in games are a bit different since he is 7 and I am 31. He's into Lego Marvels, and I'm into Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. This game was perfect for the both of us to enjoy together. I remember playing and beating this on the regular Nintendo when I was a kid.
When i was little I got half way through the game before I learned you could use your cane as a pogo stick, that made it waaaayyy easier.
This remastered version has a nice tutorial mixed in with the introduction level explaining how to do everything.
I would recommend this game for any adult needing a nostalgia fix, or any kid that has never heard of Duck Tales. The game play is great either way!
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