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on August 20, 2013
"Duncan the Punkin" by the renowned Scott Nicholson, is a clever rhyme with just a touch of a creepy edge to it, but not enough to scare the little kiddies. Duncan (the punkin) is warned by his mother (also a punkin) to stay hidden in the punkin vines whenever he sees the farmer coming, or he's liable to get picked! If he gets picked, he's likely to get all carved up, and have a candle shoved inside him.

This is actually a cute story/rhyme. The kids will be glad it has a happy ending, and you won't have to worry about them waking you up screaming because they're dreaming about giant farmers cutting out their insides.

As a further incentive, and to qualify this as an "educational" book, Scott concludes the book by telling the kids to inform their parents that "punkin" is really spelled "pumpkin". So you won't even have to worry about them picking up any bad spelling habits from Scott!

This is a fun little book. I recommend it for a family reading around Halloween. Maybe right up until Christmas, depending on what else your kids have to read!
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on October 26, 2014
Duncan The Punkin By Scott Nicholson and Sergio Castro.
Synopsis: A magical bedtime story for all ages.
Halloween is coming, and Duncan the Punkin's mom teaches him to hide in the pumpkin patch so he doesn't get turned into a jack-o-lantern. Being good is boring, and Duncan's not afraid of any old farmer. But someone else has been keeping an eye on the pumpkin patch. Skeerdy-Cat-Crow has been hanging on a pole all summer, and now he's hungry. He's heard nice little pumpkins are just right. But Mom knows a trick that will teach both Skeerdy-Cat-Crow and Duncan something new.
Features 30 color pages (will appear in black-and-white on Kindles) of rhyming fun, magic, and Halloween mystery. Scott Nicholson is author of the children's books IF I WERE YOUR MONSTER and TOO MANY WITCHES, as well as 20 books for adults. Sergio Castro has illustrated for the comic books LITTLE SHIVERS, DREAMBOAT, and GRAVE CONDITIONS.
My Review:
I do Love Children's "Holiday Books" and Duncan The Punkin Delivers! This is a delightful story of A "Punkin" at Halloween time and His Mother trying to teach him to be safe during this season. The telling of the story is in Rhyme and the Pictures are Just perfect! The Brilliant mind of this Author shines through this wonderful story of Mother's concern and a Child's curiosity .. I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE ! It makes a great bedtime story , a great story for a parent read at school or even a children's library group.. I give 'Duncan the Punkin" 5 Bright Orange "Punkins" soooooo cute and well done!!
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on March 8, 2012
I try not to read anything about a book if it's by an author I'm familiar with before downloading or reading, so actually had no idea this was a picture book, I'd assumed it was a horror short story. Obviously all picture books are short stories and this one has a mild horror theme to it so I was somewhat right, but I was pleasantly surprised to have something with great colourful illustrations as well. Duncan the Punkin is basically the tale of a pumpkin whose mother warns it to stay still and pretend its dead so it doesn't get picked when the farmer is selecting which pumpkins to harvest. Of course when a scarecrow gets sick of it's everyday routine Duncan's ability to follow its mother's advice will be tested. Along the way there is some brilliant descriptive (although still child friendly) imagination scenes told by the mother of what happens to pumpkins who don't listen to the rules of survival. I'm not sure why Scott Nicholson and Sergio Castro decided to misspell pumpkin and it doesn't really add anything to the story, it is deliberate though they acknowledge it on the final page. All up the book will take you a couple of minutes to get through, but you will spend longer than that admiring the great artwork on each page.

I had no idea Scott Nicholson even wrote picture books, but after enjoying this so much I'll definitely check out the other two he has also written.
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on October 20, 2014
Duncan The Punkin is a great book that will appeal to everyone. Little Duncan is warned by his mom to stay still so he doesn't get made into a pie, or worse, at Halloween, but will the little punkin listen? There is a moral to the story. Yes, this is a bit scary but I think kids are better able to handle this stuff than people think, especially when put in this way, with the gorgeous illustrations that go along with the story that is told in rhyme. Short story, about 28 pages with most pages 4 lines each. Perfect to get you all in the mood for Halloween.
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on December 4, 2014
Older kids who can read the book themselves will find it too young for them, as it's obviously intended for little kids. The trouble is that the story and the pictures are too scary for most young children.

It didn't give my 5 y/o nephew nightmares, but he was definitely turned off, both by the picture of the evil scarecrow and by the idea of Mama bring kidnapped and having her insides scooped out.

I'm deleting it.
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on February 3, 2017
This book was surprisingly dark for little kids. I remember thinking "OH MY GOSH" I was really freaked out. It's not like kids would understand the darkness, but WOW.
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on October 17, 2012
This has been my 4 year-old grandson's favorite bed-time story for about 6 months. It has a nice rhyme and flow to it, but I'm not too crazy about the content. From an adult perspective, it sounds a little gory--but I remind myself it's only a "punkin" not a person! The illustrations are lovely and it's a quick easy read just before lights out.
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on April 19, 2013
Scott Nicholson is one of my favorite authors. It doesn't matter if he writes a children's book, or an adult novel. I usually end up liking it when I'm finished. I love how he incorporated some cynical humor in this book, so adults can enjoy it too. I wish more children's authors did that.
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on December 31, 2011
A beautiful picture book for Kids with Kindles ... or a Granny with Kindle for MAC. A cute story about a small pumpkin whose mother tries to teach him to stay hidden in the pumpkin patch for safety. A good message with beautiful illustrations.
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on September 20, 2012
I can not believe the positive reviews and only 1 neg. review. This book IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. It is like a mini horror story for little kids. I would not read it to my 3 year old grandson. Thankfully it was FREE, deleted it immediately. The message behind the story is to make kids AFRAID. This book will make your child AFRAID of a pumpkin carved at Halloween. A wonderful tradition for a family to do with they're kids. Why would this author write a story like this, but to make kids AFRAID! The mother sacrifices herself for her little punkin, so he doesn't have to have his brains carved out, and to stay ALIVE!!! DO we want to teach children pumpkins are alive, next they won't eat their food, cause they might hurt it! DON"T READ TO YOUR KIDS. AWFUL!!!!!!
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