Customer Reviews: Dynasty (Remastered)
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on January 22, 2000
Disco was huge at the time and KISS would explore the genre with "I was made..." and "Sure know something". These are both cool songs. Ace Frehley's version of the Stones' "2000 man" is also a highlight. This album always gets a bad rap and many say that it marks the official "selling out" of KISS. That term is always funny to me, when used with celebrities. Its like fans think that their favorite celebrites are these honest, perfect, "not in it for the money" decent folks. KISS makes great music and have an inventive style, who cares what business deals or creative choices they make. The only down fall of this record is that Peter Criss has all but left the group at this point, only playing on "Dirty Livin'". The rest of the record has Anton Fig on drums. If you can stand a little disco and deal with the fact that one of the members hardly performed on this record, buy it. Most importantly, hear it for yourself.
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After the flurry of albums in 1978, i.e. the Double Platinum and four solo CDs, KISS released their first collective studio album since Love Gun. Dynasty did have a new sound, which led to a decline in their popularity. That's too bad, because Dynasty isn't as bad as its reputation.
The album kicks off with their quasi-disco hit, "I Was Made For Lovin' You," which not only got to #11 on the Billboard Singles Chart, but was recently covered by Paulina Rubio on her English debut album. The original is way, way better.
Ace does a racing cover of the Rolling Stones' "2000 Man," successfully injecting vintage KISS guitar. He does the same in the bitter breakup song "Save Your Love."
The grinding "Dirty Livin'" is Peter's only song here and the last studio song until Psycho Circus's "I Finally Found My Way." One thing I didn't know was how bad Peter Criss's attitude had sunken. So they had to bring in an uncredited session drummer? That's rough.
The songs from "Charisma" to "X-Ray Eyes" do indeed have the new sound. It still rocks, but it's somewhat slowed down. The sole exception is, yes, Ace's "Hard Times."
The lead vocals distribution was out of the ordinary as well. Gene only got to sing two songs--"Charisma" and "X-Ray Eyes," while Ace got to sing a record three. Well, he would also sing three on Unmasked as well. I favor his contributions over the others, as they save the album from being a disaster. Then there's Paul's three and Peter's one--that makes nine, right?
Dynasty is the first and best of KISS's four transitional albums. Not quite a genre album, but the material still rocks even though not as much as Destroyer or Rock And Roll Over. Even so, this album does not deserve the epithet "stinker."
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on February 5, 2005
While not up to the standards of previous KISS releases, DYNASTY was no slouch. Ace contributes more than ever. It's sad to know that this would be the last time they would perform together on a recording of new material until 1998's PSYCHO CIRCUS. This was a band coming apart at the seams. But they got together and rocked one last time. I do not like the fact that this album was labled as KISS' "disco" record. It is nothing of the sort. The only song on the record that would even come close is "I was made for lovin' you" which did have a disco flair. But by 1979 disco was on the way out. And the musical diversity of this album was mis-interpreted by critics and fans alike. Like most bands with multiple superstars, they were exploring other avenues in creative sound. And thank god for that! KISS, especially in the case of Mr. Gene Simmons, was hurting for new ways of musical expression. I mean, there are just so many times you can get away with rhyming the words "knees" and "please". I was happy to see Mr. Simmons back off and let the others contribute more to this effort. His contributions were getting stale, and his themes were always the same: "See what a big rockstar I am! My tallywhacker is so big! It's too much for you! I'm god's gift to groupies!" Really Gene, have some diversity, will you? His solo LP reeks with this stuff. Somewhere around "Rock and Roll Over" Gene started to be much too full of himself, and he continues to be the sex driven power and egomaniac to this very day. They say that Peter and Ace left the band due to drug and alcohol problems. If I was forced to work with Mr. Simmons in his state of mind...I'd probably take to the bottle too! Dynasty is still a great record. It's worth a spin.
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on May 15, 2014
Absolutely perfect reproduction of the original 1979 pressing. The Center rings have the picture of the band from the poster, which is also included, and is printed on good stock. Opening a Vintage Kiss record for the first time is an amazing experience. Good job, UME!

The sound of the 180 gram vinyl is so quiet that if you didn't know you were playing a record, you would easily mistake it for a CD.

Once again AMAZON is lumping my review with the rest of the reviews for Dynasty, regardless of the format. I hope that those of you who are interested in vinyl will see this. AMAZON, you have to let us review different formats and sort them to be item specific. We all know the music contained on this record. We are reviewing a product, not just the tunes. No one who wants to buy this on vinyl cares to read a review of the CD.
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on April 3, 2014
Hype sticker has KISS 40th Anniversary logo, 180-gram vinyl, and states that reissue edition is first U.S. vinyl pressing since 1985. Reissue LP packaging is true to the original with prism logo record sleeve and a reproduction of the original album poster. I listened to the record through headphones and the sound quality of the reissue is excellent. If you're looking for a sealed copy of KISS Dynasty vinyl, I highly recommend this reissue.
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on February 4, 1999
Im a musician and a serious music fan! Many people seem to dislike this album! Ive been listening to all types of music for 20 years and Im telling you " THIS ALBUM IS NOT THAT BAD"! I agree that it is no where near their previous albums in quality, but it is much better than every album they released after it ( except "Creatures of the night")! One of the most common complaints that humans use to describe it is " Too Disco" ( what the heck is wrong with disco)? It used to be cool to put disco down and some people still do not realize that disco is just a different type of dance music! Why shouldnt Kiss add a new dimension to their music! And the only disco songs I hear on this album are the 2 best songs on the album (" I was made for loving you" and" Sure know something")! Those 2 songs are timeless classics as well as 2000 man! The rest of the album is not as good! I agree that this album is not a " Great album", but it is by no means a " Horrible album"! After this album they really went down hill fast ( with the exception of " Creatures of the night")
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on April 11, 2014
Sounds Amazing! The 180 gram vinyl is worth it!!!! It is taken from the original master tape then mastered with DSD. Highly recommend for any Kiss fan that loves vinyl. BTW...I do not buy everything that Kiss releases.
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on March 27, 2003
Why is it believed that a band is only relevant if it sticks to the same formula? Ac/dc does the same music over and over again and I stopped buying their albums. Do I dislike Ac/dc? No, Ac/dc rocks but how many times are they going to rewrite the same songs? That brings me to Dynasty, Kiss' return album(In the 70's if you didn't put out an album a year you were dead. These days it takes years.)after 2 years. The last album being Love Gun. But actually they had lots of releases after Love gun and before Dynasty. They were: Alive 2, Double Platinum, & the solo albums. I count 6 records in 2 years. Some time off! Anyway, Dynasty is a strong Kiss album showing deversity lacking in other bands material. Some would criticize Kiss for selling out and hopping on the Disco band wagon. So what if they did? I was made for loving you is a classic to this day (Even Homer Simpson loves the song!). Sure it didn't sound like any other Kiss album but that's what makes it so special. I can't name a song on it I don't like. This is without a doubt, an essental Kiss album.
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on March 22, 2015
I don't know about anyone else but I loved this album as much as the previously released Kiss band album"Love Gun" album, I thought Kiss made a great comeback on this album.

I guess why not too many people voted as well as me, is because this is more of a hard pop rock type of album. The songs, are still great you just have to get into them and take your time listening to each song and soon you will feel as good as I do about this (1979) Kiss band album,
Even though most people seem to dislike this album I personally highly recommend it as a decent rock album, to buy

I do know a lot of people hate Kiss and a lot of people like Kiss.

this album has 9 songs and is about 39 minutes long
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on June 26, 2005
Kiss has gone from classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, pop, possibly almost every genre of music. Here, they flirted with elements of the disco craze of the late 1970s, and they fared very well. Not a favorite of every Kiss fan, DYNASTY is one album that shouldn't be overlooked. Every track is diverse in its own right, and all are written and performed very well.

I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU - The definitive Kiss disco song that sounds somewhat dated today but still remains an enjoyable, well-known classic.

2000 MAN - Ace took a crack at remaking a Stones song, and with his creative touch, made it sound like his own.

SURE KNOW SOMETHING - Another disco/rock track that pops up here and there on a Kiss hits compilation. Not as fast-paced as I WAS MADE, but it is still an enjoyable, nearly forgotten track from the band.

DIRTY LIVIN' - Peter Criss' only vocals on the album with a bluesy-like guitar and his rough vocals making it an enjoyable listen.

CHARISMA - Catchy, sing-along chorus and a seductive guitar make this "filler" track very enjoyable.

MAGIC TOUCH - Medium-paced rocker with a thunderous vocal from Paul Stanley.

HARD TIMES - Ace rocks away on this track and sings in his usual humorous way.

SAVE YOUR LOVE - Repetitive chorus, but the track is still catchy.

XRAY EYES - Gene takes over in this track, and most of the rhythms here sound similar to those in UNMASKED.

DYNASTY is a worthy purchase. Every Kiss fan should own this, but even the casual listener should find this to be an enjoyable collection with barely, if any, filler tracks.
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