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on October 17, 2016
Received the product in a timely manner and packaging was intact. The unit ships with a brace mount that you will need to remove prior to starting the unit up for the first time, as well as attaching the wheels and the handles. The instructions are not very clear, however, the parts to assemble are very intuitive as to where the need to be installed. After filling the crank with 10W-30 oil, I put a liter of gasoline into the tank; after 30 seconds I started seeing a steady leak emanating from the bottom of the gas tank to the carb. After removing the locking nut, I found the leak was actually inside of the fuel tank and not repairable without having to completely dissemble the fuel tank from the generator chassis.

I had contacted Amazon and within 20 minutes a representative handled my claim; a complete refund, including shipping, without needing to ship back the unit which would have involved draining the unit of oil and gasoline and dissembling the wheels and handles. I am dissatisfied with the product, however, I am extremely pleased with Amazon's support.
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on September 6, 2010
The wifey wanted something in the face of Hurricane Earl (which thankfully did nothing more than give us about a 1/2" of rain in these parts), so after researching what was available at the home stores and seeing the number of positive reviews of the DuroMax 4400, I decided to buy. I went for this slightly larger model primarily for the "automatic idle control", and the slightly higher output of the engine.

After unpacking (and while the box had heavy foam to protect the generator, the tape on the box flaps didn't survive FedEx so it arrived open) I put it together in about 10 minutes, then discovered I needed to go out and get a grounding rod. (There seems to be some debate about this online, but it seemed to make sense for safety reasons). Fortunately cheap at home depot (under $10.) and surprisingly easy to install (got about 6' in by hand, then pounded in the rest with a small sledge).

Following the directions, I added oil (and you WILL need a funnel and you SHOULD pay attention to the amount: it's hard to do it by sight), gas and connected the battery. Turned right over and didn't start. Ah, the choke is "open" or "closed" in the manual, while "on" or "off" given the labeling on the device. So after switching it to "on", it started right up, off the battery (despite warnings I'd need to pull start it). After running a few minutes and turning "off" the choke (open), I connected up a few loads, and it ran them just fine. A 1800 watt heater did cause the engine to labor very slightly, but of course I was using only one "arm" of the generator, so presumably I could have hooked up another 1800 watt load to the other 20A 120V outlet without much additional load.

All in all, it seems to have been a good buy; I'm pleased with the quality, and even more so with the quality for the money - other generators of this caliber run $800 and up.
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on November 24, 2015
It arrived with the oil cap broke off inside of it, did manage to get it out but only a half turn and the top does tighten down without the dipstick end but still have to find another, it also didn't come with a key so can't start it anyway. After further review the battery was cracked, there was sand or some type of grit in the gas tank and there are pieces of the oil cap in the motor now. Amazon was great in refunding my money and the junkyard did give me $24.00 for it but it cost me $20 in gas to haul it there. Missing the key the manual and it should have came with certain tools and some nuts and bolts for assembly, but nothing, not that i need them anyway, I took Amazons advice and now the scrap yard can deal with it.
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on October 18, 2016
Finally needed to use it. Matthew visited us in SC and power was out at our house for 4 days. I bought this in 2014 in anticipation of "that day" living in Myrtle Beach. I had prepped the generator, but had not gased or started it until the day before the storm. I figured a couple days, but underestimated the storm like everybody did for our area. I had charged the battery regularly, so I knew it would turn over. It started on the FIRST crank and is made for dummies to use. I have a decent machanical experience and was searching for what I missed.
I had purchased a heavier 120/240 cable to go with it along with my standard extension cords and it ran 2 refrigerator freezers, my TV, and lights, running 3 hrs on, 2 off for 4 days on 8 (YES EIGHT) gallons on gas. My wife even said it was my best purchase ever.
I'm not one to pick on noise or anything else to take away from performance. It's a gasoline engine generator , so go figure. I'd recommend this to anyone for this price and would buy it again and again.
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on October 29, 2015
Upon delivery box was beat up pretty bad... once outta the box visual inspection reviled plastic broken by the pull start and we'll as huge scratches ... once assembled firing inspection before starting reviled the boot too the spark plug has been broken in have ... as far as this product and it running cannot say ... last visual inspection of this product before it was boxed up was 5/14 I ordered it on 10/15 so that sums up the damage
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on July 5, 2014
Pro: Inexpensive generator that lasted ~2.5 months, with 16+ hours of use, almost daily. Ultimately when it failed, Amazon stepped up and resolved the issue in refund.

Con: Cheap components failed consistently, one-after-another, until generative aspect no longer functioned.

First indication this item would be dud-worthy was when it came without keys (great, how to start it?).

Second, once I figured out my Subaru key would turn it on, the cheapo battery it came with started this thing a total of six times before completely fizzling out.

After changing the oil for the third time, it ran only a few days more. Ultimately, the engine was running fine but the electricity generating coils burnt out. NO power output.

PS I checked the waveform with my oscilloscope and it's pretty okay considering this item was relatively inexpensive. The lag side was a bit steep (with lead oppositely sloped). Frequency was always between 59.5 - 60.5 Hz, which quite frankly is impressive for a cheapo unit!
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on September 23, 2011
So far this generator has really held up well, got this for daily use on a mobile repair trailer. Just no issues at all so far after several months of pretty hard use. The electric start is working like a charm so far and Im getting pretty good gas usage vs hours of operation. Not sure what else you would want.
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on May 28, 2016
I have own this generator for a couple years now and it has served me well in the few instances I've needed it. My only gripe is the oil drain is above the frame and engine mount making it impossible to change the oil without making a complete mess.
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on January 17, 2014
I have used this twice for roughly 4 hours during 2 power failures in the past year-it started up easily and consistently and ran with no glitches. This is certainly adequate to run at it's stated specs. I had a refrigerator, one circuit of house lights and electric heat in one room all running with this and probably could have powered up a few more items if needed to. Definitely need about twice this much if you need to power an entire house for any length of time, but for emergencies itworked quite well. Fit and finish is very good, all circuits and power outlets work. The electric start is worth the extra cost, starts right up every time and if the battery needs to be charged (uses a wet cell like a motorcycle battery) the pull start also works well and charges the battery quickly. Recommended/
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on January 11, 2016
we are ready, if power goes off. husband starts it once a week, to make sure all is good.
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