Customer Reviews: Dungeon Siege III - Xbox 360
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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$6.66 - $59.99
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on June 22, 2011
Dungeon Siege 3 has been much awaited as it brings the Dungeon Siege element to the Consoles. While the game has under gone a drastic amount of changes is it enough for this game to stand on, or have the changes made done nothing but sink the ship? In short a bit of both! Dungeon Siege 3 simplifies the experience and gears the entire game for console users essentially putting the PC experience on the back burner. In doing so gone are the micro managing of your comrades, a basic inventory system with a very basic leveling system that does little to promote individual variety(you eventually unlock everything).

Still what we have here is a solid game that will not be a disappointment to the Hack & Slash RPG fans of ye olde day such as Diablo, Titan Quest, etc.

What can I say.. it is a hack n' slash RPG. Be prepared to go through dungeons grinding away on mobs and collecting loot! Dungeon Siege 3 does not disappoint in this category. It brings lots of gameplay something crucial to any video game; especially a hack and slash type. You have a choice of 4 pre-made characters which of course breaks down into typical Warrior, Caster, Rogue etc. When not in dungeons you will be visiting towns to buy and sell goods, pick up some simple quests that are not to bad to complete, and of course continue the storyline. It is fairly simple but gets the job done. Dungeons are varied as are the types of mobs you encounter so things get changed up enough to not get boring. Throw in a variety of difficulty levels and drop-in/out co-op and you have a pretty solid gameplay experience.

Combat is handled exceptionally well I feel for a hack & slash on a console. Your main attack and 3 skills are bound to your attack buttons while blocking and your stances are controlled via the shoulder/trigger buttons. During mid-combat with the warrior-type lets say, a bunch of trash rushes you just switch to a 2-handed stance and hack away. By doing this you open up your 2 Handed skills. Middle of the fight a boss mob comes in you can just switch, on the fly, back to a sword/shield stance and of course unlock 1 handed skills. You can map 3 skills per stance which makes you have to choice between the available skills per stance. Toss in Proficiencies, which add some customization to the skills by allowing you to pick a perk for that skill, and you have a simple yet somewhat diverse set of skills. While it is no Diablo or Titan Quest in skill variety and customization it keeps it very simple.

The game looks pretty good on the console. I have not checked it out on the PC but it is a very pretty game. The fire effects aren't bad and the variety of colors and effects for your skills are awesome. By no means is this a perfect engine here but it has graphical appeal and does help to make the world a bit more recognizable. I did notice some slow down on the PS3 version when I was looking awkwardly at fire with the camera, but I tend to try and kill the frame-rates on purpose at times. Combat however was very smooth and I noticed no difference between the PS3 or 360 versions when it came to the FPS during combat or cut-scenes.

The effects and sound track here aren't bad. I would say average. Nothing special to talk about but the voice acting I would say is sub-par. Many times it seemed as is the actors/actresses really did not care much about their lines. This puts a damper on the already boring storyline. Yes there is a storyline here for a Hack & Slash! A detailed storyline to boot! Problem is I found the storyline incredibly boring and uninteresting. A lot of it had to do with the dialogue as it really didn't sell you on the story. Still there is some meat here to give purpose to your adventure.

What good is a hack & slash without replay!? Well this game boasts some solid replay value if you are up for it. Where as past Hack and Slash games I have played allow you to continue on harder difficulties with your existing loot... not the case here. There is no Game+ feature here. Instead you just start a new difficulty from square one again. Replay value will come down to simple trophy/achievement collecting, simple enjoyment of the game and of course Co-Op. The game itself took me around 13-15 hours to complete on my play-through; and I have yet to replay it on another difficulty since nothing carries over.

*** CO-OP FEATURES *** ( 4 player ONLINE support, no LAN support, 2 player LOCAL co-op )
A crucial part of this game that people have been getting confused about. Co-Op works very strange in this game and while it does work.. it doesn't at the same time. Much like how the game really simplified the elements almost to a fault, the Co-Op was simplified far past a fault. Not only is there a lack of Game+ here, but Co-Op works fairly backwards for a game of this type. If you hop into a game online or with your friend only, your SP character WILL NOT be used. No progress you make with your friend/PUG will carry to your account. You are simply there for moral support you could say. To make things worse, even if you are doing Co-Op on different accounts (like a 4 player PUG group) the host is who the camera centers on. Meaning you are locked into the hosts camera frame. While this just takes time to get used to, it seems like a colossal step backwards compared to previous hack&slash titles. The overall Co-Op experience can be a lot of fun if you put aside gear, level and just work as a team to have some fun.

OVERALL 73% (7.3) .. C
Dungeon Siege 3 is not a bad game by any means. It simplified the Hack & Slash elements to suit the console but in doing so it over-simplified the elements down to a no-brainer. While perhaps a disappointment at first glance Dungeon Siege 3 still brings gameplay to the table and lots of it. There is plenty to do here, and despite a slightly simplified dungeon design you still have tons of baddies to plow through and loads of loot to gather.

A weak inventory system holds it back as does the Co-Op method used by the game but still... this is the kind of game Hack and Slash fans have been craving for a long time. It is a fresh change of pace for the genre despite being simplified. While not a full-price for some, it is a game worth picking up if you are a fan of the genre. The flaws in DS3's armor are not bad enough to ruin the game but it might leave a sour taste if you set expectations to high.

**NOTE: I was disappointed with the absence of SET items. However with no real game+ mode, and a 10-15 hr campaign it is understandable why they were probably absent
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on October 22, 2011
This game is somewhat short and almost predictable. While the graphics are amazing, the game however falls short in many categories. Ill break it down below.

Solo - If you like to play solo, this game is NOT for you. Unless you play as Marcus, you are pretty much going to have a tough time in this game. The AI team mate does not...I repeat does Not hold aggro or act with very strong AI support. I played as Katrina, and found it extremely difficult to get through the campaign because she is range. The so called dodge/roll is like a double edged sword. You can avoid attacks completely but when you come out of the dodge, you can not pre-aim while rolling. So if your rolling away from the mob, when you try to will have to spend the extra 1 or 2 seconds to re-aim or you will just shoot in the opposite direction of the mob. I put this in this part because if your not tanking, you will be doing this since the AI party member can not attack first or get aggro. There is no party member tactics. So your stuck with it.

Camera control - Still kinda hurt the game because you can not go low enough to see that far in front of you. Yet, you can look directly down at you which defeats the purpose of great graphics.

Character skills/abilities - Yes I only played Katrina but understand that there is NO reason to play this game again once you complete it. The selection of abilities/spells is rather limited and somewhat child's play. There are 3 tiers and with in the tiers there is 3 abilities/spells. You can increase each one of these but it is divided into 2 different categories and limited to a total of 5 improvements in each spell. By the time you reach the end. you will have mastered most of the skills even the ones you do not want to. Its a big waste. No reason to limit what you want your own abilities.

Travel - you run everywhere. There is no ability to teleport back to down or even take a short cut. In most cases, you have to go back and forth several times. While this may seem legit, it is worse when you have no ability to explore unless doing a quest. Although if you go every part while in a quest, you will find random chests everywhere. What is worse, you find yourself attacking the walls of the environment because you can not tell the difference between a breakable object with treasure inside or the wall.

Final review - If you are looking for a decent rental, this is a decent game for that. I would not recommend buying this game. The story line is excellent but do not expect too much from this game. If you play online...make sure you create your own server. You can transfer items from one character to another.
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on July 17, 2011
This type of game is one of my favorite genres. Its one that my wife and I can play through together and have fun doing it. That being said there are some definate problems that I feel must be written down so other fans will know before the purchase of this game.

1)Probobly my biggest issue with this game is the scripted combat. Once you start your character swinging, punching, shooting, etc. the combat follows a pattern that doesnt vary. It is nice when the game makers give you the ability to create your own combo within your combat.

2)Next and maybe I'm nit-picking here but with the multiplayer there is some one sidedness to the conversations here. Yeah it is nice that all four players can select which dialogue that they would prefer in conversations but ultimately the party leader/player one has the only real choice in the matter. Also the money goes into a community pot rather than individual accounts which can be frustrating at times.

3)There is no way to have two players in the equipment selection screen as with other games in the genre. My wife and I have been fans of this type of game since the Balders Gate game came out on the PS2 whenever we could find a dungeon crawling multiplayer game we were there. Now this might not seem like such a big deal but when you each get something new that you want to checkout it can be quite annoying to have to wait while the other person takes his sweet time checking out the new item he just recieved(my own personel flaw).

There might be some other minor issues that I have with this game but all in all this is one of the best games in the genre to come out recently I would definatly recommend buying this game if you are into a good dungeon crawl with friends just be aware that player one ultimately in the one in charge of the story.

Hope this helps anyone still on the fence about this game.
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on December 26, 2012
The more I play this game the more I'm enjoying it. My first impressions wern't that great however. I haven't been able to figure out how to view the map in full screen, the camera toggles don't give me enough views, and the voice acting of my character is pretty....bad. But, the game reminds me of gauntlet and it's coop, so I'm really excited to try that. The graphics are pretty good and the storyline is pretty good, although not original. All in all, I got this for $10 on sale and I probably wouldn't pay much more for it. I'm only 1/4 of the way through, so I'll try to be back to give a better review.

EDIT: 2/2013. Well I finished it a long time ago, and I finished the game in record time. It only took me about 20 hours to finish the game, while most other RPG's take me about 40 hours of gameplay. I think SE reasoning behind shorter gameplay is you can play coop an unlimited amount of time. The coop was bleh, maybe it was my connection but I had major issues with coop. I could not see half of the other players, it was choppy, and we still had to talk to characters like in a storyline. I thought coop would be more like gauntlet. All in all, I still give the game 4 stars. I liked it enough to finish it.
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on July 20, 2012
I have played this game in the past and I enjoyed it only because I have played it with a friend but playing it by ones self it can be difficult so I recommend that if you decide to get this game make sure you have a friend to help you out because you wont get far by yourself
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on March 13, 2012
I must preface this by admitting while being an avid and copious gamer, I've never enjoyed playing things at harder difficult levels or being frustrated by games. On the other hand, it's been years since I've given up on a game because I found it too difficult, instead of playing it all the way to the end to completion. Additionally, it's especially annoying when a game gives you a really easy setting, and playing it at that level you still find it too difficult and frustrating. Designers, if I opt to be wimpy and play at the lowest difficulty level, it probably means I don't want to die 30 times in a row in the introductory stages of the game!

I found the game enjoyable to play at first, but after about 2 hours simply ran into a wall of failure no matter what I tried to do, and, after trying on for a few gaming sessions, figured I'd go on to play something more enjoyable. I started as Katrina, which someone else points out may be a more difficult character to play with, and after going through the first few plot points and introductory battles, found myself dead ending at a boss in some caverns. No matter what I did, I died in a swarm of enemies before even getting close to defeating them. I figured I was missing something, so checked some FAQ's online, made sure I understand all the controls and my nascent abilities, and tried again, but more knowledge didn't even get me a mite closer to beating a swarm of enemies that killed me before I knew what happened. After dying 20 or 30 times, I figured maybe I needed to go "grind" a bit to build up abilities, so wandered back to town, picked up a side quest, and tried my hand at that. The monsters that spawned yielded the exact same of quick, senseless death over and over, so, eventually I figured the game was not worth playing.

Perhaps it gets great after that, perhaps I'm not a great RPG-er, but after gamely giving this game a try and getting stuck so early on, I decided it was no fun for me and will move on to games which are fun, because this was just suprisingly not so.
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on May 28, 2015
Decent game but don't expect anything ground breaking or spectacular. When it comes to local Co-op RPG's, you can't be picky. The offerings are abysmal. This game is fun for what you get. The campaign seems short and toward the end there is a bit of grinding in order to get through the end fights. Now that the game has been out for a long time and the price is right, you can't go wrong. Just don't set your expectations too high and you'll enjoy your romp through this game.
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on December 30, 2014
You get four characters, all with different abilities and play styles, and that's it. The combat changes only slightly because of that. The story changes only slightly because of that. This game really didn't hold my interest too well, and that's a shame because I like previous dungeon siege titles much more. But I made it through the game, and you can too.
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on June 5, 2015
Game was dull and lacked originality. The controls were clunky and the story progression was quite boring. We got this as a recommendation for a good two player game and have decided to no longer accept recommendations from that particular friend!
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on December 31, 2011
Got this to play with my boyfriend. The controls are easy to learn and the gameplay is smooth and lots of fun. No stall for loading different areas in the game. The only issue is that sometimes the characters will not auto aim on an enemy. And end up shooting the walls.
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