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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$8.75+ $3.98 shipping
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on July 30, 2013
I feel like I've spent half my life watching this game's load screen. Some parts of this game are difficult. There's a lot of trial and error. Dying. Watching the interminable load screen. I've read that the PC game was patched to drastically reduce the loading time. If only they had done the same for Xbox 360.

(Watch another load screen.)

The underwater bits were clunky. Even though Duke is swimming through water, he is standing upright the entire time. His feet were constantly getting stuck on protrusions. Leaving the level was almost as hard as killing the boss. Try to swim through the opening. Fail. Run out of air. Swim back to air supply. Wait for health to regenerate. Swim back to opening.

(Yet another load screen.)

My favorite part of the game was the driving. Especially the truck. Unfortunately, they kept dragging me out of the truck. They should've let me spend the entire level in the truck.

(Howza 'bout another load screen.)

Another annoyance was not being able to skip scenes. Checkpoint, load screen, and scene. Die and you go back to the checkpoint. I would have loved to have just punched out the idiot blocking my path and yammering at me. I tried. Failed. Wept.

(Those alien bastards are gonna pay for making me watch that load screen!)

Fixing the problems I've mentioned would've probably added two stars to this game. So much frustration.
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on July 21, 2011
The graphics and gameplay are pretty good, and as Duke says in the game "It should be after TWELVE f$*%ing years." Good balance of puzzles vs action, but a bit too much time spent in shrink mode.

If you have kids or easy-to-offend family members around, this is not the game to play before they go to bed. Profanity, nudity, and sexual content are present throughout the game, and are even level objectives. Personally, I think it's hilarious and often well-done, but it's not for kids.

Biggest complaint by far, though, is the PAINFULLY long load times for each level, or after getting killed. It's well over a minute to reload to the last save point, which is totally unacceptable. When trying to get through particularly tough levels or bosses, you can spend more time waiting for the thing to load than actually playing.
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on December 12, 2016
Bought for $4 and I have at least gotten that much enjoyment out of it. Is it crude and sexist to a point which seems absurd in 2016? Yes, but thats what I wanted and expected. Mostly the game is just poorly designed and kind of boring. Many people have done the FPS better in the last 15 years or so and this game just seems like a blast from the past, and not in a great way. I still enjoyed the nostalgia of remembering how much I liked Duke Nukem 3D so it is worth at least that much. Honestly it probably doesn't deserve the bad press it got, but people really loved the hell out of Duke back in the day so it is to be expected.
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on March 27, 2013
Duke Nukem was like an old high school friend that back in the day you thought was funny and cool but after meeting him many years later, you think to yourself why was I ever friends with him. Back in the 90s Duke NuKem was funny and different when you compare to what was out at the time. If this game came out three years after the original Duke Nukem 3D then it may have been a big hit, but sadly this old horse needed to be left out in the pasture.

I only paid $5 bucks for it, so it wasn't bad for that price, but the game felt old and played like a 90s FPS and should have been released on the PS2 or Xbox. The interaction with the environment which made the original Duke Nukem 3D so fun was poorly done in Duke Nukem Forever. Playing air hockey was laughable bad. Is peeing in the bathroom and throwing poo supposed to be funny?

Maybe some pre-teens would like this game because of the half-naked women in this game. They even have a level where Duke needs to find items for a striper so she would have a private dance for him? This level service no propose but for pre-teens fantasy.

Bottom line the original Duke Nukem 3D was funnier and better then Duke Nukem Forever. But for only $5 bucks it isn't a bad deal, but don't think this is the same Duke Nukem you knew and love back in the day, because sometime we should leave the past behind.
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on June 21, 2012
- Duke is back
- Smooth controls
- Variety of weapons and methods of destruction
- The humor is top-notch if you can understand it

- Graphics look like original Xbox
- Looks like 3D Realms couldn't decide between retro and modern

Duke Nukem Forever. A game that many thought would never be released, and for good reason. It has been in and out of game studios for 12 years. I personally thought I had to get this game eventually when I first saw the trailer. You will hear a lot of complaints about this game, because it's not what anyone expected from a game 12 years in development. However, if you want a good time killing aliens and hearing Duke's stereotypical insensitive humor, then this is definitely what you need.

The graphics are... okay. You can definitely tell what's going on. There's no draw distance or fog needed for the gameplay. However, when you look closer, particularly at the NPC's, you will start to notice the polygons. This late in the Xbox 360's lifespan, this is almost a complete 180 from most modern games. While it does get its point across and it looks good overall, it could have been done better.

Controls are almost top-notch. 3D Realms decided to go the tried-and-true "copy Call of Duty" approach with the controls, and it works out. There are no problems getting around anywhere in the game. However, The way you turn around doesn't feel right, being used to CoD's smooth aiming mechanics. You may feel a little disoriented during your first few fights, until you can get used to it. It's hard to explain, but just take my word on that.

The story is almost irrelevant, to be honest. You're probably not looking into this game for the top-notch storytelling, and it shows. Basically, the aliens Duke beat in Duke 3D 12 years ago are back on earth, and this time they want him personally. Their plan is to kidnap the earth's women and make him come to them.

The real reason I bought it personally is for the humor, and humor is the most subjective thing in this review. All the standard Duke one-liners are revived, and some new ones are made. You can find statues and busts of Duke all over. The jokes are crude and touch on all kinds of subjects, from pop culture and video games to events of the last 10 years. I found most of the jokes funny enough, with very few I didn't chuckle at. Like I said, humor is the most based on opinion, but you probably know what you're getting when you see the name.

I have one last gripe before I finish up, and it's small but a pain: the loading screens. I feel like I'm playing a Playstation 1 whenever I play this because I have to reload the stage whenever I die (and you will, on the higher difficulties). The loading isn't the true problem, though; it's the loading time. It never is a short affair loading anything in DNF. I didn't time it or anything, but I feel like each screen takes at least a minute. On the upside, the messages in the loading sreen are varied, and some of them are humorous as well.

All in all, it's not perfect. However, for the price, this is one of the best times you will have in recent years, especially if you're a fan of Duke's earlier bouts with alien scumbags.
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on May 23, 2013
I loved the old Duke Nukem on the Play Station 1. I would have enjoyed this one more if it were more like the original. For instance, it does not have a split screen local multiplayer so that you can play with a friend on the same system. You have to go to an online waiting room. This was the biggest drawback for me, so I mostly played single player for mindless fun. It's funny how crude the humor is along with all of the naked girl photos on the walls and random things you can interact with in the world.
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on May 30, 2013
I saw some gameplay of this, thought it looked fun. I played Duke Nukem 3D, and I greatly enjoyed it. I saw the low prices for Duke Nukem Forever on Amazon, and thought, what the hell, I'll give it a try.

I was VERY pleased.

The only legitimate flaws with this game are the slow loading times, and one frustrating part towards the end. Other than that, it's Duke Nukem just as he should be. It's raw, uncensored, unfiltered, and straight-up obnoxious bad-assery and entertainment. People have complained about the graphics, but they're not so bad they're really worth judging the game by. Besides, as long as the game's fun, graphics don't matter all that much.

Shooting's fun, the levels are interesting to navigate, and it's fun going around, messing around, and playing the mini-games. If you love Duke Nukem and don't have shallow tastes in graphics, and with just a bit of patience, you'll REALLY enjoy this.
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on September 20, 2012
Almost got this a couple times only to decide not to. The price got down to $10ish and I wanted a new game so- Violence aside I think it would be a great mid to late teens game if not for the abundant other SILLY 'adult' content. It's got a fluid move along arena to arena story. There are a lot of different interesting weapons. You have to keep an eye on your amo and where amo stores and safe cover spots are. Also figure out which weapon works best against which foe. It does have some of that 'hop and hit or miss' stuff I personally do not love, but somehow even I found it to be fun here. I have no complaints with the graphics. I even consider them very good.
You get a little story- lots of fighting- some problem solving- some radio controlled like driving- a fun, albeit juvenile, character in a game with a good share of challenging battles.
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on April 25, 2014
I loved the original games but this one was terrible. Duke Nukem has always been on the vulgar side but this one went over the top. Absolutely do not allow kids to play or watch. It is rated mature so I can over look that, the rest I can't. The controls are clunky, the graphics felt like a throw back to the 80's with a bad re skin, the story was lacking, and the balance was non existent.
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on July 16, 2011
Should you expect a game that has been in production for 12 years to be a good game? Well, being a fan of the series, I knew what I was going to get. Classic 90's style gameplay, with modern graphics and such. As I am playing through, I realize that the graphics aren't really up to par. Even games at the xbox 360's launch sported better graphics. This game featured busy work; actual game filler because they tried to make it longer. This was enjoyable, but really would only appeal to a true fan of the series, otherwise, this is pretty much just a bargain bin kind of game. I would've given the game a lower rating, but justly my opinion is still biased and I did sort of "enjoy" playing through the campaign. FYI, the loading screens are terrible and the game actually encourages you to look online for help... There are some parts where you just don't know what it wants you to do.
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