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on October 16, 2013
As many others have reviewed, I got the batteries in a lose package and they were made in China, whereas the Amazon website shows Duracell packaging and mentions "Made in USA".
Also this product is "Fulfilled by Amazon", i.e. shipped and packed at Amazon warehouses!

I have written an email to Amazon, lets see how Amazon responds:

I am writing to complain about misleading product placement on Amazon website.
I ordered Duracell Batteries as part of Order <redacted>.
There were couple of issues:
1. Amazon Website shows them in Duracell packaging, but I got it in lose bag.
2. Amazon website claims this is made in the USA, but the batteries have Made in China printed.
After seeing the customer reviews for the product in detail, I see that many customers have already complained about this and also that the product is not working as expected. Why has this still not be pulled from the Amazon store?
I also find it shocking that this is a "Fulfilled by Amazon" product - were there no quality/authenticity checks done?
Requesting you to look into this matter. In the meantime I am returning this product.
Pictures of the packaging and battery attached. Also, the Amazon website screenshot attached.
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on February 3, 2012
Update (2/27/12): I ordered 4 Duracell 9v from this seller. The picture you see here shows standard retail packaging. What I got was not retail packaging, it was 3rd party repackaged batteries. The seller says they repackage from large bulk packaging (they sent me a pic of a big box of batteries that also did not even say Duracell on the box). On further inspection, the batteries did not match the retail Duracell 9v's I already had. These batteries weighed about half as much and felt flimsy. These have 3 Chinese letters on the base with a date. They also had a symbol of a trash can crossed out with "EU" over it, a sign telling you not to throw these in the trash in the European Union. These batteries also died in half a day of use in a TENS unit, where the real Duracell's had lasted 2-3 days. I contacted Procter & Gamble (makers of Duracell) and they told me:
1. They do not allow their authorized sellers to repackage from bulk packaging. Any batteries not in retail packaging should be assumed to be fake.
2. Their batteries sold in the US do not have the standard EU "no trash" warning on them as these did.
3. Their batteries sold in the US do not have a date on the bottom or Chinese letters.

This is very unfortunate, as my previous review had been quite positive, having received true retail packaging and good batteries.

Here is my previous review:

Just received my batteries on 02/03/12. They were dated 9/27/11 (they are supposed to stay fresh for 7 years and are guaranteed by Duracell). They were in full retail display packaging that was unopened. Great price!
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on October 31, 2012
I have only used one of the batteries so far so I can't say much about longevity. I will update this as I use the batteries and see their performance.

I wanted to caution other buyers about one thing I wish someone would have told me. Some Sellers do not state they are re-packaged, loose batteries, in a old clam shell-- not a pack of sealed batteries as pictured. This has happened to me twice now. The first pack I bought did not last long and I wonder if the same will happen with this pack.

**UPDATE: Just as I suspected, these batteries did not last long at all. One battery lasted 2 1/2 weeks. I used it for my personal laptop mouse. The mouse is turned off when not in use. I use the mouse at night for a couple of hours each time. The battery should have lasted much longer. If you order these, don't go with the cheapest price. You get what you pay for: loose batteries in an unsealed clam shell that don't last like they should. The seller I bought from was "uTrusted." How ironic.

UPDATE II 12/16/12: We bought these in Oct. and already need to buy more. We used them for standard use, nothing out of the ordinary. Not a good investment.
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on February 13, 2014
None of these batteries work. I didnt realize I had been ripped off until a little over a month after having received them, when I went to open the batteries to use them for something, and noticed none of the packaging is original, there is no Duracell notation or trademark; just says "alkaline batteries" in black and white and pink lettering. Then when I replaced my old batteries with these batteries, my item still did not work. That is when I checked into exactly what type of batteries I had received, and sure enough, not in original packaging, and the date on the batteries all say August of 2013 for an expiration. Great. Totally ripped off and can do nothing about it because apparently the last day I could return this item was February 6th 2014 (they were delivered on January 6 2014). Well, I didnt need to utilize these batteries until February 13, so couldnt have known my unfortunate predicament until this date. Nonetheless, I am now out the money it cost me to buy these from Amazon, as well as the inconvenience of getting into my car and having to go purchase valid, nonexpired, working duracell batteries. Thanks Amazon, for giving me no recourse. I am a faithful customer who spends tons of money on your website. I never have had a problem until now. At least take the steps to stop selling such a worthless product. It is truly a con and your customers are not receiving the item as pictured.
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on June 14, 2017
Purchased this in April 2017, all batteries are dated 2021. Batteries lasted only a month in Atomic Clock, replaced the batteries in May from same package, batteries dead again after one month. Tested remaining batteries in the package with a known/working device. They're all dead? Defective batch???? Beware, great price but they don't last long.
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on August 13, 2013
I just received my package today and discovered that it is NOT the "guaranteed for 10 years" version as it shows on the product image by this seller, Your Dream Store. This was one of the main reason I bought this from them. While the package was unopened and all 20 units of AA batteries were inside, the expiration date on the batteries (which you can clearly see through the plastic blister packaging) was March 2018 and the words on the package were "guaranteed for 7 years". This only means that this pack of AA have been sitting in the seller's inventory for at least 2 years leaving me only 5 years to use them.

For those of you wanting to buy this because of the "guaranteed for 10 years", be careful and ask the seller if you will really get what you see on the product image. I didn't so I'm not so happy with the purchase. I won't return it because they are still usable but I believe you should get what you pay for.
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on May 29, 2014
As others said, they come with NO blister pack. They ALL (I bought 3 boxes of 20), when put into my i-Mac's KEYBOARD, MOUSE, AND/OR MY TRAKPAD, WHEN LIFE OF THE BATTERIES WERE CHECKED in my System Preferences,
A L L O F T H E M !!!!!
Brooklyn Battery Works. Since it's in Brooklyn, and I got RIPPED OFF, I feel like Brooklyn Battery Works
is owned by HENRY HILL, or some other charming character.
When it comes to delivery costs, PLUS long deliveries, PLUS THE QUALITY of
I save NO MONEY due to shipping costs, I W A I T weeks and weeks for the products, PLUS the products USUALLY HAVE
some sort of D E F E C T,
I shall be buying EVERYTHING listed on Amazon F R O M Amazon, and
Amazon should REALLY read closely the reviews coming up about partnered companies,
So, trust a man that had a 37 tear career as a Director of Purchasing:
when buying ANYTHING from AMAZON, buy your material from N O O N E
T H E N A M A Z O N!!!!!!!
I don't know about YOU, but I am NOT a fan of spending my money on garbage!!
AMAZON=BEWARE!! Your partnered companies are RUINING your good name!!
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on January 24, 2013
I used four of these batteries in my Canon 430 EX II flash during an overseas trip. Three batteries leaked and ruined my flash. Obviously, I could not bring back the leaked batteries with me on a plane (they contain sodium hydroxide) . I called up Duracell and told them my experience. I even offered to read off any information such as expiry date and batch number etc from the unleaked battery. While very sympathetic, they flat out refused to stand by their product and kept insisting that they would entertain any claim only if I supplied them with the leaked batteries. Of course I explained my situation to the rep who handed me over to her supervisor. The supervisor said she perfectly understands my situation but was not able to do anything about it. She even went so-far as to suggest that I was dishonest and there was no evidence that the damage to my flash was because of the Duracell batteries. At that point I was aghast and hung up.
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on June 12, 2017
Very disappointed, loose batteries? Not the package shown. New? Really? I hate batteries, always leak and never last. The only reason I bought them was for the tv remote.False advertising.I am disabled, so hard for me to go anywhere, I adore Amazon, but be aware. Thank you.
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on April 12, 2014
As other reviewers have noted, the 20-count batteries we received were not as pictured = standard Duracell packaging, but were in a generic no-label blister pack, with cellophane tape on one side. Batteries also were old, 6+ months past the stamped expiration date on the side of each battery. Be careful from which seller you select to buy. We returned these for a refund and just went to the warehouse big box, where we found a 40-count for $15.
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