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on October 5, 2016
1) I received it September 9, 3 days before it was scheduled.
2) It took me until October 1 to unpack it and put it together
3) Today, October 5, I filled the crankcase with oil and filled the gas tank.
4) .I turned the key and the generator started right away. What a difference from my 30 year old pull start Honda.
5) It is back in the garage ready to go this weekend when Mathew comes to town. Then I'll really know how it works
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on September 27, 2017
Solid performance, more capacity than I expected. While its noisy, its outside my house... so who cares. It ran for 5 days straight without concern running a heavy and light load. Even on my heaviest load I averaged ~7ga. per 24 hours, which is pretty reasonable. I really didnt know what to expect as I bought it 2 years before I finally actually used it. But after 2 years without service (not recommmended) it started up and ran great.

Setup is easy, documentation isnt perfect... but honestly, it doesnt need to be. Take a look, add oil. turn on gas, add gas... turn the key. Minimal assembly was required too.
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on September 14, 2017
I bought this generator in October 2016 in preparation for possible hurricanes. When it arrived, I was pretty pleased with the appearance and thought it would be ok. I added oil and gasoline to it and broke it in by running a low load with small items like a house fan and lights. I drained the gasoline ran the the fuel lines empty. Now, less than a year later, Hurricane Irma leaves me without power. I changed the oil in the generator and added new gasoline. It ran for about 3 hours then stopped after making a grinding noise. The key start "clicks" once when the key is turned, and nothing happens. When I try to use the pull start, it will not budge. The generator has seized up, and my family and I are left without power. I called the manufacturer and they said they would get back to my claim within 24-48 hours. How is this supposed to help when I need the generator now? I'm extremely disappointed with the longevity of the product and even more upset with the lack of customer service from the manufacturer. I thought I was being proactive by getting a generator ahead of hurricanes, as they always sell out locally when a storm is coming. In reality, I should have bought nothing, because that's what me and my family have been left with.
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on February 17, 2014
After many years of dealing with a primitive patched together electrical grid we have here on Long Island and throwing out a refrigerator and freezer full of food several times after summer storms and having to drain the water and heating system to keep them from freezing after winter storms, I had enough. Where I live, the wires run through trees. The slightest wind was enough to leave us without power for hours to several days.

I was going to get a generator. Then Hurricane Irene came along. I didn't have a generator yet. Several days later I opened the refrigerator and freezer and threw everything out as I had done many times in the past. A generator became a priority.

I liked the Duromax XP 4400E because it seemed to have good reviews, had enough wattage to run several appliances, was reasonably priced and it ran for 8 hours on 4 gallons of gasoline. Amazon had a sale with free shipping. I felt it was a good deal. I bought one.

The generator arrived in a few days. The box was a bit beat up but the contents were fine. I put the generator together. Putting oil in it was a bit annoying as the fill plug was not easily accessible. A funnel with some plastic tubing attached to it solved this problem. I added gasoline, choked it, turned the key and it fired right up. I hooked up a drop light and some power tolls and used them working around the yard. The generator powered them for a few hours with no problem.

I stored the generator in my garage. When I was outside, I would take the generator out and use it or just start and run it for a while. I changed the oil and kept fresh gasoline in it. Running it occasionally also keeps the battery charged.

Then along came Super Storm Sandy. Trees came down and took out the wires. No surprise there. It was just a matter of how long it would take to get electric again. I hooked the generator up to 2 refrigerators and a freezer. The generator ran fine and the food stayed cold. After a few days I needed a shower. I hooked my water heater to the generator. My wife thought it would be nice to have heat also. I hooked the heating system too. The generator hummed along just fine. Then I hooked up a few portable lamps, a television, router and computer. We had heat, hot water, cold food and even TV and internet. Courtesy of the Duromax XP 4400E.

The only potential problem I saw was the availability of gasoline. After 5 days I waited on a gas line with portable cans. Although I had enough gasoline on hand to last a few more days, I didn't know when power would be restored so I thought it prudent to get some more just in case we were out for several more days. I never needed that extra gas. Power was restored a couple of days later.

The generator performed flawlessly throughout the whole time. it even blew away the run time stated in the specs. It didn't just run 8 hours on the 4 gallons of gas, It was more like close to 15 hours. I would fill it around 6AM, leave for work and when I got home, the generator was still running. It ran out around 8:30 to 9:00 PM. I was very impressed with that. Just with the food I saved, the generator payed for itself.

My neighbor also purchased a generator around the same time I did. His is a different brand and larger wattage unit but uses propane as a fuel. He ran off his barbeque tanks and 100 lb tanks on the side of his house. He had no issues with waiting on gasoline lines. He also has a smaller gasoline powered unit and thinks it's prudent to have both. If one breaks down or runs out of a fuel type, you have a backup, especially with all the frequent power outages we seem to have.

I noticed Duromax has the XP4400 EH Dual Fuel Generator. It runs on propane or gasoline. Amazon had a sale on it before Christmas. I bought one. Now the 2 generators sit side by side in the garage waiting for the next big outage. Hopefully with a new rewired electric grid and better tree trimming by the utility, multi day outages will be a thing of the past and the generators won't be needed as much. I will still keep them maintained and use them in limited service. When and if the next big outage occurs, I'll be better equipped to deal with it.
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on February 9, 2016
This is a great little machine. Easy Start and a breeze to hook-up, I wired my house so that this generator could just be plugged in from the
"NEMA L14-30 Generator Extension Cord" to "Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators", I used a "GE Energy Industrial Solutions TC10323R GE Outdoor Double Pole Double Throw Safety Switch, 100-Amp
by GE". and the cost of labor and all parts mentioned w/Generator was about $700.00. After installation, started the generator kicked in the power to house, and it actually run everything in our house at one time, except AC, but did run furnace, 3 freezers, Refrigerator, tv's and all lights. Now if we have a power outage, I am not going to run all this at once, just wanted to see if it would. All components bought from Amazon. Very Satisfied!@
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on August 20, 2012
4 stars so far. Received the unit from Amazon Warehouse deals at a great price. Box was pretty beat up looking on arrival, but when unpacked the unit itself was just fine. Followed the direction to remove the shipping items, a block of wood and a steel bar (orange color). Installed the wheels and handles. Filled with gas and oil (holds 20oz. of oil). I connected and charged the battery for about 20 minutes just to be sure it was up. Closed the choke and it started right up first try. I ran it for an hour to get a decent first test and changed the oil. I did see a little bit of metal specs floating about in the oil so will change again after about 5 hours get on it and then go from there. Some have said theirs arrived with no owners manual. I thought mine had too when I found it stuffed up under the gas tank. The Manual is pretty decent for covering all the basics. Overall, I am liking what I see and am pleased with the unit and the price. Down the road I'll write more when I have some use under my belt. Primarily I bought it as a household power back up.
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on June 23, 2015
I now have a second unit sent by Amazon. The first one leaked gasoline so badly and I was afraid if I use it, thinking it could possibly catch fire. I spoke with a representative of Amazon and they advised I couldn't return the item, but offered to refund the purchase price or send a replacement. Since I live in an area that is often known for hurricanes, I chose to have a replacement at no charge. This one appears to be satisfactory. I would like additional time to evaluate the generator and possibly upgrade my evaluation at a later date. However, Amazon is great and they stand by the products they sell. Keep up the good work Amazon.
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on February 8, 2018
I have purchased now 4 of these machines and love them. One for myself the others for my sister, son and my neighbor. We had a 5 day outtage this fall after a storm and we ran our fridge, TV , oil fired boiler, lights and microwave. Not too loud and really good on gas. I would fill the 4 Gal tank in the morning and then fill again around early eve during the power outage. Assembly is easy and involves removing shipping blocks , installing the wheels, handles and filling with oil. Be sure to find the owners manual wedged up in the engine compartment.
Each started with the turn of the key and I ran each unit for about an hour and then drained the oil and refilled with fresh. Also very easy one or two pulls to start if not using the electric start.
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on August 18, 2017
This is a great generator. It is easy to set up, I did so by myself and I'm a disabled veteran. Once I added oil and gas it started up right away by electric starter. I have not had to use for an emergency power outage yet, (thank the heavens) but I have run this and powered up many things for hours with no problems. I am certain it will start right away when needed and power the things I must keep running (refrigerator, fish tanks, ect.).
I will try and remember to do a review in the future to update this, just hope I never need to use it but I know it's there if needed.
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on September 12, 2017
Purchased this unit for Huricane Irma. Working great, powering two refridg and three fans.. Now running for the 6th straight day, running 24 hours a day and not a problem. This generator is small but mighty. Light weight, electric start and very good on gas. Getting 24 hrs on 5 gal of gas.

Not your top of the line generator but I highly recommend it due to it's cost and reliability.
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