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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 8, 2015
 In this video review, I show how the pillow works and my impression after using it for about a year. If this video was helpful, [...] and happy shopping!
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on March 24, 2017
after doing my research about what kinds of cushions are best for sciatica/herniated discs. i settled on this one. mainly because i was worried about buying a foam cushion and it being too squishy. with my condition, you need a firm support, and often, cheap memory foam gives too much and wears in. This has kept its firmness and i like the width too. its not too wide or too small, fits great in my car and my office chair. Good shape and good support, especially for the price. BUT i took off a star because of a major design flaw. the strap on the back is elastic, and comes already pretty loose. It didnt have a chance on my office chair and slipped down immediately. now every time i sit i have to adjust it and the pressure of my back keeps it in place. i will have to buy another pillow now to replace it.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2016
4.5 stars

Back issues of any type hit most people at some point in their life. I was a Trauma Nurse, and as careful as I tried to be, there were some instances when I had to act quickly without using the best body mechanics. Every once in awhile, I have an area in my lumbar spine that bothers me. I also have arthritis in that area.

I have a chair that I love to sit in and read, but there is not sufficient back support. I purchased this lumbar back support hoping it would serve as more support. It does, indeed, provide more support, but it is not as big as I would have liked. In the interim it will do just fine.

This is a nicely made pillow with a cover that is removable to wash. There is an elastic on the back to hold the pillow in place. This pillow provides enough support for me. This pillow is quite reasonably priced for this supportive pillow.

Recommended. prisrob 02-18-16
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on December 3, 2015
I like how it tapers off at top so you don't feel a sharp going across your back.
But the sides cut into your kidney area. And that hurts bad after awhile. Probably not good for your kidney's either. Just like my old DxRacer chair with winged sides that just got annoying.

The bottom part of the cushion curves under itself a bit. I suppose to fit your butt? Except I don't know anyone who actually sits in that clinical form at all. So basically you don't feel any hip support and all the wight goes right into your lower ribcage or the kidneys. It's constantly making me want to push the cushion down farther into the seat. Except it won't go any farther down.

The fabric quality doesn't seem that great either. I can't say how well it holds up over time yet. The back of it has open overlapping cloth without any zipper. It doesn't even have a seam sewn into it. And when you open that you find a hard piece of particle board. I suppose for stability. But the wood just cuts into the fabric when in use. And feels like it will rip right through it very soon. So I took that out. And all of the above is still an issue.
That said. Without the wood in it, this cushion works better as an actual seat for your bottom. By sitting directly on it instead of using it for your back.
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on June 25, 2014
I just got this item and I am so bummed because it smells horrible! It smells like it just came out of a chemical factory even though the tag says it was made in 2012. I am 5 months pregnant and ordered this so that I could have back support in my office chair, but I just can't be around this toxic odor. I put it in the garage to off-gas, but if the smell isn't gone within a couple of days I'm sending it back. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase because I looked through the reviews and saw that other pregnant women enjoyed the product, but I guess they either didn't get toxic-smelling supports or they didn't care...? Even if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't want to be around this smell - it smells so toxic! Ugh...
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on February 28, 2016
I purchased a used vehicle. Everything was great except the part of the drivers seat where my lower back would be. This back support is the perfect fit and puts my back into a comfortable and proper position.

I'm still giving it 5-stars, but I do have one complaint or observation.
The elastic strap is anchored in the wrong place. Let's see if I can explain. Being anchored to the middle side edge of the back of the support means that when it is installed in a vehicle, the support is pulled AWAY from an actual proper position because of the curvature of the seat structure.

If it were installed on a seat or chair that has a flat back, that would not be a problem.

Perhaps the elastic strap should be anchored to the outermost position on each side of the curved portion. THEN the pulling force would keep the support pulled against and into the naturally curved back of most car seats.
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VINE VOICEon July 2, 2013
I've had 4 lumbar back surgeries due to disc problems/nerve compression. The first was when I was 22, so I've been living with this for pretty much my entire adult life. I also have (and have always had) a desk job, which anyone with back troubles knows can be a nightmare. About five years ago sitting more than 15 minutes or so became intolerable. I had to alternate between sitting and kneeling at my desk all day (I even tried a standing desk, but that didn't work out for me); I couldn't go see movies in the theater unless I was in the back row where I could stand (and that gets old, lemme tell you); and I even started standing outside the bathroom area on airplanes whenever the seat belt light wasn't on (it turns out walking up and down the aisle for an hour freaks people out).


I kid you not. I feel like I have tried every cushion, pillow and fancy ergonomic chair out there - I even sat on a Swiss ball for about a year - but this is the only thing that has made a real difference for me. I've had it a couple years now, and I take it everywhere with me, planes/trains/automobiles - even on my daily subway commute. If I sit without it, even for just a few minutes, I notice. It's held up fairly well, considering how much I use it, although some of the foam inside has rips in it. I have a few spares lying around in case I lose/forget the main one, and I've also bought others for my friends and even my boss. They don't love it as much as I do, so I agree with some of the other reviewers who say this isn't one size fits all. But absolutely worth a shot for anyone who has trouble sitting for long periods!
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on January 9, 2016
I recently moved and sold off all much of my furniture to avoid the cost of shipping things...and was given a "new" desk and chair by family. One of the things I'd liked about my old chair - was the mesh back support that came with it...and immediately noticed a difference when I sat in my "new" chair. I was given one by a friend, which didn't work right with the chair...and purchased another one, which worked - but the strap/band on it stretched out and wouldn't snap back, so constantly slide around and was uncomfortable...so I was looking around for something else and found this one. ...while this one and similar devices all have roughly the same reviews - I took a chance and picked one up - and haven't had a bit of problem with it since purchase. It's very comfortable (the mesh supports, while comfortable on the mesh - had wire frames that dug into your back/sides if you sat wrong)...like a nice comfort foam pillow - but structured for support.
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on August 27, 2016
I own two of these. One is always kept in my desk chair and one is in my car (with a bench seat). I can't sit in either of those two seats without this for very long without feeling uncomfortable. I have a lower back birth defect and as you could imagine I have a set of problems that goes along with it. This back cushion makes sitting for long periods far, far more tolerable. Without a back cushion my lower back and hips start to bother me quite a bit. It also helps push my whole seat forward a few inches which helps a ton. I have very short legs and moving my butt forward in the chair keeps my legs hanging where they should and my feet touching the ground. The support is quite firm but still has a little give to help cushion. It needs to be firm otherwise it won't support, it'll just conform. It has a nice fabric cover and what feels like a plastic (maybe thick cardboard?) backing on the inside to keep it flat. It's definitely not an elegantly textured pillow or anything of the sort but it looks good enough for my taste. It gets the job done, it's relatively inexpensive and best of all, it lets me sit without hating life. :-)
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This lumbar cushion really hits the spot. It provides exactly the type and thickness of the support that I need. It adapts to whatever chair I put it on and feels completely natural. I expected it to be helpful, but I hadn't expected it to be as indispensable as it has turned out to be. I plan to get a couple more so I can leave one on my office chair and one on the wheelchair at all times so I don't have to remember to move the one I have all over the place.
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