Customer Reviews: Duralex Picardie 16-7/8-Ounce Clear Tumbler, Set of 6
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on January 9, 2010
I bought a set in 2001 & immediately became a huge fan. They are elegant, classic, practical and almost unbreakable! I've dropped them on tiled floors on more than one occasion and they haven't broken. They are Tempered and 2.5 times stronger than regular glasses!
Then I moved and during the move, somehow the box I had packed them in went missing.. so I went immediately and got another set. Over the years I lost exactly 3 of them and when I went to replenish these I was told they've stopped manufacturing them! I couldn't believe it! I would have people come over and as soon as they'd see my glasses they'd talk about how they've been looking for these everywhere. I even had friends trying to buy them from me. They are literally THE icons in glassware. They are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and you can get them in the following sizes (the ones that have a metric measurement I've measured myself:

3.75 oz (11 cl) - 2.6" (6.7 cm) Height x 2.5" (6.4 cm) Diameter at the top
4.25 oz (12.5 cl) - 2.8" Height x 2.9" Diameter at the top
5.75 oz (16 cl) - 3.0" (7.8 cm) Height x 2.8" (7.5 cm) Diameter at the top
7.75 oz (22 cl) - 3.2" Height x 3.2" Diameter at the top
8.75 oz (25 cl) - 3.5" (8.8 cm) Height x 3.25" (3.4 cm) Diameter at the top - Name: "Old Fashioned"
10.5 oz (31 cl) - 3.6" Height x 3.35" Diameter at the top
12 oz (36 cl) - 4.875"(12.3 cm) Height x 3.4" (8.7 cm) Diameter at the top - Name: "Euro Highball"
16.75 oz (50 cl) - 5.75" (14.4 cm) Height x 3.7" (9.4 cm) Diameter at the top - Name: "Highball"

I use the small 5.75 oz glass for having Persian tea (since the color is important and has to be served in a clear glass), I use the 8.75 oz glass for serving whiskey as well as wine in the "French Cafe" style, and the large 12.5 oz one for water, juice, cocktails since it fits perfectly in to standard cocktail shakers. Now that they're back I'm going to buy a couple sets and hoard them, as well as buying a few sets to give to friends. 5 stars is just not enough for these.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 26, 2009
The Duralex Picardie model is the ubiquitous glassware of France. The 25cl size (sometimes incorrectly referred to as 8 3/4 oz.) is the standard model. It is beautifully curved to fit in the hand, tapers down from the arches under the rim to nine flat sides so that it may be easily grasped without slipping even when wet, has just the right weight and balance, and has a lip thin enough to drink comfortably from while retaining strength.

Graceful is the one best word to describe them, the perfect combination of beauty and utility.

In French cafés you will see people drinking water, wine, and even coffee from them. You can spot them in many films (The 400 Blows and Breathless come to mind) and they frequently found their way into modern still life paintings.

Duralex went into court-ordered liquidation bankruptcy in 2006 but has since partnered with Emile Henry, an old French manufacturer of cooking ware, to return to production and distribution of this classic glassware. During the hiatus, it was not unusual to see a set of six of the larger ones sell for over $100 on the secondary market, which is testimony to their status as a desirable design icon of the 20th century.

Each glass was manufactured with a number on the bottom, from 1-48, identifying the mold it was made in. These numbers provided amusement for many generations of school children in France and other European countries.

The only possible criticism of these glasses is that they are not designed to stack securely.
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on February 27, 2010
I added this review to make sure there would be one more 5 star review for Duralex. There are few products out there that are just plain the best in their class. This is one of them. Believe all of the other positive reviews. My wife had a few Duralex glasses from the 1970's (!) and we got sick of trying to augment them with normal (e.g. Pier 1 issh) glasses, and how heavy they were and easily they broke. We decided to buy Duralex a few years ago and found that they were kaput! We couldn't believe it. We searched the Web, eBay, etc. and nothing (except black market prices). We searched harder and found that there was a hidden stash in an Ann Arbor MI store, and bought boxes and boxes. Gave boxes to family members. But we knew that was it. NOW...someone got a clue and started manufacturing them, thank God. Read the other reviews for the reasons you'll enjoy them and keep them in your family. But buy them.

p.s. our own personal trivia contest entry - I spotted one in a movie - the 1937 version of Bride of Frankenstein !!! I kid you not. I can't attach pics or I would show the scene - you can find it on YouTube - look for Bride of Frankenstein, I think chunk 7...Dr. Frankenstein says he can't concentrate because of the monster (Karloff) and Dr. Praetorius says "I will deal with him". He pours some Brandy in a small glass, then sneaks some knockout drops in it, and hands it to the monster. "Drink GOOD". As the director does a closeup on Karloff drinking the Brandy you see the glass and even the writing on the bottom....wait for's a Duralex!!! The funniest part - he empties it, then gets woozy and drops the glass on the stone floor, and if you listen hard, you can hear it bounce FIVE TIMES AND NOT BREAK. I shat you not. I am laughing even now, just typing this. So even James Whale (director) and Boris Karloff were fans of Duralex!!!! (ad campaign? "So strong, even your little monster won't break it").
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on September 4, 2012
we purchased these duralex glasses from amazon because they were listed at a cheaper price than williams-sonoma, where we purchased our first ones 12 years ago. we have enjoyed the durelex glasses for their durability through 3 kids and needed to expand our collection. these are identical to our original set but *are not* safe. there must be a variation in the tempering/tension within the glasses because 3 of the 6 have spontaneously burst into hundreds of pea-sized pieces right in our hands while we have been handwashing them. i had a shard of glass stuck in my index finger that was holding it.

we are so disappointed and have since purchased a new set from williams-sonoma, since they always stand behind their products with 100% guarantee or full-replacement/refund. i'm hoping amazon will try to stand behind their sale on this set. within 3 months of purchase, we have lost 3 of the glasses *all* due only to being handled in an appropriate fashion, the same way we've handled the identical set we've had for 12 years.
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on February 23, 2013
I received and unpacked the glasses; Washed them and filled one with ice water. And, . . . then I noticed that there were little bubbles in the glass. I expected the rest and four out of the six glasses had these bubbles. I would expect that type of defect from a less expensive product--but not when you pay around $5 a glass. I bought the small 4.5 ounce glasses and there were no problems with those. Boy!! what a disappointment!!

It is one day later, I placed the glass in a soapy dishwater with 2 plastic bowls and 1 glass and it comes out chipped. So instead of finding that they are tough and can handle day-to-day use, I find that they are EXCEEDINGLY fragile. I bought these high-priced glasses just to prevent that type of thing. BUYER BEWARE--unless you have money to throw away.
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on November 25, 2015
Like some others here, I've had one of these spontaneously explode. I bought these in August 2014, about a year and a half ago. Just now, my roommate was taking them out of the dishwasher when one suddenly exploded into little pieces. (Sorry for the bad photo.) They were hot because they were in the dishwasher, but they should be able to withstand dishwasher temperatures. Didn't seem to cause injury, but who knows what could have happened. Buyer beware.
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on November 15, 2014
We bought a set of 12 of the largest of these glasses, a set of 12 of the small juice glasses, and 12 of the medium sized glasses (12 oz.) 4 years ago. Within the first year, a glass exploded, but we chalked that up to a fluke. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There's something wrong with these glasses. Over the past year we've had 5 additional glasses explode into small fragments and scatter across the kitchen (floors, counters, etc....these are NOT minor explosions or even large pieces; these are fragments and shards, hundreds of them that explode up and out. I do understand this is what tempered glass is designed to do, but it's quite disturbing). 2 glasses exploded over the past week alone.

Twice this happened while unloading the dishwasher (once fully cooled, once when they were still hot). Twice they exploded in the cabinet well after they'd been put away. And the other 2 times they exploded in our hands. None of these times were a result of them touching another surface (knocking, dinging, etc.). Fortunately no one has been hurt, but I'm replacing them now before that changes. The last thing I want is my toddler to be in the room when a tumbler explodes and get glass in her face. This has only happened with the largest glasses, but I'm not taking any chances. I'm tossing out the entire set.

Yes, these tumblers stack well and hold a lot. I'd love to rate them highly for function, but I think their inherent danger far outweighs any possible positive of their general design. Be very careful.
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on June 14, 2012
I loved them til one exploded in my kitchen cabinet, and another as I was removing it from the dishwasher. And I do mean exploded! I contacted Duralex and was told this happens sometimes with tempered glass. Two in two days! And hours of cleanup! And other glasses shattered by the flying glass pellets! No more!
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on September 16, 2014
I've had these glasses in three sizes for the past two years. A couple of them developed chips around the lip, despite never having been dropped. But today the 10.5 oz glass totally EXPLODED when it was being loaded into the dishwasher. It didn't bang against another glass, and it was not being pressed down hard onto the prongs that hold the glasses in place in the dishwasher. It simply exploded - and I use that word instead of "shattered" on purpose, because that's what it did. One second it was fine, and the next moment it made a loud sound and spewed tiny pieces of glass everywhere - including under the skin, drawing blood.

I don't know if the treatment they use to make these glasses supposedly so resistant to breaking had something to do with this, but this was nothing like shattering an ordinary glass. It was more like the way a car windshield explodes on impact, only instead of harmless pellet-shaped pieces of glass, there were countless razor-sharp fragments and shards, as well as a multitude of nearly invisible tiny fragments - which were the ones that actually drew blood.

I'm very disappointed. These are great looking glasses, in very convenient sizes, and their stackability - and their supposed durability - were all extremely attractive features. But if I need to consider them to be a ticking time-bomb... sorry, but it's time to order a new set of glasses. From another company.

Folks, if you own these, PLEASE handle them with care. And if you're considering buying these, make sure your order includes safety goggles and protective gloves. Yikes!
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on September 7, 2014
Thank you for your post. I have had these glasses for years and have had a few break but tonight I had one explode when I picked it up. I am bleeding on my hand and my cheek. I now am afraid one may explode on my boys. I am afraid I am going to throw them away. Bummer because like I said I have used them for many years and I have a lot of them. UURG!
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