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on January 19, 2015
If your very very careful with your phone and never drop it, this may be for you. Right now I've been through two (customer service replaced one) and my wife has just broken hers. The cases are extremely brittle and therefor fragile.

Both of mine only lasted three months each before the teeny tiny bar above the volume snaps, then the corners start fracturing after that. My wife's slipped out of her hand (these cases are very smooth plastic with little grip) smashed the frames corner and even put a minor crack in her phone screen (she dropped it on a tile floor).

As for aesthetics, it's not bad other than the gap. But the way it's setup kinda makes it look like a copper top.

All in all if your super careful its a good case, but if your a normal person, you'll break it in 6 months or less.
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on December 5, 2013
I love the Powermat charger for my iphone 4 and automatically ordered the new model when I upgraded to an iphone 5s. Big Mistake. When Duracell took over the quality went out the window. I was very unhappy from day one but foolishly kept it anyway - now a month later it has completely stopped working. The light comes on the charging mat signifying that it is charging, the phone beeps indicating proper alignment of the phone on the mat but the phone does not charge. (I know how to align it - my wife's phone charges fine.) Unfortunately by the time I waited for my iphone to come in combined with the short time the charger did work I am now past the return deadline. Powermat for iphone 4 is one of the greatest accessories ever - Powermat for the iphone 5 is an expensive piece of junk. This is my first review, previously I never thought my opinion was worth submitting but I don't recall ever being so disappointed in a product.
Other reviews on design issues are correct which is why I was initially so disappointed but I was willing to live with it and keep my thoughts to myself until it quit working less than a month after the first time I used it.
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on August 29, 2015
Powermat needs to change this design. I have an iPhone 4S with a Powermat case and it works well to this day - of which, one of the undeniable features is that the case itself is rugged and solid. You can toss it, let it fall and your phone is safe and it doesn't affect the charging ability of the case. SO when I got my iPhone 5S, I bought the Powermat case, because I already have the mat. Although I noticed that the 5 design was totally different, I had faith in my previous experience. However, the case if cumbersome (very sharp edges) unlike it predecessor. Also, after it took one fall (ONE FALL!!) it stopped charging via the mat. So ok, I started using the cable to charge it - HOWEVER for you to use the cable, you need to remove the bottom piece/attached (EVERYTIME YOU CHARGE!) and then replace it. The previous case DID NOT have this issue. So after a couple weeks of doing this, the bottom piece snaps into 2 pieces in my hand!! End of case.
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on May 19, 2016
There are better solutions. It does wirelessly charge, but not very reliably. The extra battery attached is nice and doubles battery life, which is why it didn't get 1 star. On to the bad: it will randomly stop charging, making an annoying bling noise every couple minutes. It's enough to keep you up at night if you're a light sleeper. The battery pack makes it extremely thick and bulky. The battery pack will also fall off at the slightest nudge or bump. The case gives very little to no protection against damage. A face down drop will probably break your screen. The charging field is small, you you have to line it up pretty carefully. It's all just not worth the hassle, don't bother.
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on December 13, 2013
I love the powermat system, was an early adopter of the 1st system, it was an ingenious way to eliminate so many cords. I waited and waited for the iphone 5 charging case to come out and when it finally did I was happy. Well, now not so much. I am on my 4th charging case - the 1st three, cracked and the bottom plastic insert snapped on two of them, my screen shattered and had to be replaced during use with one. I am not a "novice" iphone user - had the early model and early charging case without incident for 3 years prior to this one without ever having a problem. The material in this case of of poor quality plastic, it cannot withstand even small drop and does not protect the phone. Cases 2 and 3 stopped charging the phone unless they were paired with the backup batter charger (also a great device but poor protection for the phone) I am persisting despite this with one more case as I so love the convenience of the charging pad system. I have also contacted duracell powermat customer service directly and was very unsatisfied with their warranty/return system. They want the case sent back, then they look at it, then they will send you out a new one, so you are without the device for 3 to 4 weeks. I persisted with talking to a manager and he did then offer, to send out a gift card reimbursement for the case, which I did receive and use to order another from Amazon. This company was more responsive and had better quality design before duracell aquired them. On the postive note, I receive compliments on the "look" of the case, I really wish it worked!
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on May 10, 2016
The "wireless" label gave me the impression the charger dock on the phone was not essential for charging with the case+pad combo, however that is not the situation. My phone's charger dock is eroded and has been unable to charge with the plug-in charger any longer, aside from its complete and utter uselessness to me it makes a great paper weight. So if you have the same issue I have DO NOT get the "wireless" charger as it does still need the charger port operable in order to charge the phone. I was hoping for a product that would bypass the necessity of the port, but was disappointed.
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on March 15, 2014
I wish I had read the other reviews. Everyone is right, the design is really stupid with the bottom piece being extremely vulnerable to damage. It fell off the arm of my chair and broke, a whole week after I bought it. I had an iphone 4 with the Powermat system and it was great. I dropped it several times and it was always just fine.

If someone from Duracell actually reads this - here is what you need to do - go back to the old design. Having that piece of vulnerable plastic open at the bottom is stupid. This product needs to be able to take some abuse - that is the point.
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on November 13, 2013
It would be difficult to find a more poorly designed product out there. Plain and simple. The technology is great. This case is unacceptable. The gap in the bottom is problematic. The plastic is cheap and will break. ( I ordered one for myself and one for a friend-neither lasted more than 3 weeks).

Certainly it will be redesigned. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS ONE.

I will wait until it comes out, as I have my charging pad sitting here empty for now.
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on February 19, 2015
Firstly, The description of this item DID NOT say anything about having to purchase an additional item (costing upwards of $100) to make it work. Secondly, I have only been able to find this "adapter" for iPhones. I cannot find any suitable "adapters" for any Android that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Very disappointed with these THREE Christmas gifts that I bought!
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on January 28, 2015
The case is really not comfortable in the hand, and doesn't seem to fit my phone very well. Also, there are gaps on either side of the part that plugs into my phone, which is really annoying by itself. When connected to the battery pack, this accessory makes my phone absolutely enormous. And for reasons I don't fully understand, the case is starting to crack.

I love Duracell, the idea of this case working with the battery+inductive charger is really innovative. But the execution of the idea was very poor.
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