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on May 15, 2015
I homeschool my 6 & 8 year old boys. We use this book and Amazing Art Projects for kids also by Denise Logan. My boys LOVE doing the projects in this book. I largely ignore the age recommendations and am available to help with using spray paints and mat knives. My kids often alter the projects to fit their own creative impulses. Today, we are making the Dragons in Caves projects. My 6 year old drew a dragon much like the one in the book, but my 8 year old wanted to go a different direction with his, so he did. I am not artistic and frankly don't like planning, teaching or doing art projects. This makes it very easy for me to have the supplies on hand and be able to open the book and go with very little planning. My kids learn new techniques, use supplies and tools they wouldn't otherwise use and learn a bit about a selection of different artists and styles. I recommend this book, although I prefer Amazing Art Projects for Children slightly.
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on June 14, 2014
Full-color photos and easy step-by-step instructions make for a nice book to use in a homeschool or classroom environment. Because every step is outlined, you can make adjustments easily if you wish to. Like that the book is spiral bound, so it stays flat. A good variety of projects using different media (oil pastels and paint, for examples). Use the book as a starting off point (thinking of it as a way for kids to practice different techniques). Add to the projects and let the kids run in their own direction. I have a sort of, "It's yours, so do whatever you want" approach with my students. Will help keep the work individual.
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on July 26, 2016
If you are a first-year elementary art teacher without a set curriculum, buy this book and do every single lesson! Unlike most art lesson books I've previously purchased, this book has easy-to-follow instructions with illustrated steps. The supplies used are not outrageous like so many lesson plans I've seen. They are affordable and/or things you already have in your art room.

I'm actually a middle school art teacher and still use many of these lesson plans. They are easily adaptable for older kids.
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on February 22, 2009
I've been working out of this book for the school year with my children. There were only 3 projects which we did not care too much to do (one required a kiln, another was more "crafty", and my dd-9 didn't want to do the African masks - she thought they were too spooky). Aside from that, we love this book! The projects are thoroughly planned with a complete supply list and plenty of color photos to follow along. Also included are pictures of other children's artwork that have completed the projects. Each project is filled with dynamic colors and fun to do. There is such a nice variety using simple art supplies from constuction paper, watercolor, tempera, pastels and markers. A few of the projects required more expensive items (like a roll of red rosin paper), but we found cheaper substitutes (colored mat/pastel paper) that worked fine. I did have to purchase small cans of spray paint, an assortment of permanent markers, aluminum embossing, foam board and sequines. I found all of these things easily at Michael's. Some projects are inexpensive, while others will cost you if you don't have these items already on hand. The aluminum embossing cost the most ($5.99 but you can get 2 pictures from it). The kids' artwork has turned out so beautiful, that I have everything up on walls all over the house! Everyone that has seen them just "ooohs" and "ahhhs" over it. I loved this book as it is very "hands on". It also contains some art history along with the projects, too. It is spiral bound, which is a plus for laying it flat while working through it. This has great appeal for the age group of 8-12. Each project is challenging, yet fun and interesting. I will add that many of the assignments take a fair amount of time to complete. These are not "be done from start-to-finish in 30 minutes" projects. I have since learned to break them up into phases, completing each section on separate days. Otherwise, it may get too overwhelming. We have completed 16 of the 26 projects, and have enjoyed every one of them. Well worth the money!
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on July 18, 2015
After 3 weeks into a school year, my fifth grade student comes up to me with sad eyes and asks, "So we're not going to do any art this year are we?" My heart sank. It was my second year as a fifth grade teacher and, truth be told I was horrible artistically. I looked at her and promised I would try my hardest to provide art lessons. I began combing through teacher forums. I needed something that wasn't too primary in nature. A fourth or fifth grade teacher mentioned this book. If it were not for that student and this book, my classroom walls would probably without life and color. Highly recommend.
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on February 18, 2010
I am an artist and I have struggled to teach to my own children - they want to do whatever I am doing, and it's difficult for me to come up with interesting and age-appropriate projects. Got this book for myself in December and I have just started a small class of 3 children in my home. We have made the cactus collage and the cityscape so far, and we cannot wait to begin the rest. Next week is the fantasy space art. I LOVE that the projects take more than a few steps to complete - this is not 'quick art' . Some of the steps require them to sit wait for projects to dry, or require several different projects to be assembled together. This helps me teach my small group that great art is not made in fifteen minutes. In this culture of instant gratification, thank you Denise Logan for this terrific book. The fantasy space art project includes teachable lessons on light and shadow, 3-D shapes, texture, splatter painting, foreground and background... GREAT ideas. I can't wait to do the Paul Klee landscape, pastel projects, Banyan tree, printmaking and contour drawing. So many kids art and crafts books dumb-down all the projects into ridiculously simple activities, but not this one. PLEASE write another book - we will be done with this in one year!
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on April 16, 2015
I Love the projects in this book! Unfortunately I have to shelve it for a few years as it is for older kids. I would recommend 8-9 years old to begin. I am excited to do the projects though. We did a very basic one and my 4 and 5 year old loved it! The instructions and illustrations in the book are the best!!!
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on January 18, 2012
I have been very critical of items purchased that I did not like so I thought I needed to be even handed and give a good review to something I find very useful. This book is aimed at elementary school children but I use it in middle school. Each project is very well organized. The example pictures are great, and the steps for each assignment are clear and precise. I have only had this book a few months and it has already become one of my most used resources. I especially like the way the projects include finishing touches that give the them that extra amount of artistic detail. It makes them look unique. Buy this book.
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on September 9, 2012
I love this book! "Dynamic' is truly a good description for these projects! The projects are pictured clearly at various steps in the process. The pictures are bright and clear. The directions are very easy to follow. Not only are there pictures/examples, there are also photos of actual KIDS' work so you can see how it turns out when done by a child. The only issue, I would say, is that many of the projects have quite a few steps that would require several days of class to complete. Personally, when I have 30 kids in a class, and 3-6 can miss class occasionally for band/strings, at any given day there may be kids at every step in the project and it is difficult to manage so many steps. However, most projects are easily modified and will still be successful if you skip or alter a few of the steps. I would highly recommend this book.
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on April 26, 2015
This book contains a lot of different cultural art lesson ideas. Each lesson guides you through the step-by-step process and the colored illustrations are great. A great book for an elementary art teacher to have on hand.
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